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  1. Couldn't remember my password for the past month and didn't feel like creating a new name. Anyway, I've been managing. CoVid hit my job really hard. I still have a job but don't know how/if it's secure or not. I'd probably say the reason why we're in the position we're in is 40% CoVid and the remaining 60% goes to having incompetent management. Most of my time since CoVid has been spent playing games though. Had to broaden my category of games due to my nephew being heavily into Super Mario Bros. I usually don't play Nintendo, but the little guy is bored and I felt sorry for him since his parents are full of ####. Congrats on the baby, Japan
  2. Happy New Year everyone. I think I'm at that point where games are being put on the back burner for a bit. I can always find the time to play it's just that a lot of these newer games don't do much to interest me. I will admit that I've become a lot more fickle with what I play. For the most part I will play just about any fighting game if folks are interested in playing, but Street Fighter 3rd Strike is the main fighting game you'll catch me playing. I was playing Street Fighter 5 but had a hard time finding a character to stick with. I've even dabbled into Dragon Ball Fighterz for a little bit as well. Only game I refuse to play is Smash Bros. Don't ask, long story there. (Oh, Tekken 7 is life) In any case, outside of fighting games Nioh has all of my attention. I've never been into the Souls-like games because I hate stamina bars. I come from playing games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden (Xbox). I hate feeling limited in my options. If it wasn't for Nioh's combat I wouldn't touch this game. If you customize William right, you could essentially turn the game into Ninja Gaiden (at the cost of damage for style). Story-wise, I'll concede that the story is your typical Team Ninja type of silliness so it's not worth looking into, but I'm a sucker for samurai/ninjas and I'm always looking forward to Japanese history. Another thing Souls might have on this game is that Nioh have more of a mission-like structure instead of being open world-like so I can see people being turned off of that. I love this game though because of the combat alone and its customization. Anyway, other games I have but have yet to get to; God of War and Zelda Breath of the Wild And since I've last been here of course I'm waiting on Devil May Cry 5 and Ghost of Tsushima. I'll try to at least check in every weekend.
  3. Also years late, but had to reply as soon as I came across this. Shocked when I saw. Great guy. RIP
  4. This for the most part. Back then I don't even think it was called trolling, but I think when it got here you knew where the internet was heading, and you just had to learn to not be so serious all the time. OB pretty much got me to lighten up a bit.
  5. I've probably been overlooking the old thread all this time but I couldn't find it so I'll just start fresh. Considering it is now 2016 and I think the old one was done in 2010 or something of that nature I'm curious to see how/if people's choices have changed or not over time. I don't particular care if you want to just list them, post pictures, or explain them. As for me I'm going for series. That way my list won't be full of ######1, #######2, etc. 1. Street Fighter (I can talk about this series for days) 2. Metal Gear Solid 3. Mass Effect 4. Uncharted 5. Halo I'm too lazy to type long drawn out paragraph's at the moment. I'll edit as time allows.
  6. Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been taking up a lot of my time. Shocking because I tend to stay away from the anime games, especially now. But I was watching a bit of DBZ abridged (the only way I can actually watch DBZ now) and got all nostalgic and wanted to create my own DBZ character. Despite the amount of flaws I'm finding with the game (main one being buttons can be unresponsive at times) I'm having a lot of fun. Back then when I had no interest in RPGs at all, the grinding was one of my concerns. I like the way it's handled here. When it comes to grinding I don't mind fighting over and over (part of it I think has got to do with my love of Street Fighter 3-4) I think right now my character is at level 62, a male saiyan, has super saiyan 2 along with the perfect kamehameha. Gotenks is my trainer (currently looking for Frieza) As much fun as I've been having with DB Xenoverse, there are times where this game can get to the point of getting you beyond raging limits. There's this one parallel quest where you're fighting all super saiyans and each pairing gets tougher. I got to the last pairing and all they were doing was spamming Super Kamehameha's. If you weren't fighting the mechanics themselves this fight would be alright, but having unresponsive buttons, invisible walls (I got some huge issues with this one) and an unforgiving camera is too much. You won't have enough time to charge your ki, and it's too much like right trying to fight hand to hand (good luck with that since everybody seem to be able to block behind them). Your items won't get you too far either since you only have 4 slots and you use 1 and that one is done for good until the fight is over (yet I have roughly 10-20 healing items in my bag and I can only use 1 per fight, whatever).I also started up a Mass Effect run once again. And then of course I'm still playing Street Fighter 3&4
  7. Triple post Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Finally started playing this Friday. I think I'm on chapter 10 (when you get to Yemen and meet up with Elena). So what I've noticed in this game that started to bother me was Nate's character. I like how he interacts with all the characters but he's becoming a little annoying (his obsession, but I think I'd get annoyed with history/treasure buff's pretty quickly). Anyway, the gameplay is still good although the platforming areas are really annoying (and this is where and why I stay away from platformers. I don't have the patience). Having a lot of fun with these gunfights. Ultra Street Fighter 4 More training and attempted to try whiff punishing and boy was that probably the hardest thing I've ever tried, but probably the most fun I've had in a while with this game (trying to play and learn footsies). Playing as Dudley trying to whiff punish Ken's stepkick, boy was that hard. I think I succeed roughly 5-6 times out of 15 attempts. Of course I'm still working on my execution as well, but now I'm attempting to add footsies in my play.
