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  1. Kiba's eyes were closed as drool ran down his chin, his shuttle having taken long enough to let him doze off en route. For whatever reason, it needed further inspection before take off and getting a second one would "take longer" even though the inspection took the time of a round trip to Central. With a jolt from the shuttle slowing down, Kiba sat up straight, wiping the slobber from his jaw. "'Cause that's professional... Get it together, Kiba." As the shuttle came to a stop, Kiba grabbed his belongings, slinging them over his shoulders before stepping off of the craft. "Ah, you must be Lieutenant Cloud. Takahiro has told me much about your progress." A man spoke from his peripheral, dark violet eyes resting on him. "Glad you could make it in one piece. Welcome to Central." "Thank you, sir," Kiba said, mustering the best salute he could despite still waking up. "The shuttle required some inspection for something or another. I wasn't filled in on the why, at least. Were you the one who requested me here, sir?" "At ease, lieutenant. And no, I'm just here to welcome the chosen soldiers to Central. You're definitely Frog's boy. You look just like him with different hair when he was younger," the man said with a chuckle. "Frog...? You mean you know, dad? Oh! You're the Damion he always was muttering 'I'm gonna knock him out next time he calls me that' about, huh?" he said, imitating his father's voice and demeanor. Damion chuckled to himself. "So that's what he says when I'm not around, huh? That's cold. Real cold." "You say it like you're surprised, Damion," a voice familiar to Kiba came from behind Damion. "You know for a fact he despises that nickname," came from the blue-eyed woman behind him. "Hey, pup. Was your trip alright?" she asked with a smile. "Yes, ma..." Kiba said, pinching the bridge of his nose. "This is kinda awkward. Isn't there some kind of policy that this sort of thing shouldn't be handled by family or something?" he asked, looking to Damion pleadingly before the woman stepped in front of him and hugged him crushingly. I remember why I was happy not being in Central now...The embarrassment would kill me before a gunshot ever would... Kiba thought with a sigh before hugging his mother back. "Afraid not, kiddo," Damion chuckled. "Akieen's directly involved in the same thing you're gonna be." "Besides, you act like I was just going to let my only son walk onto my base and me not come to see you. I've been pacing a hole in the ground waiting to see you!" Akieen exclaimed, hugging him tighter before letting go finally. "Look at you...growing up and graduating to Lieutenant already!" "Mom, really?" Kiba groaned. "Don't you backsass me, pup..." Akieen warned. "Now follow me. Time to meet the others you'll be working with." "Yes, ma'am..." the young man sighed in defeat before Damion clapped him on the shoulder with a chuckle. Kiba simply shook his head, following his mother's lead before being on the receiving end of 20 questions with him dropping his things off somewhere around thirteen. Kiba was happy to see they had reached their destination, Akieen opening the doors to two women and two men already waiting there. "S-sorry I'm late...the shuttle got held up for a little while. Lt. Kiba Cloud, reporting." Kiba said, saluting the others...before realizing how stupid he was starting to look. "Er...name's Kiba..." he corrected himself, scratching the back of his head.
  2. Sorry it took so long to get finished, guys :/
  3. Name: Kiba Akin Cloud Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Kiba is very outgoing and friendly toward about anyone he meets. He is very enthusiastic about his work unless it involves hurting others. Unfortunately, still not quite in adulthood, some of his teenage traits still stuck. He doesn't quite know how to deal with women, so he tries to avoid conversation with them unless they're his superior. Whenever not on the field, Kiba spends a lot of his time painting things from his dreams to keep himself from focusing on the current situation of the world. Appearance: Kiba stands at roughly 5'7", weighing in at about 156 lbs with an athletic build. His skin is slightly tanned which contrasts with the white hair he inherited from his mother. His dichromatic eyes make him stand out even more so, his left a dark brown and his left is an icy blue color. He has slightly longer canines than most other people, though he has never been seen biting anyone.  