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  1. Hey everyone! I have retun to the OB. Yeah I was suicidal before but now I'm not. I am happy yet again! I am going to make more friends and stuff. Oh yeah, wrote 2 manga series and up to my 25th volume. Cool, huh? So anyone can infill me on what I missed???
  2. [quote name='kuroinuyoukai']I refuse to kill you!! Let me know if I can do anything for you. :([/quote] why do u refuse. why? i have no love no gf no nothing. kill me someone!
  3. My immortal and going underby evanescence...untiled by simple plan...depressing songs...
  4. Look i am tried of life and everything...so someone kill me.
  5. i dont know when never expreince a good love life.
  6. Actually, I disapprove suicide even though I want to kill myself and going to. I just dont want others to do that.
  7. Family guy monkey is evil and hides in the closet!
  8. hey i wonder what would happened if died....sorry that was random :animeswea umm... my manga is basically love, romance ,fighting, and comedy(a little)/
  9. Doukari...teach me everything.
  10. [QUOTE=Kilaria]When it comes to actual art technique, and your ability to draw, i'm afraid that's all on you. Nobody can snap their fingers and make you a better artist. ;) You've just got to keep practicing. My suggestion would be to just play around with different poses with each of your characters. Do a page with just expressions, etc. The more familiar you are with every nook and cranny of your characters, the easier it will be for you to draw them in a manga setting. If you have the drawings you've done so far scanned and online post a link here and i can give you a few suggestions. my artwork is here: [url]http://kilaria.deviantart.com[/url] and just like FireKnifeDancer said. Please do not steal my artwork, or my characters. They are mine and nobody elses. Kilaria[/QUOTE] thays the problem...i cant do experssions or anything like that.
  11. [QUOTE=duoikari]how long is that by the way? But the longest i have ever worked on a picture is about 5 hours a night for about 11 days, so that 55 hours but that's both drawing and colouring. The the longest one that took me to colour was 5 and half hours, but the one i'm doing at the moment has taken me about a 2 weeks and i'm just finishing off the colouring. :animesigh[/QUOTE] man doukari...can you teach me? * looks at you with big puppy eyes*
  12. well one is darwing stil...i cant make the people come alive...two its about link having a son...havent came up with a name...i'll post the beginning later.
  13. yes romanctic anime are cool...hey am i romantic? and mllry its megaman 5000 from that g4 chat did knoe you were on here.
  14. man...i hate when this happened and i dont know why the rich aint giving money to the victims and stuff but the poor are.
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