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  2. Also, DOOM Eternal and replaying Final Fantasy's on turbo speed on Switch.
  3. Playing mostly boardgames and tabletops, because, well, yo. Epic.
  4. Hey everyone! I was in the process of writing something where I referenced my time posting on the OB and thought 'hey, I wonder if that place is still up and running'. I guess it is, in some capacity, although my beloved Theater seems to be primarily populated with mothballs and tumbleweed... Hope everyone is doing well, looking back on my post history I think the last time I posted here I was a single, unemployed and slightly depressed 25 year old living with his parents - I'm now a happily non-single, gainfully employed and only occasionally depressed 31 year old who is in the process of buying his first house. You and me both! I'm currently funnelling all of that same energy into the D&D campaign I'm DMing, but looking back here my creative output was crazy for a time.
  5. Yeah, so much work went into those RPGs. I have really fond memories of them. I'm wondering if anyone has heard from Kevin/Rick Hunter? What's he doing these days? He had a YouTube channel for a little while but it's gone now...
  6. Well, that regret is mostly hindsight after coding support changes across site versions, so ... I wouldn't regret it too much, honestly. The site supported it at the time, and most of you guys who knew what you were doing with it were really good at it, so it typically looked fantastic. You were making the most of what your medium at the time offered you. 😃 ....plus, you know, several site updates broke even basic coding options. I've gone back through several of my old threads updating my own posts to reflect the code I meant it to have after things went goofy. And I've fixed posts from my friends sometimes when I had moderator privileges, just to make things readable in case anyone other than me decided to thread-crawl. Not the same as HTML stuff, I know, but ... then I was never a Myspace/MyOtaku page customiser either, lol. Didn't get into the internet in time to catch that wave, and wasn't really interested in it by and large anyway. ANYWAY. I still think of the stuff you guys did as flagship projects in those forums, so.
  7. Yeah I really regret dressing our RPGs up with so much html. Almagest in particular is something I've tried to go back to, but in general it's too difficult to read. My PMs go back to December 6, 2002(!) My first message is from @James, sending a reassuring message after I came out on this site. I'll always be grateful for that (and the flirtation it spawned!) Also: My PMs are FILLED with planning and strategy for our rpgs. I forget how involved stuff like Final Quest For Glory 2 was, and all of the controversy surrounding it. - Shy
  8. My PMs only seem to go back to 2010 unfortunately. I seem to remember being unable to migrate them and was pretty upset at their loss but maybe it didn't affect everyone?
  9. Nah, most of that happened before my time, so my knowledge of the situation is basically hearsay-bemoaning from the font=1 crowd, as it were. =P But if you say it's all still here, then I have no issue pressing the I Believe button.
  10. I personally haven't noticed anything missing, but certainly, the HTML-heavy RPGs we used to do are borked. But at least the content is still there! It's fun to go back sometimes and re-read that old stuff. I'm still just blown away that the PMs survived! I feel like I could write a book about my PM discussions, haha.
  11. Threads shouldn't have been lost - just broken because the converter that Invision supplied completely ruined much of the formatting. Are you seeing threads that are outright gone?
  12. Man, how'd we keep PMs from that long ago and somehow still lose half the site's threads in that one site update, lol
  13. I played the original Half-Life when I went through my pre-Alyx run. I do have Source and messed around a little in Black Mesa after the fact but really wanted to experience the original before diving into Half-Life 2. I intend to go back and play Black Mesa properly eventually, though. And yes, Half-Life 2 was outstanding, no arguments there. I don't remember exactly where I left off in Alyx but I'm pretty sure I'm nearing the end. I do intend to take another run through it on the easiest difficulty (I'm playing on normal now, I think) to pick up a few achievements I missed along the way though. Even knowing where it's going for a second playthrough, I think it will be just as good.
  14. That's cool. I'm playing Alyx super slowly so that it doesn't end too soon, heh. Like you I'm also playing through the earlier games as well. Are you playing Half-Life: Source or Black Mesa? I highly recommend the latter. Although it's created by a fan community, I'd say it's really the definitive version of the original game. And Half-Life 2 is simply incredible. It remains an amazing game even now in 2021. Out of curiosity, where are you up to in HL: Alyx?
  15. I'm ashamed to say I haven't actually finished it yet but I have been playing Alyx and it's an outstanding experience. When I heard it was coming out, I realized I had never actually played the original games so I played through all of Half-Life (and its expansions), and then all of Half-Life 2 (and the follow-up episodes) before starting Alyx and really had a blast finally experiencing them.
  16. Me too. Last night I went into my private messages on here and realised they'd all been retained! My god, it was a cornucopia of wonders from (almost) the last 20 years. At one stage, Kevin from AE invited me to participate in a podcast debate about AE/OB...haha. So bizarre to read that (and my response) from the time.
  17. Has anyone played Half-Life: Alyx? I can't believe OB has been around for so long that we actually saw the arrival of Half-Life 3 (well, kinda). Playing through Half-Life: Alyx has prompted me to (yet again, for the millionth time) play through Half-Life 2. It's incredible to me just how well that game has held up. It still looks and sounds amazing, and the gameplay is as sharp as ever. It's really stunning - definitely one of my favourites. Also, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is pretty good. It's definitely bringing back memories. The series really holds up well.
