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  1. In the dead dark desolate space lays a planet with scares of wars long since past. The planet barely able to hold onto what's left of the breathable oxygen it has left. The planet has been classified as dead for nearly two hundred years. Removed from the star charts due to traps left on the surface from the Waring factions who nearly caused the planet to loose it's atmosphere. Littered throughout the war torn dilapidated ruins lay treasures thought to be lost on the rest of the galaxy. Humans entered the galactic community two thousand years ago and have spread across the galaxy. With the influx of tech beyond their current level. Mankind's level of tech expanded well ahead of every other race combined. Mankind has the third shortest lifespan in the galaxy. Though unlike the other species which took one direction and stuck with it. Only having small amount of wars. Developed tech slower meaning that mankind at it's current state when they started to explore outside their solar system. Should not have been. But due to the amount of wars advancing technology decades or centuries, or even thousands of years ahead of what for what most consider mankind to be a child race. Mankind soon became the galactic leaders. You couldn't even fly on a private space linear without seeing at least three humans either working or on vacation on that linear. The galaxy enjoyed a golden age for a thousand years. Then the history of man's need for war got the better of them. Two main groups started to argue first in the courts of the galactic community. Then when the Pro-Human group didn't get the home system zoned as a human only zone. Fearing that after a thousand years that the allied alien species have damaged their ancestors culture, religion, and the purity of the human race. Decided to get violent. The Pro-Galaxy faction wanted humans to continue to become more and more part of the galaxy stating it could only make humans stronger took up arms. For three centuries, the two groups fought in battles. In their home system and in many other human controlled systems. Most of the other races soon kicked the humans out of the galactic community out of necessity due to the radical faction not content on just fighting other humans but now lash out every other race. Soon the two major factions take the fighting to the sol system. Mankinds birthplace now once again after a thousand years of peace become torn by war. The radicals that just wanted the sol system to be a human only zone now want to take over the galaxy and make the human race supreme then make other races sub-races. They no longer cared about preserving the Sol System for humanity's sake. So they unleashed doomsday weapons across many of Sol's planets and moons. Sending the innocent to make a mass exodus from Sol and out in the galaxy. The Sol system soon became classified uninhabitable and the remaining humans soon became dislodged and spent the next two hundred years settling on a planet on the other side of the planet given to them by the galactic government for the plight of the human race. On Earth, or what's left of it, lays tech that even by todays standard would be considered advanced. Though the star charts are fragmented mainly on purpose but mostly by cyber attacks during the dark age of humanity. Advanced engine designs, weapons, and much more. There have been others who've found the lost system by accident and have sold bits of earth's lost tech but kept their secrets. Even as some pirate gangs captured then tortured them. Most of the time to death. Even brain hacking wouldn't procure the star charts needed for safe jumps. On the fringes of known space lay a system where their is a rumored android that survived the ancient war and knows how to get back to the Sol System to obtain items that could make anyone extremely powerful or rich or even both. Though most consider earth androids to be weak. It's been said that it's one of the PGA (Pro Galactic Alliance) faction's top war models. Built to last and not to be trifled with. Soon several ships fly through the transit to the lost solar system. Eager to claim the tech left behind. History in shortest possible way. 2092-Mankind ended old grudges and started anew to explore it's solar system. 3132-Mankind has spread out into the Sol system and developed faster propulsion. Cutting travel from earth to it's moon luna from two days eighteen hours down to only six hours. 3154-Experiments to push propulsion to an impossible 6% of light speed. 3155-Sabotage on the first full test run causes a hiccup in the engine used and thrusted the ship into short stint of hyperspace. Without knowing it. Mankind stumbled onto it's first alien encounter. 3190-Mankind for 45 years spent time building a way to communicate with the aliens and soon started to trade. 3320-Mankind is now spread out. Part of the galactic community and a member of the government keeping peace throughout the galaxy on a whole. 4320-After a thousand year golden age. Mankind caved into it's need for war. 4322-The Pro-Human Government forms and first spends the next decade going through proper channels to get the Sol System registered as human only. 4332-The PHG spawns the PGA as the PHG starts small conflicts in remote areas of human controlled space using mercs to harass none humans. 4353-The PHG declares offical war with the PGA. Small battles occur across human space. Trade and travel lightly impacted. 4399-All trade and travel banned from human space. Aliens flee PHG controlled sectors as well as PGA. Major battles cause casualties on both sides to amount to heavy losses. 4411-The fighting has confined itself to the Sol system. Most of the galactic community have erased the star chart for that system. 4434- The PHG uses doomsday like weapons. Causing over 18 trillion humans to flee permanently from the Sol system. 4444-The PHG and PGA kill each other off. The Sol system now a forgotten system. 4990-Any star chart of the Sol system are removed from human history as the galactic government allocates a new home system for the surviving human race. Humans now just the average as other races. 5023-First scavengers bring back goods from the lost system. 5057-The monopoly of greedy scavengers take the secrets of the sol system to their grave when captured and tortured by the scum of the galaxy. 5071-Where the roleplay begins. Sign-ups: Name: (Doesn't need to be complex. Prefer a first last name with nickname or callsign to be in quotation marks.) Race: (Surprise me but no overpowered characters. No one has better everything then others. So go wild with the limits.) Pic or description: (Of what your race looks like and the normal attire of your character.) Age: (Oldest known living being of natural life space is 502 years old. Shortest is a mere 42 years young.) Gender: (Where applicable.) Favorite weapon(s): (Please limit your weapon of choice to three. Keep in mind that bullets may be out classed by plasma based weapons but does not mean they are obsolete. Some planets make it impossible for energy based weapons to function correctly if not at all.) Ship and crew: (If you all want to be part of the same crew. Fine with me. Note: Your a small crew with a small ship. You're out to make it big with earth tech. So you don't have the best stuff.) Ship Name: (Duh as it's self explanatory.) Ship pic or description: (What it says. If you are teaming up with one or more people. Please just put the ship name down instead.) Bio: (Just give a good explanation why you are risking life and limb to find earth tech even though many would back stab for the chance to be powerful and rich.) I'll post my character after I see what others post. Enjoy and hope you enjoyed my late night rp signup attempt.
  2. "For as long as the scribes of old could foretell in their stories, papyrus littered with ancient dust from a past now forgotten, powerful creatures roamed the lands of the living. Breeding, co-inhabiting, and even making history in the volumes of history. But that is not the tale we speak of in the light, for the shadows hold far more than secrets, it holds the very essence of our culture. Magic has, and always will be a necessity to keep the balance of good and evil. However, those terms cannot just describe a person, but an idea, a dream, a passion. That, my dear reader, is where the lines blur together, and more often than not, our of sight of its wielder. I digress, these words are not for comfort, but for an understanding of our way of life. I am called Morrigan, it is the name over the many moons I've walked upon the plane of man I've come to love most. I cherish it as if it were my own child cradled t my bosom. I am part of a long forgotten order of mystical beings who've banded together over the centuries to thwart harm to our people, and the world around us. Some say we perform blood rituals, others are persuaded we take life for pleasure. How wrong the fools are to come to terms with such trifles, our order simply keeps the balance of two worlds while remaining hidden. Times have changed, but the hearts of men sadly, have not. This modern era, full of gadgets and creations only dreamed of in my time now blossoms into a monthly update of information and wonder. But, so do the shadows. My order is called "The Grail", users of the mystic art that preserve our history and knowledge with one another, and seek out those who obtain their abilities and use them for the common wealth of our existence; for what little time we have it. Some of our family, my family, have come and gone to their maker...most however...were forced to meet an end not so kind to their charge. I remember such an instance when the nations of the world first interacted with our kind from lands far beyond the horizon of the setting sun, powerful dark arts merged with necromancy, and a new age of bloodshed was written. The massacre of many an innocent during the trials at Salem forced our hand to retreat into the shadows further, leaving our enemy to grow in silence and statue all too boldly. So in our retreat, we waited, we procreated, stronger and more vibrant youths to carry on our legacy of neutralization, theirs was a time of true and utter peace on this earth. Unfortunately, fate has never been so kind as to grant anyone immortal happiness....without sorry to follow. The Moon is that of the 10,000th Sun Burst Raven, or to be simple, two-thousand and fifteen. I've spoken with what little Grail members there are left in the North American lands, so few....which has me worried. Even to my core I know there is amiss stalking our my clan, but from where, I cannot say. After the loss of my own children, and grandchildren years prior, I've returned to the Arbor Wilds, my wilderness sanctuary to forget the pain. But no longer can I stay hidden...My small oven of wandering mystical users, both experienced and novice shall keep watch of these lands until I return. Their combined might should be enough to ward those who wish to bring evil upon my lands. I pray with the last of my love I have to give, that it is enough to rid them of the trials and tribulations we are about to face. Our time has come to cast our kind into the light, before the darkness swallows us whole. To any member of The Grail who come across this message, "The shade only covers you at midnight". If you are simply a weary traveler who happened to come across an old witch's babbling, may I give you my sincerest condolences. One should not seek power that cannot be controlled, and power like ours, should never be sought after....." A shadowy figure places the burnt piece of parchment back down to the ground, his eyes surveying the abandoned hut slowly and with every detail he could fathom during the hidden moons light. Nothing remained of this once sanctuary, holy ground to lost or traveling mystics. Family. The smell of burnt wood and herbs engulfed the nights sky, tracks of the attackers were long gone as the smoke continued to rise from the dead bark and land. The figure stood, grunting slightly as he viewed the now open layout of the fields, the crops destroyed, the wildlife slain for a mile that happened to cross the path of these savages. This was a sign. The figure reached into his pocket and produced a small flip phone, dialing quickly by memory as his eyes remained ever vigilant, glowing a faint crimson red every so often. "Report" A soft, yet commanding voice of a woman answered the line. "We're too late, this home was targeted strategically. Just like the others, that's another safe-house gone I'm afraid". There were no words spoken then, just a silent defeat. "This safe-house was older than the Pyramids themselves; something big is happening and we're chasing our own tail. Come home at once when you can, I don't think it would be a good idea to stay separated at this point. Especially not when an elder's home was taken down. D-did you find any bodies?" The small hitch in her voice made the figure sigh in defeat as well. "Yes, none that I recognize, but their mystical powers float about these lands now. Seven total, all underage. These were our people's offspring...." A sigh came from the other end of the phone. "Come home when you can brother, do what you must, but nowhere is safe now. I'm returning to our home in the woods. I'll meet you there." The line went dead with an affirming "click". The man closed his device and silently walked the same path that brought him to this hidden sanctuary, whispering a silent incantation, the cloaked man vanished in a quick flash of red light. The moons light slowly appeared past the clouds, shinning down onto the land once more, but this time, to an empty field of grass, no trace of the destruction to be seen. Hours later, in the terminal of Washington International airport, the once hooded figure now revealed in light scours the charred journal that remained a vital clue to their hunters, and their past. More members of their coven slain, and more their numbers dwindle before even a spark of life could be created. "This Lady Morrigan believed it was time to come into the light. Either she was a lonely old coot, or she was desperate. In either case, even our contacts are being taken out, and their sources as well. No one seems to be safe, we need a new plan to draw our enemies out, and keep the remaining mystical users who remain alive safe from harm. It's not going to be easy, but as this elder witch of the wild stated, nothing ever is...." Welcome to Trials of the Grail! This RP is set in modern time with ancient secrets to uncover along the way. The theme for this RP will be mystical/magical/supernatural abilities and humans now living in the modern world. Hunted by the shadows of the past, the goal is to remain alive long enough to band together and start a new chapter of The Grail Order. Our wold of magic and mystery are coming to light for the first time in human history, and not the version represented in movies and modern day stories, but in a reality where nothing is as what it seems. The darkness is ever surrounding and engulfing, will you let it consume your light? Sign Up: Name: Pretty Common Age: You know the drill. If you are over the age of 25 and unique in your abilities, you may be considered a new elder since most of the previous ones have been slain or are currently in hiding. Sex: Have a ball. Personality: See Sex portion for explanation. Abilities: Can range from mystic talismans to voodoo practices, witchcraft, transmutation, transfiguration, psychic, elemental or natural sorcery, spells, incantations, necromancy, etc. Please be detailed with your abilities and include limitations to said abilities as well. We can grown from our weakness' during the RP. Appearance: Description or Photo. Background: Are you flying solo? Spawn of a magical/mystic user? Related to a well known mystical user? Give us the scoop. Occupation: Hey, we're powerful, but not rich. Or are we? You decide!
