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  1. James


    Well who would join me if I did?! Hm...? I feel like it’d be a lonely RPG...
  2. I wish I'd replied to this thread originally so that I could see if my predictions would come true.
  3. Twenty years! We must do something.
  4. James


    You too mate. I must admit, this COVID-19 situation kinda has me hankerin' to create an old-fashioned OB RPG...
  5. My problem is that I buy far more games than I actually play. Growing up, there were always certain games I missed out on, and in some way I feel like I'm "catching up" now. But I don't have time to play them all. Also, it doesn't help that Assassin's Creed Odyssey takes 50-bazillion hours to finish, so it kind of sucks the oxygen out of the room for every other game. :-\
  6. James


    Gavin's legacy will live on forever through this simple phrase.
  7. At the moment I'm playing Bloodborne for what feels like the millionth time. It's just that good. I'm also playing Far Cry 5 (which I'm quickly tiring of). Sea of Thieves and Sunset Overdrive also make their appearances now and then. I'm eagerly awaiting God of War at the moment. I think this Sunday will be all about that. ;-)
  8. Wow, congratulations! Sounds like you had a bit of an ordeal there, I'm glad you and bubs got through it. :-)
  9. It has taken me a while to respond here because every time I went to say something, I couldn't find the right words. I think I'll still fail to really describe my feelings, but I'll give it my best shot. I've been away from OB (and this whole community generally) for a long time. Admittedly I don't really keep in touch as closely as I should, and so, the first I heard about this was via a Facebook message from Adam. I had to re-read it a couple of times, because it felt completely out of left field (given that I don't use Twitter at all, so I wasn't aware of Jon's condition). It's really hard to summarise years of knowing someone. I asked Jon to be a moderator pretty quickly after I became the admin here; he was an obvious choice, because everything he said somehow communicated a feeling of kindness, warmth, and wisdom. He always had that aura about him, and so it was very easy to see - without even knowing him very much initially - that he was a unique and special person. For a very long time, Jon was really my number one supporter and colleague in the sense that we worked closely together, we talked regularly via AIM, and he actually counselled me during some fairly dark times (in terms of what was happening with me on a personal level). There was this air of effortlessness about him; every challenge was surmountable, nothing was ever too hard or too much work. He was so incredibly dedicated that I used to actually ask him to "take a break and stop working on OB for a while!" - he was like a machine, and he wouldn't stop until something was done, no matter how huge the task. Although I haven't really been part of the community for a long time now, I have to acknowledge that OB was a huge part of my life at one stage. And Jon was someone who I thoroughly enjoyed working with, and who became a friend and confidant. Rest in peace, Jon. Mrs. Goudy, thanks for posting here for us - it was lovely to hear from you, and I'm glad to know that you and your husband have a sense of how much Jon was loved by so many people. If there's anything I can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to ask. :-)
  10. Hey Shwa, what platform are you playing The Division on? If it's PS4, then feel free to add me to PSN... my name on there is white-pikmin. Here's what I'm playing at the moment... Dark Souls III Still playing this and adoring it. I'm almost 60 hours in, but I'm not yet finished the game. I've just finished Lothric Castle, so I'm near the end. I veered off and did some optional areas, and I've done quite a bit of cooperative play. I love the Souls series, and I'm almost sad that Dark Souls III is coming to an end for me. But I guess there's always NG+ and a second character to try... The Division Since DSIII came out, I've been off The Division a bit. But I will return to it! It's a bit repetitive and bland in places, but overall I'm enjoying it quite a lot. As you progress and your load out options increase, the game becomes more diverse and enjoyable. The re-creation of New York City itself is worth the price of admission (almost)! It's really beautiful, and very accurately re-created from what I can tell. Destiny Yes, I still play this a bit here and there. It's getting a bit lackluster now, even with the latest patch (although the weapon and armor infusion is a lot better now...) I'm pretty much awaiting Destiny 2, though. Aside from that, I still dig into Cities: Skylines now and then. And lately I've been playing Tropico 5 a little bit (it was free on PSN this month - what a great deal!) The Tropico games are always a good way to melt away a few hours. :P
  11. Congratulations! That's great news. :D
  12. Boo, I think I need some marketing advice from you. :P My career has been all over the place. I studied graphic design at University (while I was still active on OB years ago), but I ended up moving into the health industry (weirdly enough). I got to a fairly senior point in that industry, and then I finally made a move I'd been wanting to do for ages; now I work in a software company, and I'm actually involved in software design (mostly business analysis and user experience).
  13. James

    New Server

    Thanks for completing the move, Petie. By the way, I'm more than happy to revert back to a regular title on here. :)
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