  8. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune I finally beat this game. Will I go back and beat it on a higher difficulty? Hell no. I get enough satisfaction out of beating games on easy/normal difficulty. I don't need that thrill of a challenge. Besides, it's challenging enough dealing with the platforming sections along with riding on jet-ski's. I did manage to unlock some weapons so I'll see how different it'll be playing with more weapons at my disposal. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Speaking specifically on gameplay alone, while it is a little better than Drake's Fortune it essentially is the same game, and for me that's cool, but I do understand the criticism there. Story-wise, Drake, while funny, he is a little more annoying in this one, and its more of a specific character trait that I can't stand than having to do with Drake himself. Elena's alright, but I am a fan of Chloe (lol you can see where I'd go from here). In any case, right now I just got to chapter 24 so I assume I'm right there at the end of the game. The gunfight on the train probably is my favorite sequence. The way all of that was handled, so good. One thing both of these Uncharted's have that I really can't stand is these damn creature things. I get the premise of them and Naughty Dog did an excellent job of making them vicious (you won't believe how many times I tried going in with my fist), but for me (specifically just for me) I'd leave that stuff out of it. Anyway, this series is so good. Looking forward to Uncharted 3.
  9. Still playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Kinda wishing for some type of Metal Gear collection for the PS4, but I'm thinking about buying another ps3 (I really need to stop giving my stuff away to family due to pity and start charging these people. The struggle is real). Anyway, I've been in quite the Metal Gear mood as of late. Edit: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Finally got past that dreaded water skiing part where you're fighting against the current and Elena has a pistol. My goodness the patience you gotta have when it comes to that part. I made it to the monastery and decided to call it a day. I've yet to use the desert eagle, there is another gun that's been pretty good/fun for me and I can't remember the name of it at the moment, but it's a single hand gun that holds 60 bullets. I've also had quite a blast with the grenade launcher as well as the SVD sniper rifle. Just an overall fun experience. The sudden hate this series is getting is mind-boggling. It's like "oh all the cool kids are doing it so let's join them" kind of thing. Get that ish outta here. Ultra Street Fighter 4 Went back to playing this game again, but I've been quite hesitant about it though. Been going back and forth between Dudley and Ryu. There were some Halloween costume pack and they put Ryu in a tuxedo and that pretty much sealed who my back up to Dudley would be. Anyway, I've been pretty hesitant mainly because of the online crowd. Just way too childish for me. But it's almost as if it's Capcom fighting fans in general. I've seen the childish antics in other fighting game communities, but not to the degree of the capcom fans. Anywho, I'll probably stick with this or 3rd Strike while everyone else is playing Street Fighter 5 (at least until Dudley, Cody, Guy, Yang or Yun is announced. Only need 1 of them)
  10. I'm a hands on kind of guy. When it comes to lectures I tend to drift off. When it comes to reading I have to read it about 4-5 times before it finally starts to click. So I prefer to just be shown and jump right in there.
  11. Had my ps4 since the release of Batman Arkham Knight, but haven't really played a lot of games on it. Hell, the only games I've actually played were Warrior's Orochi 3 Ultimate, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and Ultra Street Fighter 4. I finally started playing other games as to taking a little break from Street Fighter. Batman: Arkham Knight Taking a little bit to get used to, and roughly about 10 minutes in I was already hating the batmobile, but even then, while I've always had fun with the series I was one of those oddballs that thought the series was a tad bit overrated considering I was looking for deep combat and whatnot (Devil May Cry 3/4-ish). While I don't think AK is overrated considering all the mixed reviews I've heard about the game I do think it would've been great had it not had the batmobile in it.Traveling through the air never felt better. I'm curious what Rocksteady's next project will be. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune I'm currently playing this through Drake's Collection. It already was a gorgeous looking game on the PS3, and for a collection (and having coming off of other games that were previously on last gen consoles) this is one of the most gorgeous looking collections I've seen. I'm anxious to see how Among Thieves and Drake's Deception will look. Now for the game itself. I remember playing on the ps3 and made it all the way up to riding the jet-ski through raging waters. I'm so not looking forward to doing that again here, but I love this series and will put up with it (I put this series up on a pedestal like I do with Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect and Halo). Looking forward to Thief's End for sure.
  12. These names. Never really spoke to most, but I do remember seeing a lot of them. Jan 17, not sure what I can do to contribute, but I can post just to post
  13. My brother told me that the show is good, and it's been one I've been looking forward to seeing. I just haven't been able to sit still long enough to actually watch it (on a computer that is)
  14. Just finished Mass Effect in its entirety. Just from the gameplay alone I love the series in how it evolved from ME1, and all I did was play as a soldier and infiltrator. Now from a story perspective, I understand why people were so angry with the ending of ME3, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't get to me either.   [spoiler]Guilty conscience aside, I went with the synthesis option, and for some reason I don't like it. While it was a "happy" ending (I suppose) it rubs me the wrong way (Go through all that epic turmoil for that?). Anyway, all 3 choices seemed to lead to dying in the end. No option for you to choose to be with your crew? But I suppose that's too, "been there done that" these days.[/spoiler]   I give it an A overall, but those choices really did kill quite a bit for me (I got a year old nephew roaming around and my reaction to those choices were "What kind of sh!t is this? out loud. Don't know if my brother will get after me about that later =).)   And then of course I'm still playing USF4.
  15. Felt good having 2 extra days off of work.

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