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  1. Fairy Tail Created by: Mashima Hiro Published: 06/23/06 Style: Fantasy/Fighting/Magic/Adventure/Humor Main Characters - Lucy: A stellar spirit mage she uses keys to summon spirits of various abilities. Lucy is an aspiring author. Natsu: A flame mage who's goal is to find his foster parent and teacher Igneel. Gets motion sickness easily and doesn't know the meaning of take it easy. Happy: A cat who is Natsu's partner. Happy has the ability to use magic and speak. He also has the same temperamant as Natsu helping add to the trouble caused. Makarov: The guild leader of Fa
  2. Whats your favourite manga(s)? Mine is D.N. Angel, Ragnarok and Naruto. They're realy interesting and they're fun to read. So just reply ur favourite mangas.
  3. Hello guys,    My name is Raul,  a few weeks back I released my new app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id938099105 in the App Store.    I would like to add tons of new art to the backgrounds and I would like the contribution from different artists for this project.   I was wondering if you could be interested to showcase your art in our app. If your are interested pls email me: raul.amoros.quirante@gmail.com   Looking forward to your reply,   Raul 
  4. Konnichiwa,   This posting is a writing/request.  I am an aspiring composer/producer/writer who enjoys the world of anime and manga. I have written a few short stories that i have composed music for and produced them as audio stories; attempting to follow in the manner of anime and manga. The first is called Blood Wind and is available at http://youtu.be/r4_YAh6eLmU. I have written a sequel called Blood Wind Song and i am looking for voice actors who would like to be the voices of 3 female characters and one or two male characters.  I am also looking for someone who would like t
  5.    Hey guys, I'm the Unusual Otaku. I hope I'm posting this to the right forum, the videos are something I "Create" after all...       Anyway, The channel is a gaming channel I've been working on for the past couple of months. I went from 5 to 19 subscribers over the past week and have been looking for places to help spread the word of my channel. However, I don't like Facebook or twitter and Tumblr confuses me so I was at a lose until I stumbled across this site. Fellow Otakus are my kind of people so I feel more comfortable posting on here asking for help. He
  6. Greetings Otaku Creators! CE Publishing Group is now taking submissions for the next edition of MEGABOOK. The M3 edition will be BIGGER and BETTER than it's little brothers. M1 was 212 pages, M2 was 465 pages, M3??? Well who knows! It's a great place for both Comics AND Manga! If you want to see your comic/manga work in print, or want more exposure as a publisher, Jump into the limelight of MEGABOOK! MEGABOOK is the biggest FREE digital comic book in the universe! Be a part of something incredible! Something new, anything old, likely it's all new to most of our readers. And also get a free f
  7. Haha I love Lucky Star...but doesn't everyone? ^^ So discuss it here :)
  8. [color=darkblue][size=1]One of the main purposes of Manga Alley is to get help with working on your artwork. With that being said, I have decided to create this topic. Any people wishing to ask for help from others will post a "help wanted" post here. Any topics created from now on regarding this subject will either be merged with this topic, or deleted entirely. Thanks much, Kei[/color][/size]
  9. Hey All, I have to say, I thought that the end of Naruto volume 6, when Sakura finally fought, was the most awesome fight in Naruto so far. I've been waiting for Sakura to fight since the very beginning of the manga, and she hasn't. She said everything I'd been waiting for her to say, "I've always sat on the sidelines, they've always had to protect me," etc. All the staff I was saying outloud while reading the manga and watching her whimper like a coward. When she pulled out those kunai, I mean..wow, I thought it was unbelievably awesome. I wanted to know what other peoples reacti
  10. Does anyone know about Bleach? I just found out about it and i absolutely love it! :p
  11. [indent=1][font=comic sans ms,cursive][b]Astar Pendragon is a young boy born of a unique people known as the DRAGON KIN . Unlike them however, he was not blessed with the gift to breathe fire and without this he can never hope to beome a true DRAGON. So he leaves his tribe one day and into a world that he has never experienced in an attempt to discover his inner flame and cease to remain FLAMELESS![/b] This is a description of my original manga FLAMELESS! I thought that it would be a good idea to create a forum post about it in order to get feedback :) You can read it here on theO[ur
  12. I'm importing this idea from another forum I frequent. The idea is to take a picture from the manga of a character that has yet to appear in colour, and paint up a prediction of what colour scheme you think that character will end up having. You can do this in programs such as Photoshop, the Gimp or even MS Paint. This thread is for the manga One Piece but it can work with any of the major weekly manga that get adapted into a TV series or get colour spreads from time to time. It can be fun to see how close or how far away you are with predicting a character's colour scheme. Here are
  13. Hey guys Please let me know if you like my first manga. I made in 2004 and am looking for your opinion as I will be starting another one. It is on the folder "The Two of Us" http://arnaldomachado.deviantart.com/gallery/33935562 Arnaldo.