Region: East sector Specialty: Kiba excels at close-quarters combat, whether in hand-to-hand or with a weapon in hand. He is only somewhat proficient with firearms, using a desert eagle as his weapon of choice. When confronting an armed enemy, as opposed to drawing his own weapon, he often disarms them and uses their own weapon against them or putting them on level playing ground in hand-to-hand. Like his father, he's been used for scouting the fields, having inherited his father's stealth. Kiba carries a modified falchion into combat that has the ability to super-heat the edge of the blade for a short period of time in order to cut through metals or heat just enough for emergency cauterization on the field. Mech-animal: Griffon Snippet: "Ensign Cloud, reporting, sir!" Kiba said to his commander, saluting as he stepped into his commander's office. His commander stood from the desk, raising a hand in order for Kiba to relax. "You sent for me, Commander Jinrai?"   The man on the other side of the desk stood up slowly, blonde hair unbunching from being up against the back of his seat. "That's correct, Ensign." He cleared his throat, looking up with light brown eyes. "For starters, I would like to congratulate you, Ensign. You're being graduated to Lieutenant for your hard work, son. You've earned it," he said, approaching Kiba with a nod, adorning him with his new medal before his face grew grim. "You're far too young for this line of work, Kiba, but you're being called for a greater mission in Central."   Kiba's excitement for his promotion died as soon as he heard his Commander's last line. "W-wait, but I just got promoted here. Why am I being transferred, sir? Did I do something wrong?"   His commander shook his head with a smile. "Absolutely not, Lt. Cloud. You've done excellent work, and that's exactly why you're being transferred. They see that you have potential, and since you're as young as you are, I'm sure they can appreciate a young body to help the cause there."   Kiba wasn't sure exactly how to feel about the transfer, but he knew it would be his duty regardless of his feelings. This wasn't an optional thing for him to waste any time thinking about. It was more of a "So when do I leave, sir?" situation, which he inquired of his superior.   "As soon as you can get your things together." Kiba's commander extended a hand. "Hope to have you back soon, son. Be careful out there," he said with a smile.   Kiba smiled, shaking his hand with a nod. With one last salute, he turned and exited the office before making haste to his quarters. He packed everything as quickly as he could, being careful with his artwork and packing it into a hard case with a shoulder strap. Once his small room of belongings was together, he hopped on the next shuttle to Central, curious as to what he had in store.
  4. He crossed his arms over his chest after brushing the hair from his face. Crimson eyes set on the charade the captains were putting on for Rukia as Chiniiro sighed. What a bunch of bull... They shoulda just given her the friggin' spot. Not like she doesn't deserve it... Chiniiro shook his head, uncrossing his arms as the ceremony ended. "Whatever...hate to get involved in this kinda garbage anyway..." he said to himself as he hopped down from the tower he was observing from and landed on the ground lightly. Just hope she joins the ranks in one piece if they let her in, he thought, walking toward Rukia and those that were with her. "Kuchiki-chan. Congratulations, hopefully," he said, giving a light wave before bowing his head to the others.   "Ah, Metsuki-san. Glad to see you could join us. And thank you," Rukia said with a smile. "I'm a little surprised you showed up for this, honestly."   "Yeah, you are something of a loner, ya know?" Renji said with a chuckle but stopped as soon as Chiniiro's eyes narrowed to slits. "Hey, hey! Relax, man. I was just messing with ya."   Chiniiro grumbled, shaking his head. "Yeah, yeah. So what's the plan now? You think the Kuchiki house is gonna take this laying down?"   "Unlikely," Saburou said with a slight frown. "But we have no intention of letting them do things the way they want to if we can do anything about it."   Hinamori nodded. "I'm sure everything will work out, but it's probably best we keep on our guards just in case."   "I'm sorry that you all feel like you have to protect me. I hate to be a burden..." Rukia said with a sigh.   "You're not a burden. You're gonna be one of our peers and you're the best person for the position. I'll be damned if anything happens to screw that up, got it?" Chiniiro said, eyes narrow again before turning away from the others. "I'll keep eyes and ears out on my end. Give me a holler if you guys need me," Chiniiro said before walking ahead of the group. He intended to put his squad on alert in the worse case situation, but he'd rather handle things personally if they got out of hand.
