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Found 5 results

  1. In the dead dark desolate space lays a planet with scares of wars long since past. The planet barely able to hold onto what's left of the breathable oxygen it has left. The planet has been classified as dead for nearly two hundred years. Removed from the star charts due to traps left on the surface from the Waring factions who nearly caused the planet to loose it's atmosphere. Littered throughout the war torn dilapidated ruins lay treasures thought to be lost on the rest of the galaxy. Humans entered the galactic community two thousand years ago and have spread across the galaxy. With the influx of tech beyond their current level. Mankind's level of tech expanded well ahead of every other race combined. Mankind has the third shortest lifespan in the galaxy. Though unlike the other species which took one direction and stuck with it. Only having small amount of wars. Developed tech slower meaning that mankind at it's current state when they started to explore outside their solar system. Should not have been. But due to the amount of wars advancing technology decades or centuries, or even thousands of years ahead of what for what most consider mankind to be a child race. Mankind soon became the galactic leaders. You couldn't even fly on a private space linear without seeing at least three humans either working or on vacation on that linear. The galaxy enjoyed a golden age for a thousand years. Then the history of man's need for war got the better of them. Two main groups started to argue first in the courts of the galactic community. Then when the Pro-Human group didn't get the home system zoned as a human only zone. Fearing that after a thousand years that the allied alien species have damaged their ancestors culture, religion, and the purity of the human race. Decided to get violent. The Pro-Galaxy faction wanted humans to continue to become more and more part of the galaxy stating it could only make humans stronger took up arms. For three centuries, the two groups fought in battles. In their home system and in many other human controlled systems. Most of the other races soon kicked the humans out of the galactic community out of necessity due to the radical faction not content on just fighting other humans but now lash out every other race. Soon the two major factions take the fighting to the sol system. Mankinds birthplace now once again after a thousand years of peace become torn by war. The radicals that just wanted the sol system to be a human only zone now want to take over the galaxy and make the human race supreme then make other races sub-races. They no longer cared about preserving the Sol System for humanity's sake. So they unleashed doomsday weapons across many of Sol's planets and moons. Sending the innocent to make a mass exodus from Sol and out in the galaxy. The Sol system soon became classified uninhabitable and the remaining humans soon became dislodged and spent the next two hundred years settling on a planet on the other side of the planet given to them by the galactic government for the plight of the human race. On Earth, or what's left of it, lays tech that even by todays standard would be considered advanced. Though the star charts are fragmented mainly on purpose but mostly by cyber attacks during the dark age of humanity. Advanced engine designs, weapons, and much more. There have been others who've found the lost system by accident and have sold bits of earth's lost tech but kept their secrets. Even as some pirate gangs captured then tortured them. Most of the time to death. Even brain hacking wouldn't procure the star charts needed for safe jumps. On the fringes of known space lay a system where their is a rumored android that survived the ancient war and knows how to get back to the Sol System to obtain items that could make anyone extremely powerful or rich or even both. Though most consider earth androids to be weak. It's been said that it's one of the PGA (Pro Galactic Alliance) faction's top war models. Built to last and not to be trifled with. Soon several ships fly through the transit to the lost solar system. Eager to claim the tech left behind. History in shortest possible way. 2092-Mankind ended old grudges and started anew to explore it's solar system. 3132-Mankind has spread out into the Sol system and developed faster propulsion. Cutting travel from earth to it's moon luna from two days eighteen hours down to only six hours. 3154-Experiments to push propulsion to an impossible 6% of light speed. 