  14. It seems that I have two manga's that I am creating. Percantia-descent into darkness was orignially an anime that I had created with unique storylines. Here is a piece from Percantia- Father Shugo- It seems that the evil is terrorizing Percantia....We can't allow that to happen. If Percantia falls this life we know will be destroyed. Ryuko- Father...It seems that we are in dire need of help...Have you found the vessels? The ones sent to save earth, percantia and mankind Father please say you have found them.... Father Shugo- Yes I have. These two will create the offspri
  15. So I'm guessing some of you have read the rumours today that Toriyama is restarting the DragonBall story. That's all the information there is at the moment, so who knows what the situation is? What are your thoughts on this? If Toriyama penned a new chapter to the DB saga, would you be excited? What angle might it take? Might it be more adventure oriented like the original DragonBall, or more fighting styled, like DBZ? Will it follow GT, or what? Will it focus on Goku, or maybe Goku's family? Or completely new characters? If he did write a new story, it would surely be picked up fo
  16. [font=franklin gothic medium][color=darkred][center][img]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/96/Psyren_Volume_1.jpg[/img][/center] [i]One day while heading home, Ageha Yoshina finds a public pay phone ringing by itself. He picks it up, receiving no answer except a calling card with the word "Psyren" printed on it. After Sakurako Amamiya, a girl in Yoshina's class, disappears after mentioning "Psyren", Ageha uses the calling card in hopes of finding her. After answering a long and detailed quiz on a pay phone, he is asked if he wants to go to Psyren. The next day, he answers a ringi
  17. so i've been reading alice in the country of hearts for a while and i put up some fan art on the otaku main page and i noticed something.... IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE IT'S OWN CATEGORY! so i got thinking, how many people actually read alice in the country of hearts/alice no heart no kuni? i've seen some fanart on theO but i'm sure more people read it. if you read it then who's your favourite character(s)? mine are boris and elliot
  18. Through the Manga Alley, there is not one thread about any manga collection so I decided to start on my own. I am sorry if there is one like this out there and I didn't even see it. So what manga have you bought for your own collection and explain why you bought it, someone bought it for you, or was given to by someone. (WARNING: please don't list what you have in your collection without any explanation. This will make it harder for people who only just list down without any explanation. Thank you and enjoy this thread.) Here is my collections of manga that I bought, was bought for me, or
  19. [COLOR=Navy][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Finally, I've made the One Piece thread. This is mine. All mine!!! :D Since this is the first post... [CENTER] [IMG]http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/8115/725onepiece0gg.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] One Piece is an anime following the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, Captain of the Mugiwara Kaizoku-dan (Straw Hat Pirate Crew). His ultimate goal is the sail through the infamous Grand Line in order to obtain the legendary treasure that lies at the in. dubbed "One Piece," based on the final words of the man called the "Pirate King," Gold Roger, who left it th
  20. What is the very first manga you ever read? Mine was Ragnarok. After reading that manga I just couldnt stop going into bookstores and looking at which manga looks interesting. Ever since then I started reading D.N. Angel, Escaflowne and Negima and I started buying anime magazines. Hah, I sound like an obsessed nerd. But im not. So just post you answer. :animesmil
  21. I would like to know how to start my own manga, I have the story set out...sorta, I have some characters drawn out and done and some of them I need to draw. I have a title set out for it 'Space Angel 2045' Here are the names of the Characters: Christine Okada - Main Character, she has amnesia and is very easily to anger. She's mostly trying to remember who she is, and who turned her life upside down her code name is Space Angel. Nao Sano - Main Character, she's Okada's main rival she always challenging her to a fight, she's lost a few times but won a lot, bu
  22. ya kow...when i first saw the beginning of this series...i really didn't like what i saw in the shojo beat magazine....but i have absolutely fallen in love with this site:catgirl:...but none of the forums have any pictures of it any where.... am i the only one who likes this series?
  23. [content removed since threads that are only for advertising aren't allowed]
  24. Like Kishi or Tite for instance.... Do they do everything by themselves? It would seem as if they have help with drawing the environments, editing and etc.
  25. [font="Times New Roman"][size="3"][color="#9932cc"][center][img]http://otakuanblog.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/largeanimepaperscans_claymore_kayurachan067__thisres__143362.jpg[/img][/center] Okay so there's not been that much death in the Claymore manga these days. But I was curious who here actually reads it and kept up. I suppose we could also make angry and bitter comparisons to the show. ...which I'll confess I still enjoyed right up until the last two or so episodes. Does anyone read it religiously once a month like I do? Wish that it was on the
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