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  1. Currently playing Fallout: New Vegas. Being from Vegas myself it's pretty cool to see all of the landmarks that the developers were able to get into this game, from the Hoover dam, the Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead, McCarran airport etc. That's probably why I like this game better than Fallout 3 because I have never been to D.C. so I have no frame of reference to where monuments and such were supposed to be. I have already beaten it twice and I keep finding things and situations that I didn't encounter the first 2 times. I usually get bored with games that I have to do extensive e
  2. NES: Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo. (Super Mario Bros. first though, I sucked with the light gun.) Sega Master System: Alex Kidd. Game Boy: Tetris. (Had no choice, it came with the system and my parents didn't buy another game at the time.) Game Gear: Columns. (see above.) Sega Genesis: Altered Beast. (Again, see above.) TurboGrafx-16: Bonk's Adventure. Sega CD: Mad Dog McCree. (I hated this game but couldn't stop playing it.) Sega 32X: Virtua Racing. Super Nintendo: Super R-Type. (Didn't have SNES myself, played this at a friends house.) 3DO: Cr
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  4. Consoles in the order that I play the most: XBOX360 (Fallout 3, Gears 1 & 2, FF13) PS3 (for my Blu-Rays) Dreamcast (Powerstone & Soul Caliber 2) Laptop (Various) 3DO (yes I still play it) Wii (my wife plays it) Consoles that I play occasionally: XBOX (KOTOR, Halo 1 & 2) PS2 (God of War 1 & 2) Gamecube (Wind Waker & F-Zero GX) N64 (Goldeneye & Ocarina of Time) Consoles that are dust collectors: SNES NES Genesis Sega Master System Atari 2600 Handhelds: PSP DS IPhone (does this count?)
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