3155-Sabotage on the first full test run causes a hiccup in the engine used and thrusted the ship into short stint of hyperspace. Without knowing it. Mankind stumbled onto it's first alien encounter. 3190-Mankind for 45 years spent time building a way to communicate with the aliens and soon started to trade. 3320-Mankind is now spread out. Part of the galactic community and a member of the government keeping peace throughout the galaxy on a whole. 4320-After a thousand year golden age. Mankind caved into it's need for war. 4322-The Pro-Human Government forms and first spends the next decade going through proper channels to get the Sol System registered as human only. 4332-The PHG spawns the PGA as the PHG starts small conflicts in remote areas of human controlled space using mercs to harass none humans. 4353-The PHG declares offical war with the PGA. Small battles occur across human space. Trade and travel lightly impacted. 4399-All trade and travel banned from human space. Aliens flee PHG controlled sectors as well as PGA. Major battles cause casualties on both sides to amount to heavy losses. 4411-The fighting has confined itself to the Sol system. Most of the galactic community have erased the star chart for that system. 4434- The PHG uses doomsday like weapons. Causing over 18 trillion humans to flee permanently from the Sol system. 4444-The PHG and PGA kill each other off. The Sol system now a forgotten system. 4990-Any star chart of the Sol system are removed from human history as the galactic government allocates a new home system for the surviving human race. Humans now just the average as other races. 5023-First scavengers bring back goods from the lost system. 5057-The monopoly of greedy scavengers take the secrets of the sol system to their grave when captured and tortured by the scum of the galaxy. 5071-Where the roleplay begins. Sign-ups: Name: (Doesn't need to be complex. Prefer a first last name with nickname or callsign to be in quotation marks.) Race: (Surprise me but no overpowered characters. No one has better everything then others. So go wild with the limits.) Pic or description: (Of what your race looks like and the normal attire of your character.) Age: (Oldest known living being of natural life space is 502 years old. Shortest is a mere 42 years young.) Gender: (Where applicable.) Favorite weapon(s): (Please limit your weapon of choice to three. Keep in mind that bullets may be out classed by plasma based weapons but does not mean they are obsolete. Some planets make it impossible for energy based weapons to function correctly if not at all.) Ship and crew: (If you all want to be part of the same crew. Fine with me. Note: Your a small crew with a small ship. You're out to make it big with earth tech. So you don't have the best stuff.) Ship Name: (Duh as it's self explanatory.) Ship pic or description: (What it says. If you are teaming up with one or more people. Please just put the ship name down instead.) Bio: (Just give a good explanation why you are risking life and limb to find earth tech even though many would back stab for the chance to be powerful and rich.) I'll post my character after I see what others post. Enjoy and hope you enjoyed my late night rp signup attempt.
  2. Lex stood with his back against the wall of the main hangar of his ship, The Corinthian. "Think they'll show?" he asked Nora, slightly nervous. He was glad that he spent little money while he was aboard his friends ship as a crew member. His friend scoffed at him when he said that he would build a division of his own, asking why waste so much money when you could just join another division's crew.   "They'll show," Nora said with more confidence than he felt. "But first, let me do my job as a secretary and remind you of your meeting with a seller of a MWP that you were interested in getting. I'm still trying to understand why you chose Cole as the planet to start recruiting from." Nora said with a sigh.   "Because my dear Nora, the planet is nice, the people are well trained, and it's the largest planet within 600 light years of where the Eclipse abandoned me. So it was the logical choice. besides, where else can you steal an experimental ship and get away with it for two years. I mean, we did steal this ship in 3485." he said with a smile. "Record this and play it for the guests until I get back please. Welcome, glad to have you on board! I am currently dealing with a new acquisition, so please make yourselves at home and we'll talk when I get back." he said as he headed out to meet with the nutjob that wanted to sell a MWP.
