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  1. My dad does nothing but preach about how the illuminate are destroying America. Keeps going on and on about things that are signs of the impending world order. Obama signing things under the table to prepare for marshal law and ****. I'm sick of it. People spend too much time looking into it but I see NO ONE doing a god damn thing besides go on "talk radios". Or go on talk shows but it's still the same as talk radios. No one cares. The idea of reducing the human population to 500 million is just too stupid. Their is no way they can control everything that goes on in all 500 million people on a planet is just not possible. Even with todays tech. The only way they can have control to the degree they can tell when you can be at certain times and track you the entire time is either on a space station or a colony. Their is just too many factors that go into keeping control of people on earth. Even if they wanted to. You can't kill 7.5 billion people without causing massive issues. Everyone is also worried about Armageddon. The Apocalypse. It's not the end of the world. Just the end of the way we used to live. An end to a chapter and a beginning new chapter. So people......stop wasting time and energy on this bullshit. If you're not going to do anything worth while then just stop. If they are real then it's already too late. What your doing now is just what they want. To waste your time, money, and energy trying to warn the mass of sheople who won't listen.
  2. This is a rant. It's something I've been dealing with since I got my first true pc. Everyone keeps telling me I should switch to intel. They all gave me the same fanboy reasons. It's faster, makes less head and takes less power. I already knew that. I also knew that intel gave amd off hand cpus back in the 90's to produce for them before deciding to make their own cpus. After all they where making gpus by the late 90's. Intel has a tight grip on the market because they fear a real competitor. But with AMD's new cpu coming out later this year. They are getting worried though not shown to the public. AMD's new cpu is supposed to be lower power consumption and lower heat generating then their older lines. People keep comparing AMD's aging lineup to the "newer" intel chips. Using DDR4 for their intel chips compared to DDR3. Every single test I've seen has to be skewed to intel in one way or another. I hate intel. I hate how they operate. I hate their marketing. I just hate intel period. One bad experience is all it takes to ruin something as a wise man once said. Well I had a bad experience with intel's cpu. Even if it's a laptop. It's still intel. I sold it 8 months later after I got it as I had to send it in TWICE to get it fixed as it crashed and picked up an amd laptop which served me well for a solid year before I got my tower. I've had the same cpu for over 6 years. An AMD Phenom II x4 970BE 3.5GHz cpu. It's survived power surges and brownouts. I will wait a full year to see what the Zen model cpu from AMD performs and give myself time to save up to build a larger rig then I currently have. I never go out and spend everything on the newest gadget that comes out on the market. I let idiots....I mean fanboys go out and spend their money first. Letting them find all the hidden gems and giving AMD time to iron out kinks in their new cpu. I will not follow the crowds of intel users. A crowd of sheep saying the same thing. That will only get you killed. It's my choice to stay with AMD. It's my choice not to pander to the intel fanboys. Till I personally get handed a decent intel rig to try out. I will keep using AMD.
  3. In the dead dark desolate space lays a planet with scares of wars long since past. The planet barely able to hold onto what's left of the breathable oxygen it has left. The planet has been classified as dead for nearly two hundred years. Removed from the star charts due to traps left on the surface from the Waring factions who nearly caused the planet to loose it's atmosphere. Littered throughout the war torn dilapidated ruins lay treasures thought to be lost on the rest of the galaxy. Humans entered the galactic community two thousand years ago and have spread across the galaxy. With the influx of tech beyond their current level. Mankind's level of tech expanded well ahead of every other race combined. Mankind has the third shortest lifespan in the galaxy. Though unlike the other species which took one direction and stuck with it. Only having small amount of wars. Developed tech slower meaning that mankind at it's current state when they started to explore outside their solar system. Should not have been. But due to the amount of wars advancing technology decades or centuries, or even thousands of years ahead of what for what most consider mankind to be a child race. Mankind soon became the galactic leaders. You couldn't even fly on a private space linear without seeing at least three humans either working or on vacation on that linear. The galaxy enjoyed a golden age for a thousand years. Then the history of man's need for war got the better of them. Two main groups started to argue first in the courts of the galactic community. Then when the Pro-Human group didn't get the home system zoned as a human only zone. Fearing that after a thousand years that the allied alien species have damaged their ancestors culture, religion, and the purity of the human race. Decided to get violent. The Pro-Galaxy faction wanted humans to continue to become more and more part of the galaxy stating it could only make humans stronger took up arms. For three centuries, the two groups fought in battles. In their home system