  5. Name: Chiniiro Metsuki Gender: Male Age: 180 Position: 9th Division Captain Appearance: (Somewhat of a picture reference)Blood red eyes and blood red hair that falls to his waist, but is often worn in a ponytail. His skin is fairly tanned and he stands at roughly 5' 9", weighing about 187 lbs. His facial expression seems to be stuck on "irritated" most of the time, mostly in his eyes. He wears a black trench coat under his white haori as well as black slacks(unlike the general hakama) though on serious meetings he will wear his shihakusho. Personality: Chiniiro is extremely abrasive by nature, generally on the defensive when it comes to being judged. He isn't too adept at making friends who are truly his friends. When he has made friends he found out they had ulterior motives in one sense or another, making him skeptical of people who seem to take interest in him. Despite this, he doesn't always keep to himself, trying to make himself not give up on people for reasons he, himself, doesn't understand very well. He has never seen himself as much of a leader, but when placed in a situation with a group, Chiniiro finds himself able to take the lead with little difficulty or much resistance due to his demeanor. He also has a hard time dealing with authority at times since he tends to feel like his superiors look down on him, especially due to his age. Background:Chiniiro grew up learning Zanjutsu from one of his mentors who was a Shinigami who often visited his village in East Rukongai, having been from the same district. Chi's parents appreciated the Shinigami being around since not many other children spent time around their son, mainly because of the scowling look he was born with. The young boy surprised the Shinigami, known as Jin Himura, during their practice as he noticed a lot of Reiatsu from Chiniiro. His parents were just as surprised as Jin was upon his discovery and Jin encouraged Chiniiro to try and become a Shinigami like him. "Maybe we can work in the same division," Jin told him with a smile. That day, Chiniiro made it a point to become a Shinigami in the 9th division. As Chiniiro got older, he enrolled in Shin'o Acadamy, and he still received strange looks from the other Shinigami in training like he'd gotten as a youth. None of these other students mattered to him though, all he wanted now was to be like his mentor and join him as a real Shinigami. Through arduous training and infuriating ridicule from his peers, Chiniiro succeeded in becoming a Shinigami, his skills putting him in the top of his class. When he returned to his village to celebrate with his family, he found his home in ruins and Hollows running rampant. To no surprise he found Jin there, but he saw his parents nowhere. Chiniiro felt fire in his veins as he joined Jin in combat, slaying the Hollows in minutes. He was relieved as Jin told Chiniiro that the villagers made it out safely and in one piece. "You've grown a lot, Chi-kun. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon. Let me know what division you get assigned to. I'll be lookin for ya!" Sometime later Chiniiro got his wish, however he got more than he had expected in time after having learned how to release his Zanpakuto into its Shikai form. He hadn't understood exactly how his partner's power worked until he got into an altercation with some of his peers. After suffering a near-fatal injury, Chiniiro struck back. With a flash of red, he sliced clean through his opponent's Zanpakuto and much of his opponent, barely leaving him alive enough to be healed. "Blood is your catalyst...?" he asked Akakiba as the Medics arrived, healing the both of them and Jin arrived with them, looking horrified. Chiniiro's heart sank as he feared his mentor's disappointment. To his surprise, Jin was more impressed than disappointed, but knew this wouldn't go over well. Time passed and Chiniiro ascended the seats of his division quickly for his age, until his Reiryoku and experience grew enough to attain his Bankai. With the captain's seat open, he did everything he could for his division in order to make his way there. It wasn't ambition that drove him, he just wanted to be recognized without being seen as the ruffian he was made out to be. Noncombat Skills: Chiniiro, despite his fiery nature, spends much of any spare time he has painting landscape portraits or of the Shinigami in his division as well as the other captains and their lieutenants. Also, Chiniiro is proficient at tracking; people, animals, and Hollows alike. Zanpakuto: Akakiba(Bloody Fang)-In its sealed form, Akakiba appears as a plain, black steel katana in a white scabbard with white cloth wrapped around the hilt. Shikai-To release Akakiba from its sealed form, Chiniiro commands "Bite into my enemies" and the blade remains a black steel katana, but it always appears bloodstained. It's hilt is wrapped in a red fabric and the crossguard and base of the hilt are gold. The scabbard of Akakiba is white and appears to have splashes of blood along where the blade faces while sheathed. Whenever Akakiba or its scabbard become covered in blood(no matter the source), its edge becomes sharper as if becoming hungrier for more of it and the scabbard becomes even more solid. While wielding Akakiba, whenever Chiniiro is bloodied(Again, no matter the source) his strength and agility increase despite his physical condition. Until the point of death, Chiniiro maintains his strength and speed til his dying breath. Also, Chiniiro is able to cut or strike the air hard enough with his spiritual pressure that it can cut through or strike enemies at a distance with the command "Hungry Roar". Whenever Akakiba has any blood on it, it converts it into spiritual pressure when using