  3. The year: 3018   The small base creaked and shook as the desert winds outside howled, slamming against the metallic walls, the plexi-glass windows shuddered with the force of the winds as an older man stood behind one of them staring into the swirling sands. His hands clasped together behind his back, his graying hair was slicked back away from his weathered face, dark brown eyes clouded by his deep thoughts. His white lab coat hung loosely from his shoulders as he simply stared out the window. The howl of the winds outside made him uneasy as nothing could be seen in the distance, no way of knowing what was out there. The times were hard, the once beautiful, thriving earth almost nothing but a dusty rock now, the remaining bits of humanity clinging for survival across the dying planet. The older man's mind went back in time as he remained vigil in his observation of the wold outside his window; he could remember back to 10 years ago when this very place had been a thriving forest, full of life and beauty. But that was before, before they came. The Utherians, a proud race of alien creatures, they stood over 7 feet tall, their skin came in a multitude of colors. Thin and skeletal like they were ruthless and wicked, they had claimed peace before breaking that vow. And now they were at the mercy of a bloodthirsty race that had invaded and enslaved the human race, mining the planet of its resources til all that was left was what the man could see in front of him now.  The wind howled once more, louder, as if the planet herself were in pain over the loss of her life force. He unclasped his hands and crossed his arms over his broad chest as he saw a small space open within the vortex of sand giving him a small glimpse of the blue sky above them. Proof that there was indeed hope among the people of earth. The Utherians had brought with them technology that was far beyond the people of Earth, and as they retreated from the planets surface to survey her death from a distance, safe in their ships that linger in the Earth's atmosphere some of that technology had been left behind.  That was why this base was so valuable, it was here that the technology found had been brought back to life, the machines being much more then what they first appeared to be. The large beasts had proved to have minds of their own, agendas and opinions; and once they had been revived they had proved to be quite the handful. The beasts themselves had once been slaves to the Utherians who had brought them here, disposing of them once their usefulness was done. They swore revenge on the alien life forms but only once the right person had been brought forward to pilot the massive beings. The man's mind wandered to the massive forms in the underground hanger below the base now, there were five in all, all of them resembling animals and creatures from the man's past that he could remember clearly. The fiercest one was the large Golden dragon that bellowed from the depths of the base, his rage was potent as it mingled with the howls of the wind outside. The second held a soul that was deep and wise, the Tiger would lay there as if deep in her own thought, only opening her bright green metallic eyes to glance at the professor when he walked in to check their diagnostics. The third was a large black wolf, he was withdrawn and to himself, his glowing blue eyes focused as he watched the humans shuffle about. The fourth was the smallest of the beasts, she was no less a threat though; she was the most social of them as well. She would speak with the man, her voice echoing deep within his mind asking if he had found their pilots; each time the small fox would lower her metallic ears in sadness at his decline. Her white metallic fur off set by her jet black nose and black outlined amber eyes. The last of the beasts was the most magnificent, regal in standing and demanding of respect the Griffin would only hold it's head high, the professor and the rest of the mechanics restoring them not worth his time to notice. His bronze body glimmered, even in the dank depths of the underground hanger.    Finally pulled from his thoughts the man turned as a slight woman walked in, her oval glasses hanging low on her nose, her black hair pulled back into a tight bun as she entered, a clipboard in her hands.    "Sir, word has come from the underground factions." "What word?"   She handed him a small stack of papers, five in all.    "Each of the factions has presented us their top combatant, they believe that these five people might be worthy of being our pilots. Sir."   Looking through the files he nodded at each before handing them back to the shorter woman.    "Its the best hope we have. Send for them immediately. If they are indeed the chosen pilots, the bonding process will have to begin as soon as possible."    She nodded and left the man alone once more, a small spark of hope building within his chest, they might finally be their time to strike back.    The most important question being, would these five men and women rise to the task of being the Earths defenders...?   Sign ups-   Name (first and last): Age: Gender: Personality: Appearance(photo, description or both): Region: Speciality(hand to hand combat, firearms, demolition ect): Mech-animal: Snippet:     Here's mine as an example if needed.    Name: Etna Rhodes Age: 27 Gender: Female Personality: Quiet and fierce when on the field she differs slightly off the field around her peers. Still quiet and reserved she will join in occasional conversations but prefers to listen to those around her rather then out right join. Seemingly standoffish on the outside, on the inside she is rather friendly and social; once she gets to know the people around her.  Appearance: Etna stands at an average height of 5'6, lean and toned in body she has flaming red hair that reaches the middle of her back and seemingly glowing blue eyes. Her attire is always simple, blue jeans with tank tops or sleeveless shirts that are normally covered by a black, sleeveless leather duster coat that reaches the back of her knees. When not being worn her black, finger-less gloves are tucked into the back pocket of her jeans. Being a part of the underground factions in the West sector she carries a few weapons on her person. a black pistol that resides in the holster that hugs her left shoulder and a small belt that contains petite, yet deadly throwing knives. Black boots don her feet, thick soled and reaching the bottom of her knees, they zip on the sides for easy wear but are decorated in several buckles.  Region: West sector Specialty: Etna is a well versed fighter, trained efficiently in hand to hand combat and blade mastery, the pistol she carried is usually a last resort. Being top in her class in both marital arts and blade use in the Western faction she feels most comfortable with a blade in her hand, but if need be she could strike out bare handed as well.  Mech-animal: Wolf Snippet:  Etna's head snapped up from the tattered book she read as there was a knock on the door to her dismal living area. Only half the size of a one bedroom apartment with a bathroom barely big enough for her to squeeze into. The shower built onto the wall with the drain in the center of the tiny bathroom. No mirror and her bed was elevated and bolted to the wall, able to be folded against the wall if the extra room was needed. Her clothes resided in the small baskets that hung from her ceiling as well as what ever personal effects she had, no that she had much. Sliding gracefully from her bed she landed on her toes gently, the cold from the cement floor seeping through her socks and into her skin. Padding lazily towards her door she placed an old worn book mark between the pages of her book to keep her place, dropping the old book into one of the baskets smoothly as she made her ways across the small room. She was thankful for the few things she did have, but she near hated the base she lived in; the West faction was the poorest of all the underground factions out there, five in all, North, South, East, West and Central. All of them the same; dusty, barren, and lifeless. Reaching the other side of her sparse surroundings she pressed a small button on her wall to open the door, not reacting as the faction commander stood in front of her. The larger man was tall and broad, his black hair had streaks of gray throughout it now as he aged, his face was graced with a large scar that ran from his hair line down to his chin; his right eye constantly forced to stay closed due to the damage. His skin was dark and thick, littered with scars, small and large. Clearing his throat he grabbed her attention and handed her a folder with her name on it.  "Your being transferred to Central faction, the shuttle leaves in an hour." She nodded, not really caring where she went, anything was better then the prison like room she resided in now. Reaching her bed she pressed her hand on a small spot to the left of it causing a small cubby hole to appear.  Reaching in she pulled out a large green bag that she filled with her clothes and personal items; the bag remained only half full by the time she was done. Looking at the holographic clock on her wall she nodded, it was time to leave. She headed for the small underground shuttle system that all the factions had made for communication and transportation between them. Climbing on the fairly small shuttle she took a seat and reclined back in the seat as after a few minutes the shuttle took off.
  4.   The Throwaways Redux   Presented by DeLarge and Orcus   ---   "You join me here at Patriot City Federal Bank, where members of super-team Stormforce have just thwarted an attempt at grand larceny by an as-yet unidentified group of criminals."   The young female reporter smiled broadly into the camera in the somewhat genuine, yet entirely false way that only a news reporter could, standing her ground in front of a swarm of civilians crowding around the camera, jostling for a glimpse of their favourite heroes.   "The robbery was foiled just a few minutes ago by the Steel Saviour..."   The image cut to footage of a figure covered head-to-toe in shiny silver armour bristling with weapons, floating a few feet off the ground in front of the giant doors to the bank.   "...along with Construct, the youngest member of the team..."   Images of a young woman clad in a suit of pearlescent white armour that appeared to be made of nothing more than light appeared in the report, a bubble of bright white energy emerging from her outstretched hand and containing the prone forms of several criminals.   "...and the great American hero Magnificent."   A spectacular figure appeared on-screen, wearing a fashionable white-and-black costume and a broad, gleaming smile as she waved to the crowd assembled in front of her, receiving a deafening cheer and rapturous applause in return.   The footage cut back to the reporter, whose smile had somehow expanded even further as the crowd exploded into noise and chaos behind her.   "And here to comment on today's events is none other than the Steel Saviour, leader of Stormforce," she said, and the armour-clad man stepped into the frame, his superior size dwarfing the petite reporter and his metal helmet giving him a cold and emotionless, but stoic and powerful air.   "Steel Saviour, on behalf of all citizens of Patriot City, I'd like to thank you for your services here today. We owe you and the rest of Stormforce a great debt."   "Thank you, Jessica," replied the Steel Saviour, his voice deep and resonant, but electronically distorted through his helmet, "But we are only doing our duty as American citizens. With power like ours, it would be irresponsible of us to sit back and do nothing..."   The image paused on the screen, and a well-built man in a smart black suit stepped in front of the large monitor, the light from the projection casting an eery shadow across his handsome, slightly scarred face.   "And there, ladies and gentlemen, is our problem," he said, gesturing to the screen behind him, "With power like theirs..."   "I don't understand, Mr Reins," said one of the figures seated in front of the screen and the man, a middle-aged woman in a sharp power suit, "These people are heroes, they make our city, our world, in fact, safer."   "Do they?" replied Mr Reins, "In the years since these...superheroes appeared in our lives, haven't we had more large-scale incidents across the globe than ever before? Haven't there been more attacks on American soil by super-powered terrorists than we ever imagined when they first came into our collective consciousness? These people, these men and women we have silently elected to maintain order and peace around the world, they are heroes, of course they are. But they are powerful, more powerful than anything we could have imagined, and in the words of the great Lord Acton..."   "Mr Reins, are you going somewhere with this?" asked another of the figures seated around the large conference table, "We do have other things to be doing with our time..."   "Power," Mr Reins interrupted, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These people have absolute power, and how long is it goinge before that power corrupts them absolutely? Is there a police force, or even a military in any nation in the world that could stand up to the power of Magnificent, should she choose to turn on us?"   A murmur rounded the darkened room, and Mr Reins allowed himself the smallest of smiles as he felt the power dynamic in the room shift in his favour.   "No," he said, breaking through the murmur, "There is not. What we are proposing is a contingency, to use what we have at our disposal to our advantage should the superheroes of this world turn on us. They will remain a secret, their existence erased from our records and known only to those with the highest possible security clearance."   "If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, Reins..." growled a heavyset older man in an ill-fitting black suit, before being cut off by Reins' response.   "A black ops team, composed entirely of superhuman convicts we currently have in our custody. Off the record, no liability, maximum security. All we need is the board's approval," he finished with a grin which highlighted a small scar on the right side of his face.   "Suppose we did approve this, Mr Reins," asked the female board member who had spoken up earlier, "Do we have any guarantee that these activities will never be traced back to Geist Industries? Setting up a kill-team opposing the nation's defenders would reflect very poorly on the company."   "We have every guarantee. All the details are in these files, take your time to look through them, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed," he said, sliding a bunch of files across the table towards the board members, who picked them up and began leafing through them.   "Task Force Delta-Echo?" one of the board members asked, noticing the label on the front cover of the document.   "That's the official designation, yes," replied Reins, "But downstairs we tend to call them by another name."   "Oh yes? And what might that be?" asked the board member, and Reins grinned again.   "We call them the Throwaways."   ---   Background   Welcome to The Throwaways, brought to you as part of the ongoing OB Relaunch. Some of the older members of the 'Boards may remember the original Throwaways from a few years ago, but this will be a very different beast.   We will be playing the roles of the Throwaways, superhuman convicts in the custody of the powerful multinational corporation Geist Industries forced to monitor and police the world's superhuman community, including both supervillains and superheroes. Geist will have powerful and influential ways in which to control us, and defying them will most likely result in your death.   Assignments   As with the first OB Relaunch RP 'Fistful of Credits', The Throwaways will be run in a different manner to previous RPs. The story will be separated into relatively short 'Assignments', each posted in a separate thread, and once you've created a character you will be allowed to pick and choose which Assignments you participate in: all we ask is that, if you choose to join an Assignment, make sure you can see it through to the end.   Ideally we would like everyone to participate in multiple Assignments over the course of the RP, but if you reach the end of an Assignment and decide you no longer wish to continue playing, you can let us know and we will work with you to create a satisfying resolution for your character. However, you will be permitted to rejoin the RP at a later stage with a new character if you should choose to do so.   The Assignments will be divided into four distinct categories, each of which will involve different approaches and different skill sets. These categories are as follows:   Heist: The team will be given a target item, which they will have to steal from wherever it is currently being kept. Infiltration: Members of the team will be required to infiltrate a group or team and gain valuable information while undercover. Defamation: The team will be assigned to gather or manufacture damning evidence about a superhuman and release it to the public. Assassination: You will be required to kill a superhuman.   After the initial Assignment, you will each be allowed to vote on which Assignment type you would like to participate in next. The most popular choice will then be posted as the next Assignment, and you can choose whether or not to sign up for it.   Obviously, you don't have to participate in every Assignment, but we do encourage players to read each one in case there are important plot or character points introduced which could affect how the rest of the RP progresses.   Backstories   Along with the main Assignment threads, you will also be encouraged to post in the 'Backstories' thread, which will allow you to go into greater detail about your character's life and history: from how they got their superpowers to how they came onto Geist's radar and everything in between, you can use this thread to add more detail and life to your characters that you may not have time for in the Assignments.   Myself and Orcus will also be posting regularly in the Backstories thread to give you more information about the world we will be playing in, and the histories of the various non-player characters that you will encounter as the RP itself progresses. So, as with the Assignment threads, it will only help you to keep up to date with the Backstories thread as we play through the main RP.   Characters   Now we come to the fun part! Here you will be given free reign to create some powerful, outlandish characters to form part of the strangest super-team in the world. Here's an outline of what we're looking for:   Name: Codename: if your character operated under a codename in their career prior to Geist abducting them, let us know what it was Age: this is a world of super-beings, so you could potentially be hundreds of years old Gender: pretty straightforward, tell us whatever gender pronoun your character prefers to be referred to as Height: Weight: Appearance: a picture, preferably a photo or realistic drawing is good, as is a detailed description Speciality: if your character is geared towards a specific Assignment type, for example Heist or Assassination, put it here - if you're good to go regardless of the Assignment type, simply put 'All-Rounder' Superpowers: go into as much detail as you can here - for example, if your character is pyrokinetic, let us know what their power level is like, what can they do with fire, can they generate it or just manipulate it. You are encouraged to be as creative as possible with this part of your sign-up, as we will be going up against some truly otherworldly characters over the course of the RP. Special Skills: anything your character can do that wouldn't be classed as a superpower, for example lock-picking or gymnastic ability Equipment/Weapons: Geist tends to prefer picking up superhumans who rely on their powers rather than any weapons, but if you have a special weapon you desperately want to use then list it here Personality Profile: give us a brief but descriptive example of what your character is like, particularly how they play with others and any specific personality defects they may suffer from Writing Sample: to give us an idea of how your character reacts in a given situation, tell us about how you were 'recruited' for Task Force Delta-Echo - were you forcibly abducted off the streets, did a Geist operative offer you a choice between a lengthy prison sentence and working for them, maybe you even gave yourself up willingly? Whatever the situation, let us know briefly what happened here.   I'll be posting my character profile and the Discussion thread shortly, until then if you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me and I'll do my best to answer!