and in many other human controlled systems. Most of the other races soon kicked the humans out of the galactic community out of necessity due to the radical faction not content on just fighting other humans but now lash out every other race. Soon the two major factions take the fighting to the sol system. Mankinds birthplace now once again after a thousand years of peace become torn by war. The radicals that just wanted the sol system to be a human only zone now want to take over the galaxy and make the human race supreme then make other races sub-races. They no longer cared about preserving the Sol System for humanity's sake. So they unleashed doomsday weapons across many of Sol's planets and moons. Sending the innocent to make a mass exodus from Sol and out in the galaxy. The Sol system soon became classified uninhabitable and the remaining humans soon became dislodged and spent the next two hundred years settling on a planet on the other side of the planet given to them by the galactic government for the plight of the human race. On Earth, or what's left of it, lays tech that even by todays standard would be considered advanced. Though the star charts are fragmented mainly on purpose but mostly by cyber attacks during the dark age of humanity. Advanced engine designs, weapons, and much more. There have been others who've found the lost system by accident and have sold bits of earth's lost tech but kept their secrets. Even as some pirate gangs captured then tortured them. Most of the time to death. Even brain hacking wouldn't procure the star charts needed for safe jumps. On the fringes of known space lay a system where their is a rumored android that survived the ancient war and knows how to get back to the Sol System to obtain items that could make anyone extremely powerful or rich or even both. Though most consider earth androids to be weak. It's been said that it's one of the PGA (Pro Galactic Alliance) faction's top war models. Built to last and not to be trifled with. Soon several ships fly through the transit to the lost solar system. Eager to claim the tech left behind. History in shortest possible way. 2092-Mankind ended old grudges and started anew to explore it's solar system. 3132-Mankind has spread out into the Sol system and developed faster propulsion. Cutting travel from earth to it's moon luna from two days eighteen hours down to only six hours. 3154-Experiments to push propulsion to an impossible 6% of light speed. 3155-Sabotage on the first full test run causes a hiccup in the engine used and thrusted the ship into short stint of hyperspace. Without knowing it. Mankind stumbled onto it's first alien encounter. 3190-Mankind for 45 years spent time building a way to communicate with the aliens and soon started to trade. 3320-Mankind is now spread out. Part of the galactic community and a member of the government keeping peace throughout the galaxy on a whole. 4320-After a thousand year golden age. Mankind caved into it's need for war. 4322-The Pro-Human Government forms and first spends the next decade going through proper channels to get the Sol System registered as human only. 4332-The PHG spawns the PGA as the PHG starts small conflicts in remote areas of human controlled space using mercs to harass none humans. 4353-The PHG declares offical war with the PGA. Small battles occur across human space. Trade and travel lightly impacted. 4399-All trade and travel banned from human space. Aliens flee PHG controlled sectors as well as PGA. Major battles cause casualties on both sides to amount to heavy losses. 4411-The fighting has confined itself to the Sol system. Most of the galactic community have erased the star chart for that system. 4434- The PHG uses doomsday like weapons. Causing over 18 trillion humans to flee permanently from the Sol system. 4444-The PHG and PGA kill each other off. The Sol system now a forgotten system. 4990-Any star chart of the Sol system are removed from human history as the galactic government allocates a new home system for the surviving human race. Humans now just the average as other races. 5023-First scavengers bring back goods from the lost system. 5057-The monopoly of greedy scavengers take the secrets of the sol system to their grave when captured and tortured by the scum of the galaxy. 5071-Where the roleplay begins. Sign-ups: Name: (Doesn't need to be complex. Prefer a first last name with nickname or callsign to be in quotation marks.) Race: (Surprise me but no overpowered characters. No one has better everything then others. So go wild with the limits.) Pic or description: (Of what your race looks like and the normal attire of your character.) Age: (Oldest known living being of natural life space is 502 years old. Shortest is a mere 42 years young.) Gender: (Where applicable.) Favorite weapon(s): (Please limit your weapon of choice to three. Keep in mind that bullets may be out classed by plasma based weapons but does not mean they are obsolete. Some planets make it impossible for energy based weapons to function correctly if not at all.) Ship and crew: (If you all want to be part of the same crew. Fine with me. Note: Your a small crew with a small ship. You're out to make it big with earth tech. So you don't have the best stuff.) Ship Name: (Duh as it's self explanatory.) Ship pic or description: (What it says. If you are teaming up with one or more people. Please just put the ship name down instead.) Bio: (Just give a good explanation why you are risking life and limb to find earth tech even though many would back stab for the chance to be powerful and rich.) I'll post my character after I see what others post. Enjoy and hope you enjoyed my late night rp signup attempt.