Hungry Roar and instead is released as "Bloody Roar." Chiniiro never uses just the blade of Akakiba. He always uses the scabbard as an off-hand weapon or shield due to its defensive capabilities. Bankai-With the command "Rend them to shreds, Youkou Akakiba(Crimson Bloody Fang)" Akakiba is released into its Bankai. The blade and scabbard disappear altogether and red streaks appear over Chiniiro's skin. The maximum strength and speed increases that Akakiba could bestow upon Chiniiro are now his natural agility and power, and the defense that Akakiba's scabbard could provide him are now reflected on his skin's durability. He uses hand-to-hand combat in this form and wherever he can draw blood from, Chiniiro can form a blade similar to Akakiba's Shikai form. As long as he has access to blood, he has an unlimited supply of swords at his disposal. In his Bankai form, he can summon blades from sheer reiatsu around as many targets as he can see and skewer them with as many blades as he can conjure. Whenever he summons Akakiba to his hand, he can use a stronger version of "Bloody Roar" called "Crimson Roar" which instead of attacking with a single slash, he can now unleash a flurry of them. The major downside of maintaining Youkou Akakiba is that the number of red lines that appear on his skin determine the number of minutes that Chiniiro can maintain his Bankai. Due to his age and having just learned to release his Bankai, Chiniiro can only maintain it for about 10 minutes at a time on average before running out of reiatsu. Other Notable Combat Skills: When it comes to Kido, Chiniiro started off only focused on using Hado, yet being the defense force's captain of the Gotei 13, Chiniiro has become more aware of the uses of Bakudo's barriers and binding spells in order to defend his comrades and to capture enemies alive if need be. His knowledge of the spells isn't terribly expansive, but he uses what he knows will work in most situations. Overall, Chiniiro could probably be ranked as a Kido expert. His swordsmanship is a bit above average, though he's better at fighting opponents in unarmed combat(Hakuda), using a variety of martial arts but specializing in grappling and Judo. Instinctively, he is a streetfighter and will use any and everything as a weapon if need be. Chiniiro recently started learning how to use Shunpo, but seems to be picking it up relatively quickly. Writing Sample: Steel collided in the training area outside of Captain Metsuki's quarters as Chiniiro clashed with his mentor, Jin, who was now his 7th seat. Neither had their Zanpakuto released, so it was like old times for the Shinigami. Chiniiro landed a solid hit on Jin with his scabbard, knocking him sideways before flash stepping to where he flew and caught him. "Guess the point is mine this time, sensei. Looks like that's another lunch ya owe me, huh?" He said with a smirk. "Yeah, yeah. You got lucky, Chi-Sencho. I'll make you lunch this time, alright?" Jin said, messing Chiniiro's hair. Chiniiro smirked and then his focus went to the gates as hurried footsteps approached. "This always means trouble..." he grumbled. Jin gave him a pat on the head before the gates were shoved open. It was one of the messenger's from the Kuchiki house. "State your business. I really hope that this is of importance." The young woman froze with an expression Chiniiro was all too used to seeing before she regained her composure. "M-Metsuki-Chiniiro, captain of the 9th division, I have a request from Lady Chinatsu Kuchiki." "And exactly what does Lady Kuchiki request of me?" Chiniiro asked, curiosity having been piqued. "In regards to the late Byakuya Kuchiki's passing, our Lady is seeking a candidate to take his seat. Despite your youth, she would be happy to have you consider the position," she said, bowing her head. As she looked up, Chiniiro's eyes were closed. "We assure you, we would be able to move your parents to a better district and-" "No." Chiniiro said flatly. "B-but if you would consid-" "I said 'no'!" Chiniiro shouted, eyes springing open and his Reiatsu spiking briefly. "Division 9 is the only place I care to be. I worked hard to get here, so don't think I'll be won over with flattery and bribes. My parents live comfortably enough and they're content with where they are. So my answer is 'No. I respectfully decline your offer, Lady Chinatsu.' Is that understood?" Chiniiro's eyes narrowed. "Yes o-of course. My apologies for disturbing your exercises," she said before heading of with as much urgency as her arrival. "Don't you think you should have taken the offer under a bit more consideration before giving such a serious declining, Chi-sencho?" Jin asked, raising an eyebrow. Chiniiro shook his head. "No. No I don't," was all he said as he headed for his quarters. I wouldn't belong anywhere other than this division. And I have no intention of getting involved in those affairs. By all rights, that seat should belong to Rukia anyway. He pushed his doors open, looking to the easel by his window. A small smile crossed his lips as he shut the door behind him. OOC: Hope this is okay, Lawliet. Finally done ^^
  6. I just recruited K.G too
  7. I just recruited K.G too
  8. Name: Cain McDougal Age: 29 Gender: Male Human Appearance: Inquisitor Appearance: Ranged Weapons: The Heavenbow-A composite longbow that can turn into one of three melee weapons while in his Inquisitor form. Melee Weapons: Cain's Heavenbow has the ability to become three melee weapons in his inquisitor form: His primary form is its glaive form and its other forms are a greatsword and a longsword with a buckler. Why you joined the Inquisitors: Background: Snippet: (Finally decided on a character, just have to get the post finished later lol)