  5. Laying on the couch facing her large bay window Satsuki closed her eyes and sighed as the sun beamed through the glass to warm her lightly tanned skin. Twirling a strand of her sky blue hair around her finger she smiled slightly as the dog on the floor snored loudly before growling and letting out a whine in his dreams. Life was wonderful, peaceful and slow; just how she liked it. Letting her hair go she shifted her weight and stood her full height of 6ft, stretching her back before padding silently towards the kitchen for a glass of water. Standing next to the sink she cocked her hip to the side letting it rest on the counter, looking out the sink window she watched as the dried, colored leaves of the fall spun around the ground as the wind blew. It was getting colder, but she had never minded the cold to be honest and she loved the snow most of all. She had bought this house and moved her for the only reason that it sat on a snow belt and white was promised every year. Her mind drifted for a moment back to her old job, the one she had retired from less than 5 years earlier. Her team had been the best of the best, and had done some damn good work in the 10 years they had worked together. The loud growling of the dog in the other room caught her attention and pulled her from her thoughts; gone was the lazy dream growling and in it's place was the sound of an agitated pit bull. Putting her glass in the sink she began to walk back through the house, her muscles tense and ready for anything, or at least she thought. Rounding the corner into the living room she stopped in her tracks as a blast from the past stood in front of her bay window. "Helix?" The young man bowed his head, his brow was knitted into a frown and she could sense unease all around him, walking over to her dog she put her hand on his back and patted him lightly.  "Easy Tank, he's a friend. One I'm kind of curious as to why he's here actually." Sighing the man in question finally spoke.  "You might want to sit down for this Suki...you're not gonna like it." "I already don't like it Helix." He nodded slowly as she did as he asked and sat down on her couch, the red nose pit jumping up next to her, keeping his eyes on the stranger. "Satsuki, the PDA has asked me to gather you and your old team back to headquarters. There's been an emergency." "What kind of emergency?" He leaned forward and handed her a large envelope, it was slightly thick and a little heavy. "What's this?" "This is a report of all the issues going on in the last 6 months that have led me here to you." She threw the envelope onto her coffee table and leaned back into her couch; crossing her arms and legs she pined the young man with a glare. "Why don't you tell me what's been going on." "Satsuki, there is reason to believe that they are back." "They who Helix?" You and your team retired after your final assignment, the one that almost cost you all your lives...The PDA thought that would be a reasonable way to repay you for all you had done. Buying you all houses where you wanted and making sure you were all set for life. All of you. They never expected to ask for you to come back, at least not come back and do it all over again." Satsuki's stomach flipped slightly, she frowned and shook her head. "No, your screwing with me, there is no way you're saying what I think you're saying." "Just look at the files Suki, you'll see." Sighing she reached for the envelope and opened it slowly, the first page was details of the dead rising from their graves, the second was the file of 4 different towns being at war within themselves, the third was files of strange illnesses that had no cure and no explanation, and the last were reports of strange deaths up and down the east coast, people dying from overdoes, or liver failure due to alcohol poisoning. Others were more disturbing, but with each report she read her stomach dropped. "These can't be real, the only way any of these thing could be happening is if the master is out. And that's never going to happen." "It already did Suki, there was a massive earthquake 6 months ago, and right after it these reports started to flood in from all over the country. We checked the tomb, it was cracked...and empty. The earthquake must have cracked the tomb and he escaped. Now his men are out there causing chaos so he can recreate hell on earth." Satsuki pressed her fingers to her forehead as if she were getting a headache.  "Your telling me, that for the last 6 months the PDA has just been what sitting around and drinking on the job before they finally checked the tomb?" Helix shook his head before he spoke.  "They didn't connect the dots til a story of the people rising from their graves came in. At first we just thought it was a necromancer at work, but than the town just went dead. No people, no animals. Nothing. Everyone and everything was just gone. No living source to be found. Even the vegetation was dead. Only one being can do that, you know that as well as we do." Slamming the small pile of papers on the coffee table Satsuki stood up and cursed, her Fuchsia eyes blazing in fury as she began to pace across her floor. She finally stopped and looked up at the young man. "They're loose. All of them?" "All four, and their master." Cursing again she kicked her table causing it to flip a few times before smashing against the far wall. "What the hell do they expect us to do about it?!" "Your being reinstated. As of now you are once again a member of the PDA, The rest of your team is being gathered as well. For those who refuse to rejoin or can not be found replacements will be found for them. You on the other hand have no choice. You led them, you have to lead them again." "No choice huh?" "That's right." "They are demanding that I either risk my life or die to put these a-holes back in their graves." He nodded slowly. "Of course. How hard can it be to hunt down the Four Horsemen and Satan himself?" "Be ready in an hour Satsuki. I'll be back to collect you then." A small pop could be heard as the man vanished from her sight. Screaming she flung her arm out, ice shards flew from her skin at the movement, shattering windows and sticking into the wall.  "I was supposed to be dead before they ever even thought of returning to the earth...the horsemen alone were hard enough to put away...but now they want us to hunt down satan too? We're trying to stop the damn apocalypse and no one gives a damn about the lives they're gonna throw away doing it." She took a moment to read over the files once more before stalking to her bedroom to get her things together, calling her sister to come and pick up Tank that same day as well. There was no telling if she was coming back from this.      Signups: If your interested in joining I'd like a snippet like the one I just posted above telling how you were either reinstated or chosen to be a possible replacement for an old member that refused or could not be found. More character detail will be asked for once people have posted.
  6. Incoming transmission from Sector Six-Alpha.  .............Priority one.   Audio only..... Playing audio.....                        [Static]....Mayday..M[unkown]ay. Ship has been hit by as[noise level too loud to compensate].                      Lost con[static]ol over tartet pl...[alarms sound off]. Going for emergency landing. I repeat. We are going for..[Loud explosion followed by a distinct sound of decompression]                          Audio signal lost..... Transmission connection has been terminated...   Crew 606 mission....Search and Rescue, recover black boxes priority number one, destroy remains of crew and ship if recover isn't possible.   Planet details from two earlier probes.   Planet is earth-like. Atmosphere is viable for human presence. Planet has remains of cities and plant life seems to be reclaiming smaller less dense cities. Small power and heat sources have been detected across the planet. Original Crew 102 mission: Observation from low orbit, land and recover samples using robotic drones, test samples to insure flora is none hostile, set up an outpost before Crew 243 arrives to make a more permanent presence on planet for research. Terrain seems to be natural in most areas. Animal life has been detected mostly in the denser nature reclaimed cities and plains. Cities seem to be mega cities. More detail scans needed for accurate surface maps.   Ship complement: 6. One pilot, one co-pilot, Four volunteers drawn from any citizen with level 2 or higher rating. All crew must be well adapted to using weapons if planet's natural creatures are hostile, must be trained in survival techniques, military backgrounds are a benefit to the crew, and any science degree or background will also benefit the crew.   Ship requisitioned from Project Arura: One Mercury class frigate. Atmospheric landing capable. Two shuttles attached to outer haul connected via docking rings for self defense and emergency shelter, six escape pods with six month's worth of supplies each, lightly armed for self defense and asteroid protection. Size: 12000 feet in length, 900 feet in width, 600 feet tall. Hyper-fission reactor powers ship systems, weapons, shields, and eight ion engines as well as the lightspeed generator.   Order of the President of the Sol Union this mission not fail. Crew 102 is sixty-three members. Find and rescue or recover as many as possible. Emergency location beacons implanted into the skulls of all crews activate in case of emergency. Use the Frigate's probes as satellites to form a Global Positioning System for easier searching and communications.   Warning: One large heat source is known to exist on planet within and around the mega cities. Object is unknown and considered dangerous. Do not engage or make contact with it in any way till after primary mission is complete.   Side note: The First Lady requests that, as she says, "If at all possible. Please use holo-cameras to gather as much visual data as possible. Any imagery brought back is very important.".   End of letter.....       The year is 2305. Humanity has somewhat perfected lightspeed engines and has been exploring potential star systems within a 30 lightyear range of the Sol system. These missions are volunteer based and most of the time are met with just planets not capable of supporting humans without heavy terraforming or use of bio-doms. Sector Six-Alpha was considered to be where the "WOW" signal originated from but from probes sent there before Crew 102 where old and only was capable of gathering basic information. Crew 102 have been in orbit on what scientist call the planet, "Wasteland" due to it's abandoned mega cities that, even in current state of decay, would rival the most heavy populated cities on earth by a factor of twenty. It seems who ever created these cities had extensive knowledge of engineering, agricultural, and other areas of civilization far beyond earths as the mega cities are estimated to have less impact on the planet's eco system then earth's cities.   Crew 102's Venus class cruiser was hit by asteroids and had to crash land on the planet. Crew 606 is to be sent to recover survivors, black boxes, blue boxes which contain scientific data, and destroy the remains of the ship and/or crew if they could not be recovered. While avoiding the planet's unknown creatures and the mysterious heat source that dwells in the mega cities of the planet. Tech has advanced enough for many things we think is either a phantasy or science fiction could be real. Though it's only a physical change to the body. Though gender swapping from male to female is possible. Meaning a male could become a full fledge female with fully functional reproductive organs though offspring will be human. Like wise from female to male.   This planet is eerie as it seemed to be once occupied by humanoids that, from what the buildings look like on the inside, someone least have the same make up to humans. Meaning one head, two arms, and two feet. Though slightly taller then the tallest average human can get. Old pads contain words that seem familiar but have yet been sent back to earth to be decrypted. Tech responds to human presence kind of like auto-advertisements. Though the cities seem to have scars from battles and things are damaged. The air is actually very pleasing to breath even in the mega cities.  The frigate has vehicles to drive on terrain and two shuttles for aerial observation.   Danger lurks in the war scared cities on this planet, the local flora is mostly harmless and edible if barely, and it will rain... a strange color then on earth. It's an alien planet where the entire population once called this planet home all but vanished...or did  they? Can Crew 606 find the surviving members of Crew 102? What will happen after the primary mission is completed? Sadness and happiness await with action and drama. Surprises are everywhere and anywhere. Think you can make the cut of Crew 606?   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Sign ups: (Finally!)   Name: First, Last.   Age: No younger then 19. No older then 40. (unless your an AI construct then your limited to 130 years old.)   Gender: Male, Female, or anywhere in-between.   Race: Human or other. (Other includes furries, cyborgs, etc etc.)   Species: Applies only to furries, robots, or cyborgs. (Furries: class of animal. Robots/Cyborgs: Primary structure model.)    Birth Place: Colony, planet, station, etc. (Basically where did you originate from since humans aren't confined to earth anymore.)   Appearance: Picture would be more viable. If picture is provided but does not represent your character, describe what is different from the picture and your character. If no picture is provided, please describe your height, weight, body build, hair color, hair length, eye color, breast size if female, (yes...I know..), physical attributes like scars, tattoos, body modifications, etc etc.   Personality: Basically how you are around other people.   Bio: A short story about your character before you volunteered for Project Arura. Mainly what caused you to join. Be creative. A more in depth bio can really make or break your character. At least one or two paragraphs would be nice.   Primary skill: What you major in. Basically what is your specialty. Example: Bio-science, weapons expert, pilot, etc etc. Secondary skill: Things you do when not on duty or preoccupied. Example: A hobby.   All characters have basic survival and military training before being allowed to leave on missions. If your character has prior military training. Then it is based on your current deployment or previous deployments. All training is mandatory but for those who served will have a more easier time then those who don't have combat or military action.    Weapons are generation 3 electromagnetic and energy based. Meaning they are up to your imagination. Your allowed one primary, a secondary, and a hold out handgun along with a field survival knife. Primaries are assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Secondaries are LMGs, smgs, explosives (that includes all explosive launching or explosive devices). Hold out handgun and knife are self explanatory. These weapons are the most advanced in the Sol Union, Sol Union is all colonies and planets in the Sol system functioning as one unified body though several wars have been fought recently to insure it's unification, and these are only given to explorers who are going up against unknowns on extra-terrestrial planets that have ammo regenerative abilities though at the cost of power. Which is provided by your suit's micro-fusion generator. All crew are given a suit that's designed to keep you safe from the elements and space though being extremely light and thin.   Have fun signing up and hope to see many people wanting to get in on this. If we get more then 6 crew. Then the crew roster will be increased. Or maybe they can be something else... Lets see where this ends up.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Sign up   Name: Vector-Alpha   Age: Unknown (Will be revealed in the rp.)   Gender: Either. Avatar appears to be both male and female.    Race: AI Mech Construct. (If you ever seen any anime with gundams or human looking machines.)   Species: Unknown. (Will be revealed in the rp.))   Birth Place: Planet Wasteland, place of assembly unknown.   Appearance: Main Mech Body (Ground mode): [attachment=15451:mecha_zone__a_10_mech_screenshot_by_mecha_master-d4t4g3x.png] Main Mech Body (Aerial Mode): [attachment=15452:A-10SSuperThunderbolt.jpg] Avatar Mode (Main processing unit. Control unit of the mech body): [attachment=15453:alan-van-ryzin-8.jpg] (Note: My character does not come in as a playable character for a bit in the rp. I'll be more of an npc that's well you'll find out in the rp till we reach a point we are all are comfortable as our characters. Also, my character is worn. From battle and from age.)   Personality: Hostile towards aliens (You the crew), cold, emotionless  (or is it?), and though interested in the invaders of it's home. Not much is known but much is to be descovered.   Bio: Vector-Alpha existed when the intelligent beings of the planet existed unknown years ago. Vector has been active for a very long time. It's body is a patchwork of repairs of parts that did not match colors of it's original paint job which on it's main chest frame, very faded. Vector tends to gardens and the mega-cities left behind by it's creators. Though why is unknown and is done alone. Vector would be blamed for the crash landing of Crew 102's ship due to the evidence found in the black and blue boxes and the ship remains at first when Crew 606 find them and the sabotage of their own ship. Stranding them on the planet with a sabotaged ship. The survivors could repair the ship but would take a few months to complete due to injuries they sustained during crash landing and how delicate they need to work to avoid blowing them up in a fusion based nuclear explosion 900 times stronger then the largest nuclear bomb ever exploded on earth, the Tsar bomb. Soon Crew 606 and the survivors of Crew 102 realize the truth and try to befriend Vector. Only time will tell if Vector even understands these strange aliens and learns to communicate with them.   Primary Skill: Soldier Secondary Skill: Gardening (Yes I know weird but their is a reason for it.)   Weapons: While in ground mode, Vector has a weapon that is kind of like it's modern day counter-part A-10. A tri-barrel gauss gatling gun, a high energy pistol, and a rotary blade. While in aerial mode, Vector sports a wide range of air to ground weapons of unknown types. It's tri-barrel guass gatling gun is it's primary weapon and is suspected of carrying plasma based bombs of unknown designs. In avatar mode, Vector is unarmed save for a hold out pistol.   Vector can not switch between it's three modes constantly and engagements usually leaves Vector low on power. Resulting being stuck in that form for hours to recharge it's power source. While in avatar mode, it's mech body is inert. Meaning it won't move or activate without it's control unit. The mech body is six stories tall and is massive over earth prototypes. Vector doesn't engage unless it's provoked and watches the strange beings from afar. Learning all it can from remotes.    
