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  1. Hey everyone! The old OB podcast was mentioned in a chat earlier this morning and I happen to have a complete copy of the episodes that I hosted way back when (I'm not sure if others were uploaded elsewhere after the last one that I have). If anyone is interested in taking a walk back in time to 2011, I've uploaded all of the episodes and a CSV with titles, descriptions, and a few stats for each that you can download here: https://www.otakuboards.com/podcast.zip
  2. Hey everyone! I know things here aren't anything like they used to be but I just want to wish any of you who still pop in to visit from time to time the best during these times. I hope you're all doing well, staying safe, and getting through COVID-19's visit to the Earth as best as you can.
  3. It is sad that things are pretty dead here but if it's any consolation, the site itself isn't going anywhere. At the very least, it will remain available as an archive.
  4. Sorry, I just now saw this. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to get it back online this time. It uses an absurdly out of date version of Wordpress that's no longer compatible with the version of PHP I'm running. I can make a backup and then see if updating it works but no promises. Edit: That was easier than expected, seemingly anyway. It's back up at the same URL (and now also in the header!) as before and should be working but let me know if it's not!
  5. I'd just like to point out that the last post in this thread was nearly 15 years ago. Given the lack of activity these days, it's really not a big deal but I had to say something given how incredible that time span is...
  6. Looks like I'm rather late to the party but congratulations!
  7. Technically me at this point, I suppose? Did you need something?
  8. That's awesome! Congratulations :)
  9. Petie


    From what I can tell, it appears to be from KonoSuba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KonoSuba
  10. The site that hosted this has long since been taken down and the Stitcher link no longer works but I still have the original files. I attached the episode in question for anyone interested. OB Podcast 11 - The Real Stuff Sucks.mp3
  11. I'm really at a loss for words. I unfortunately can't say I knew Des all too well but even still, I remember plenty of conversations we had and projects we worked on together. He was impossible to not like or not get along with and was a pleasure to be around. I didn't keep up with Twitter too well myself so I missed a lot of the updates but I do remember hearing about the cancer but also never made the connection that there was even a chance he wouldn't recover. It's a painful realization to make now. Des, thank you for everything. You'll be sorely missed.
  12. This is a known issue and happens everywhere unfortunately. The upgrade from version 3 to 4 seemed to not like a lot of the older posts and the choice was to either lose huge chunks of them or revert them to their HTML states and hope that the bug would be fixed at some point. That's where we still are at the moment.
  13. I don't know enough about how to comment on art to give you more than "these look really good" but they do look really good :) The markers appear to have been worth the wait because the skin in all of these is spot on. I miss the former activity levels of this place but it's nice to see people stop by and share every once in a while!
  14. Petie

    Pokémon Go

    I'd just like to point out that I said nothing about the adoption being surprising or that the company/companies did a good job with the release. Expected is definitely the right word to use in terms of its popularity. What stuck out for me is the fact that, especially around the launch, looking at a crowded area and seeing people walking around with their phones out, it was very likely that those people were playing Pokémon Go. People who you'd never expect to pick up a Pokémon game are playing it and it's had a substantial impact in a few different aspects of daily life (and not just positively - the fact that we need warnings on highways stating "Don't Pokémon and drive" is concerning). That's what amazed me. Just because it's expected doesn't mean it can't also be fascinating. I agree with the rest of your points. The game itself was poorly executed, the lack of communication isn't helping, and there's still a lot of bugs to work out. Apparently, people signing in with Google accounts are having slightly better luck (as part of the server troubles are related to Nintendo's Pokemon Trainer Club authentication servers, not just the game servers) but even so, the game itself is down more than it's up and they really should have been better prepared for this kind of traffic knowing how popular the series is.
  15. Petie

    Pokémon Go

    Pretty much this. I have a Pokmon Trainer Club account form way back and maybe trying to use it was my mistake but I seem to only be able to get into the game some 40% of the time. Combine that with the fact that Pokemon and PokeStops are not common where I live or work and I don't have much to report unfortunately. That said, I still like the concept and I continue to be amazed at how far reaching this game is, especially in such a short period of time.
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