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    I save the lives of orphans. Orphans with *diseases*.
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  1. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]In my experience, they are. Prove me wrong, though! I'm Agnostic myself, and quite content. -Shy[/size][/QUOTE] Well first, I should point out that Agnosticism and Atheism are complimentary. Unless someone is foolish enough to say ?I know for certain that there is no God?, a claim that no one can make reasonably, they are both Atheist and Agnostic. As an Atheist, Agnostic, Humanist, Secularist, myself? I acknowledge that not only am I privy to the Gnosticism (knowledge) of religion, I also am [i]without[/i] a belief in a personal God, or ?a-theist?.
  2. [IMG]http://strangemaps.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/popvssodamap.gif[/IMG] Coke+Absolut Vanilla for teh win.
  3. Chibi, I hope this isn't too harsh, but aren't these threads simply rehashing what could easily be found if anyone were to google "Pundit Kitchen" and look at their sister websites: lolcats, loldogs, lol celebs, failblog, etc? I mean... isn't repeating your favorite images a [IMG]http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/royal-fail.jpg[/IMG] ..in itself?
  4. [quote name='Korey'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"] Does anyone else think that Chibi's mind is going a tad bit too far? I live with my parents sweetie, rest assured nothing like that will happen while they are around and my brother sleeps in the bottom bunk.[/FONT]:p[/QUOTE] That's a shame. Making stains can be a fun.
  5. Gorgeous kid, QA. She has the cutest button nose :) Dragon Warrior.... Dragon Warrior, let's see, "Oh, Drix, since we're pirate buddies, can I take your sister on a date? ;D Haha." Of course you can. Now, there is a catch. You know the giant blowgun that I'm holding in the 2nd to last picture in my post? Well, you have to scale a mature Kapok tree and leap along the canopy (evading my poisoned assault) until you reach the cliff side of angel falls. If you can successfully swan dive, avoid the rocks below, and bring back the carcass of a Jaguar eating an Anaconda... you can have a firs
  6. [quote name='Miss Anonymous']Heck, I'll bite, if only cause I have the perfect actor to present. [center][IMG]http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2008/02/03/michaelcaine_narrowweb__300x451,0.jpg[/IMG] [b]Michael Caine[/b][/center] Yes, I would do an old man. >> Not only was he Mr. Scrooge in [i]Muppet Christmas Carol[/i] (my first instance seeing him), but he also starred in such classics as [i]Dirty Rotten Scoundrels[/i], [i]Secondhand Lions[/i] (omg, squeeeee), and the recent Batman films. Seriously, he's such a great actor (in my eyes at least) and his accent is great. You gotta
  7. [URL=http://img66.imageshack.us/my.php?image=n1140051931270869251rk5.jpg][IMG]http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/8497/n1140051931270869251rk5.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Here I am next to some sort of weird tower. [URL=http://img113.imageshack.us/my.php?image=n11400519312707765092zg0.jpg][IMG]http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/7715/n11400519312707765092zg0.jpg[/IMG][/URL] Here?s me at Montmartre in Paris. I love this hill. It provided spectacular views of Paris and was the setting for one of my favorite scenes in the movie Amelie. [URL=http://img385.imageshack.us/my.php?image=n743864025510552838fi8.
  8. I know there is a thread up with regards to proposition 8, and I wish somehow these threads could be merged, because I see a lot of parallel discussion. I wanted to wait for the election to end before I posted again on this thread primarily because I was aware of the Proposition 8 Ballot in California and awaited their decision. I was sad to see the liberties of homosexuals impinged by a ?yes? decision. However, the debate has renewed vigor and hopefully we can anticipate some big changes in our political landscape. On the ?silver lining? note, it appears that Connecticut has recentl
  9. I haven?t been able to reply to this as much as I?d like as my job right now is, foremost, to be a good medical student before I?m a good forum debater. But in my absence, I?ve been able to do some thinking about the debate, particularly on how the argument has been going. I think that Crimson will agree that we?re getting somewhat cluttered in our post format. So, with his permission, I?m going to do less quote-and-reply and more quote the only necessary bits as well as arrange my arguments as clearly and (this is tough) concisely as possible. Simplicity is beauty, after all (or is it th
  10. [quote name='Crimson Spider']Good to see you again, Drix.[/quote] You too, Crimson. This should be an interesting discourse. Perhaps in the future, you and I could arrange for a more formal debate on another subject that you and I might disagree on... religion? evolution? PM me if you're interested. [quote name='Crimson Spider'] TimeChasers analogy would be accurate, had there not been many more questions on the matter other than the personal preference of individuals on the debate over interracial marriages. I do think that no, personal preference is not a substantial reason to allow ev
  11. Thanks for the clarification, TimeChaser. I?ve also been thinking about another argument used in opposition of homosexual equal rights: the ?Definition argument?. I addressed this to an extent in my earlier post. But the more I thought about it, the weaker it seems. It goes sort of like this: ?Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. If we permit the inclusion of a man and man union or woman and woman union we [i]change[/i] the definition of marriage. This will either diminish the value of Marriage, ruin it, we won?t be able to call it ?marriage?, etc.? This argument is an Appeal
  12. I made this today: [URL=http://img20.imageshack.us/my.php?image=holloweencatcopyut9.jpg][IMG]http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/149/holloweencatcopyut9.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL][URL=http://g.imageshack.us/thpix.php][IMG]http://img20.imageshack.us/images/thpix.gif[/IMG][/URL] It might also surprise you to know [COLOR="Red"][u][URL="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1080042/Meet-Mr-Green-Genes--worlds-glow-dark-cat.html"]Glowcat is REELZ[/URL][/COLOR][/u] (
  13. Why hello? I?m back to see a lovely thread up (a usual topic). In fact, back in the day, I used to take the position that Crimson here would take; in defense of ?traditional marriage?. However, plenty has changed. I?m no longer a Christian. I also endorse the scientific and medical communities in their representation of this issue, including the softer sciences like sociology and psychology. I think there are several mistakes in Crimson Spider?s reasoning. Let?s start: [quote name='Crimson Spider']I wouldn't mind a vote again, myself, because there are many other justifiable reason
  14. It?s been fun seeing the intellectual discourse on this thread, a lot of great opinions out there and perspectives. I?m actually pleased to see the more superstitious worldviews are starting to withdraw into more realistic, skeptical perspectives. Unfortunately, this may be my last post unless this thread can survive into mid-June as I?m going backpacking through Europe until the 9th. Hopefully I?ll be able to post at internet-wired hostels. [quote name='Fasteriskhead'] You write in response to Raiha: "Which of [Thomas Aquinas'] ?proofs? are still valid today?" I assume you're referr
  15. [quote name='Aberinkula'][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]That stuff stays in my head, I don't let beliefs get in font of my actions. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]] Are you sure about this? I?m not sure this is possible. But, if by ?beliefs? you mean ?religious beliefs? (Fasteriskhead brought up the semantics error in later point with me), well, that?s admirable of you. [quote name='Aberinkula'][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"] [B]4.[/B] But stuff like the human veins and stuff, seems too complicated. Why would god go scientific and make are body so complex? It's not like we're walking Rubi
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