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    Hello Future Self Publishers!     Saw this board on tutorials and thought I would add a link to several articles I have written about Comics/Manga in general and Independent publishing and resources specifically for Digital Publishing.  There are also resources for Comic/Manga marketing and tips for Writers and how to break in.   http://cepubdude.hubpages.com/   Let me know if you have any questions!?!   Your Friend and Fan, Mike @CEpubdude Get Free comics at http://www.cepublishinggroup.com/ CE Publishing Group
  2. Thanks Shy!  Yeah I am REALLY liking Otakuboards thus far!  We have several manga submissions for our anthology thus far, but I would like to see much more.  I'm a letterer for Digital Manga Publishing (DMP) and I Know there are a bunch of indy creators out there needing to get published.  It's just a matter of reaching them.   Thanks Again! --Mike Rickaby
  3. Greetings Otaku Creators! CE Publishing Group is now taking submissions for the next edition of MEGABOOK. The M3 edition will be BIGGER and BETTER than it's little brothers. M1 was 212 pages, M2 was 465 pages, M3??? Well who knows! It's a great place for both Comics AND Manga! If you want to see your comic/manga work in print, or want more exposure as a publisher, Jump into the limelight of MEGABOOK! MEGABOOK is the biggest FREE digital comic book in the universe! Be a part of something incredible! Something new, anything old, likely it's all new to most of our readers. And also get a free full page ad to use for your upcoming projects for each project submission. Submission deadline for OtakuBoards users is extended to well... Anytime before presstime around the end of November. Find out more here and then email Mike at cepublishinggroup@gmail.com with any questions. http://cepubdude.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-get-into-MEGABOOK And READ MEGABOOK at any of our distributors big enough to house huge books... Join the horde of 1000's of readers. Lots of FREE reading here!   Thanks for checking us out! --Mike Graphicly - http://graphicly.com/ce-publishing DriveThru - http://bit.ly/RWFfkW Balloon'd - http://www.balloond.com/ MDC - http://bit.ly/SMP8Vr Emanga - http://bit.ly/18U6Ryk Scrib'd - http://www.scribd.com/CEPubdude/documents Wowio - http://www.wowio.com/cepublishing Amazon - http://amzn.to/UUXoSv B&N - http://bit.ly/19mTUA5 iTunes Books - http://bit.ly/WYDczo CE Publishing Website - http://cepublishinggroup.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CEPubdude Twitter - @CEPubdude cepubdude.hubpages.com cepubdude.hubpages.com   [attachment=15369:MEGABOOK-M2-CVR-LR.jpg] [attachment=15370:MEGABOOK-M1-CVR.jpg]
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