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  3. Hey everyone! The old OB podcast was mentioned in a chat earlier this morning and I happen to have a complete copy of the episodes that I hosted way back when (I'm not sure if others were uploaded elsewhere after the last one that I have). If anyone is interested in taking a walk back in time to 2011, I've uploaded all of the episodes and a CSV with titles, descriptions, and a few stats for each that you can download here: https://www.otakuboards.com/podcast.zip
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  6. Orcus


    I've finally gone from being anxious all of the time to only being anxious when I imagine venturing back into the world once quarantines are lifted, so that's something. I'm in Cali and they've started opening parks and beaches again and there is not a lot of social distancing going on, which definitely makes me feel incredibly confident, haha. Glad to see y'all are doing well (and also lurking!)
  7. Shy


    I'm doing okay, all things considered. Been lurking on here for a while! Would love to chat with y'all in some fashion, - Shy
  8. Boo


    What Petie said. And that‘s what she said. xoxo
  9. Hey everyone! I know things here aren't anything like they used to be but I just want to wish any of you who still pop in to visit from time to time the best during these times. I hope you're all doing well, staying safe, and getting through COVID-19's visit to the Earth as best as you can.
  10. Hi y'all I'm the captain. Captain Thunderstorm. I'm a guy quite afflicted with mental disorders. I had 4-5 of them, now they're down to 3-4. Yay! They're OCD, gad, social anxiety, had PTSD, and not sure about panic disorder. I meditate, run and take cold showers to cure them, if you're curious. Guided meditation is easier to start off with. And my hobbies include gaming and anime. Pretty generic here, I know haha. But I also have a passion for robotics, machine learning, AI and programming. I like physics too!Highschool Olympiad problems, superstring theory, general theory of relativity to classical mechanics, I love it all!
  11. Getting pretty lively here the past few days. What’s the plan for all our twenty year anniversaries next year? Edit: Even I can’t believe it’s been that long, apparently.
  12. Good to know that the site ain't going down. We do drop by every once in a while, right?
  13. It is sad that things are pretty dead here but if it's any consolation, the site itself isn't going anywhere. At the very least, it will remain available as an archive.
  14. I thought I'd pop in to see how OB was doing. I see it has pretty much died out. Sad to see it go, so many memories made here. 😢
  15. Yes, yes, still haunt the boards.... mostly just watching it grow... lost too many great ones here, but also made a ton of friends!
  16. I haven't posted here in quite a while, and I know no one else really has, either. But I got hit with a super hard wave of nostalgia today, and since this is the closest thread to the topic I could find, it shall do. When I first showed up here, I was kind of a lurker. It was the Anthology and the Theater that drew me out, and in particular I remember the Event Coordinator competition, where White and Sandy hosted competing events, swapped control of the events halfway through, and the community voted on who was the better dude. I was a part of White's game, Mafia. I don't remember whether the mafia or the citizens ended up winning; the most I remember about the event now is that, as part of its course, I ended up striking up a pretty long-running dialogue with a member by the name of Tekkaman, who had a habit of posting in grey text and highlighting user's names in a dark violet color—which, actually, is precisely where I picked up my own habit of black text with crimson names. And, long story short, I was browsing around on a P2P musician garage sale site when I ran across this bass, and he was the first person I thought of. I honestly spent twenty minutes considering buying this bass just for the memories of that color scheme alone. And I don't even like painted bodies. Both of mine are natural stain. Just ... whew. You know?
  17. Holy necromancy, Batman. Let's put you back in your cell.
  18. Yo yo! Terribly sorry that all of you will have to put up with me from now on, good luck!
  19. Hey. This is my first time on a forum like this although. I'd love to meet some new people and talk more about anime and related nerd stuff. :)
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