  3. Lex quickly made his way though the outskirts of the city's Market District, the best place to post a help wanted poster according to his sources and Nora, the groups AI that it was a marvelous idea to open the ship up to every scoundrel, murderer, thug and psychotic zealot on this planet. he didn't like it. it was a recipe for disaster. and he had told her so, and as usual she laughed at him. So he posted the damn flier all over the District. Which was why he was now fighting his way through the mass of people and animals to get to the prearranged sign up spot, meaning the Merc Guild's main conference room. "I really hate you right now Nora" he muttered into the communicator chip that was implanted in his neck. "Why, because I had to do your job for you? Again." she added with a hint of humor in her voice. she was surprisingly more human than anticipated from all the tinkering with her systems and code he had done for the past twelve years. "No. I expected that. It's because you had to choose the one local that I would prefer to avoid at all cost right now. you knew that he would be here today, and yet you booked us to be there when he was. Why?" he asked, his tone getting a little bit harder than normal, but most people wouldn't have noticed it. as if he had known he was being talked about, a man stood on the steps of the Guild Hall as if he was waiting for him. "Captain Alex! What a great surprise. What are you doing here on Cole?" he asked as he stepped in front of Lex. Lex paused, took a deep breath and bowed to the man. "Merc King Solomon, it's a great honor to meet you like this, but may I ask why?" he greeted the man. "Because I'm king. now stop answering a question with a question, my friend. I find it rather boring and a poor attempt to change the subject." Solomon said with a hint of a smile in his eyes. "to answer your question, I'm here to gather recruits for my ship. As you doubtlessly know by now, I just started my own division." Lex answered Solomon's question in his usual brisk manner, leaving his usual hints that the king wasn't the only one with a large net of informants and spies. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a crew to form. I do hope that we can have a conversation with each other about your Section Alpha Delta Three, it seemed like a rather interesting prospect." Lex said with a smile and a pat on Solomon's shoulder before he made his way into the hall and his new crew. Crew members wanted! Come to the Merc Guild if interested! Imagine a Universe where almost anything is possible. Giant fighting mechas, check; FTL space travel, check again; war, constantly. Welcome to the GNS Corinthian, a Mercenary ship. We welcome all recruits, seasoned or fresh from their mother's teat. All we require is a Signature, skill list, and profile pic. we don't care about your history (we aim make it) personal history CAN be given if preferred, but it's NOT required. (we will learn more about each other throughout the RP). If you crave adventure, wealth beyond your dreams, or just plain wild sex all mixed with a hint of danger, Sign Up now! Universal Info: year: 3487 Currency: Credits, usually referred to as Chips. The Galactic Alliance of Interracial Equality, shortened to The Alliance or just Alliance by others, is the formidable foe we face in our adventure. They are well known for their armed take overs and eternal political wars that they wage for the "safety of the universe and the advancement of knowledge for all." This is just a farce since all they care about is expanding their power and increasing their wealth no matter what the cost. Any questions feel free to ask me, either through PM or Skype (nyxshadowstrike). The Corinthian: [attachment=15399:epic.jpg] Nora Pilots. Nora: [attachment=15419:1069829_606741649347700_273133650_n.png] Holo Form Mecha Form: [attachment=15421:Paladin Mecha.jpg] Fighter Form: [attachment=15420:Azealean Marine.jpg] My Sign-Up: Name: Alex "Lex" Aeolus Nightingale Appearance: [attachment=15396:575653_432857620144230_685403766_n.jpg] Skills: Long Range Weapons expert, Master Swordsman, Proficient Mêlée Fighter, Computer Programmer. Weapons (optional): [attachment=15397:nargacuga_long_sword_by_raikoh067-d39sppl.jpg], [attachment=15398:Lynxs Sniper.jpg]