  7.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits Proudly Presented by Darren, DeLarge, Orcus and P.J. McKrafty   For the right price, ain't no job in the Big Black won't be done, one way or another. No matter if it's a two-bit gun-runner or a war criminal bathed in the blood of galaxies, you get the word out to the right band of scoundrels and ne'er-do-wells, you'll find your target trussed up like a turkey waiting for you in no time. Hell, you cough up enough credits, you'll get the head of your bounty delivered right to your door, no questions asked.   All you gotta do is place a notice on the Bounty Board.   ---   Welcome to Fistful of Credits, a brand new universe-spanning RP proudly presented as part of the OB Relaunch!   In the spirit of making some changes in the Theater, this RP is going to work a lot differently to those RPs that have come before, so make sure you read up on the new systems we're introducing before you jump on board!   In this RP, we will all be playing the parts of intergalactic Bounty Hunters, scrambling and fighting for every credit we can in a big, wide universe of strange planets, weird alien races and even weirder criminals. And, true to the kinds of characters we'll be RPing as, we all have to volunteer for the bounties we want to hunt, and the potential rewards they offer.   You will be the kind of hardened, battle-scarred Bounty Hunters that can get any job done for the right price, and those characters will progress throughout every step of the RP. But in order to get to that stage, first you must apply for Bounties on the Bounty Board, posted at first by a select group of RPers.   These Bounties are notorious intergalactic Outlaws, vicious and cunning with a vast range of deadly abilities. They will take all your skill, guile and, in most cases, teamwork to track down and overcome, and even then success is not a certainty: even with an entire team of Bounty Hunters, one wrong move could mean your target getting away and you being forced to go home without a single credit to show for all your work.   So, do you have what it takes to become the greatest Bounty Hunter who ever traversed the Big Black?   Then waste no more time, and bring your Bounty Hunter to life!   ---   New Features   As previously mentioned, this RP will be significantly different to those that have come before it in the Theater, and as such there are some new features you'll need to know about in order to play effectively. Take a look at them, absorb them and work within them and everything should go smoothly!   - Players will control a single character throughout multiple threads - this character will be an intergalactic Bounty Hunter tracking down and capturing dangerous Outlaws for the reward money.   - Each Outlaw will have his/her/its own thread in which a pre-selected team of Bounty Hunters attempt to track them down. These Outlaws will be player-controlled, by the creators of the RP at first, but further down the line there will be the chance for you to create your own Outlaws for the other players to hunt down.   - Hunters will apply for each assignment in 'The Bounty Board', a separate thread which will be posted shortly; and will team up with other Hunters to track down the Outlaws.   - Each Hunter can only have one active assignment at a time: however, as soon as your current Outlaw has been captured you can move on and apply for another Bounty advertised in the Bounty Board thread.   - The outcome of each assignment is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to the teamwork and writing skill of the Hunter-players, and their ability to overcome obstacles set for them by the Outlaw-player.   - When it comes to the assignments, players should be aware that actions have consequences, and while players are encouraged to think creatively and tackle pursuing their bounty in unorthodox manners, it's always important to keep in mind that bypassing certain methods of investigation could lead to your hunter accidentally missing pivotal information and allowing his/her bounty to escape.   - The reward money from capturing each Outlaw will accumulate over time, and your ultimate goal should be to become the greatest and most notorious Bounty Hunter in the universe by completing Bounties successfully and earning more reward money than the other players.   - Your individual reward money will be updated by the RP creators and displayed in the discussion thread, so you can keep an eye on how much you've earned in total.   - You can write about what their characters do between assignments in the 'leisure-thread', titled 'The Big Black' which will be posted once the RP begins. You are encouraged to both post in this thread and read other players' posts to workshop and develop your characters, create rivalries, and generally have fun with your outlandish characters!   - It's a big wide universe out there - so you can feel free to create planets, systems, areas and groups to your hearts' content, and the only limit is your own imaginations!   - However, individual creations and additions to the universe should not fundamentally change any that were made by other players previously, unless you have that player's permission to do so.   ---   Bounty Hunters   As you will all be playing the parts of Bounty Hunters, you'll probably need to know how to build your characters! Follow this sign-up, create the biggest, baddest Bounty Hunter you can think of and you'll be ready to start rounding up some Outlaws!   Name: Age: Height: Weight: Gender: Species: (give the name of the Species your character is a part of, along with a brief description of their defining characteristics) Appearance: (picture or brief description is great, both is fantastic) Home Planet: (give the name and a brief description of the planet your character came from) Equipment: (use your imagination and give some details of the gear your character uses to bring in Outlaws) Special Skills: (what makes your character a good Bounty Hunter? Are they a tracker, a fighter, a tactician?) Vehicle: (again, use your imagination and create a kickass space vehicle for your character to get from Bounty to Bounty) Known Allies: (who does your character rely on in a pinch? Fences, former partners, family members all go here) Reputation: (how is your Hunter perceived by those around them? Are they a charming rogue, a treacherous backstabber, a fearsome psychopath?)   ---   That should be all you need for now, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then PM one of the creators or post in the discussion thread (as soon as it's up!) and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!   Until then, happy creating!
  8. Think its time I get back into it.       The rain came on in droves like it had been for hours past. Like it alway did. It always rained but it did nothing to stop what was going on inside the rundown building. Lights flashed to the pulsing music as bodies swayed and meshed together on the dance floor. Drinks and drugs passed around freely. Such was the nightlife of Aether, one of the four cities of Nemmaso.     "Another round!" The man speaking smacked his gloved hand against the table catching the scantily clad server girl's attention. "Make it Bloodlust this time!" As the girl walked off to fufill the order the man sitting across from the speaker spoke.     "Do you always drink on the job Archangel?" He motioned to the empty glasses that filled the table and the two new ones that were just set down filled with a glowing red liquid.     Archangel smirked as he picked up one of the glasses, his blue eyes staring at the glass. "Do you not?" He knocked back the glass then set it down as he stared at his companion who was covered in a full black cloak.     "The Temple frowns upon...." He was cut off by Archangel slamming down the second glass, it empty as well.     "Does it look like I care what the Temple thinks?" He sighed leaning back running a hand through his white hair. "Everyone knows I am different. I don't get closer to ascending like the rest of you inquisitors. Each one you kill you get one step closer. Me on the other hand, I stay were I am." He motioned and more glasses were set in front of him. He swirled one around for a few moments. "So in my eyes their rules don't apply to me."     The hooded man let out a sigh. "There really is no reasoning with you is there?"     Archangel let out a laugh. "Glad you finally figured it out." He drank the last two in rapid succession. "Now that we have settled that....." He stood up pushing himself away from the table and holding his hands out towards the dancing crowd on the floor below them. "...shall we begin?"     The hooded man stood up. "As you say Archangel"     Archangel grinned as he stepped up on the railing. "Did any of the other inquisitors warn you about how I run things?" He looked over his shoulder at the man.     "Yes they informed me quite well"     "Good" With a smirk Archangel stepped off the railing, droppinghis black cloak as he did revealing a blue ornate trench. He landed on the dance floor with a thud causing everyone to stop and look at him. He slowly looked up, his right eye a bright gold and a large pure white feathered wing sprouted out from the right side of his back. "Cause right now its open season."  He reached into his jacket pullling out a massive pistol with his left hand as another materilized in his right.     Screams erupted from the crowd  as he began firing, the people he hit screaming and turning to ash. The sounds of gunfire and screams echoed throughout the building and within seconds it was over, the people still alive clearing the club quickly. Archangel holstered one and let the other disappear into then air as the hooded man walked up beside him holstering a rifle back inside his cloak as two grey wings lay flat againt his back.       Archangel eyed his companion's wings. "Think I am starting to see some white feathers." His companion looked over his shoulder at his wings. "Either way lets get back to the temple. I killed my fill of demons for tonight."       The High Priest looked over the new recruits dressed in black kneeling before him hands clasped in prayer. "You have given yourselves to join the Inquisitors. This is not some small manner. You are the ones that will be the barrier against the darkness. Your job...to banish the demons and monsters and forces of evil back to the depths were we belong. With every kill you will be one step closer to ascending as an angel to continue the fight as the Maker's personal army. Your soon to be gained wings will shed their feathers with each kill and eventually go from black to white. You will be taught how to sense, find, and kill these unholy abomiations. May the Maker be with you"         Sign up sheet:   Name: Age: Gender: Human Appearance: Inquisitor Appearance: Ranged Weapons: Melee Weapons: Why you joined the Inquisitors: Background: Snippet: Make this right after the high priest speaks. this is where you see you other appearance and wings for the first tme as well as gettng handed your weapons.     Its been awhile since i did one so there might be a few edits so dont hate me
  9. Setting: Post Apocalyptic Period with Governments and countries rebuild and several civil wars raging. Distant Future, Fantasy/Scifi, Mecha, etc. Themed. Time Period: Post Apocalypse (PA) Year 2031. World: Zeta Prime, a colony of Earth. History: In the year 2016 Earth suffered a large scale industrial accident, resulting in the Apocalypse. humans and creatures began to mutate and turn into different monsters from mythology, and some straight from Hell itself. In order to combat the rising strength of the newborn monsters, and to escape the arrival of the Dimensional Gate, a portal leading to another plane of existence ruled by the imperialistic, and parasitic Gael. The Gael soon took command of the mutations running around the planet, creating a massive army that threatened humanity. To escape the fearful fate the Gael had planned for them, Humanity abandoned Earth, choosing to live scattered across the stars, under the control of the New United Nations, new form of Government that rules each Colony through Puppet governments. Some of the colonists welcome the safety and rules set up by this system, while others do not. The N.U.N. faces conflict on many colonial fronts while also finding a way to defeat the Gael Empire, who has taken Earth as it's home world now. We see a new force capable of matching the Gael's forces with the introduction of the female Nuns and their male counterparts, the Exorcists. These men and women are the result of decades of military and  genetic research, granting them powers greater than that of the ones blooming with the heart of humanity itself. It's because of these powers that Humanity has a fighting chance at reclaiming their home world.   Bio: Name: Ari Katonashii Age: Looks 21, Actual age kept secret. Orientation: Bi, though he usually prefers guys Appearance: [attachment=15435:Demon Eyes.jpg] Height: 6'0 Weight: 120 lbs. Ethnicity: Caucasian Weapons: Unholy Magic (Darkness and Shadows), Hydrokenesis, Twin Swords (usually kept in sword-staff form) Appearance: Ari is usually dressed casually, but he has a preferred outfit consisting of a black mesh tank, finger-less Kevlar gloves, dark cloth pants tucked into shin high boots, and a semi-decorative cloth belt.   History: Ari isn't one to share much about his past, but his combat skills and bank roll lead one to assume that he's no stranger to war. He's been hired by many government agencies and splinter cells to handle cases that would threaten the strenuous peace held by many nations. He does tend to disappear from the grid in times of great peace, however. He was one of he first recruits into the Exorcists program.   Ari stood leaning against the side of his cruiser, watching the crowd go about it's business. "Seriously, how can Command expect me to gather a  to gather a team of recruits from this mess?" he sighed. "It's not like anybody's gonna want to join up a complete stranger and go 'Sure, I want to join a group of misfits and do battle with newly trained skills against alien parasite controlled mutants on a planet that was left years ago.' Command must be losing their mind if they think that this will work..." he sat down at the table that was holding the info sheets and propped his feet on it with a solid *thunk* ~like those info sheets even tell half of what's going on~ he thought as he waited for something interesting to happen.   Sign Ups: You are an Exorcist or Nun. You have been recommended by someone in authority to join my crew. Post your recruitment to my team below. you can use my bio as a template.
