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  1. Good to know that the site ain't going down. We do drop by every once in a while, right?
  2. jomz

    Pokémon Go

    You know what I really like about this game? My phone is not supported >_> I get to play this game on my wife's phone, which is seldom because it can eat up the battery fast. So I am at a very low level, still. heh.
  3. Good to see that someguy is still as wordy as ever. hahaha. I think of Des whenever I watch Lucky Star. Thanks for the podcast, korey and petie.
  4. can i know the podcast info where Des was onboard? thanks.
  5. Ok. Thanks for the info, Petie. Good call on preservation, rather than losing data. It is, after all, a minor inconvenience.
  6. Come to think of it, I learned about video codecs, and the one I am still using now (CCCP) was a recommendation of Des. I also learned the difference of softsub and hardsub. Also, I hope ImgUr don't go around deleting his account (due to inactivity). It'd be a waste to see all those 27,885 images go to waste. ("All the anime screen shots you could ever want, plus a lot you probably don't.") (my, Des' screepcaps sure are High Res - how do I resize this thing? O_O)
  7. So the news to everyone was only recent? I was wondering why there is nothing about it everywhere until recently. Hello shin. Excuse me while I read your post. -back- I knew Des from the Otaku community chat. He was really nice to have around. I would ofen log-in and find him to be the last one on (most likely afk watching something or playing games, probably). His presence was always welcoming. The shenanigans and BS of those times will always bring a smile to my face. Des, ever the reliable guy to have a screencap for any occasion. I will always remember him for his "BRB Tea" statement and his taste in anime. When I read about his cancer, I was shocked. I prayed and hoped that he'd get better. I rarely use twitter, so yeah, I had no news until recently. I was devastated, and saddened of this news. You were too young to go, Des. I hope you are doing better now. enjoy your tea. Thanks for posting this, Shin.
  8. I hope I'm posting in the right thread... I'm currently using android google chrome and the posts display their html code, and are not executed properly. example embedding an image would display the img src code, and no image is loaded. text formatting is also not displaying/workig, but the font codes are displayed. Please look into this. thanks.
  9. I come to check on the status of this Shinmaru forum, and find none. I guess it is back to inactivity for me..,
  10. Dude. Hang in there. I've missed OB Day. yay! Or am I too early for next years? Heh.
  11. The most cup of coffee that I could drink in a day would be around two cups. More than that and I'll be overloading myself with caffeine...
  12. CaNz

    OMAGOSH! Happy JoMZ Day!

  13. [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1309209560' post='708174'] I have no drugs, and cows have no money. [/quote] Of course, that's what you'd want us to believe, right? *laughs*
  14. Oh, weekly Shonen Jump is on break this week... I was looking forward to the flashback on the fishmen pirates. I know some of you hate these flashbacks, but I'm cool with it. Young Jimbei looks scary. :O Arlong's still a jerk. Heh. Since no one posted after me... Edit: I didn't expect that Tiger fell that way... I thought [spoiler] that he died assaulting marines, not through an ambush! But still, he fought, and survived. [/spoiler]
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