  18. "OB will exist until the end of the world." Well.
  19. I'm reaching that midway point for sure now, but I've already done the unthinkable and reenlisted for six more years, ha. I'm probably gonna wind up doing the full twenty if possible; similarly already getting bugged by the mess since I'll be eligible for the Chief exam here soon, and I'm not so sure I want to put it on. If it happens I feel it'll be a huge mistake on their part. Eventually I plan on settling down in the Pacific Northwest. All my childhood memories of that area were splendid - all the dark, rolling mists and sprawling pine forests. Beautiful. When I come back from being stationed in Japan I'd like to take shore duty around that area to get started. As far as the countries I've managed to explore, my first tour was aboard the USS Gravely out of Norfolk, so my two deployments took me to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Bahrain were some main hubs that we frequented, and stops like Croatia, Santorini, Cyprus, and Montenegro were absolute gems. Though I am pissed that after I checked off the ship they went on a NATO tour all around Europe and basically partied in each country for like a week at a time. Still, I am thankful for the sights I've seen and the memories I've made at each of the breathtaking locations in that part of the world. At the moment I'm enjoying the student life at GSM C school stateside, so it's a welcome break. Though the sub life is something foreign to me, I'm glad you were at least able to still see locales that you were able to fall in love with.
  20. Just over nine years, so right about the point where the Chief's Mess starts plying you with phrases like "oh man, that's almost ten, and if you do ten, you might as well do twenty!" lol. I was attached to the Connecticut for sea duty, and its overhaul took roughly half a decade, so the most ports I got to see were Pearl and Ketchikan during Sea Trials and shakedown runs, unfortunately. I did have a full deployment on one of the Ohios, but since their entire mission is to go lurk somewhere in case a weird world leader decides to get froggy, it was basically three months of Five Knots To Nowhere with a permanent forecast of 60°F and fluourescent, haha. But I did get to see far more of the country than most of my family or friends back home ever have or will, and in the process fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, so I count myself fortunate in that regard. How about you?
  21. Thank you! I'm certainly not looking forward to the new madness that is PRTs after such a long lazy period. Congrats on making it out alive! How long were you in for? And what would you say was your favorite port while out and about?
  22. Twitter tags, FB groups anything. I figured that since I don't watch anime that much any more I can at least read up on the gossip lol.
  23. Valorant Even though I think it's a terrible game I keep playing it for the sake of getting better at it. I guess I'll get better hand eye coordination though lol. The community pretty toxic though and smurfs everywhere.😫 Stellaris Super fun with or without mod. I can easily lose hours just playing, even if it's just designing ships. Debating if I should buy the DLCs.
  24. Bit of a lag, so updating with things I have played in the past while. Control – Very interesting, very well-written (in my opinion) paranormal action/adventure from the makers of Alan Wake. I've loved weird, twisting stories ever since I watched Event Horizon and Ghost In The Shell, and Control certainly takes some oddball turns. The Foundation DLC was decently challenging and also well-written, as was the AWE tie-in to Alan Wake (although it was a tad short, I thought). Fire Emblem: Three Houses – I sort of let this one languish a bit while I was transitioning out of the Navy because the series does tend to take a fair bit of mental involvement, but I'm picking it back up and starting to work through it again—mostly because I convinced someone I know to pick it up as well, and I need to get farther in it so they can pick my brain without me looking like a Big Dumb lol. This one's a weird one in the franchise for me, even taking into account the absolutely heinous offenses to the title that Awakening/Fates were. I actually like a lot of aspects of it; and I can overlook the fact that, once again, the main character is a self-insert. The part I'm having trouble getting used to is that, after a certain point in the story, your roster is hard locked, as far as I can tell. You still have more people available than you have map slots, generally, but recruiting additional characters is a bit of an effort investment, and after a certain point it's basically no longer possible, which ... presents some interesting tactical scenarios, I think, which is fine. I'm just not used to having this little flexibility or depth in my bench. Edelgard is a bamf tho Endless Space 2 – Oh my god, this game is hands-down The Most Visually Gorgeous RTS I have ever played in my life. The overall empire-building mechanics are really interesting, and include not only resource management but population-distribution optimisation. The maps are ******* beautiful and genuinely feel enormous when you make them enormous, which is a recurring problem I've had with the Civilisation franchise, specifically 5 and 6. The various playable species genuinely feel distinct to play, and the developers even experimented with unique colonisation mechanics: one species simply buys colonies instead of having to send a colony ship there; another has to have a specific type of ship in system orbit to initiate control and only receives partial benefits if the ship is moved; and another slowly spreads across the galaxy in a network of metaphysical kudzu vines, providing movement bonuses to itself and allies, and impairments to other players. Each game has a campaign-style quest system that automatically progresses as the game goes on, as well as a random-event system that can affect one or more empires in various ways, and each species has its own internal campaign which can also be progressed independently of the main quest line or the game itself, and is written to the flavor of the specific species to provide additional lore about them. Arknights – It's like Fire Emblem, to me, except tower defense instead of chess.
  25. Can't believe I'm a week late for this thread's one year anniversary. smh
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