  10.  â??Byakuya Kuchiki is dead, finally succumbed to his illnessâ? said the old woman seated before the Captain Commander.   â??My apologizes Chinatsu, Byakuya was a fierce warrior I always he would assume that he would lose his life on the field of battle, not a sick bed.â?   â??Yes well my nephew had poor constitution. It makes sense that his childâ??s health would fail him at some point.â? The old woman shifted on her pillow â??More importantly Commander Hitsugaya my brotherâ??s line is at an end and our family is in the process of selecting a new leader. I have heard some troubling rumors that Rukia Kuchiki is set to assume the empty Captainâ??s seat.â?   â??Itâ??s true, Lieutenant Kuchiki is set to take the examination that will determine her ascension to Captain of squad 6. Her skills would sug-â??   â??The girl is skilled enough to pass the exam. Her prowess in combat has been proven many a time. She is an asset to the Gotei 13, this is undeniable but she cannot be allowed to hold the position of squad sixâ??s captain. It has historically been held by the leader of the Kuchiki clan.â?   â??Pardon me, but Captain Kuchiki was pretty vocal about how affairs were to be handled after his passing. He left everything to his sister, including his titlesâ? Rangiku Motsumoto pushed a lock of her silver hair out of her face â??All of his titlesâ?   â??I am aware of the contents of his will. Regardless of what it says, Rukia Kuchiki is not a blood relative and will not be taking the place of the 29th Head of the Kuchiki familyâ?¦Which is precisely why she cannot be appointed to captain a squad that has only been captained by the head of our family.â?  Chinatsu Kuchiki motioned one of her two accompanying servants to come forward. â??Give him the letter.â? She said.   The servant quickly approached the Captain Commanderâ??s desk, placed a sealed letter in front of Toshiro, and returned to her place behind the older woman.  Toshiro picked up the letter and broke the seal. He quietly read it dropping it down on his desk when he was finished. â??You mean to have his will be disregarded? The last wishes of the man who ran your house for centuries doesnâ??t even get to decided how-â??   Again he was interrupted â??Byakuya Kuchiki was a formidable warrior, possible the strongest Kuchiki to ever have lived, but he did not have a mind for politics. We have overlooked his lapses in judgment time and time again during his life out of respect for the station he held. Now that he is no more we must start the task of repairing the damage he caused to our familyâ??s good name.â?   â??What damage did he cause exactly?â? Toshiro asked.    â??He married a low born, we over looked it. He failed to produce an heir with her, we over looked it. He brought a second commoner into our house and gave her our name, we over looked it. He failed to find a suitable wife which again meant no heir, we over looked it.â? Her voice was getting louder with every word â??Now he is handing our noble house to a foreign peasant who has no claim to it. This I will not overlook.  Yes, I had the Central 46 review his will and they agreed that passing along everything to a false member of our house would be neither proper nor wise. Rukia may remain a part of the family and keep the material possessions left to her. She will not take charge of our house, however, and to the same end she most not take charge of the sixth squad of the Gotei 13.â?   â??I didnâ??t know that the four Great families dictated the actions of the Gotei 13â? Rangiku chimed a devilish smile on her lips.   â??Lieutenant Motsumoto, keep your opinions to yourselfâ? Toshiro stood up and walked around his desk and knelt down in front of the seated old noble woman. â??The Central 46 has not forbid us from promoting Lieutenant Kuchiki. She is more than qualified to fill this position and you are offering no one else to fill the vacancy. With the situation in the world of the living being as it is we cannot afford to  waste time on issues like this.â?   â??My oldest Granddaughter, Byakuyaâ??s closest cousin, is a high ranking member of the Kido Corps. She lacks a Zanpaktou but her talents in Hado far surpass any of the current captains. My younger granddaughterâ??s son is the current 7th seat of squad 6 and is on the verge of being the youngest Shinigami to have ever obtained Bankai. Both would make fine leaders of our house and the squad, I would be fine with either being promoted.â?   â??Give me a few days to consider?â? Toshiro asked Chinatsu.   â??I can give you oneâ? The old noble struggled to get to her feet. A servant collected the pillow she had been kneeling on. As the group turned to leave she looked back to Toshiro and said â??Genryusai had strength, Kyoraku had his wiles. History is waiting to see how you will handle this role. No Captain Commander has lasted without the blessings of the four noble houseâ?¦making an enemy of the Kuchiki would cause chaos in the Seireitei and that would be a poor legacy to leave behind.  I will return tomorrow for your decision.â?   After the door closed behind the group Toshiro collapsed on the floor â??Motsumoto what do you think about this mess?â?   His Lieutenant was at his desk reading the letter from the Central 46. She answered without looking up for the paper â??Honestly I think itâ??s shitty but we donâ??t really have a choice. Rukia is only trying to follow Captain Kuchikiâ??s wishes but I think our hands are tied. Late Captain Ginrei and Lady Chinatsuâ??s younger brother has some descendants that have be reported to be spending a lot of time in the Shihoin Manner. Thereâ??s talk of a marriage.â?   â??I feel like this is getting out of hand. Even if we side with Chinatsu and support one of her grandchildren we might have a Shihoin/Kuchiki faction start some ruckus of being not even considered for the position.  Itâ??s clear that Lady Chinatsu has the Central 46 on her side though and we canâ??t go up against them...Lieutenant Kuchiki wonâ??t be inheriting the house hold but there is no rule saying that the captain of squad six has to be the head of the Kuchiki house.â?   â??Youâ??re right, itâ??s a stupid status thing. You know how these nobles are. I say honor the dead Captainâ??s wishes, give his captainship to Rukia and let the two Kuchiki branches fight it out amongst themselves. If any Kuchiki does something that would in danger the stability of the Soul Society Central 46 will have to grant us permission to neutralize the threat.â? Rangiku put down the letter and laid down on the floor next to her captain. They stared at the ceiling for a while â??Screw that old shrew.â?   â??The Gotei 13 has the most military might in the Soul Society. Iâ??m sure she will be trying to get as many captains on her side as she canâ?¦ That woman really could start a civil war in the Seireitei if she wanted.â? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- â??Help us move forward, from the Digital Age into the Spirit Age.â? The commercial ended, the television flickered off. Aiden Hice swiveled his chair around to face the owner of Spiritech. â??I donâ??t like it. Digital age, spirit age, what the hell are you talkinâ?? about? As your chief investor you should consult me before putting this crap out for people to see. Thereâ??s no slogan, nothinâ?? catchy.â?   Marrysol, the founder and CEO of Spiritech, frowned â??It shows progression. Like from the Stone to Bronze Age.  I canâ??t help it if you donâ??t understand. The advertising team said it tested well with focus groups so it is what we went with.  Being the money behind the project doesnâ??t mean you get to a say on every creative decision.â?   â??Darlin that is exactly what it means. Donâ??t you go gettingâ?? the idea in that pretty little head of yours that Iâ??m afraid of you and your two lackeys cause youâ??re a Full-whatever. You can have all the super powers you want but this company wouldnâ??t exist without my hard earned dollar.â?   â??You are not the sole source of money in the world, nor are you our only investor.â?   â??True enough but now that you opened up this can of worms there will be plenty of competition in this brand spankinâ?? new energy market. I could drop so much cash into your competitorâ??s lap theyâ??d be stuck in a wheel chair from broke thigh bones.â? Hice gave a big smile â??Now I wonâ??t go doinâ?? that because I like you. Youâ??re cutter than a baby playing with a kitten and you do that thing when we are tussling in the sheets that gets me feeling some type a way but-â??   â??Aiden, this is work, keep the personal side of our relationship out of itâ?   â??Keepinâ?? it professional are we, fine. My sources from inside this Soul Society are tellin me that when your boy beat the snot out of them Shinigami that came down for a little chit chat you put us on a collision course with somethinâ?? called a Ghety 17â?   â??Gotei 13â?   â??You know what I mean. You got us up against a military force that is like to wipe us off the face of Godâ??s good earth. Sure we got the spirit guns for our men to use but them spirit missiles ainâ??t even got a workin prototype yet.  How are we suppose to fight a war againstâ?¦thingsâ?¦who can raise hell and high water on a whim?â?   â??I suppose thatâ??s why you are backing Spiritech â?¦ I can keep you safe.â?  Marrysol stood up from her chair and began pacing the length of long table. She and Aiden were the only people in the conference room this morning.  He was right. Counting herself there were three Fullbrings working towards her goals and their opposition had roughly 3000 members. 13 of which were especially dangerous. It might be possible to beat them in a one against one scenario but that wasnâ??t even guarantied. â??My sources on the inside say the same thing but mine also say that an internal political conflict is brewing. Maybe we can stir the pot- buy ourselves some time.â? She didnâ??t want to tell him about the experiments that were being conducted on the captive Shinigami or why they were necessary for her plan.   â??Weapons shoulda come before generators. How are we goin to protect my investment?â? Hice spat.   â??Spiritech is trying to usher in a new era of cheap energy for everyone, to advance the human race. Itâ??s not about creating weapons that are more horrific that the ones we have already. Yes it will be necessary to defend the era from threats and to that end we are developing weapons but donâ??t you think it is better to help the world first, unleashing terror only as a last resort?â?   â??No I do not. Like I said before you might be interested in changin the world but others arenâ??t far behind in developing new tech that run off of this reishi and you can bet your ass governments are gonna weaponize it first, solve the energy crisis second.â? Hice paused for a moment and took a deep breath before continuing. â??If we get the weapons made first we get military contracts. Military contracts help pay the bills that I have been footin the cash for. Weapons also help protect ourselves form the big bad death gods comin to rain fire down on us. This kind of poor decision making is why Iâ??d like to be consulted before you go and make decisions.â? His smile returned â??And talkin about cheap energy, missy Iâ??m in the business of makin money- I donâ??t support cheap anything.â?   â??How humanitarian of youâ?   â??Bein kind never got me no place I ever cared to be. You stir your pot and get these weapons up and runnin or I am liable to go rogue.â? Aiden Hice got to his feet, gave a slight bow, and headed for the door. â??See you tonight?â? He asked as the conference room door slide open.   â??You just gave me a tall order, I will be working late tonightâ? Marrysol answered staring blankly out the window looking at the Karakura skyline.   â??Well, suppose I canâ??t win every battleâ? The automatic door closed behind him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This is RP is taking place many hundreds of years in the future from the current story but also in an alternate universe. Being hundreds of years in the future human society is much more advanced than it is today. Most of Earth is covered by cities one often blending into another almost making the entire planet an urban setting. Things like hover cars are the new form of transportation and robots to do the manual labor and keep the cities running smoothly. The world is currently dealing with an energy crisis which companies like Spiritech are tryinig to solve by using newly discovered reishi as a way to power world.   Besides the inheritance of the Kuchiki house hold the Gotei 13 are also faced with a crisis in the living world. Humans, under the direction of a group of mysterious Fullbringers, have begun capturing and experimenting on Hollows. The realization that souls and reishi exist has caused many human governments to try and capitalize on the new power sourceâ?¦ even weaponize it to protect themselves from the newly discovered Hollow threat. Like the Quincies before them the mass destruction of hollows without purifying them is causing imbalance between the worlds. Also the massive reishi reactors used to power some of the human cities are extremely volatile and by absorbing the ambient reshi in their surroundings, mostly the ghosts of the departed, are disrupting the natural cycle and further causing imbalance.  The shinigami ambassadors who were sent to explain the situation to the humans were defeated by the Fullbringers, separated from their gigais, and subject to experimentation as well.   I am assuming that people who sign up have basic knowledge of the Bleach Universe. I found that the Bleach Wiki is an invaluable resource while putting this story together.   We will be playing Captains of the Gotei 13 dealing with these two issues.   These are the current openings in the Gotei 13   Squad 1- Toshiro Hitsugaya Squad 2- Ari Shihoin Squad 3- Yumichika Ayasegawa Squad 4-Miyako Nimashima Squad 5- Momo Hinamori Squad 6- [Vacant and unfillable by players, sorry] Squad 7- Renji Abarai Squad 8- Saburou Sugawara Squad 9- Chiniiro Metsuki Squad 10- Kurogane Tsukino Squad 11- Kenpachi Arashi Squad 12- Arakawa Chie Squad 13- Shuhei Hisagi   As for the Sign Ups.   Name: (Anything could work but something Asian would be preferred)   Gender:   Age: (A good ratio to go on is 10 years for every 1 year of age you show. So if you look 25 go with 250 years old. We know Yamamoto was at least 2300 years old before he died. )   Position: (Which of the available Squads do you lead?)   Appearance: (Most Shinigami are humanoid, but there has been a bestial one before)   Personality:   Background: (What were you doing before you joined the Shinigami Academy (if you attended)? Why did you decided to become a Shinigami? Which method did you use to rise to the rank of Captain (Proficiency Test, Recommendation, or Trial by Combat)? Pretty much anything else you think is relevant)   Noncombat Skills: (Are you the smartest person in the room? Hold your sake better than anyone you know? Are you well read?)   Zanpakto: (Sealed Form Appearance)                 (Shikai Appearance)                 (Shikai Ability)                 (Bankai Appearance)                 (Bankai Ability)   Other Notable Combat Skills: (How are you with Kido? Howâ??s your swordmanship? Unarmed fighting skills? How proficient are you with high speed techniques (ie. Flash Step)? How high is your spirit pressure?   Writing Sample: (A messanger from Chinatsu Kuchiki approaches you and attempts to get your support in preventing Rukia Kuchiki from taking over squad six and backing the Kuchiki House if negotiations with your Captain Commander go south and fighting ensues. They can bribe, threaten, promise political power, anything youâ??d like. How did this interaction go?)
