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  1. Just here to report that I've put the 18th Jan 2019 into my calendar, in case this happens again. Hope to see some of you guys then!
  3. I suppose the cruelty in having grown up in such an amazing place like this is that it may take over a year for you to find out that an old friend is gone. According to the obituary, your anniversary was exactly a week ago, and I am so, so sorry to find out you're gone. I just don't even have words tonight.
  4. The other day I was catching a train home and ended up talking to this girl. We hit it off (I'm actively recruiting friends in the London region, btw), and so I asked for details. The conversation went thusly:    Me: So do you have facebook? I can add you! Her: No, I don't really use it...I'm one of those people.  Me: Oh okay, what about a phone number?  Her: I do have a number! But I only have an old-school Nokia and I don't really use it. Do you have twitter?  Me: Shit, I don't have one sorry. Instagram? Her: No, phone doesn't take photos so no real use f
  5. I am SO GLAD that I did not try to log on when it was down. Last time I was on the site I cried from nostalgia -- what if I'd thought it was down for good? I would have been inconsolable! 
  6. We lament a lot about the 'pace' of the world and how everything is speeding up with e-mails and texts and twitter, and so on. And I'm a staunch defender of modern technology; it lets me speak to my family halfway around the world, let me carry on a long-distance relationship for a couple of months with as little disruption as possible, and lets me find ways to put my thoughts into actions as quickly as I have thoughts.    Having said that, though, I am starting to come around to the idea that Google killed conversation. When was the last time that you had a discussion, an argument
  7. I've never heard of Reading Rainbow and while I could probably google it, I'd rather hear from those who have experienced it; what was it? What did you enjoy about it - why did you enjoy it? How long was it on the air for? 
  8. I would love to cameo but I literally started a new job today - and since it's a fancy, high-power role with a FTSE100 company, I don't know how much time I will have on a realistic scale! But I would at least like to drive-by! 
  9. Aaaaah....my boyfriend and some of his friends run a Steam community with around 200 members so our server is open to anyone but preference is for members of the community. :)    I've just gotten back into Pokemon and it is awesome. I bought a second hand DS specifically to play it (and pokemon black), and now I really want to get FireRed and HeartGold just to replay the games I grew up with.
  10. Surprised to see your name online! I wonder if the urge to check the old OB hit all the old members at once...

    1. Lady Asphyxia

      Lady Asphyxia

      Perhaps! It was a delight to see yours, too, m'dear.

  11. Boyfriend and I pulling funny faces at a friend's birthday. :]  
  12. My friends and I actually run a minecraft server which is pretty fun. It's at mc.thebohage.com (when you need to provide a server to log into). Maybe I'll see you around! 
  13. I'm never here anymore but suddenly wanted to come for a visit and started reading this thread. I know it's silly since everyone moved on like me, but the idea of losing all the connections I had on here just sort of makes me want to cry. You guys were my childhood. And it was a good one.    If anyone does have facebook and wants to add me, send me a message. I'd love you add you guys. :)  
  14. Holy crap, I never check my profile on here! I only just saw your comment from May, haha.

    I'm "Anabiosis 33" on AIM. We should catch up. :P

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