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  2. I picked up a new hobby.
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  4. That's ******* gorgeous.
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  6. How to put profile pic? 

  7. Can confirm that I appear to still be alive (though I'm pretty rarely here).
  8. Welcome, I've been here for over a decade, almost two decades. It isn't as active as it once was, hoping one day it will pick back up!
  9. Papepipo papepipopol

  10. みなさん、どうですか?Yuriko desu。(╹◡╹) this group is old. I hope we all rise and be active. Like you I'm an otaku. Let's talked about our anime addiction. Our emotional pain. Sore wa itai。T^T well just leave it be. Let's introduce me, myself and I. I'm a Filipina. I happened to immigrate here in Hawaii. I am wondering if there's someone like me too. Honestly it is hard for me to socialize. But, Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. Bye bye, Have a nice day minna!
  11. Lol, it is. But it honestly wasn't intended to be. He was named after a grandfather. But he does joke about it frequently. And Japan, I already have people calling them Yin and Yang. Ha!
  12. Yin and Yang! Girl being Yang like in RWBY!
  13. ...oh. Oh that's really racist
  14. Lol, my husband was born and raised here, so it's nothing but a joke. But some of those Viet names can be pretty hilarious. His mom's Viet name is Liu (not sure of the spelling, pronounced lee-you) but when she came to the US she went with Van... I wouldn't mind them having Asian names, whether it be a first or middle name. My husband doesn't want anything "too Asian", as he would say. He was picked on a lot in school just because of his nationality, and doesn't want to fuel the fire for them. Not sure I ever mentioned this, my husband's name is Charlie, and he is full Viet. Now, a lot of younger people don't get why that is funny.
  15. Oh God, don't let him do that. I had a friend in the NUC pipeline who had to deal with those shenanigans. His parents came over from Vietnam, and when the licensing people asked his father what his name should be, and to cut a long and bumbling story short, they went with his dad's favorite drink: tea. So his father's English name is Tea Tran. They named their son (my friend) Timothy, so he'd fit in better in American schools, but realised almost immediately that that was a silly idea, so my buddy's siblings are named Teague Tran and Teagan Tran.
  16. Lol, you're right, Goku and Vegeta wouldn't work out so well. Although my husband isn't too helpful either yet, he says we'll name them Charlie and Charlie, with different spellings (his name being Charlie btw).
  17. If you named them Goku and Vegeta, though, which one is the girl? I also spent the other night looking at twin names, but it was hard coming up with a good boy/girl pair. Most of them were either Kaoru/Hikaru or some version of the harem twins trope, and I don't want to set you up for failure lol. That, and I'm assuming Hansel/Gretel (Black Lagoon) is right out.... It's a conundrum.
  18. Lol....My husband, being the crazy Asian that he is, tell's people that we'll drop silverware, and the sound that it makes will be their names! Other then that, I've had suggestions like Jin and Jun, Goku and Vegeta, Korbin and Leeloo (The Fifth Element). And thank you everyone. These pictures are from 18 weeks, and I'm 22 weeks now. Half way! A is the girl, B is the boy. Unfortunately she has an umbilical cord issue called Velementous. A normal umbilical cord goes from the mother, through the placenta and to the fetus, which is his case, her umbilical cord, however goes around and through the membrane which can cause slower growth, because she doesn't get as much nutrients. It's really just a matter of watching her weight very carefully, and there is nothing I can do currently except monitor. There can be other complications, but it isn't always the case. It happens frequently with multiples, or with women over a certain age, etc. But currently they are both active and healthy.
  19. We should start deciding baby names. It takes a villageboards, as they say....
  20. Whoa times totally change cool!
  21. That's awesome! Congratulations :)
  22. I'm not sure how many people care about the news, but since I've been her since I was fourteen years old I figured I'd share. We're expecting twins on August 28. One boy and one girl.
  23. From what I can tell, it appears to be from KonoSuba:
  24. Do any of you know what anime she is from?
  25. I haven't been on here in ages, but here I come clawing my way out of the abyss to deliver a terrible pic.
  26. I just popped on here because my life finally decided to give me a little breathing space instead of kicking my ass. I popped on here to see if I could reach out to a few people who were important to me as individuals. There's a few who seemed to have never returned here, and I have no way of contacting them. :-( Besides that, life's been an unpredictable rollercoaster. Still avid in video games and anime, though. I doubt that'll change anytime soon. Although, I might be getting a dog soon, so there's that. Anyways, it's good to see some old faces. Kind of weird to see James apologize for being a dick (as in I never thought he was ever a dick). Curious what transpired there haha.
  27. I am sorry to bump this thread. Des and I barely interacted, but his posts were always non-combative yet full of passion for the stuff this forum was for: video games and anime. Even when two people were going at it (e.g., I think his name was PoisonTongue? lol), his post would have a complete lack of judgement on either side, just focusing on getting things back to the topic at hand. Doing what he does - going through life enjoying his passions without getting in the way of anyone else's - is something I've only just started to appreciate, but still fail at doing. I'm at a place in my life where I have to hear a lot of life stories, and cancer is always such a jarring end to a narrative. The strange thing is, the most frustrating part of this to me is that Des did not get to enjoy Breath of Wild... I did not know Des personally, so I will refrain from saying he had a life well lived. However, I can say adamantly I want to go through life the way he did.
  28. I don't keep up with OB very often, I check back from time to time and to hear of Desbreko's passing is heartbreaking. I knew he was going through treatment, I thought that he'd make it. Like everyone here I have very fond memories of his presence here. Cancer sucks. RIP Des.
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