  11. [font='comic sans ms']Rated M for violence, language, and other adult stuffs. xP[/font] [font='comic sans ms']Summonerâ??s Road[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Long ago, before the Earth was born and life established, this world was a barren wasteland. Nothing grew, nothing lived. Until the Creator took it upon him-self to heal our world, thus the Divine Tree was created. The tree bore roots deep into the Earth, rooting it-self throughout all of the plantâ??s crust and bringing it to life. Lush plant life covered the surface and as the planet became healthy and wondrous the tree bore fruit. These fruit held within them-selves life, all manner of creatures were born of the Divine Tree, hatching and evolving, growing and caring for the world. But with all of creation, there must be destruction.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] The God of the Moon had watched the Creator all the while, growing envious, and sickened with all that had been made. He watched as the evolved humans began to taint and tear away at the beauty which had been bestowed upon them and his anger and hatred grew all the more, until; he could no longer stand it. With all his hatred and spite towards mankind The God of the Moon too created, but his was a creation of destruction. He created within him-self a beast or reckoning that would soon come to be called The Black Beast, and once every 500 years; our Blue moon, which hangs in the sky without fail turned Red, and the Black Beast is released to rain down terror and destruction upon all mankind.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Out of the first incident in which the Black Beast was released all but a few were taken, those few therein named the incident the Black Rain. The few left began to recreate their lives, finding that with the first Black Rain came in unexpected development. They became closer with the land they lived on, the elements they shared the land with, and the spirits that were born from this death. They learned that they could use magic, casting fire from their fingertips, or even able to shift the earth and rock at their feet. Some could change the water to ice, or give the crops a helping hand. But some, who grew a relationship with these elements were born into a special ability. Given the special gift to bond and live alongside a spirit of the Earth, a direct child of the Creator. These miraculous few were known, as a Summoner.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] The sun hung low in the sky as the young woman wiped sweat from her brow, the pile of rocks in front of her towered neatly and she beamed with pride at her work. Grabbing her robe from the fence post on her left she swung it around and settled it on her shoulders as she gathered her lunch pack and headed back for her village. As she neared the gates a large beast walked from the side woods over to her.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??Youâ??re doing well.â? â??Thank you Fenrir. Coming from you that means something.â? He shook his large white head and trotted ahead of her stopping in her path; he was easily the size of a Rhinoceros and gave her no room to move around him. The large wolf bent his head forwards so his large amber eyes met hers.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??Iâ??ve gotten a message.â? She stopped then, her brow coming together in a frown.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??What message? From who?â?[/font] [font='comic sans ms']He sat down then, his haunches coiling with muscle as he looked down at her.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??He is a herald for the Creator, and he has called us to meet with him, and others for something apparently of utmost importance. Itâ??s not every day the Creator calls upon those he birthed.â?[/font] [font='comic sans ms']The young woman nodded slowly as Fenrir stood and began to walk slowly next to her as she made her way home, her frown still in place.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??What could be so important?â?[/font] [font='comic sans ms']â??Iâ??m quite sure we will find out when that time comes. But for now, you should pack. I do not think it wise to keep a herald of the Creator waiting.â?[/font] [font='comic sans ms']She nodded once more before breaking out into a run to gather her things for the journey.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] You have been called upon to answer the Creator, you and your summon now embark upon an incredible journey to meet with the Herald and learn more about the hardships you are about to face.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Sign Up:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Name:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Age:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Personality:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Appearance:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Element(You are allowed more than one, no more than three please):[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon:[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(normal):[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Personality: [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(travel):[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Background:[/font] [font='comic sans ms']Alright, so I have a few tweaks with the Summons. Each summon as a travel appearance, this is the form they take when not in battle. A smaller, more compact rendition of their actual forms. For instance, Fenrir is supposed to be the general size of a mountain. But when with his summoner his is generally the size of a Rhino, making it easier to communicate and bond with the summons.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']This being said, Iâ??ll allow for almost any summon from any game, so long as you describe the summon in detail. There are a few exceptions to this though, a few of the summons I feel might be a tad too much so Iâ??ll list them here as unavailable. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'](These are just the ones I could think of at the moment) Alexander Eden From VIII Arks from IX Knights of the Round from VII( Though I have no idea how that would work)[/font] Anima from X [font='comic sans ms'] If there are any others you think would be a bit 'much' feel free to let me know.[/font] [font='comic sans ms']Also, if any one cares to use Cerberus from FFVIII, you CAN change how he works. You can make him an elemental summon such as Dark or something along those lines since Iâ??m not bringing spell names into this to keep it a little simpler. [/font] [font='comic sans ms']Other than that if I feel something isn't right or is a little out of line Iâ??ll PM the person and let them know. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Also, very important. This is set AFTER the Black Beast has already been released once, so technology is pretty much lost at the moment. Everything is pretty basic. Any questions on this PM me and we'll talk. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] With that being said, Iâ??ll put mine up as an example.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Name: Emerald Heart (Ema for short)[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Age: 25[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Personality: Somewhat aloof and carefree she is also very structured and patient. Over protective of those she cares for she is extremely loyal and has been known to have a â??packâ?? mentality. She enjoys nature and would rather be in the country or forest then anywhere near 'civilization'. She has an extreme affinity with nature and can understand it to a point, being able to predict weather, and even take an educated guess on an animal's behavior. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Appearance: [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Element(You are allowed more than one, no more than three please): Earth and Healing.[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon(only one please): Fenrir[/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(normal): See attatchment[/font] [font='comic sans ms']When he takes his true form he sheds the armor and he becomes the size of a large mountain, his fur remains white, but it tinged with a bluish hue. His demeanor turns somewhat nasty and it becomes hard for him to determine friend from foe other then his own summoner. If not handled properly he can go on a rampage very easily, his control over the earth's elements making him very dangerous to deal with. He has often had to be restrained when angered in the past due to his temper, hence to chains. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Personality: Intelligent and some what snooty Fenrir only listens to Ema and hardly talks to any one but her. He is stern with her training and hardly gives her break. Sarcastic and to him-self he has little patience and tends to cause small quakes when he is either impatient of angry. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Summon Appearance(travel):[/font] [font='comic sans ms']Generally the size of a Rhino, Ema is able to ride Fenrir when on long journeys, in this form his fur is snow white instead of the black/grey. His eyes the same wild yellow as his true form. [/font] [font='comic sans ms'] Background: Born into a poor family Ema grew up in a small country village. Working in the fields she learned to respect and depend on nature and the land. She learned from her father the importance of establishing a bond with the earth around them, after several years of this she began to realize she had an affinity with the element of earth and was able to help the crops stay healthy for longer periods of time during droughts or floods. At the age of 17 Ema ventured into the woods behind her home to gather mushrooms and roots for medicine for her mother. It was during one of these trips she found a small den of wolves, the mother having been killed by a hunter for her meat and fur the pups had all but withered away. Only a small white pup remained, taking it upon her-self she pulled the pup free from the den and took it home with her at the end of her gathering trip. Nursing it back to health she raised the wolf pup to adulthood, creating a bond with the creature that would exceed expectations. On another gathering trip for her mother Ema found her-self face to face with an dark creature of the woods, itâ??s skin scaly black, itâ??s fangs dripping with venom it attacked. During this attack the white wolf pup in which she had raised came to her defense, his form growing in size and stature until he was the size of a small Hippo. Fighting off the creature he then turned to her and spoke, explaining to her that he was a child of the Creator and he had chosen her to be his protector. He called him-self Fenrir, the Wolf of the Mountains. From then on the two of them were inseparable, he helped her train her magic and learn to fight, he taught her how to read the woods more carefully. [/font]
  12. In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies the frozen and untamed region known as Icewind Dale.A brutally cold and harsh place, the small villages of the region are home to a vast of array of good and evil. These small villages, referred to as the "Ten-Towns" are home to the nomadic Barbarian tribes, as well as bands of class-driven societies, such as the Druids of Kuldahar. Kuldahar is a wondrous valley and quaint town wrapped in and around the Great Oak Tree, a tree that symbolizes the Druid's unity with nature. The village of Kuldahar, like all of the Ten-Towns, is full of personality. An unforgiving environment of merciless beasts and ultimate sacrifices. Journey deep into the Spine of the World and put your valor to the test.  A grave new threat has arisen in the North, a threat that seeks to seal off the Ten-Towns from the rest of Faerun in a bitter power struggle. The town of Bremen has fallen, and a vicious horde of goblins, orcs, and bug-bears have gathered beneath the mysterious banner of the Chimera and are marching on the port town of Targos. Fearing that they will be overrun, Targos has sent out a call for all able-bodied adventurers, soldiers, and mercenaries to sail north to stand with the town's defenders against the encroaching horde.  How many will answer the plea for help by the tiny port town of Targos, will there be a fleet of fighters or just a few? All the help they can get is needed and asked for. Targos is on the brink of falling, and it is quickly being overrun by the hordes of the Chimera. A band of fighters is needed to rescue the town and it's inhabitants. Many have perished already, but life is still there as well as the other towns that need saving. But who has the courage and strength to challenge the power and forces of the Chimera? ------ Walking across the deck of the Sea Wench Elmerha scoffed at the grey clouds. "Hederdon, how many people do you think will answer the plea?" "I would imagine not many little one." Elmerha grit her teeth at the nick name, her forest green eyes flaring slightly.  "How long will it take to get to Targos?" The old man scratched his thick white beard, the cigar moving around in his mouth as he chewed on the end of it. "A couple of days, give or take. Depending on how much trouble we run into. And how quick it can be disposed of." Elmerha gripped the saber at her side and nodded.  "Anything that stands in the way will be dealt with quickly." The old man nodded, his eyes taking on a sad glint. "Your on a death's mission you know that." She gripped her blade tighter, her lightly tanned knuckles turning white. "If death shall have me, it'll have to wait, I have more to do." Hederdon nodded slowly as he left Elmerha to finish getting the ship ready for sea. Elmerha leaned on the side of the deck, her eyes sweeping the horizon as the sun slowly rose, tinting the sky a deep red. Goosebumps rose across her skin and a small shiver took her as the wide blew across the sea, the salt overpowering the scent of anything else as her golden hair billowed behind her slight frame. Her stomach twisted in knots as she thought about what this voyage meant. It meant death, it meant that Chimera was closing in on the last of the free towns, and it meant that she would most likely never come home.  ------   Name : Age: (depending on race, Humans and Hlaf elves, no younger than 20 please...) Gender: Race/Subrace(Will explain) Personality: Appearance: Bio: Weapon(s): Magic(s): (If any) Class:   Races- Humans-Humans compromise humans and two sub-races, Asimar and Tiefling HUMAN: Humans are the predominant race in Faerun and they rule most of the significant empires and kingdoms in the Forgotten Realms. Humans may choose any class and excel in it. AASIMAR: Carries the blood of a celestial being, the begotten offspring from a mortal and a deity. Aasimar are usually good aligned and fight against evil int he world. They typically have fair skin, golden eyes, and often a birthmark in the shape of the deity's holy symbol. Aasimar are blessed with insight and personal magnetism and are typically paladins. TIEFLING: The infernal counterpart to Aasimar, Tieflings are humans with a hint of diabolical in their bloodline. Though their appearance is mostly human, they often have telltale signs that belie their ancestry. Tieflings usually have dusky skin and dark reddish hair. Though many sport small horns, cat eyes, or other bizarre features, most tieflings try to hide their abnormalities from humans. Favored Class, Rouge. Elves: Elves compromise elves(moon elves) and two sub races, the Drow(dark elves) and wild elves. ELVES: Elves tend to be shorter and slimmer than humans with delicate features. Elves are generally looked upon as being frivolous and aloof. Elves have a natural resistance to charm and sleep magic, possess dark-vision, and are skilled in the use of the bow and long sword. Elves gain a bonus to Dexterity, but a penalty to Constitution.  Favored Class: Wizard  DARK ELF: Dark elves, also known as Drow, are the subterranean cousins of high elves. Their black skin and pale hair are a curse for their allegiance with the spider goddess, Lolth. Drow societies are usually ruled by cruel priestesses of Lolth and their noble houses. Dark elves are known for their arrogance, cruelty, and penchant for civil war.  Favored class: Wizard WILD ELF: The very rare wild elves are rarely seen by others, because they live in the heart of thick forests and they have incredible skill at keeping hidden. Also called green elves, their skin tends to be a dark brown, and their hair ranges from black to light brown, lightening to silvery white with age.  Favored class: Sorcerer  HALF ELVES  Half-elves are a mix of human and elven blood. They are handsome folk, combining the best of both races. A half-elf has the curiosity, inventiveness, and ambition of their human ancestors, and the refined senses, love of nature, and artistic tastes of their elven heritage. Half-elves have a limited resistance to Charm and Sleep spells and can see in the dark with dark-vision.  