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  1. Ah, there we go again, it took me months to reply to some of these responses. But I can't believe how many names on here I recognize! Syk3, you're an especially old friend of mine! We used to chat on AIM all the time, I remember. Jeeze, this brings back some seriously good memories. I think it's incredible how a web community could impact everyone so much that there is a consistent amount of old-timers returning. I hope everyone here has the same experience as my "generation" did, haha.
  2. One of my first posts on OB since about 2005! This feels really strange. I'm currently in the library at my university trying to write a huge paper that is due on Monday, it's not going well. Weather here is okay. It's been super spring-y though for the most part which I'm really enjoying since I'm up here in Canada. Also, I am getting a puppy soon! Wee!
  3. It has been awhile, Boo. 10 years. Setsuna sounds familiar though, but who knows after a decade!
  4. Cera!? Wow! (And yes, I was Calumon_Lover, back then.. embarrassingly. Couldn't I have chosen a better name?) Thanks for the recent thread. It's bringing back memories I didn't even know I had.
  5. Wow! I came back to OB just to see what it was like almost 10 years after I joined, but I never thought I'd be seeing usernames that I recognized and such! Who: I've been through a few names, Calumon_Lover, CL, Kitty, Kittylynn. I've been a member here since 2000 I believe and was an active poster until 2005 or 2006, and then disappeared into real life, haha. Where: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I live in my own apartment that I rent with my boyfriend of 4 years. What: My "What's" are way different then when I was an OB member. I am finishing up University this year and then I'm off to either get my Master's degree or to go to college. I haven't decided (in other word, growing up is hard). I have a wonderful boyfriend of 4 years who I live with. We're planning on getting a puppy soon, so that's exciting. Other than selling my soul to school, I still horseback ride, I like to write, I model on the side of school. I like to shop, um.. I'm not very exciting. When [i.e. Back Then]: Wow, well I talked to a bunch of people, let's see if I can remember some names.. ShyGuy, Ginnylyn, Syk3, Hyper (aka. HyperShadow), James a bit, Blanko. Can't remember everyone unfortunately. I frequented the Digimon boards, the Art and Design boards.. hm.. I was a pretty active poster everywhere. Why: Why did I come back? Well, I don't know if I'm "back", but I suddenly remembered this lovely part of my life and I decided to see how the boards looked now, etc. Only to find that I saw some names I still recognized. I was pretty nostalgic and just decided to indulge in a bit of my past. Favourite Things About OB: The community, the late night AIM chats, it taught me about HTML which I still use today, thanks OB! Come out of hiding everyone!
  6. [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]This very concept frightens and disturbs me. Welcome back, in any case. It's always nice to have any kind of traffic, be it brand new or returning members such as yourself.[/FONT][/QUOTE] Haha, don't worry. I turned out to be a very normal person with normal social skills. It's actually sorta funny because looking at me now, you'd never think "That girl was part of an online anime community and was into Digimon, RPGs, etc." I did use a little exaggeration there, but it is true that I made a lot of friends here, and while we no longer keep touch, it was an awesome community that was a big part of who I was and I think a lot of the "alumni" would agree. I don't know if I'm "back" for sure. But I definitely thought I'd poke around and say hello to some old friends if they were still kicking. However, looking at some of their profiles, a lot of their last login's were last year. So I might be out of luck. I guess that's what I get for being nostalgic.
  7. I used to be known as CL or Kitty around here almost 10 years ago. I thought of this forum today (with fondness, obviously) and decided I'd check it out and see where it is. Wow, it's different. I'm glad to see it still exists though. Anyone else here from back then? Let's hear from ya! I was so young when I was a regular part of this forum and I just want to say that you guys were seriously an awesome part of my life, and I enjoyed having the friends I did, when I did. I hope OB still has that community feel today. Keep up the good work James. This place basically raised me.
