1. Lilly

    *lurking on here* >w> its been awhile...<w<...HI!!! =D

  2. Fuyu_Kanoe

    Watching Moribito this morning <3

  3. Japan

    I'm sad that the Otakuboards Reunion is over. Can't everyone just come back for good?

  4. James

    First time I've changed my profile name in...well, ever. More than 10 years. Feels like plastic surgery.

  5. Kiki

    Trying to stop procrastinating on my digital drawing. *^*

  6. StaryChii

    Im so booooored blah, blah, blaaaah....nyooooo

    1. CaNz

      That cat is nice, but the other ones don't look so happy about the hugs.

    2. Allamorph

      You wouldn't look too happy either if you were stoned out of your mind on pain meds after coming out of surgery.

  7. Allamorph

    There is a Dairy Queen directly on the way home from work, and it makes me incredibly happy.

  8. Maully » CaNz

    I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! I'm a terrible fake girlfriend.

    1. CaNz

      I've had worse fake girlfriends, don't worry about it. d:

  9. Japan

    Cosplay finished. Check! All packed. Check! I think I am ready for this con

  10. Magus

    Felt good having 2 extra days off of work.

  11. Lilly » CaNz


    1. CaNz

      Thankz MiRa. :7

  12. K.G

    *headdesk* in a writing mood, with nothing to write. Story of my day.

  13. Allamorph

    I appreciate how polite Candlejack is. He considerately presses the Enter key right before he ta

    1. CaNz

      But if Candlejack just pressed the enter key it would only leave a space

      I guess he is even willing to click the comme

  14. CaNz

    Using my 3ds! prepare yourself for a lack of spacing.

  15. Magus

    It's hard working for and with idiots all day, everyday.

  16. Maully

    It's going to be Monday all week.

    1. CaNz

      Are you able to control time now? :>

    2. Maully

      No. This week is stupid and awful. You should fix it.

    3. CaNz


      I tried... but I am not very good at bending reality yet.

  17. Lilly

    Bake'd Cookies :3

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    2. Lilly

      *pokes CaNz* 8I

    3. CaNz

      'crumbles like a cookeh' '~'

    4. Lilly

      silly CaNz =P

  18. Lilly

    Just watched Empire and it was awesome! =3

    1. CaNz

      Make a thread about it! I flooded the recent topics box. '~'

  19. Desbreko

    Fun fact: Valentine's Day is also the anniversary of me joining OB's staff. (This makes 13 years.)

    1. CaNz

      You are OBs Valentine!

    2. James

      13 years, wow! Impressive. ^_^

    3. Boo

      holy shoot.

  20. Maully » Lilly


    1. Lilly

      HI MOLLY!!!! :D

  21. Maully

    Well, here I am!

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    2. CaNz

      Yeah... I am sorry.... for making this place more fun!

    3. Petie

      Molly! It's about time you showed up around here again!

    4. Maully

      Yeah, I tried a while ago, and I had forgotten all my stuff, then my email that I had used when I started this thing was dead and then I didn't talk to Pete for too long but now I'm here.

  22. CaNz

    I will now rate all my posts 5stars! Just try and stop me! BWAHAHAHA!

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    2. Lilly

      >w> mmmaybe...:P

    3. CaNz

      I knew it! You may be even more devious than me MiRa! <3

    4. Lilly


  23. Allamorph

    Zebra Girl is no longer on the fritz. This pleases me.

    1. CaNz

      You make me google the strangest things.

  24. franky4773

    Well... I am not tired yet again.... which really sucks cuz I have to be at an appointment at 0800 and have the kids dressed and ready to go... last night I only had about 2.5 - 3.0 hours of sleep... this is starting to get ridiculous. but think I am going to get off here and go smoke and try to get some sleep... we shall see... can't wait to be back...last thing... anyone still around from back around 2002? If you are shoot me a message... I'm curious to see if anyone is still arou...

    1. James

      There are a few people still around who were here in 2002...