As a longtime member of the boards, I realized that this place has a rich, unique culture. Older members often reminisce over fond memories and as time goes on, we make new ones. With Otakupedia, we can create a catalogue of entries dedicated to the past and present of OB. Newer members and older members alike can contribute entries based on almost anything relevant to the forums--whether that entry happens to be about the old Digimon forum, a current member, OB marriages, staff history, kuja's banning, safer sephiroth, OB spinoffs (AE Boards), thimok, Enter the Net, Otaku Idol 2--it's all up to you!

Here's how it works:

We're sort of going to do this like Wikipedia. Although members cannot directly edit the site at will, they may make their contribution as a post within the suggestions thread--whether it's a correction, new entry, or an elaboration over an existing entry. You can provide images, content, whatever. Either myself or another capable staff member will edit this site to include your contribution. You can even provide direct links, if possible. You may also use the suggestions thread to discuss the entries, because some of them may be fun to talk about.



Hello everyone; it’s time for a new update.  Slowly, but surely, Otakupedia is addressing the many facets of OtakuBoards’ history and culture.  I am really pleased with the variety of people contributing and that’s the great thing about Otakupedia–almost anyone on OB can be a part of it.  For those of you who would like to contribute, but are not exactly sure what you would like to write, Nerdsy has taken the liberty of compiling this list of requested articles:

Queen Asuka
wrist cutter
Boba Fett
Mod Rods
The Harlequin
Bikini Bandits
Master O Beans
Adventure Underground
Nifty Fifty
the Razr incident
Your Picture
Avatar Submission Thread
ZF Foredaddy
three OB Survivors
MIA OB’ers
Mr. Maul
“Quote of the Day”
OtakuBoards clone
Intimacy issues thread
Transtic Nerve
Final Quest for Glory

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