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  2. This one is actually old, but Jin is over eight lbs now, Jun is over 6. And I have a cold...ugh.
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  4. SPX!!!! Congrats!!!! Holy cow they are adorable!!!!! A little dirty, but hey, that's the best part!! Kind of. Yeah. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Des.... This is what I get for not logging in often. Drink some tea up there for me, big guy! Sorry to find out about your passing a year too late. Your last visit to oB was 8-6-16... I shall now go re-read the RPGs we rocked way back in the day. Thanks for all you've done to help with Jitsuryuku and OmniShore!
  6. Love you bro. Tea in heaven for all!

  7. This new sucked so much. Des will always be cool and awesome to me. The world sucks more without him.
  8. This is so cool.
  9. I suppose the cruelty in having grown up in such an amazing place like this is that it may take over a year for you to find out that an old friend is gone. According to the obituary, your anniversary was exactly a week ago, and I am so, so sorry to find out you're gone. I just don't even have words tonight.
  10. First one is Jin, he's all sprawled out. The rest are Jun.
  11. Congratulations!!
  12. Hey, and welcome. As you can probably tell, there isn't a whole lot goes on on these boards any longer. Its heydey was about a decade ago now, and all the old active people have gone on to newer and brighter futures—but none as shiny or fun. Also I went ahead and merged your thread with the general intro thread.
  13. Well....Hello fellow humans Im kinda new here so I just wanted to check in and say hello thats basically it see ya -Noodle Soup
  14. This is what he should be apologizing for. Oh. My god. Ew.
  15. That is incredibly precious. ...and gross. I mean, it's not their fault they look gross. That just comes with the territory. But it's definitely the most precious gross thing I've seen in a while. Or ... most gross precious thing? Most ... grossest preciousest thing? I'm really happy for you and I'm going to end the post now. Edit: Also two hundred people at a baby shower how even the crap
  16. Thank you. I never realized how hard it would be to have a child in the NICU. I just can't wait to have them both home.
  17. Wow, congratulations! Sounds like you had a bit of an ordeal there, I'm glad you and bubs got through it. :-)
  18. Well, it's been interesting. We had the baby shower on Saturday, non traditional. We had a little over 200 people, an inflatable boxing ring, and other outdoor games (not baby games). I opened gifts away from others, because there was way too many. Took a few hours. Called off the next day extremely swollen in my ankles and feet. Worked a short shift on Monday. Took a small nap after I got home, then helped my husband with some stuff in the garage. Until it started pouring. As we sat down on the couch to eat dinner I felt as if I had peed myself. I went to check, and liquid was just coming out (gross, I know). It stopped, so I went back down stairs, happened again. This time my shorts were soaked. I figured one of the water's broke. After a call to the hospital, they said to definitely come in. That was around 10pm. Sure enough, baby A's water broke and I was having contractions that I couldn't feel. So was admitted that night. At only 30 weeks (full term is 37). They were hoping to keep me on hospital bed rest until 34, and no further (anything after can cause infection after the water breaks). Had iv's put in, got a Steroid shot at 2am to help strengthen their lungs (and another 24 hrs later). Had minimal contractions throughout the night that tapered off. The next day however (Thursday, June 29), I had those same ones that gradually got worse. I was tearing at the sheets. When they checked, I was already fully dilated. I was whisked off to the OR (in case I needed an emergency C-section). My husband had just gotten to the hospital maybe a half hour before. Baby A: Jun Lily Tibbs was born at 8:45 pm, and Baby B: Jin Ekai Tibbs at 9:10pm. Both are preemies, born at exactly 31 weeks on Thursday, June 29. She is just over 2 lbs and he is just over 3lbs. I was discharged today, but they will be in the NICU for awhile. It's been an interesting few days.... I look like a hot mess, ignore that. A is Jun, and the second and third images are Jin.
  19. I know, right? This is what he should be apologizing for.
  20. Technically me at this point, I suppose? Did you need something?
  21. Who's the owner?
  22. Congratulations ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
  23. Two week old ultrasound images. B is first, and is the boy. A is the girl obviously. So far he is 2 lb 6 oz, she is 2 lb 1 oz.
  24. I've grown up quite a bit since I've been here. EDIT: holy crap, this picture is huge, lol.
  25. I picked up a new hobby.
  26. That's ******* gorgeous.
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