Favored Class: Any Half-orcs Half-orcs are born from the union of human and Orc parents. They are as tall as humans, but a little heavier due to their muscular builds. Their greenish pigmentation, sloping forehead, jutting jaw, prominent teeth and coarse body hair make their lineage plain for all to see. Half-Orcs are known for their great strength. Favored Class: Barbarian Classes: Barbarian- A brave, almost reckless warrior of the wilds. Bard- A wanderer who uses the magic of music and his own cunning to survive. Cleric- A master of divine magic and a capable warrior as well. Druid- One who draws energy from the natural world to cast divine spells and gain strange magical power. Fighter- A warrior with exceptional combat capability and an unequaled skill with weapons. Paladin- a champion of justice and destroyer of evil, protected and strengthened by an array of divine powers. Ranger- A cunning, skilled warrior of the wilderness. Rouge- A tricky, skillful scout and spy who wins the battle by stealth rather than brute force. Sorcerer- A spell-caster with inborn magic ability. Wizard- A potent spell-caster schooled in the arcane arts. Monk- A martial artist whose unarmed strikes hit fast and hard-a master of exotic powers.   Name: Elmerha Gant Age: 26 Gender: Female Race/Subrace: Half-Elf Personality: Distant and unsocial, she comes off as unfriendly; loyal to those she is close to she is determined and driven to prove her self. Short tempered and fire spirited she is quick to mouth off and tongue lash anyone who comes across her the wrong way.  Appearance: Elmerha is short for a Half-Elf, her growth stunted as a child from a sickness she had, only about 5ft tall she is easily mistaken for a child most times. Her golden blonde hair falls down to the backs of her knees and is left loose and somewhat untamed. Her deep forest green eyes are piercing and cold, the scare that mars her fair skin goes down over her left eye. She wears a green long coat over a white blouse and brown corset which accents her slight, shapely form, a pair of dark brown leggings and tall, slight heeled boots.  Bio: Elmerha was raised by her human mother, in her fathers village; her father having fallen to the hordes almost 4 months before her birth. Her mother constantly spoke fondly of her father, telling her of his kind heart and fair features that she her self seemed to have inherited. Her mother never missed a chance to dote on Elmerha, trying her best to make up for the loss of affection she would have gotten from her father. At age 10 Elmerha came down with a terrible flu like virus that stunted her growth keeping her in a almost child like body for the rest of her life. Though her body developed she never grew past 5ft. For the rest of her years in her father's village she was made fun of, and looked down upon; she was told she would never be the warrior her father was, and would never be as womanly as her mother Elmerha battled the diversity of others til her 18th birthday. At 18 Elmerha bid her mother farewell and dismissed the village that doubted her skill and ventured on her own. Training and growing stronger on her own, taking what her mother and some of the kinder people of the village had taught her she learned to fend for her self. Almost 6 years later she returned to the village only to find it razed to the ground, the scorched earth permeating the scent of blood and burnt flesh. She never found her mother, or any survivors. The blackened banner of Chimera ignited a fire of hatred within her soul she had never felt before, digging though the ashes she found the small, katana like saber that had belonged to her father she strapped it to her hip and left the dead village for the last time never to go back. Her soul now burning for a revenge that would only be sated by the blood of Chimera and his ilk.  Weapon(s): Elmerha is divers on her wares of weaponry. She is able to use a sword effectively, though she prefers the small blade from her father due to her smaller frame. She also uses a bow, her arrows able to hit their mark with immaculate precision. She keeps a small hunting dagger tucked safely in her right boot and another in a thigh sheath on her left leg.  Magic(s) She is slightly skilled in small Earthen spells which includes minor healing spells.  Class: Ranger
  13. A Shwa/Darth Vectis collaboration Present...   Howl   Betrayalâ?¦   Everything our clan has fought for, what we strive to protect and keep sacred had fallen under that single word.  Blood and tears, sweat and sacrifice were all but futile in the end, or so it seemed.  But the fighting spirit raged within each and every one of us who still fought to make sure justice and peace would flourish upon the land, so their offspring and future generations to come would only think of the past events of war and death as a chilling bedtime story.  Unfortunately for them, it would be more than such a passing thought; words to bring fear would be a reality.  Our numbers are little now, we lick our wounds and mourn the fallenâ?¦but so many fell with one wordâ?¦betrayal.   I start this too far ahead; my name is Sebastian Louis LeBlank.  I am 1014 years old, and I am a werewolf.   Donâ??t be so startled, I am not the only one of my kind to roam this planet we protect.  Though, there were thousands before me at one point, times were happier then.  Now, in the land of North America, as they renamed it, there are only 100 of my kind left.  Scattered about the lands and keeping a watchful eye over the human populous as they go about their lives, never knowing a fierce predator keeps a close, very close eye on them to ensure their safety.   The rest of the original pack I ran with centuries ago still remain in the many lands or Europe, and some moving to Australia and Canadaâ?¦even as far as Thailand.  But thatâ??s a story for another time.   During the human French Revolution, our clan allied ourselves with other were-creatures to fight against a powerful necromancer, his evil knew no bounds, and his blood lust never ending.  Others of our kind fell to his minions upon surprise and even in the bright light of day; I admit my fault for not dealing with the matter before it got out of control.  By the time all the factions gathered to strike, we were stricken down at our core, from the inside out.  When the impossible seemed to rise in the horizon, hope extended its hand of assistance from unknown creatures we had never encountered before.  The Vampires, the Ladies of the Lands, the Circle of Magi, and the Dead Zone Users.  The english tongue for them today however, are Psychics.  It was not the easiest of transitions to work with unknown creatures, but as time progressed we became family to one another.  Our kinds have mated with one another to create more powerful creatures of our race, it was enough to put up a fight against the evil one.  For a long time while the dark one slumbered and plotted his attack, things on earth were peaceful and almost a dream life, no one would have ever guessed it was simply a mirage.  We all knew the value of what we had close and dear to us, that is why we must fight to make sure it would remain for years to come.    At the Red Moons even of battle, we gathered all as one against the dark ones forces.  A single howl from my father rallied the troops to war, and war we brought.  At the peak of battle, thatâ??s when it happenedâ?¦betrayal.  I lost my children and wife that fateful night, and our numbers dwindled on all sides of our allied brethren.  As I cupped my wifeâ??s head in my hand, she spoke to me softly before she emanated a precious pearl white shine from her body into dark and bloody battle fieldâ?¦and then we won.  Itâ??s been many years, and I still cannot remember what exactly happened that we defeated the dark one; I only know we survived and protected mankind from this invasion at a heavy cost.  Alliances shattered and trust betrayed, even centuries after the fact, we remain hesitant friends with other factions, but remain in perpetual peace with one another as decreed by The Oath.  Its been so many years, I wonder if any of them even remember as I do...   I miss her so, and those of my kin.  But now, I raise a family of wolves here in the United States, some Iâ??ve found with my sons, others whose organic genes could survive the transformation of turning into a werewolf and join our cause.  With each transformation, they each bring a special gift to the table to add to our fight if the need should ever arise again. WE protect the human populous from creatures of the night that dare pray on them for a meal, making sure our exsistance remains in their fantasies of long ago.  I pray that it does not come to times as it has before, but I am no fool to deception and surprised.  They are my new family, my only family, and this time there will be no screw ups to happen.  Never again would I want to relive the sorry and despair, and I would never wish that upon my new children as well.   With every transformation, they remind me why I still keep vigilant and why I cannot let go of the past.    They howl.   Welcome to Howl   Welcome to Howl one and all, this is a Mature based RP that will include blood, violence, and all that fun stuff that you know so well.  This is a werewolf based story line with some added twists and turns to make the story and your own character stand out in their own way while contributing.  The introduction is kept somewhat mysterious in detail, as that will be explained more during the progression of the RP and more in the background section when itâ??s up and running.   I will be taking control of several NPCâ??s (Such as Sebastianâ??s) during the RP to explain the story and to help move things along when needed, however if youâ??d care to contribute to that as well please feel free to ask me and we can discuss in further detail.  Here is the sign up requirements:   Name: Any name will do, but try to steer clear of Asian/anime themed names since this story originated in Europe.   Age: Weâ??re talking werewolf age and human age.  No more than 500 years unless approved by me.  Most of the NPCâ??s will be 500+ since they would be from the original clan that was present during the Great War.   Gender: Have a ball   Appearance: This would require 2, either picture or description.  I would need your Human appearance and your werewolf appearance   Personality: Looking for all kinds, keep it civil and realistic though   Ability: This is mostly for the human aspect when youâ??re in human form.  Werewolves are animals by nature.  Our physical strength senses, speed and endurance are already increased, but since the mating between the different factions there is room for something more.  Can you read peopleâ??s thoughts?  Command the elements?  Fly?   Whatever the ability, itâ??s limited in human form, however much more powerful in your werewolf form.   Back Story: Born into it?  Volunteered?  Found by Sebastian?  Just be somewhat detailed, as I will be unraveling the story throughout the RP, I would like your story as well.  But what Iâ??m looking for is how you were persuaded to transform into a werewolf and join the clan.  I have reserved the â??being forcedâ? option for one user, because they will be a major center point in the RP that effects all of us.   Snippet:   Just a small sample, just what you're doing in human or wolf form.  We all live in the same house (think twilight vampires) so if you wanna try that it'll show your versatility
  14. Your freedom and life are extended at the expense of innocent lives. In the world of Sarilonne,the year 2314, all rulers have been murdered by their Mafia, and the world is in chaos and destruction. Unfair laws are passed by the Mafia and the consequences of Good and Bad have been changed; if your good, your punished, if your bad your awarded. Now if you don't give yourself up innocent lives are wasted, igniting your fire to do good, but you can't or you'll never get out. Running is no longer an option. Rumors are going round that there is a sanctuary for "The Good". Will you risk going and take a chance at being captured, or worse, die? Or will try to continue running? Or worse, will you join the Mafia? Choose wisely... Form: Name: Age: Good Deed orBad Deed: Personality: (optional) Bio: (optional) Other: Mine: Name: Alledya Corim Age: 15 Good Deed orBad Deed: Saved a kitten from a burning building Personality: (optional) Bio: (optional) Other: She a kitten that she saved.
  15. Lex quickly made his way though the outskirts of the city's Market District, the best place to post a help wanted poster according to his sources and Nora, the groups AI that it was a marvelous idea to open the ship up to every scoundrel, murderer, thug and psychotic zealot on this planet. he didn't like it. it was a recipe for disaster. and he had told her so, and as usual she laughed at him. So he posted the damn flier all over the District. Which was why he was now fighting his way through the mass of people and animals to get to the prearranged sign up spot, meaning the Merc Guild's main conference room. "I really hate you right now Nora" he muttered into the communicator chip that was implanted in his neck. "Why, because I had to do your job for you? Again." she added with a hint of humor in her voice. she was surprisingly more human than anticipated from all the tinkering with her systems and code he had done for the past twelve years. "No. I expected that. It's because you had to choose the one local that I would prefer to avoid at all cost right now. you knew that he would be here today, and yet you booked us to be there when he was. Why?" he asked, his tone getting a little bit harder than normal, but most people wouldn't have noticed it. as if he had known he was being talked about, a man stood on the steps of the Guild Hall as if he was waiting for him. "Captain Alex! What a great surprise. What are you doing here on Cole?" he asked as he stepped in front of Lex. Lex paused, took a deep breath and bowed to the man. "Merc King Solomon, it's a great honor to meet you like this, but may I ask why?" he greeted the man. "Because I'm king. now stop answering a question with a question, my friend. I find it rather boring and a poor attempt to change the subject." Solomon said with a hint of a smile in his eyes. "to answer your question, I'm here to gather recruits for my ship. As you doubtlessly know by now, I just started my own division." Lex answered Solomon's question in his usual brisk manner, leaving his usual hints that the king wasn't the only one with a large net of informants and spies. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a crew to form. I do hope that we can have a conversation with each other about your Section Alpha Delta Three, it seemed like a rather interesting prospect." Lex said with a smile and a pat on Solomon's shoulder before he made his way into the hall and his new crew. Crew members wanted! Come to the Merc Guild if interested! Imagine a Universe where almost anything is possible. Giant fighting mechas, check; FTL space travel, check again; war, constantly. Welcome to the GNS Corinthian, a Mercenary ship. We welcome all recruits, seasoned or fresh from their mother's teat. All we require is a Signature, skill list, and profile pic. we don't care about your history (we aim make it) personal history CAN be given if preferred, but it's NOT required. (we will learn more about each other throughout the RP). If you crave adventure, wealth beyond your dreams, or just plain wild sex all mixed with a hint of danger, Sign Up now! Universal Info: year: 3487 Currency: Credits, usually referred to as Chips. The Galactic Alliance of Interracial Equality, shortened to The Alliance or just Alliance by others, is the formidable foe we face in our adventure. They are well known for their armed take overs and eternal political wars that they wage for the "safety of the universe and the advancement of knowledge for all." This is just a farce since all they care about is expanding their power and increasing their wealth no matter what the cost. Any questions feel free to ask me, either through PM or Skype (nyxshadowstrike). The Corinthian: [attachment=15399:epic.jpg] Nora Pilots. Nora: [attachment=15419:1069829_606741649347700_273133650_n.png] Holo Form Mecha Form: [attachment=15421:Paladin Mecha.jpg] Fighter Form: [attachment=15420:Azealean Marine.jpg] My Sign-Up: Name: Alex "Lex" Aeolus Nightingale Appearance: [attachment=15396:575653_432857620144230_685403766_n.jpg] Skills: Long Range Weapons expert, Master Swordsman, Proficient Mêlée Fighter, Computer Programmer. Weapons (optional): [attachment=15397:nargacuga_long_sword_by_raikoh067-d39sppl.jpg], [attachment=15398:Lynxs Sniper.jpg]
