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  1. Trials of Mana, yo. Seiken Densetsu 3 Remake. They killed the Coop option, but it's still a sweet trip down memory lane.
  2. You‘re the man, Petie.
  3. What Petie said. And that‘s what she said. xoxo
  4. ... most interesting. I found myself saying this to a colleague of mine. For some reason he didn't think it was as funny and nostalgic as I did. Thanks, Gavin. Thanks.
  5. This news sucked so much. Des will always be cool and awesome to me. The world sucks more without him.
  6. I know, right? This is what he should be apologizing for.
  7. That's ******* gorgeous.
  8. I LOVE UX AND ANALYSIS I LOVE SHARING MY AMAZING MARKETING SKILLS Also, I've just been put on the SEO squad on top of my ridiculous amount of tasks. I LOVE SEO
  9. Woah, check out Becky Norris here going all thaininja on that chick.
  10. This. I'm currently a Marketing Manager for a photo printing company. Like, you can make photo books and posters and stuff via our website. Honestly, I hardly had a clue about marketing when I started, but I was Dutch and I could write and I could English, so they hired me. Now I'm a kick ass online marketing expert. To be fair, I could not do this job selling something stupid, like BMWs or knives or celery. But I like photos and photo books so it works. I never thought I'd work in marketing, but I'm enjoying the **** out of it. Have to agree with Vicky that learning a trade really well makes it more fun. Fun motivates progress. Progress is success. Success is fun. Fun motivates progress. CIRCLE WOOT. Also we have an elite coffee machine or two at my work, free sammiches and fruit and stuff, and very often cake/pie.
  11. Since you came back so we can like your stuff.
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