  9. I'm down. Gots a character mind and everything.
  10. Hate when the boards go down when I have an RP idea in my head. I always forget it when they come back online XD

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  12. "Qualifications, huh? Well," Tempo paused, thinking to himself briefly. "Well, I've got some experience in engineering. I'm generally hired for muscle...though I'm sure the stature sort of makes that hard too believe," the young man said, gesturing to himself. He only stood at 5'4" and looked like he weighed no more than a hundred and thirty pounds. "But if nothing else I'm a quick learner and I'll pick up operations pretty quickly. But to your other question...I'm just tired of moving from employer to employer. Moving from hotel room to hotel room is sort of a pain after a few years..." he said, scratching the back of his head. He blinked, realizing what had been in front of him this whole time. "Wait...is that an MWP?" he asked as Unit got off of the table.   "Ah, yes, that's one of our crew mates: Unit 2142-C or just Unit for short. We actually just brought him in recently, but he'll be working with us on the ship," Lex said, looking up to Unit. "How'd the reboot go, Unit?" he asked, turning toward Unit.   "Self-diagnosis is near completion, Lex," Unit responded as it continued repairs on its weapons with the spare parts that Lex and Nora got for it."   Tempo, blinked out of his stare, shaking his head briefly. He wasn't exactly expecting the ship to have an MWP on board. At the same time, he was expecting a bigger crew. "So...is this your crew so far? Yourself, Nora, and Unit?" he asked curiously. "For the size of the ship, I'd figured you'd have more of a crew."
  13. Hate when heartache coincides with your heart actually feeling like it hurts...

  14. A light-skinned male adjusted his glasses as he read the GPS on his phone. He shook his head, dark brown eyes closing as he thought about the sign. Crew members wanted. Come to the Merc Guild if interested. He looked up to the place in front of him, shrugging as his headphones slid off of his ears and landed around his neck. Frankly he was down on his luck right now and was pretty much tired of being a hired pair of knuckles. At least if he felt like the pay was going to be better, it would be more worth it. Figure if these guys have a ship that they need a crew for, they have to be fairly well off. Not like I have an actual home here...Hotels get pretty tiring after a while, he thought to himself, pushing his glasses up to rub the bridge of his nose. As he approached the ship, he raised an eyebrow. "The hell kind of ship is this...?" he asked himself, scratching the back of his head before he resumed his approach.   He stopped at the ramp that was still extended. "Erm...do I knock or...?"   "Welcome, glad to have you on board! I am currently dealing with a new acquisition, so please make yourselves at home and we'll talk when I get back," came a sudden recording of a male followed by a hologram of a young girl stepping out of the ship. "Oh, sorry. I forgot to change that message," the hologram spoke. "Are you here to apply as a crew member then?" she asked.   The young man nodded, lowering his guard from the sudden occurrence. "Yeah, saw a job posting a day or so ago...Looking for some work other than my usual gigs."   "Oh, well, I'm Nora, and you are?" Nora said with a smile.   "Tempo is what I go by for employers. I don't give my name to people I don't know. Just don't really trust folks much...Nothing personal..." Tempo said, shoving his hands into his pockets. "So are you the employer or...?" he asked after a brief pause. "You'd be the first person who wasn't a person to hire me," he chuckled to himself.   "Tempo, got it. And no I'm not the one hiring you," she laughed to herself. "Well, come on in," Nora said, turning around.   "Should I check my weapons in at the door?" Tempo asked, raising an eyebrow as he followed.   "Nah, I think we'll be alright," Nora said with a smile, moving ahead to the repair bay. "And this is the man you need to talk to. Hey, Lex! Got someone here for ya," Nora called to the young man.
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