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Found 2 results

  1. Lex stood with his back against the wall of the main hangar of his ship, The Corinthian. "Think they'll show?" he asked Nora, slightly nervous. He was glad that he spent little money while he was aboard his friends ship as a crew member. His friend scoffed at him when he said that he would build a division of his own, asking why waste so much money when you could just join another division's crew.   "They'll show," Nora said with more confidence than he felt. "But first, let me do my job as a secretary and remind you of your meeting with a seller of a MWP that you were interested in getting. I'm still trying to understand why you chose Cole as the planet to start recruiting from." Nora said with a sigh.   "Because my dear Nora, the planet is nice, the people are well trained, and it's the largest planet within 600 light years of where the Eclipse abandoned me. So it was the logical choice. besides, where else can you steal an experimental ship and get away with it for two years. I mean, we did steal this ship in 3485." he said with a smile. "Record this and play it for the guests until I get back please. Welcome, glad to have you on board! I am currently dealing with a new acquisition, so please make yourselves at home and we'll talk when I get back." he said as he headed out to meet with the nutjob that wanted to sell a MWP.
  2. Lex quickly made his way though the outskirts of the city's Market District, the best place to post a help wanted poster according to his sources and Nora, the groups AI that it was a marvelous idea to open the ship up to every scoundrel, murderer, thug and psychotic zealot on this planet. he didn't like it. it was a recipe for disaster. and he had told her so, and as usual she laughed at him. So he posted the damn flier all over the District. Which was why he was now fighting his way through the mass of people and animals to get to the prearranged sign up spot, meaning the Merc Guild's main conference room. "I really hate you right now Nora" he muttered into the communicator chip that was implanted in his neck. "Why, because I had to do your job for you? Again." she added with a hint of humor in her voice. she was surprisingly more human than anticipated from all the tinkering with her systems and code he had done for the past twelve years. "No. I expected that. It's because you had to choose the one local that I would prefer to avoid at all cost right now. you knew that he would be here today, and yet you booked us to be there when he was. Why?" he asked, his tone getting a little bit harder than normal, but most people wouldn't have noticed it. as if he had known he was being talked about, a man stood on the steps of the Guild Hall as if he was waiting for him. "Captain Alex! What a great surprise. What are you doing here on Cole?" he asked as he stepped in front of Lex. Lex paused, took a deep breath and bowed to the man. "Merc King Solomon, it's a great honor to meet you like this, but may I ask why?" he greeted the man. "Because I'm king. now stop answering a question with a question, my friend. I find it rather boring and a poor attempt to change the subject." Solomon said with a hint of a smile in his eyes. "to answer your question, I'm here to gather recruits for my ship. As you doubtlessly know by now, I just started my own division." Lex answered Solomon's question in his usual brisk manner, leaving his usual hints that the king wasn't the only one with a large net of informants and spies. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a crew to form. I do hope that we can have a conversation with each other about your Section Alpha Delta Three, it seemed like a rather interesting prospect." Lex said with a smile and a pat on Solomon's shoulder before he made his way into the hall and his new crew. Crew members wanted! Come to the Merc Guild if interested! Imagine a Universe where almost anything is possible. Giant fighting mechas, check; FTL space travel, check again; war, constantly. Welcome to the GNS Corinthian, a Mercenary ship. We welcome all recruits, seasoned or fresh from their mother's teat. All we require is a Signature, skill list, and profile pic. we don't care about your history (we aim make it) personal history CAN be given if preferred, but it's NOT required. (we will learn more about each other throughout the RP). If you crave adventure, wealth beyond your dreams, or just plain wild sex all mixed with a hint of danger, Sign Up now! Universal Info: year: 3487 Currency: Credits, usually referred to as Chips. The Galactic Alliance of Interracial Equality, shortened to The Alliance or just Alliance by others, is the formidable foe we face in our adventure. They are well known for their armed take overs and eternal political wars that they wage for the "safety of the universe and the advancement of knowledge for all." This is just a farce since all they care about is expanding their power and increasing their wealth no matter what the cost. Any questions feel free to ask me, either through PM or Skype (nyxshadowstrike). The Corinthian: [attachment=15399:epic.jpg] Nora Pilots. Nora: [attachment=15419:1069829_606741649347700_273133650_n.png] Holo Form Mecha Form: [attachment=15421:Paladin Mecha.jpg] Fighter Form: [attachment=15420:Azealean Marine.jpg] My Sign-Up: Name: Alex "Lex" Aeolus Nightingale Appearance: [attachment=15396:575653_432857620144230_685403766_n.jpg] Skills: Long Range Weapons expert, Master Swordsman, Proficient Mêlée Fighter, Computer Programmer. Weapons (optional): [attachment=15397:nargacuga_long_sword_by_raikoh067-d39sppl.jpg], [attachment=15398:Lynxs Sniper.jpg]
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