  4. ((Note to all players: I will be stating in all capitals on what part of the role play we will be doing such as REALMS or REAL LIFE. Realms means the game and Real Life means your real world character. So the first posts are to be of the game so post as your in-game character first. We'll get to the real life characters soon.))   It was a quiet afternoon in the rain forests of Southern Temporal. Birds in the distant chirp as the woods is crawling with life from the ants to large animals. This area is perfect for hunting deer and elk as well as gathering herbs that only grow in the humid rain forest floors under massive trees. One only need to climb a tree to the top of the canopy and look out to the west where the arid desert resides. It was a strange realm to be sure of as rain forests hug against deserts of sand and heat. Swamp lands in the southeast section of the realm are surrounded by rain forests and dotted with many small villages just above the swamp waters. Phansom was sitting up off the ground on top of a fallen tree with bow in hand. Deer meat, pelts, and antlers are in high demand in a small town in the nearby desert and she took a job to hunt down a few deer for a local restaurant owner. The order is for as much meat as she can bring back and the rest of the deer is free to be sold off at her leisure.    Of course it was very quiet and that usually a bad omen for many hunters. A few deer have grazed in a spot where the canopy lets in lots of light and grass to grow in the fertile ground of the forest floor but they where too young and small to be hunted. Phansom was waiting for several large deer with massive antlers to enter the area as they where perfect for collection. A few five-point bucks and lots of doe's with their fawns graze on the soft green grass on and off for a few hours as she waited. She only needed three good bucks to make her goal plus the pelts and antlers would be worth a lot in the main city. It was getting into the mid afternoon before a few 13 point bucks strolled into the area. The humidity was also getting higher and she knew it would rain soon. She had the wind blowing towards her so her scent wouldn't give her away but the deer could hear a twig snap a good distance away so she moved carefully.   Carefully she crept closer and closer to the two massive bucks. Drawing a plain arrow from her quiver gently as not to cause loud noises and place it on the draw string. It took an hour to get close enough to them and a few more minute to draw her bow. In her mouth was a second arrow as the first gets fully drawn. The first buck was the farthest away and thus her first target. She waited...for the right timing to release the arrow knowing that she will need to draw and fire the second arrow in seconds. Clouds rolled over and a few birds flew off giving her the sound cover she was waiting for then releases the first arrow. Soon as it was released and on it's way to the farthest buck. She drops the second plain arrow into her right hand and draws it back. The twing of her bow echos slightly and it was enough for the bucks to stop grazing.   As the farthest buck is struck with her first arrow. The second arrow was on it's way to the closest buck while it looks at it's fallen friend. She moved quickly as the second arrow hits the second buck but was just off by an inch to  the upper tight of the bucks heart. It stumbles as it tries to run away while she draws one of her daggers. Closing in to finish the job before it could get away and bleed out in the forest filled with other predators. As it started to make it's bolt to the forest, She grabs it by the neck and attempts to drag it down. The buck had more muscle and drags her along for the ride but with the added weight and with it bleeding out. It couldn't run fast and it gave her the short window to take her dagger and drag the razor sharp edge of the blade across the throat hard. Cutting it open and causing it to fall to the ground. It bleed out in seconds instead of agonizing minutes.    She stood over her kill and whistles loudly to call her equine hiding out nearby. The large equine galloped to her with a large cart behind it. It slowed to a stop next to her and she ruffled the equine's mane as praise for it coming to her before struggling to pull the heavy dead buck onto the cart. As it plops onto the cart, she lets out a heavy grunt and sits down at the edge of the cart. Taking a flask to drink from it as she points to the other dead buck for the equine to walk to. The equine pulls the cart with her and a dead buck on it. She leans over to grab the arrow stuck in it's flesh. She grunts yanking it out before sitting back down. The arrow was still usable and so she cleaned it off with some water before enchanting it with an ice effect. She then sticks into the dead buck on the cart to slow down the decomposition of it's meat before the equine stops a few feet from the second dead buck.   The fight with the wounded buck and getting it onto the cart really took a lot of stamina so she taps the large equine's shoulder and pointed to the second dead buck then to the cart. The large equine nodded and went to retrieve it. The equine is a big lug but can't talk. It was an npc who ran into debt problems and they took his tongue as payment. Though he couldn't talk, he more then made up for it for understanding a lot of gestures and pure brute strength. Evident as he lifts the dead buck with more ease then she did. He placed it on the cart and she did the same with the arrow as the first dead buck. Enchanting it with ice properties and sticking it back into the buck to preserve it as the equine hooks himself back up to the cart and they make their way back to the desert city a few miles west into the desert.   