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  1. My dad does nothing but preach about how the illuminate are destroying America. Keeps going on and on about things that are signs of the impending world order. Obama signing things under the table to prepare for marshal law and ****. I'm sick of it. People spend too much time looking into it but I see NO ONE doing a god damn thing besides go on "talk radios". Or go on talk shows but it's still the same as talk radios. No one cares. The idea of reducing the human population to 500 million is just too stupid. Their is no way they can control everything that goes on in all 500 million people on a
  2. This is a rant. It's something I've been dealing with since I got my first true pc. Everyone keeps telling me I should switch to intel. They all gave me the same fanboy reasons. It's faster, makes less head and takes less power. I already knew that. I also knew that intel gave amd off hand cpus back in the 90's to produce for them before deciding to make their own cpus. After all they where making gpus by the late 90's. Intel has a tight grip on the market because they fear a real competitor. But with AMD's new cpu coming out later this year. They are getting worried though not shown to the pu
  3. In the dead dark desolate space lays a planet with scares of wars long since past. The planet barely able to hold onto what's left of the breathable oxygen it has left. The planet has been classified as dead for nearly two hundred years. Removed from the star charts due to traps left on the surface from the Waring factions who nearly caused the planet to loose it's atmosphere. Littered throughout the war torn dilapidated ruins lay treasures thought to be lost on the rest of the galaxy. Humans entered the galactic community two thousand years ago and have spread across the galaxy. With the infl
  4. Charlette looks at her weapon before sighing. Putting it back together before placing it against the wall before getting up. She sees one guy who is drunk. Another who is a loose cannon. The third guy who's mother is in the same room and the other girl seems to hate her. Everyone else is taller then she is and she hopes no one brings it up. Since everyone else has introduced themselves. She will have to.   "My name is Charlette Von Lee...Northern sector." Charlette says quietly as the old man opens the large hanger with the metal beasts inside.   She watched as Etna and Erin s
  5. It was a long ride in the shuttle from her home to this undisclosed location in another base. She had her broken rifle apart and attempts to fix it again. For the hundredth time. Every part is in great condition. Nothing is broken yet the gun still wouldn't function. So she used it to beat the crap out of  rival gang leaders just to add insult to injury as well as absorbing their clan into hers. It's what she did to the new gang that decided to expand their territory to the northern. Instead she only took five minutes to get the muzzle of her gun against the head of the leader. Taking
  6. Name: Charlette Von Lee   Age: 21   Gender: Female   Personality: Wither on or off the field. Charlette observers before acting. Her actions got her called Maniac Char. Always enjoying destroying things. No matter what it is. Doing so after she observers so not to make a mistake in what she does. Very outspoken and blunt in what she says about people and situation.   Appearence:  Standing at 5 foot tall. Always has a pair of red goggles around her neck. Dyed her red hair emerald green as to rebel against her family. Due to the state of the world, her eyes tur
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