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    1. Been here for ages. 2. Think I invented the '-eh'-endings-on-the-first-letter-of-people's-names craze, if you can call it a craze.
  1. I love Parks & Recreation. Tom Haverford is the best, but everyone is really good in it. Reminds me of the Office (US) in the way that it's able to run for a long time and build on its characters and really flesh them out rather than relying on a star main character or couple of characters. (Please say nothing about the finale, I've yet to get that far!)
  2. where is everyone? this is so so sad.

  3.   HELLO!     Yeah it's crazy isn't it? I think my original summation of 7, 8 years is definitely off. More like 10+. Wow. Wow, wow, and triple wow.   Loved every minute. I even tiptoed onto OB on Christmas day of all times, as I'm sure many others did. What a jolly good old time we all had. It seems like a dream now. A dream.
  4.   Haha. I thought the same thing about everyone in my hometown in England. I'd actually sink into a terrible malaise every time I came back from holiday and think, 'Why can't I just live in [wherever I'd just been]?'   Where did you go in the Caribbean?
  5. e.e. cummings.   Get on board. He's the best.
  6.   Yes. Big time. Ah kuja... You say it seems like such a long time ago, but it actually was, it was like 7, 8 years ago that stuff. Jeh (Jamas Hazaa, is how it started if I remember rightly), Weh, etc. etc. The huge AIM chats everyone used to have. All that stuff.   The RPGs were amazing though. Two that really stick out was a Zelda one, but I can't remember the pretence, and a Megaman one that went on for ages and ages - both really enjoyable.   Those were kind of the 'glory' days, for me. I was younger, I used to come on OB like every night after school until late into th
  7. "One Piece - Let's be honest, it's a very ugly series." Yes. One Piece is something that I kind of caught when I was younger, but never again for many years until a few months ago. My brother absolutely loves One Piece and although, yes as you say, it is a little "ugly" and all that (and can drag out sometimes longer than a saga of Dragonball Z and I know that's saying something), it is at the same time amazing in terms of characterisation. Everything about the One Piece world makes me want to live there (not forever, you know, that's crazy) or play a videogame based there (all those ba
  8. "do not, do NOT, label yourself a tourist or an American if you are an American"   I can imagine why. I even feel that being an English person it's kind of the same stigma. It's actually part of what makes me scared to go 'proper' traveling. So many parts of the world feel off-limits, so to speak - places I'd love to see, because they're beautiful, like Armenia, Georgia, places in the Caucasus, the '-stans' in central Asia. It's a shame really. I'd love to follow the Silk Road but PFFT as if that would ever happen in today's climate, right?   As for where I've been, quite a
  9. [SIZE="4"][FONT="System"]Currently I am reading [b]THE BOOK THIEF[/b] by Markus Zusack. I've been wanting to read it ever since I read its blurb in a book shop just around three quarters of a year ago. I think it would be hard for anyone not to be intrigued by the words on the back of that book. Essentially, it is narrated by Death. He is no ordinary depiction of Death, however. And then the way it is written, well it is rich, like a thick chocolate gateuax or a New York cheesecake; Zusack revels in wordplay, colours, character and detail. It is clear that he takes great care to
  10. Desperate Housewives, The IT Crowd, Heston Blumenthal's show whatever it's called (anyone?), and Grand Designs are my current addictions.
  11. Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, it's very addictive. Tetris on the Gameboy, it's very addictive.
  12. I thought you would be talking about Open Water or The Strangers.
  13. [quote name='Søren'][FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]I am the last of a dying breed: a prude.[/FONT][/QUOTE] I think everyone's gathered that perhaps that is what I am as well. Good night. :sleep:
  14. [quote name='The Boss'][size=1]A comedian once said "Homophobia is the only phobia that you can be called an intolerant bigot for having... It's like, maybe these people were actually traumatized by homosexuals in their childhood. Like maybe a homosexual fell on them as a baby or something, jumped out of a closet and spooked 'em."[/size][/quote] lol... [quote][i][size=1]I understand the state of your "discomfort" and I know it's not a hostility. I suppose that makes it the truest defintion of "homophobia", heh. I suppose I'm trying to get you to probe your own mind into finding
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