  8. Well last time I checked, I didn't turn down new friends because they were still a virgin. If you've had sex, then cool, hope you had a blast. If you didn't, then cool, hope you have a blast when you do. Personally, I think that if you loose your virginity to someone who will mean nothing in like 2 seconds, then that's [I]unacceptable.[/I] But then again, hope you have a blast doing it. Hope you had a blast reading my post. ;) - Kittydoo
  9. [FONT=Tahoma]Okay here it is, it will be brutal but listen up. Lightwing, you are being completly immature. Asking this 14 year old highschool girl if she'll marry you in 3 years is beyond everything a person of your age should be worried about. My sister is your age, and I can't even see her in a steady relationship let alone the different ones she has every single week. Either your in your first relationship and you have no clue what love is, or your just a very mislead little boy, but chances are your relationship won't last that long. And chances are she's like every other girl at 14, she just wants to have fun. Sorry that this is harsh, but I just have the biggest pet peeve when people think they are "in love" when they are effing 14. Take a look at the billions of divorced and unhappy people out there, there's where you'll be if you do this. Which I can guarantee you won't. [/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma]Oh but I forgot the upside, you [B]could[/B] be that one in a million couple that makes it for a life time from 14. I actually know like great great grandparents who have done that, but chances are you won't.[/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma]So good luck, keh?[/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma]- Kittylynn[/FONT]
  10. [FONT=Tahoma]I was going through all your links, when I looked at "Tell her I'm sorry" .. I almost died. I love it. I absolutely, fell in love with it. I saved it and I love it. You really did a good job on how messy and how hard it is to tell someone sorry, I tried to read some of the things, and it was really well done, the confusion and the "mistakes" really showed emotion and I was actually moved by it. - Kitty .[/FONT]
  11. [FONT=Tahoma]Personally, to me he's innocent until proven guilty. As much as he is a known sexual predator, doesn't mean he's a serial sexual predator. It might have only been that one or two times. Everyone who thinks he's guilty listen up: You weren't in his house, unless your the kid whose been violated, but I doubt thats the case. You were not the child who apparently had these acts placed upon him, none and I repeat [B]none[/B] of you deserve to take the place of the jury, and say he's guilty, he has a right to be heard, and he has a right to pull these little "sick days" as well. I agree it's not very fashionable to wear pajamas, or call in sick like 10 times, but he's allowed to, and that's all that matters. The only reason that this is so big and everyone thinks he's guilty is because he is Micheal Jackson, the white black guy, the plastice surgery guy, he's popular and everyone sees him. Call him a sick freak, call him anything you want, but it's very sad and pathetic to call him these things when you don't know him. Cause I don't know you, and who knows what I think. - Kitty K a y y[/FONT]
  12. [FONT=Tahoma]Ohh, I like =). The Nightmare Before Christmas movie is like one of my favourites till this day. Anything that has to do with it is really attractive to me =). I like them a lot, but banner and skill wise, you should've mixed up the borders and the font and stuff, because they all look the same, you know? Unless thats what you were going for. But personally, I love the simplicity =). - Kittay[/FONT]
  13. [FONT=Tahoma]Well call me mean, but I wouldn't take the bullet for my family. We aren't too close and I just don't see myself doing that, especially in the face of death. But you can't really tell what you're going to do when it might be your last action. The only person I can swear to, is my darling Matthew, I would take a thousand guns head on just to ensure his beautiful soul can continue to grace this earth. I promise this to him, and sadly no one else. - Kittalona .[/FONT]
  14. [FONT=Tahoma]I don't think there is an exact meaning of life. Life is random, life is complicated, simple, joyful and tragic all at the same time. Life is what you make of it, depending on what makes you satisfied and happy, is what will determine your "life". Life is a chance to do things, to make the most of while your here. It's a chance to fall in love, loose love, make friends and loose them, it's a balance of good and evil and a intertwining twist of religion. Whatever you choose to base your "life" on is life. Life is only what you make of it, and everyone's life will always be different. Life is you to sum it all up =).[/FONT] [FONT=Tahoma]_ kittyahh[/FONT]
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