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    I enjoy books, reading and writing, anime, manga, music (often foreign and orchestra), live actions, just starting to get into J and K Dramas. I'm learning Japanese but I'm not great at it (yet). ;3
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    Sword Art Online, Petshop of Horrors, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Ouran High School Host Club, Hi no Tori, Ghost Hunt...too many, don't make me choose!
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  1. Test in two days! Will I pass!?

  2. Before they nerfed Soraka I used to play her and solo lanes like a boss.   No one could get close to my towers, I would self heal and give myself back mana. When I got strong enough I could do 2 vs 1 and win easy.   xD I always got the team mates who'd over extend and go into the enemy base one by one and get slaughtered. And I'd be raging at them to stop and they wouldn't...
  3. I tend to make a smurf account each time I join back because I find I'm sucky. I go on an old account and practice in bot games then start a new account for PvP. :x I haven't played in a while though, I'll add you to my paper list for adding if I start up again.   I always preferred support characters and finding a team mate to support. Of course everyone seems to play for themselves and often leave me to die though they can credit staying alive to me. But they never seem to care. Dx
  4. I know this is an old post, but I heard as of this month Tera is entirely free. I've been considering trying it. I hear really good or really bad things about it and now that it's free maybe I'll spend a little time finding out for myself. :x
  5.   Same, but everyone told me...watch the first three episodes! I enjoyed the art work, and though I liked Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon when I was younger, a lot of magical girl anime seemed repetitive and my tastes had matured. Glad I watched this one.   Also, Tiger & Bunny...sounded weird but during student appreciation day my Anime & Gaming Club set up shop to recruit and we left the first two episodes playing over and over again of Tiger & Bunny. I got hooked on it and continued watching it after that. :D
  6. As of this year I'm very poor so no cons or cosplaying til I get a second job or something. Dx   So I'll just google people's cosplay and be all jealous instead...
  7. I keep trying to get into League of Legends but it makes me rage too much.   And people try to get me into Smite...   I want to play SC2, I played it religiously in the past. :o
  8.   I went to Punta Cana....beautiful place once you're in the hotel resort area. And it wasn't even that crowded, I was surprised because my B-day was always about Spring Break.   My major dream trip is Japan, though I'd like to visit lots of places all over Europe.
  9. Ace'ed my first test, but will I do it for this test...? Kanji is hard...! Dx

    1. Break


      You're learning Kanji? Like, officially?

    2. リス-ちゃん


      Yup. I'm taking a college course. We've done Hiragana, Katakana, and now we're breaking into Kanji as we learn grammar aspects. Currently learning Kanji for days and months of the week as well as location (top, bottom, inside, etc.) I think it's learning all the pronunciations and when to use them that's got me muddled...but it's all basic stuff. I'm still in the easy course. Dx

  10. Haven't really been many places. I hail from Philadelphia, PA.   I was treated to the Caribbean for my 21st, awesome trip. But you're warned to stay in your hotel because outside the walls is apparently very dangerous for tourists. The water is beautiful. I actually arrived the night before I turned 21 and my mother was with me. She asked a bar tender if it'd be ok to let me drink though it was like, 4 hours til I was officially 21...he was like...ma'am, the drinking age is 18 here. Lol.   Two years ago I just kind of got up one day and ran off to Chicago for the C2E2 Comic Con, like I literally just booked everything 4 days before and got great deals since they wanted to fill up the last spots.   I've been to Disney World twice. Great place, not a fan of a lot of people. Epcot was my favorite place.   Been to New York (class trip, didn't go anywhere), WIldwood, NJ is often where my family goes to vacation...Often go to Atlantic City. Um, been to Myrtle Beach...was nice there. I want to move to either Chicago or anywhere down south along the coast.   I have thus learned everyone is not a big meanie like they are in Philly.
  11. Why can't I be productive while I have insomnia...?

    1. Boo


      I know, right.

    2. Kayin Cloud

      Kayin Cloud

      That would make Insomnia enjoyable :(

  12. For a while I thought I wasn't loading. o.o;
  13. Is it actually down or are they just doing maintenance? >.> Or maybe just crashed?
  14. I'm south of you and we're still above freezing and that's still too cold...
  15. I hate when I see characters get sick and it seems like they're on their death bed (usually school animes) and yet in just one night they recover to full health and attend school the next day.   Always made me feel lazy when I get a cold or something and I'm in bed for a couple days feeling miserable.
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