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  1. Trials of Mana, yo. Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake. They killed the Coop option, but it's still a sweet trip down memory lane.
  2. You‘re the man, Petie.
  3. What Petie said. And that‘s what she said. xoxo
  4. ... most interesting. I found myself saying this to a colleague of mine. For some reason he didn't think it was as funny and nostalgic as I did. Thanks, Gavin. Thanks.
  5. This news sucked so much. Des will always be cool and awesome to me. The world sucks more without him.
  6. I know, right? This is what he should be apologizing for.
  7. That's ******* gorgeous.
  8. I LOVE UX AND ANALYSIS I LOVE SHARING MY AMAZING MARKETING SKILLS Also, I've just been put on the SEO squad on top of my ridiculous amount of tasks. I LOVE SEO
  9. Woah, check out Becky Norris here going all thaininja on that chick.
  10. This. I'm currently a Marketing Manager for a photo printing company. Like, you can make photo books and posters and stuff via our website. Honestly, I hardly had a clue about marketing when I started, but I was Dutch and I could write and I could English, so they hired me. Now I'm a kick ass online marketing expert. To be fair, I could not do this job selling something stupid, like BMWs or knives or celery. But I like photos and photo books so it works. I never thought I'd work in marketing, but I'm enjoying the **** out of it. Have to agree with Vicky that learning a trade really well makes
  11. Since you came back so we can like your stuff.
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