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  1. I'm up for it. Will send my charas.
  2. I sent someone a link to [B]Weight[/B] by [B]Isis[/B] on Youtube earlier, and have since been trapped clicking between the tracks on [B]Oceanic[/B] in a totally random fashion. Isis seems to have that effect on me where once I start listening, I can't really pull myself away - their mood is so distinct and sort of magnetic. I still don't think there is a post-metal band that matches them yet.
  3. I have been completely obsessed with Entourage for the past few months. It's just so perfect - the characters are awesome, the plot is great, every episode is funderful, and there are plenty laugh-out-loud or 'yes!' moments throughout. As an aspiring moviemaker, it's very inspiring and exciting to see what I might think of as 'my future' played out on screen. I could go on about all of the characters, but man, Ari Gold really does steal the show sometimes. He's better than Dr. Cox and House combined when it comes to being a loveable hard@ss, and unlike them, he's closer to my own personality, which has kind of had me obsessed with the notion of 'being Ari Gold' XD
  4. When two characters won't stop yelling each-other's names. It literally infuriates me - NO real people call each-other's names back and forth like that, and why do they get to doing it SO many times at parts? It's rather unbelievable. My first experience with that was in .hack//Legend of the Twilight. However, the worst case was in Kurau: Phantom Memory wherein about 4 consecutive episodes consisted mostly of two characters calling each other's names, and I eventually dropped the whole show. It was very exacerbated by the fact that one of them was named 'kurisumasu.' "Kurau!" "Kurisumasu!"
  5. I recently played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [URL="http://fuzakenna.com/2009/06/22/uncharted-drakes-fortune-review-digging-for-fun-and-striking-gold/"](you can read my review of it here[/URL]) which is easily one of my new alltime favorites, and in fact the first game I've EVER beaten to 100% completion. What really made the game for me was the large-scale shoot-outs where you really needed to strategize, conserve ammo, and figure out exactly what you were going to do in what order, especially on Crushing difficulty. I would love to continue playing, which is why I'm glad the second game is coming soon and will feature multiplayer :D Besides that, I played about halfway through Infamous, which is pretty okay, and have just started on Xenogears, which shows promise already.
  6. [quote name='Jabberwocky'][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Human lust. We as humans need sex to further advance our race. Sex is normal. [/FONT][/QUOTE] For these exact reasons, I don't get why you say cheating is wrong, especially if you understand this. I just don't get it, other than for religious reasons, but if it's for religious reasons than cheating is wrong [I]for you[/I], and not flat-out.
  7. I was going to read the light novel Ballad of a Shinigami (the anime for which inspired the RP Shinigami Dance which has survived very well beyond me, lol.) I only read a few pages and already found myself unable to get into it. The translation is really boring and stiff, and it just doesn't seem fun to read at all. It already has to go back to the library, so I doubt I'll finish it. I've been doing my usual business of re-reading some of my favorite light novels and compilations (i.e. Boogiepop and Faust) with the hope of finally getting some blog posts made on the series, and volume 2 of Faust is apparently out now, which means I need it immediately. I infinitely recommend Faust to everyone, by the way. It's truly a must-read compilation.
  8. I'm listening to the [B][I]Le Portrait de Petit Cossette[/I][/B] OST right now. I have a headache, and for some reason Yuki Kajiura music always helps me when I have a headache. This is far from my favorite work by her, but there are some excellent tracks.
  9. Felt like taking some pics of me with my "magic box" that m grandma gave me full of money for my graduation, which was about a week ago :D As you can see, I've been playing around with image effects lately, lol [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/MyPicture-1-2.jpg[/IMG] The Magic Box [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/MyPicture-1-1.jpg[/IMG] Quite a bit of bread [IMG]http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/MyPicture-1.jpg[/IMG] Close it discretly
  10. I don't want to make a controversial statement, which I'm sure this will look like to some, but I think the 'stupidity' of cheating starts with the 'stupidity' of marriage. Personally, I don't really care for the idea of a singular relationship and the set of rules coming with it, I'd rather just maintain an independent existence that interacts with other people than try to basically combine lives with someone, because no matter how I look at it, that just doesn't work for me, nor most people, which is why so many people end up in bad relationships. I think that rather than one socially acceptable method of coupling, we should choose whatever kind of relationship lifestyle works for ourselves. But of course, marriage is something so traditional and ingrained into our beings and beliefs that it's hard to think this way. I admit that we don't live in a world where my ideal romance could easily exist, much less be socially acceptable enough that a politician could live that way.
  11. I just bought a whole ton of DVDs with money I got from my graduation, most of which are 90s OVAs and many of which are old Akiyuki Shinbo works. I also ordered all of Baccano which I will be forcing my parents to watch as soon as it comes in :D I most recently watched the 2-episode 1987 OVA Twilight Q which had an episode directed by the guy who did Ocean Waves which was decent, and an episode done by Mamoru Oshii, which was excellent, chalking up to another 'reason I barely don't hate Mamoru Oshii.' I also watched the first episode of Gun Frontier on ANN which was surprisingly fun, and am going to watch Space Symphony Maetel soon, mostly because Kikuko Inoue is in it as Emeraldas and she's coming to Otakon so I want to brush up on her roles, but it will also be a way to finally break into the Leijiverse.
  12. I'm looking forward to almost everything that's airing this coming season, many for reasons already stated, but no one has mentioned the new[B] Space Adventure Cobra[/B] anime yet! It's one of my favorite old school anime, having been done by The Almighty [B]Osamu Dezaki[/B], and Madhouse who is doing the new one as well. It's sure to be a hell of a time!
  13. Jesus, this place must be really dead if no one's playing 55 Fiction :O [COLOR="DarkRed"][CENTER][B]No One Lives Forever[/B][/CENTER] He yanked his head right off his shoulders, like the pumpkin king himself, and the head in his hands grinned wildly, bemused, no doubt, at the shock that must have been written all over my face, and it spoke: "Danny boy, you worry too much! Just accept it, and enjoy yourself! No one lives forever!"[/COLOR]
  14. Last year I rickrolled upwards of 20 people. This year I will do what I can.
  15. As OB probably knows, I swear constantly both off and online. I'd say that people who 'don't like' or 'discourage' swear words piss me off more than almost any other kind of people. The depression hasn't really impacted my speech habits because if I cussed any more, there wouldn't be any regular words left, lol.
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