  4. Charlette looks at her weapon before sighing. Putting it back together before placing it against the wall before getting up. She sees one guy who is drunk. Another who is a loose cannon. The third guy who's mother is in the same room and the other girl seems to hate her. Everyone else is taller then she is and she hopes no one brings it up. Since everyone else has introduced themselves. She will have to.   "My name is Charlette Von Lee...Northern sector." Charlette says quietly as the old man opens the large hanger with the metal beasts inside.   She watched as Etna and Erin stand in front of their animal machine. She heard a voice call to her. She looks around and sees the green eyes staring at her. She slowly walks over to the giant machine before looking at it. She felt a pulse run down her spin and felt like this was calling her. The tiger machine gets up and gets to eye level with Charlette. Charlette reached out and touched the cold black metal nose.   A voice speaks to her: "I've been waiting for you for a long time Charlette Von Lee."   "I feel like this is what I've been waiting for." Charlette says softly.   "You and I know that nothing in this world is as it seems Charlette. What used to be no longer exists. Survival is what humans crave but somehow you managed to bring an entire region  into order." The tigress says.   "Order keeps us from destroying ourselves completely. It's what they want. To see us scramble around in our pathetic attempt for survival. Our planet may be doomed to wither and die but it doesn't mean  the human race has to." Charlette says looking into the emerald eyes of the metal tigress.    "I agree Charlette. Hop in and we will see how it plays out." The tigress says.    The tigress lays down as the chest area opens up. Hissing as it vents air. Charlette looks over at the others who are getting into their animal machines. Charlette takes a deep breath before getting into the dark space. The hatch closes before searing pain comes from the back of her neck. Just as the pain peaks. It stops before she opens her eyes. Seeing the world through the tigress's eyes.   "It seems you've survived the neural sync. I'm impressed. Now you see the world, smell the world, feel the world through me." The Tigress says.   "We are one now." Charlette says looking at the others. "I will estimate that your name isn't given."   "You are correct. In time maybe I will tell you my name." The Tigress says.
  5. It was a long ride in the shuttle from her home to this undisclosed location in another base. She had her broken rifle apart and attempts to fix it again. For the hundredth time. Every part is in great condition. Nothing is broken yet the gun still wouldn't function. So she used it to beat the crap out of  rival gang leaders just to add insult to injury as well as absorbing their clan into hers. It's what she did to the new gang that decided to expand their territory to the northern. Instead she only took five minutes to get the muzzle of her gun against the head of the leader. Taking his gang out from under him without even a shot being fired. After absorbing and punishing the new gang for their actions in her region. Military personal swarmed her base before calling her out. Charlette knew that fighting the military would be just suicide. Even for herself. Instead of routing out her gang. She was given orders to report to a place and said she was to come alone. She only came if they agreed not to arrest her gang. They agreed....reluctantly though and she gathered her weapons and a few supplies before heading to this new place.   She had reassembled her rifle but she didn't try to fire it off inside the shuttle. It was strange. No one else was on the shuttle besides the pilots who are secured in the cockpit. Probably as a security precaution to avoid hijackings. But she had the feeling someone was watching her and not from a camera. She played it cool, acting as if she didn't noticed anything wrong before picking her weapon up. The rest of her gear is stored in the cargo hold.   The intercom ringed to life. "Attention passenger. We are approaching the station. Please be seated and strapped in till we have landed." The male voice said before the intercom shuts off.   Charlette sits down and straps herself in before the shuttle starts to descend into the underground base. Causing the shuttle to shake due to the turbulence and after a few minutes. They touch down at the station. As she unstraps herself. The leader of the gang she recently took from him came stumbling out of the cargo bay and into the passenger cabin. After a minute or two. He regains his balance and pulls a knife out.   "Lets see you cheat now you green bitch!" He says thrusting his knife at her.   Charlette slides just slightly to the right as his knife goes past her open jacket. Char rolled over to the other side of the shuttle as the guy hits the seats before pushing himself off them. He yells out as he tries to stab her directly again while the shuttle goes through the docking procedures. Being smaller then the guy was. She ducks down before slamming her right fist into his crown jewels before putting her left fist into his stomach while jumping up. Making his back hit the roof of the shuttle before rolling out of the way when he lands with a thud.   "You bitch!" He yells out in pain as he gets up. Blood leaking from his mouth and nose while he switches hands with the knife. "After I kill you. I'm going to kill every one in your little weak gang then destroy your region!"   "Silly boys never learn." She says before ramming the butt of the broken rifle into his face as the doors open. Sending him flying out of the shuttle and sliding on the concrete floor.   Security rushes over and puts the guy in cuffs before dragging him off. Her cargo is off loaded and grabs the handle as an old man walks over to her in a white lab coat.   "It seems you had a little problem Maniac Lee." He says with his arms behind his back.   Charlette looks at the old man before letting out a smile. "More like a bug who couldn't take defeat. I assume that by calling me by that name that you know who I am?"   "Of course Charlette Von Lee. Daughter of Victor and Estra Von Lee. Both deceased when you where 5 years old. You spent a year in foster care before running away. By age 7 you where living on the streets begging for food or money. A gang took you by age 8 and by age 9 you where initiated into the gang as a low level servant. It didn't take you long before you murdered the leader of the gang after attempted rape and murder on you and other girls much younger then you. Since then you controlled that gang and gained a reputation for being observant before becoming the maniac. By age 16, fourteen different local gangs challenged. All gangs that challenged where absorbed into your gang. As a response to the local militia being unable to maintain peace in your region due to all the gangs still roaming around at the time. Your gang went on a spree absorbing or destroying any gang that did not  fly your gang's colors." He says with a calm mono-toned voice. "Since then, your gang has been the only gang in that region for the past 5 years. Till a gang from another region tried a few weeks ago to take over your region by forcing the locals to pay them protection. I take it that man you knocked out was the former leader of that gang?"   Charlette nods her head. "You are correct. I see that your information was correct. Most of that information is not easy to come by even for the military."   "Yes most of your early records are nearly hard to obtain." He says as a woman walks up behind him. Long white hair and eyes as cold as ice. "Ah, please follow her. I will be with you shortly."   "Please try to keep up. I am in a hurry." The lady says before walking off.    She follows the lady till they reach an area of the underground base where large double double doors line down. Counting five in all before she leads them into a room. She sees one female playing cards with one male and an older man standing at the edge of the table.   "Please wait here. We are waiting on a few more people before we begin." The lady says before leaving.   Charlette takes the seat farthest from the group and leans back. Though the male who smells of booze seems to be hitting on her. Only opening her eyes just slightly before closing them.
  6. Name: Charlette Von Lee   Age: 21   Gender: Female   Personality: Wither on or off the field. Charlette observers before acting. Her actions got her called Maniac Char. Always enjoying destroying things. No matter what it is. Doing so after she observers so not to make a mistake in what she does. Very outspoken and blunt in what she says about people and situation.   Appearence:  Standing at 5 foot tall. Always has a pair of red goggles around her neck. Dyed her red hair emerald green as to rebel against her family. Due to the state of the world, her eyes turned green as her hair at an early age.   Region: North   Specialty: She carries a few weapons of choice. One is a modified tri-barreled gatling gun that uses an energy converter to generate the rounds on the spot and use electric propulsion instead of gun powder. Another is a .50AE hold over desert eagle using modified rounds on the same principles as the ammo for the gatling gun. The last is a broken sniper rifle she found while rummaging through the ruins of an old military base. A .50 bmg M82 sniper rifle.   Mech-Animal: Tiger   Snippet: Charlette is part of a roaming gang in the northern underground region that attacks the gangs that goes around and kills the people trying to make ends meet. Not a very well respected gang as the militia still considers them a threat. Though the militia won't go after the gangs and most other gangs are not willing to go against the leader. Maniac Char. Sometimes referred to as the emerald death. Every gang leader that challenged her ended up in a body bag and their gang absorbed into her's. Their known for having something green on their body at all times. Most dye their hair. Charlette has been observing a new gang that came from the west that's been beating not only the smaller gangs but the people as well for what ever they have.    "Boss, these new guys are ruining our rep." One of her lieutenants said as the others are whispering to each other.   Charlette looks over her lieutenants and officers as they all chat about the situation. She sighed as she stands up before grabbing her broken weapon.   "Oh shit, she's got that old thing..." One of her lower officers says to another. "You know what that means."   "Yes I'm going to go challenge the leader of that gang for dominance. Take care of the place while I'm gone." Charlette says before leaving to challenge the leader of the other gang.
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