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  1. Yeah, I'm never going to call zombie movies unrealistic again. If anything they show humans as too competent. Oh congrats Japan. Man reading that makes me feel old all of a sudden.
  2. Apparently a lot of American tourists have flown in recently and basically flouted quarantine so that's been fun. Ironically the same types of people who never bothered to practice properly themselves are the most up in arms about it.
  3. Oh wow, that's a blast of nostalgia, thanks Petie.
  4. I'm sure you could coax a few old faces into it you big charmer. 😉 Glad to hear people are doing OK, I try to lurk every couple of weeks when I remember to. Lockdown is mostly done here but there's fears of another wave of infections if people drop measures too quickly, I never did see that many people wearing masks or properly distancing when I had to do shopping.
  5. I'd actually forgotten about it till I saw this haha. Nice to be remembered all the same.
  6. As Japan mentioned the idea of a chatbox was explored by the staff, but it was felt TheOtaku's chatroom made it redundant given the large crossover between the two sites.
  7. Saw Beth's Facebook post a while ago and as Kei said it feels so surreal. I wish I'd known him as well as other people did, he always seemed like a great guy, funny, insightful, thoughtful and willing to lend a hand. I'm glad people's thoughts/memories/stories have been of some solace to your Mrs Goudy, your son was a very special person here.
  8. Not a bad little idea, nice to see so many old faces.
  9. Was seriously weirded out the day the Gen VI reveal because I'd got the bug to start playing Pokemon again literally the day before. Have to go and buy a 3DS XL now though which is the only pain about it. Heard an interesting rumour that all 3 starters might be dual-types and the type advantages will work both ways in other words: Grass/Dark Fire/Psychic Water/Fighting Of the three I'm drawn to the Water type Froakie over the others (haven't started with a Grass type since Gen I) though I'll have to wait to see their evolutions and confirmation of the types before I make any firm decisions.
  10. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I'd say the fact Bach hasn't stolen Zanka yet, along with his repeated "Oh ****!" faces means he probably can't steal it, which would hint that compression type bankai (like Ichigo's and Yama's) can't be stolen using the medallions. West might imply that he's reached some form of merger with his zan like Ichigo is FGT form but that's pretty unlikely. Either way though, holy **** the old man has been awesome the last few weeks. [/font]
  11. [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]This week's chapter was indeed glorious, I'm over on Narutoforums these days for my manga fix and the amount of butthurt from "Godpachi" fans has been hilarious. [/font]
  12. I can understand people having issues with the timeline, there are certainly questions which need answering with regard to how Obito has been "Tobi" for so long. I've seen theories that Obito may have some degree of time-control but I'm willing to just wait and see where Kishi goes with it. You read Eyeshield 21 by any chance? Finished it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.
  13. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]Interesting. I'll have to check it out, I'm actually moving out of my current place and won't have internet for a little while though so it'll probably be next week or later before I'm back online gaming.[/font]
  14. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [quote name='Petie' timestamp='1346187348' post='712309'] [color=#0000ff]In the beta, I tried a Paladin and then, for like 15 minutes, a Thief. My main now is a Ranger though I also made a Thief to mess with as well. I may go back and make a Paladin eventually too but one issue I already forsee is that the game, at least the beginning, seems very linear and going through it multiple times in quick succession does not seem like a fun idea.[/color] [/quote] [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]I've mostly tried to avoid playing the same race, or going into other starting areas if I can help it to avoid that. [/font]
  15. Gavin

    Gaming Guild Wars 2

    [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif]What classes are you guys maining OOC? I've got quite attached to my Warrior but I've been considering testing out an Elementalist in the next while.[/font]
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