As they make a two hour trek back to the small town. She notices a Hawk flying overhead. She shrugged it off as they get closer to the town. She enjoyed the heat being cold blooded. Though the equine seemed to be having trouble with the arid heat so she took her flask of water and poured it all over his head. He gave of a whinnie as a sign of thanks as they rolled into two. The Hawk that's been following them for the past hour or so flew over head still. They pulled up to the restaurant as the owner comes out. Inspecting the two bucks before handing her a bag full of credits. The equine took the bucks into the butcher's room for a few minutes before returning with the pelts and antlers. As she made her way with her reward and items from the restaurant, the hawk lands in front of her carrying a letter with her name on it.   She knelt down and took the letter then gave the Hawk a few credits before it flew off towards others on it's list. The letter looked important as it had a seal from a high level npc. At first she thought nothing of it as she walked through the town till curiosity got the better of her and decided to open the letter. It felt like paper only the royalty would use and it had very good hand writing. She reads it while sitting ontop of a rock that has been heated up by the sun. It was written in a very formal manor.                            "Dear Phansom;                                                     We require your unique skill for a very profitable quest. Enclosed is a map of the Capital City with the area where we are to meet to discuss the finer details of the quest. Also enclosed is credits to cover a one way trip via carriage. Please meet us at 6:30pm sharp alone."     It was signed by a seal rather then a signature of one of the royal families in the realm and she decided to see if it was legit. Taking the next carriage to the capital city was going to take some time and thus logged off for the night as the carriage continued on it's way.     ((Ok this is to explain what you where doing before getting the letter and heading to the capital city. Have fun.))
  5. The date is 14th of August on the year 2048 as the sun sets on New DC as Cafe Realms begins it's dinner shift on the second entertainment block overlooking the river covered by ice and snow from the raging nuclear enhanced winter outside the New DC mega city building. New DC is an attempt at reducing the human foot print by building a super building that would house over 30 million people stretching over eight miles in circomfrence and stands over a mile and a half into the atmosphere. Each block is seven stories tall. One entire floor is the ceiling for levels 1-3 and the floor for levels 4-7. Three residential blocks are stacked by three followed by a school block then an entertainment block containing malls, resturants, etc. The sub-blocks of New DC are mainly waste recycling, new generation of a mix of thermal generators using the earth's deep mantle as a power source and new generation self substaining reactors, and a massive storrage area for personal vehicles along with enough emergancy transports to evac the building incase of worst case scenario.   Two years ago at the beging of 2046. The beta for Reality Realms was released to the general public. Over 30,000 people joined in the beta. So far as the company who is developing the game. The beta is an overwhelming success. Of course the beta had it's share of bugs and glitches as it's very complex dealing with all assets like smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. It was also complex due the amount of different servers added per month. When the beta was released. Only three servers, in-game called realms, where active. By mid-2046, over 12 different servers where running. Each Server had a basic layouts but where different due to environs, weather patterns, creatures, culture, and  of course the players themselves.   You where logged off during the tragidy of June 19, 2046 when  the power systems for New DC hic-uped and caused a massive power surge throughout the entire city. Causing automatic transportation halt while lights all over the city blew out. Blackouts followed the lights blowing out. Thoughs connected to the net suffered mild to severe brain damage due to sudden shock to the nervous system. Most will recover from this hic-up from the next-gen reactors thanks to the nanites in their bodies which absorbed most of the shock. Hospitals, fire-stations, and other emergancy service providers have their own power sources in-case of main power failure and staff a bulk of supplies and emergancy vehicles.   