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    • I hope y'all had a great Christmas and New Year!
    • For anyone who celebrates and happens to be checking in, merry Christmas and happy New Year!
    • I actually just logged in for the first time in forever because my partner and I were talking about our different experiences on the internet and what areas of it we frequented. I was hit with a massive wave of nostalgia and appreciation for this place. I often feel very grateful when I think about my time on OB because I truly appreciate how kind and patient everyone on this site was to me when I was at the height of my obnoxious 13 year old era. While a lot of people in my life describe the toxic or discouraging communities they found themselves in, I realized that I somehow found myself surrounded by people who took the time to talk to me like a fully-realized person at an age where people in my life were treating me like a small child yet simultaneously expecting me to start acting like an adult. OB was honestly a safe space that allowed me to experiment and develop during my teenage years. My hyperactive 'lol XD so randomz' energy was tempered without anyone putting me down, and I was able to learn how to actually develop my own opinions instead of just parroting people around me. It might sound like I'm giving too much credit here, but I genuinely believe OB taught me critical thinking skills! Despite being one of the youngest members at the time, other members never talked down to me or made me feel unsafe. It would have been very easy to take advantage of me as a young teen who, upon looking back, was clearly starved for attention of any kind, and yet every member of these forums instead helped in some way to teach me how to dial that back. Additionally, this was all occurring while being given a space to explore some really excellent anime and manga series that became foundational to me in a lot of ways. I know these forums are kind of dead at this point, but I just wanted to express how much I truly appreciate all of you for making my time on these forums so positively formative! 🥳
    • I feel you there. I wish there was more activity on this site. 
    • Damn, I keep missing these mini revivals like ships in the night. Anyway, I often get nostalgic and look back at my time on OB very fondly, so every now and again I have to come back and at least browse the forum and dig up some old posts I had a blast with, to read how I wrote back then and remind myself of the colourful cast of characters that were once part of my daily life.  OB was what Facebook is to me now, only with the added bonus of not being tied to my real identity and a persona, based on my passions in anime and video gaming.  It's hard to believe that from my signup date to today is just over half my life knowing OtakuBoards is/was a thing.  Not bad for signing up on a whim because I searched for Dragonball Z pictures. I found this in an archive about a year ago and I can't believe I burned through 4 names in one year. O_O;  
    • Super thankful for Bluey too, yo. 
    • This place randomly popped into my head just now.  It's funny how that is.  Decided to come back and see if it still existed.  Looking at my profile, I joined back on October 10, 2006 and last posted on April 16 2011.  I didn't post much while I was here.  Mostly just lurking around, reading checking what was good and what to stay away from.  I wish I interacted with others more while I was here.  I would usually type something up, but never submit my reply for some reason.  I used to hold back in fear of being made fun of or something stupid like that.  That was my regret, to be more outgoing and making better connections with people. Anyways, thank you to anyone that took the time to read my little random rambling. Cheers.
    • Boy howdy am I still dredging through this wonderful thing called life and looked back on my past footsteps. Some directions I regretted taking, some I have no regrets walking, but each person I have come across in my life, in a relationship by platonic means, friendship, or family, each moment helps yourself find and build you into the person you were meant to be.  I have so many past inspirations and so many future aspirations I desire to achieve. Still daydreaming of being a programmer like Hacker inspired me in my youth. My future goal though is towards Psychology once I can afford to take the courses.   But Anime Lives Forever. 
    • What are you most thankful for lately? I am a little embarrassed to admit but I am super thankful for some decent preschool content. No Cailou or Dora the Explorer. I am thankful for Bluey. (That Australian preschool show about a dog family of heelers.) It's a good show. I am also thankful for my toddler who is funny, super smart and sweet and this dog of mine. The best boy
    • When are we EVER proud of our past selves? I mean honestly. We would all be lying if we thought of ourselves as perfect in every way all the time. A lot of things happened since I was in high school...which was when I was the most active. Throughout middle school, high school and even college I battled depression and suicidal thoughts. So much has changed. I've changed. People I considered close to back then don't really matter. People I thought I would be friends with forever moved on, passed away, etc. Perhaps I moved on too. AIM no longer exists, nor msn messenger or even Skype I believe? Or was it that msn became skype? Anyway everything is facetime or zoom feels like. I finally got what I wanted (A family and a child) but I'm realizing that not everything is a field of roses. Though generally I have to say I am a lot happier lately. My health has gotten worse a lot lately. Pregnancy and the birth was hard on me. Already had one surgery to fix something and now I am in limbo with the medical field to get another much needed surgery. Only thing that gives me comfort is my daughter and pup. I really should be applying for disability but the thought of even attempting such a thing just makes me freeze up and want to hide in a closet. One thing I realizing more than ever is that life is hard and it just gets worse. I miss spending time here and every time I come here to only be reminded that this place is like a shell of its former beauty. I could really use the connection again...or even someone to talk to like back in the day. I will tell you one thing...I wish I could be so much better than I am right now. I feel like a waste of space sometimes still. Sorry for rambling. I guess my past feelings of depression can still linger even today
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