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    • Yesssss more rpgs just to get this place active again! 
    • I stayed in chiba as that's where my friend lived that I visited. It was just a two week trip. From there I got to see:  Narita shrine  Asakusa Tokyo skytree Harajuku (cat Cafe here... Scottish folds dressed as vampires so cute!)  Takeshita Street, the crossing  and Hachiko statue in shibuya. Odaibya (gundam statue and gundam Cafe)  Ikebukuro (looked up real life places in Durarara)  Akihabara for gashapon store and ff15 cafe DisneySea Osaka for takoyaki on the street, universal studios japan Kyoto for fushimi Inari shrine (we got stormed out so it was the only thing we got to do here but my Kyoto bucket list basically done)  Went to a local playground, local onsen to try it out, mcdonalds and I forgot where but I hung around town while my friend went to her university for a university test.  I was a little disappointed with Disney sea mainly cause my friend took me there with her boyfriend and I felt left out and third wheel. Fushimi Inari was exactly how I dreamed. Ikebukuro was sort of... Meh? I absolutely loved the rest though and the onsen was the most relaxing experience ever even though I was the only foreigner there. Mcdonalds portions are HUGE in America and I felt like I ate a kids meal. I should of known better to visit end of monsoon season (end of September early October) but the tickets were cheaper.... (thus the storm in Kyoto) I'm glad I went. Next time I want to do more history stuff and go to Disneyland. USJ was great! Japanese hogwarts was interesting and Hermione sounded like a mouse. But... The best part of the whole trip was the food. I learned to cook more Japanese food and I felt like I was in heaven. (it's hard and expensive to get good takoyaki at home so it was neat that I got to eat so much of it! On the way home, I flew into LAX. The flight home was way better than the flight there. I ended up sitting next to this rocker dude enthusiast who was going to Los Angeles or Vegas to see a big concert. We chatted in broken English and Japanese and it was a great time. I also got to see wolf children for the first time on my seat TV. I can't wait to go again.     
    • The big question is, what should it be about? I haven't written any kind of fiction in years. If I could get the gang back together (or most of them), I'd like to have a crack at either a new Maverick Hunters RPG or even just continuing the last one. It'd be super weird (but also kinda cool) to just resume something we stopped a decade ago. 😄
    • It's cool that you made your way to Japan. What areas did you visit? Was it what you expected? I went to Japan last year (well, end of 2018 through start of 2019). I went to NYE celebrations in Hiroshima, which was a ton of fun.
    • Wonderful that you got to go to Japan! It is still on my list of places I really wish to visit!  Note: Please forgive the double posting. I forgot to add my quoted response in the first post.
    • I didn't post originally, but in retrospect I did do one thing that was my goal and that was gain experience in my area of work and do travel contract work. I almost gave up that goal because I at first struggled at my first job right out of school. I later got a the hang of things in another area and became seasoned at it even. As for the next eight years. I must say something about turning 30 gives you some perspective. lol Not so much predictions, but things I hope will come to be or am aiming for: I want to transition to a different field of work as my current area does not provide the work-life balance I desire. I want to slow down and take time to enjoy life more. Give time to things I haven't been able to do because of lack of said work-life balance. I would call these personal growth and exploration activities such as dance classes or piano lessons. Also get my finances in better order to finish paying off student loans. I want to do international travel as that had not been enough of a priority apparently. I want to attend the concerts of artists I love who I have not seen yet like Daft Punk (They have only toured every ten years. >_<). I still live in my family home and I finally feel more than ready to have my own space so that is definitely happening. As for marriage it would be awesome if it is the right person and for the right reason. I have always had this feeling of wanting to be a mother since I was young. Will have to see in the years to come if that is what I want. I think I still do, but I have some things I'd like to do before settling down with that kind of life long commitment. Mainly just enjoy life without children a little longer. ^_^
    • So it's check in time. It's been over eight years. Were your predictions true?  I actually went the Healthcare route, getting my cna and working in in home health. Surprisingly I am married, a step mom and another baby on the way. I do have a car.... Second car actually. I upgraded. I also finally got to visit Japan in 2016.    It's so strange knowing I'm going to be a stay at home mom soon too. 
    • You're telling me!!! I feel very old
    • It may be better to plan for September because I could technically give birth at any time now. We can spam the discord server haha. It's just a matter of getting the word out. 
    • Yeah, I'm never going to call zombie movies unrealistic again. If anything they show humans as too competent.   Oh congrats Japan. Man reading that makes me feel old all of a sudden. 
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