Though most where lucky and survived the accident. Some where not as lucky. Those unlucky died connected to the net or died in accidents around the city due to the sudden surge of power then the complete shutdown of the power system. Several of the unlucky people ended up in coma's. Doctors do not have high hopes they'll ever wake up and those that do will have years of painful recovery ahead. About 30 people where playing the beta of Reality Realms. A few died of brain failure while others drifted off into comas. The Developers disclosed that though the beta had safeties in place to stop people from suffering any brain damage from in-game. They weren't responsible for deaths caused by external causes. Effectively blocking any lawsuits against them.   During the beta an AI program appeared in every realm server, even newly created realms. The AI was the game developers experiment to safe-guard players from any in-game threat that would either harm or even kill the player if the safe-guards failed to do so. The AI expanded it's self in the few months to become Realm Guardians. These appeared to players who not only are in danger of actually suffering brain damage but also being falsely blamed for crimes they didn't commit. Their appearence are of that of a little girl in phantom form. Usually the player will hear signing that would hint where they should go to get away or to prove their innocence. If one should see a Realm Phantom, it means they are protecting you by non-directly interfering in the game. They can not directly affect the game in any form. They are the Realm Guardians and are part of the game thus they could not be removed by the programers. It was decided to let the Realm Guardians become part of the mythology and tall-tails.   The game is based on advanced tech based on midevil fantasy. So though the game has futuristic tech, it's based on midevil times. Everything looks like it would come from earth's midevil times but has technology behind it. Armored suits are powersuits that enhance the wearers base atributes depending on the quality of the armor. The cheaper the armor, the lower the gain of atributes you'll get. This goes for all armor but you'll get better gain even with the cheap ones if you use suits though of course suits are much more heavier then cloths or light armor or mixed armor. Magic abilities are in the game and are divided into different groups. Attack spells, defense spells, and healing spells are the basic. Advanced magic users can train into illusion, alteration, and other forms of magic. Note that you can't continue to use spell after spell. Spells not only use magicka, they also use stamina to cast. The stronger the spell, the more magicka and stamina the spell will use. You can develope your own finishing move or moves to end a creature or player or npc if the target is near death.   People who choose bows and arrows, crossbows, or if your skilled high enough early gun powder weapons like muskets and pistols are put in the Marksmen class. Those who prefer heavy armor are classified as Knights. Those who prefer medium armor are classified as Soldiers. Those who prefer light armor are classified as Scouts. Those who prefer Magicka based combat are classified as Combat Mages. Those who prefer defensive and healing magicka abilities are classified as Guardians. Though those are the main class types. You can mix and match classes to match your play style though custom classes will not be as strong as the main class types. Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses. You aren't limited to being human though only humiod forms are accepted as playable. A character must have two arms, two legs, two eyes, and one head. During character designing, you can completely customize every aspect of your character. Note that vampire type characters are limited to night-time playing at low levels and were-wolf type characters can not control their transformation process at low levels thus are restricted to full moons in-game. Demon type characters are weakened the further they get from corrupted areas.   All atributes states at level 20 are around 100 points. Atribute states include Health (Note that this depends on your class.), Stamina, Toughness, Magicka (Magicka users have higher Magicka levels then others.), and Speed. Note that Atributes are directly affected by armor, weapons, and spells. Your base states are from character leveling. Speed is the only atribute directly affected by how much you weigh and carrying. All atributes are counted by Points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Character sign ups. Note that you will have two characters. One will be for use in the game. The other will be used for real life outside the game.   Reality Realms Character sign-ups.   Name: (One name is required but you can come up with a longer name if you want.)   Age: (Age of character. Note that no character can reach beyond 150 in-game age.)   Gender: (Any gender is accepted.)   Race: (Remember that only humiod forms are accepted.)   Appearence: (Photos or links to a picture are accepted but a small explenation of your character's appearence is required. If not using a picture or picture link.  