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ScrapMetal Circus Rated M for violence

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[CENTER][I]" You have no choice! You are surounded!"

A snide look back at the military ops androids, those who mindlessly followed instructions.

"Catch me if you can, asswipers."

The lone boy throws his trench coat away, to reveal a plasma rifle, which he begins to use to blast away those who would seek him. When out of power, he leans back to fall off the building. He plummets away from them, a smile on his face. Whirling around, to face the ground rushing at him, he slams his feet into the pavement, and barrage of bullets greets him. One lucky bullet hits his rtght shoulder, and dark red blood begins to ooze from the wound.

"Damn......" He runs away, his damaged arm holding him back. He looks up at the helicopter coming at him, his eyes glowing a mechanical red. The helicopter shuts down in mid air, plummeting to the ground below. He runs awy into the night, trying to keep his cover, and to avoid capture. After all, the military would just love to have him back.[/I]


[I]Tonight, a serious threat was discovered the form of terrorism, as a robot set to destruct near the United Embassy was discovered on transit. We have the full coverage, tonight on Dayline[/I]

"[I]Several suspects have denied any knowlege of the terrorist threat, while the military denies knowlege of any stolen units. However, the Robot in question was destroyed in the seige." [/I] A picture of the robot appeared on the screen. " [I]While this is an as of yet unknown model, people have suggested that this is in reality a bio-android, but the military also denies this."[/I][/CENTER]

[I]Meanwhile, aboard the [/I]Carnivale[I], the robot in question was very much alive, and throwing a fit, while his arm was repaired."That wasn't even a good picture!!!" He yelled, and slammed his fist down, miffed.

"Well, you shouldn't have been out like that in the first place!"

"Hey! I saved a little girl, thank you very much. And then They were all over me like ants to a picnic!"

"Hmph. Well, you deserved this little injury."

"How so?" He demanded, sulking."

"You know what we are to the military, and you know they're watching for us. We are their prized roots, and weescaped. Thinmk of how hard they'll try to get us back. You obviously didn't."

The boy suled some more, responding, "I know...."[/I].



In regards to the ZX type android found earlier this evening, the android has escaped, much to our displeasure. We will be hiring certyain specialists to bring them back in, especially the escaped ZX types. Certain rumors have been voiced that certain androids have grouped together, to better protect themselves. Several different types have been spoted aboard the ship known as the Carnival, but due to the androids sophisticated design, they are able to elude scanners detecting a vast majority of their mechanical devices. This said, we are unable to storm the ship, due to high magnetic interference, quite possibly due to the presence to a magnetic distortion feild generator, found within one of the escaped androids.

We belive that this ship must be detained at all costs and it must be unkjmnown to the public. As such, we will be hiring specialists to bring them in one at a time. That is all.

Alright... you have the gist of this... lets play.

Android model type:



Specialty components:



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Android model type: ES-Series

Name: Abel

Age: 15

Specialty components: Mainly his Phase Transfer System (PTS) Drive that allows him to materialize various non-organic items that he has pre-programed into his system or he gathers along the way

History: Abel is a prototype ES-Series android. He was developed to be the ultimate killing machine, but his development was halted before he was even half way finished. During this halted time Abel was stolen by one of his developers who was able to finish him to atleast the minimal requirements to make him functional, even though most of his systems are unfinished, his developer put a lock on some of his abilities. Abel is currently on the run from the company that first started his construction.

Personality: Due to Abel being incomplete his personality is pretty straight forward, he takes things way to literally and speaks w/o emotion. He does try to observe others and their personalities to try and create a personality for himself that he believes will be most acceptable to those around him.

[URL=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/0/0c/Chaos3.jpg/450px-Chaos3.jpg]Click Me[/URL]
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Very good, though keep in mind we need proper grammar in this.....that, and please list your role in the circus in your history section

Here is mine:

Name: Rayne Tamarhrai

Andriod model Type: ZX

Age: 7

Specialty Components:

Combat Mode Limiter Release Program

Shotgun Coins- this nifty little device acts like a shot gun, exept it fires coins, and is installed in his left arm.

Telepresence functions: With these funtions he is litterally able to mentally comunicate with machines and internet services. Also, he is able to mentally hijack other robots and vehicles.

Class L5 Radiator system


He's bright and cheerful, and often found looking at flowers or reading. However, his mood can shift at the blink of an eye, and he's quite volitile, especially when he's angry. He's known to have slightly odd ideas about the world, and he's goofy, usually having a smile on his face.

History: He's one of the most powerful combat model androids ever built, and with him also being one of the most sophisticated bio-androids around, he is seen as an immature teenager, not a mechanical puppet. He's been running from the military since he was activated, as he didn't want to be just a tool to kill the military enemies. When he stumbled onto the circus, he was thrilled, and so works as one of the magicians, as well as one of the trapeze artists

Appearence: [url]http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/weiss/weiss_8_800.jpg.php[/url]


Keep in mind Age doesn't matter, but you can look as old as you want
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