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  1. My PMs only seem to go back to 2010 unfortunately. I seem to remember being unable to migrate them and was pretty upset at their loss but maybe it didn't affect everyone?
  2. Threads shouldn't have been lost - just broken because the converter that Invision supplied completely ruined much of the formatting. Are you seeing threads that are outright gone?
  3. I played the original Half-Life when I went through my pre-Alyx run. I do have Source and messed around a little in Black Mesa after the fact but really wanted to experience the original before diving into Half-Life 2. I intend to go back and play Black Mesa properly eventually, though. And yes, Half-Life 2 was outstanding, no arguments there. I don't remember exactly where I left off in Alyx but I'm pretty sure I'm nearing the end. I do intend to take another run through it on the easiest difficulty (I'm playing on normal now, I think) to pick up a few achievements I missed along the way though. Even knowing where it's going for a second playthrough, I think it will be just as good.
  4. I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually finished it yet but I have been playing Alyx and it's an outstanding experience. When I heard it was coming out, I realized I had never actually played the original games so I played through all of Half-Life (and its expansions), and then all of Half-Life 2 (and the follow-up episodes) before starting Alyx and really had a blast finally experiencing them.
  5. Being extra careful with a baby on the way right now makes complete sense. I definitely get why it feels weird though. Hoping everything goes without incident! I do think it’s smart to avoid working in healthcare right now regardless if it can be helped but especially with a newborn. Given a little time, if it’s something you really want, you can always look into it down the road. Nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom either though, if you can make it work! Also, can I just say how crazy it feels to be taking about babies and careers and things here? None of this was even in the radar when I first joined here and I’m sure that’s the same for many of those still here to see this post.
  6. I’m all for another reunion! What’s the plan?
  7. Hey everyone! The old OB podcast was mentioned in a chat earlier this morning and I happen to have a complete copy of the episodes that I hosted way back when (I'm not sure if others were uploaded elsewhere after the last one that I have). If anyone is interested in taking a walk back in time to 2011, I've uploaded all of the episodes and a CSV with titles, descriptions, and a few stats for each that you can download here: https://www.otakuboards.com/podcast.zip
  8. Hey everyone! I know things here aren't anything like they used to be but I just want to wish any of you who still pop in to visit from time to time the best during these times. I hope you're all doing well, staying safe, and getting through COVID-19's visit to the Earth as best as you can.
  9. It is sad that things are pretty dead here but if it's any consolation, the site itself isn't going anywhere. At the very least, it will remain available as an archive.
  10. Sorry, I just now saw this. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to get it back online this time. It uses an absurdly out of date version of Wordpress that's no longer compatible with the version of PHP I'm running. I can make a backup and then see if updating it works but no promises. Edit: That was easier than expected, seemingly anyway. It's back up at the same URL (and now also in the header!) as before and should be working but let me know if it's not!
  11. I'd just like to point out that the last post in this thread was nearly 15 years ago. Given the lack of activity these days, it's really not a big deal but I had to say something given how incredible that time span is...
  12. Looks like I'm rather late to the party but congratulations!
  13. Technically me at this point, I suppose? Did you need something?
  14. That's awesome! Congratulations :)
  15. From what I can tell, it appears to be from KonoSuba: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KonoSuba
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