Be descriptive about your character. Height, weight, body type, skine tone, hair color, hair length, eye color, and any physical scars or things that define your character including warpaint.)   Character Personality: (How you act in game towards other players and npcs.)   Class Type: (Knights, Soldeir, Scout, Battlemage, Guardian Mage, Marksmen, and Healer are the main class types. Custom class types are to be explained in detail if possible.)   Level: (Note that everyone will start on Level 20 due to being part of the beta. Levels are obtain by killing creatures, npcs, or other players.)   Starting Realm: (Come up with a Realm name that you started off in after the game was released.)   Weapons: (Name what kind of weapon or weapons you use or carry.)   Magicka Abilities: (If your are a mage of any kind. Please state your spells and a small explination of of what it does. Note that you can't fire them off continuously. Some spells do take time to charge up and that it takes away from your stamina and magkica reserves.)   Finishing Move(s): (Name your most used finishing move or moves that you do to weakened targets.)   ((Factions are in the game but not really a concern as only large factions from other realms fight in large scale battles. Smaller factions fight over small territory inside the realms they are in.))   Real life sign ups. (This is what you look like out of Reality Realms game. Not what you actually look like in real life. This can mean your game character looks like you or not.)   Name: (First and last name only.)   Age: (Nothing over the age of 35.)   Gender: (Male or female)   Appearence: (Your in-game character can look like your real life character or not. Pics or description is required.)   Personality: (How you act in the real world towards other people.)   ((Note that playing the game will not cross into what you do irl. You'll not know that we all live in New DC till you decide to ask each other where they live in the actual RP. For now just do the character sign-ups.)   (My character sign-ups.)   Reality Realms character:   Name: Phansom   Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Reptilian   Appearence:   Height: 6 foot 11 inches. Weight: 185LBS. Tail Length: 3.5 feet. Tail Thickness: From base to tip 3 inches to 1 inch. Skin Tone: Red scales. Instead of normal hair. Phansom has a group of feathers ontop of the head. Feather colors. Dark gold and black. Physical notes: Horns and three cut marks above the right eye and below the right eye. Eye Color: Red with black slit pupils. Amror is considered to be light and is magically enchanted to keep the body warm in cold envrions for a limited time. (Environs are enviroments so that you know.)   Characer Personality: Prefers to stay away from large populations. Loves food and has a thing for shiney objects. Prefers to listen before talking.   Class Type: Magic Archer: Skills are based mainly on the Marksmen class type but delves into enchantment magic to enhance the strength of the bow and add elemental atributes to arrows like ice, electric shock. fire, wind burst, and rock explosion. Has basic healing spell for healing self or others. Also has basic fire spell mostly for creating fires to keep warm.   Starting Realm: Southern Tempral: A very arid area with several humid rainfall areas where Reptilan race call home.   Weapons: Enhanced long bow, Enchanted quiver and arrows, twin daggers, and natural claws.   Magicka Abilities: Basic healing and fire spells, enchantment skills: Can enchant weapons and armor with elemental enhancements or resistence which cost power gems.   Level: 20 Beta player.   Finishing Moves:   With bow and arrows:  Targets all the joints on the body before rapidly firing off arrows to hit the targeted joints before finishing the target off by firing four arrows into the chest. The four arrows in the chest unleash a chain lighting that inceases in intensity with each rotation of the bolt before causing the chest area to explode from the surge of eletricity.   With Twin Daggers: Holds both in reverse positon before dashing side to side around the target. Hitting the target when passing close by before jumping away and standing back to target as the target drops dead.   With Natural Claws: Tackles the target and begins to slash at the target's face, neck, and chest till the target dies.   Real Life Character.   Name: Aries Yiktashi   Age: 22   Gender: Female   Appearence: Height: 7 foot 2 inches. Weight: 179Lbs. Skin Tone: Tanned. Skin Type: Smooth. Eye Color: Deep Green. Hair Length: Three feet long. Hair Color: Dark Brown. Hair Style: Pony tail. Body type: Athletic and slightly muscular.   Personality: Is very friendly and talks to anyone. Speaks kindly and is a  very loyal friend. Very outgoing and hyperactive.   (Note that this is optional.) Job: Works at Cafe Realms as a waitress full time. During off time loves to paint and hang out with friends besides sleeping and eating.
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