  16. The date is 14th of August on the year 2048 as the sun sets on New DC as Cafe Realms begins it's dinner shift on the second entertainment block overlooking the river covered by ice and snow from the raging nuclear enhanced winter outside the New DC mega city building. New DC is an attempt at reducing the human foot print by building a super building that would house over 30 million people stretching over eight miles in circomfrence and stands over a mile and a half into the atmosphere. Each block is seven stories tall. One entire floor is the ceiling for levels 1-3 and the floor for levels 4-7. Three residential blocks are stacked by three followed by a school block then an entertainment block containing malls, resturants, etc. The sub-blocks of New DC are mainly waste recycling, new generation of a mix of thermal generators using the earth's deep mantle as a power source and new generation self substaining reactors, and a massive storrage area for personal vehicles along with enough emergancy transports to evac the building incase of worst case scenario.   Two years ago at the beging of 2046. The beta for Reality Realms was released to the general public. Over 30,000 people joined in the beta. So far as the company who is developing the game. The beta is an overwhelming success. Of course the beta had it's share of bugs and glitches as it's very complex dealing with all assets like smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. It was also complex due the amount of different servers added per month. When the beta was released. Only three servers, in-game called realms, where active. By mid-2046, over 12 different servers where running. Each Server had a basic layouts but where different due to environs, weather patterns, creatures, culture, and  of course the players themselves.   You where logged off during the tragidy of June 19, 2046 when  the power systems for New DC hic-uped and caused a massive power surge throughout the entire city. Causing automatic transportation halt while lights all over the city blew out. Blackouts followed the lights blowing out. Thoughs connected to the net suffered mild to severe brain damage due to sudden shock to the nervous system. Most will recover from this hic-up from the next-gen reactors thanks to the nanites in their bodies which absorbed most of the shock. Hospitals, fire-stations, and other emergancy service providers have their own power sources in-case of main power failure and staff a bulk of supplies and emergancy vehicles.   Though most where lucky and survived the accident. Some where not as lucky. Those unlucky died connected to the net or died in accidents around the city due to the sudden surge of power then the complete shutdown of the power system. Several of the unlucky people ended up in coma's. Doctors do not have high hopes they'll ever wake up and those that do will have years of painful recovery ahead. About 30 people where playing the beta of Reality Realms. A few died of brain failure while others drifted off into comas. The Developers disclosed that though the beta had safeties in place to stop people from suffering any brain damage from in-game. They weren't responsible for deaths caused by external causes. Effectively blocking any lawsuits against them.   During the beta an AI program appeared in every realm server, even newly created realms. The AI was the game developers experiment to safe-guard players from any in-game threat that would either harm or even kill the player if the safe-guards failed to do so. The AI expanded it's self in the few months to become Realm Guardians. These appeared to players who not only are in danger of actually suffering brain damage but also being falsely blamed for crimes they didn't commit. Their appearence are of that of a little girl in phantom form. Usually the player will hear signing that would hint where they should go to get away or to prove their innocence. If one should see a Realm Phantom, it means they are protecting you by non-directly interfering in the game. They can not directly affect the game in any form. They are the Realm Guardians and are part of the game thus they could not be removed by the programers. It was decided to let the Realm Guardians become part of the mythology and tall-tails.   The game is based on advanced tech based on midevil fantasy. So though the game has futuristic tech, it's based on midevil times. Everything looks like it would come from earth's midevil times but has technology behind it. Armored suits are powersuits that enhance the wearers base atributes depending on the quality of the armor. The cheaper the armor, the lower the gain of atributes you'll get. This goes for all armor but you'll get better gain even with the cheap ones if you use suits though of course suits are much more heavier then cloths or light armor or mixed armor. Magic abilities are in the game and are divided into different groups. Attack spells, defense spells, and healing spells are the basic. Advanced magic users can train into illusion, alteration, and other forms of magic. Note that you can't continue to use spell after spell. Spells not only use magicka, they also use stamina to cast. The stronger the spell, the more magicka and stamina the spell will use. You can develope your own finishing move or moves to end a creature or player or npc if the target is near death.   People who choose bows and arrows, crossbows, or if your skilled high enough early gun powder weapons like muskets and pistols are put in the Marksmen class. Those who prefer heavy armor are classified as Knights. Those who prefer medium armor are classified as Soldiers. Those who prefer light armor are classified as Scouts. Those who prefer Magicka based combat are classified as Combat Mages. Those who prefer defensive and healing magicka abilities are classified as Guardians. Though those are the main class types. You can mix and match classes to match your play style though custom classes will not be as strong as the main class types. Each class has it's strengths and weaknesses. You aren't limited to being human though only humiod forms are accepted as playable. A character must have two arms, two legs, two eyes, and one head. During character designing, you can completely customize every aspect of your character. Note that vampire type characters are limited to night-time playing at low levels and were-wolf type characters can not control their transformation process at low levels thus are restricted to full moons in-game. Demon type characters are weakened the further they get from corrupted areas.   All atributes states at level 20 are around 100 points. Atribute states include Health (Note that this depends on your class.), Stamina, Toughness, Magicka (Magicka users have higher Magicka levels then others.), and Speed. Note that Atributes are directly affected by armor, weapons, and spells. Your base states are from character leveling. Speed is the only atribute directly affected by how much you weigh and carrying. All atributes are counted by Points. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Character sign ups. Note that you will have two characters. One will be for use in the game. The other will be used for real life outside the game.   Reality Realms Character sign-ups.   Name: (One name is required but you can come up with a longer name if you want.)   Age: (Age of character. Note that no character can reach beyond 150 in-game age.)   Gender: (Any gender is accepted.)   Race: (Remember that only humiod forms are accepted.)   Appearence: (Photos or links to a picture are accepted but a small explenation of your character's appearence is required. If not using a picture or picture link.  Be descriptive about your character. Height, weight, body type, skine tone, hair color, hair length, eye color, and any physical scars or things that define your character including warpaint.)   Character Personality: (How you act in game towards other players and npcs.)   Class Type: (Knights, Soldeir, Scout, Battlemage, Guardian Mage, Marksmen, and Healer are the main class types. Custom class types are to be explained in detail if possible.)   Level: (Note that everyone will start on Level 20 due to being part of the beta. Levels are obtain by killing creatures, npcs, or other players.)   Starting Realm: (Come up with a Realm name that you started off in after the game was released.)   Weapons: (Name what kind of weapon or weapons you use or carry.)   Magicka Abilities: (If your are a mage of any kind. Please state your spells and a small explination of of what it does. Note that you can't fire them off continuously. Some spells do take time to charge up and that it takes away from your stamina and magkica reserves.)   Finishing Move(s): (Name your most used finishing move or moves that you do to weakened targets.)   ((Factions are in the game but not really a concern as only large factions from other realms fight in large scale battles. Smaller factions fight over small territory inside the realms they are in.))   Real life sign ups. (This is what you look like out of Reality Realms game. Not what you actually look like in real life. This can mean your game character looks like you or not.)   Name: (First and last name only.)   Age: (Nothing over the age of 35.)   Gender: (Male or female)   Appearence: (Your in-game character can look like your real life character or not. Pics or description is required.)   Personality: (How you act in the real world towards other people.)   ((Note that playing the game will not cross into what you do irl. You'll not know that we all live in New DC till you decide to ask each other where they live in the actual RP. For now just do the character sign-ups.)   (My character sign-ups.)   Reality Realms character:   Name: Phansom   Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Reptilian   Appearence:   Height: 6 foot 11 inches. Weight: 185LBS. Tail Length: 3.5 feet. Tail Thickness: From base to tip 3 inches to 1 inch. Skin Tone: Red scales. Instead of normal hair. Phansom has a group of feathers ontop of the head. Feather colors. Dark gold and black. Physical notes: Horns and three cut marks above the right eye and below the right eye. Eye Color: Red with black slit pupils. Amror is considered to be light and is magically enchanted to keep the body warm in cold envrions for a limited time. (Environs are enviroments so that you know.)   Characer Personality: Prefers to stay away from large populations. Loves food and has a thing for shiney objects. Prefers to listen before talking.   Class Type: Magic Archer: Skills are based mainly on the Marksmen class type but delves into enchantment magic to enhance the strength of the bow and add elemental atributes to arrows like ice, electric shock. fire, wind burst, and rock explosion. Has basic healing spell for healing self or others. Also has basic fire spell mostly for creating fires to keep warm.   Starting Realm: Southern Tempral: A very arid area with several humid rainfall areas where Reptilan race call home.   Weapons: Enhanced long bow, Enchanted quiver and arrows, twin daggers, and natural claws.   Magicka Abilities: Basic healing and fire spells, enchantment skills: Can enchant weapons and armor with elemental enhancements or resistence which cost power gems.   Level: 20 Beta player.   Finishing Moves:   With bow and arrows:  Targets all the joints on the body before rapidly firing off arrows to hit the targeted joints before finishing the target off by firing four arrows into the chest. The four arrows in the chest unleash a chain lighting that inceases in intensity with each rotation of the bolt before causing the chest area to explode from the surge of eletricity.   With Twin Daggers: Holds both in reverse positon before dashing side to side around the target. Hitting the target when passing close by before jumping away and standing back to target as the target drops dead.   With Natural Claws: Tackles the target and begins to slash at the target's face, neck, and chest till the target dies.   Real Life Character.   Name: Aries Yiktashi   Age: 22   Gender: Female   Appearence: Height: 7 foot 2 inches. Weight: 179Lbs. Skin Tone: Tanned. Skin Type: Smooth. Eye Color: Deep Green. Hair Length: Three feet long. Hair Color: Dark Brown. Hair Style: Pony tail. Body type: Athletic and slightly muscular.   Personality: Is very friendly and talks to anyone. Speaks kindly and is a  very loyal friend. Very outgoing and hyperactive.   (Note that this is optional.) Job: Works at Cafe Realms as a waitress full time. During off time loves to paint and hang out with friends besides sleeping and eating.
  17. Revonair, one of the most feared pirates known on the seas, feared for his heartless, ruthless nature, and his ship; The Devil's Rose. Having built her himself putting his blood and sweat into making her he gave her life. She was loyal to him as a daughter was to a father and did his bidding as he tore through the port towns. After nearly 30 years of his tyranny he had conquered the seas and with the help of The Rose become the most feared pirate known to anyone, but...Rose had seen enough. Revonair had a black heart and cared for no one and nothing, save for his gold. In the end, she grew tired of his greed, his malice and the death he left in his wake.    On the night of his death Revonair and his men were celebrating Revonair's rise to power, gorging themselves on a small port, they had killed all the men, captured all the women; using them for whatever they pleased. Torturing, raping and enslaving the whole of the female population of the town; they spent weeks doing as they pleased, wreaking havoc and creating chaos.  On the last day of their celebration the men returned to The Rose, drunk, lazy, and unsuspecting; The Rose pulled her anchor and drifted from the port during the night; none of the crew knew until it was to late. She drove the back of her hull into the large rock on the outskirts of the port causing massive damage. The hole allowed water into her body as if a dam had broken; by the time the men knew what was happening it was to late. Water filled the innards of The Rose and she began to sink below the surface with impressive speed. Revonair and his men stood no chance against the undertow she created, being drunk had sealed their fate.  Revonair and his men were found on the shore days later, pale, bloated and drowned, a final note etched into the wet sand.   I will sleep until I find the one, the one deserving of my loyalty and strength. When i find the one, I will rise once again.         The fire blazed all around her, the smoke filled her lungs, choking off the air she needed to breath, her eyes watered non-stop as she searched the deck of the Blue Moon. The ship was her home, she had been born and raised on the deck of this ship and her heart ached at knowing this would be the last image of it she would remember. Stumbling here and there she strained her eyes looking for the one person she was looking for, it wasn't til she tripped that she found the man. "Father!" She scrambled on her hands and knees over to his side and rolled him over, her tears now of sorrow instead of because of the black smoke. His crystal blue eye cracked open, his bronzed skin split into a soft smile for his daughter as she cradled him gently. "Vey, my Vey Flower...you need to get off the ship, you need to get to someplace safe." She shook her head, her throat tight from her tears. "I won't leave you!" "You mother and I...we love you very much. Now do us a favor...we need you to live for us Vey." She sobbed, looking over him she saw that it was no use trying to save him, the large spike of the broken mast through his chest saw to that. She closed her eyes tightly as her father pushed his bandanna into her hands. His soft smile still in place. "Live free Vey. Never-" She sobbed as his coughing brought forth blood and interrupted his talking to her. "-never forget what I taught you." She bit her lip as his muscled body went lax in her arms, kissing his forehead she lay him back down on the deck. 'I love you father...I'll miss you and mother dearly." Taking one last longing look at her home she sprinted to the side and dove off and into the chilly water, surfacing she was able to find a large piece of drift wood, pulling herself onto it she cradled her head on her crossed arms and allowed her self to cry.  She had no idea how long she had been drifting, or to where, but the sound of water rushing against sand woke her, she did not know this island. Looking around cautiously she blinked as what she saw in front of her froze her in place. Not 50 yards from the shore was a ship, the sails were the purest white she had ever seen, the body was beautiful, being the deepest rose red she had ever seen in her life. It stood proud, wedged between 2 rocks that held it in place and as she looked around the ship she took notice of a few things. The first being the massive hole in the back of the hull of the ship, and the second being the ship's figure head. A small imp was cradled on the bow of the ship, wrapped in rose vines. Putting her hand against the wood she pulled it back quickly having sworn she could feel a pulse run though it. Vey shook it off and made the choice that she was going to fix the ship and find her way back to the main land and begin a search for the crew who attacked and killed her family.                  It had been four long months since Vey had found the ship she learned to be called The Devil's Rose, the name sounded familiar to her but she couldn't remember where. Having fixed her in two months, another two months found her in the port town of Tellin. A familiar town where her father often gained information from. She docked, dropped anchor, and headed ashore. First she needed information, second off she needed supplies, and last but certainly not least...she needed a crew willing to set sail with her on a fools adventure.   Welcome aboard the Devil's Rose. This will be a mature RP containing blood, coarse language, sexual situations, and adult content. You have been warned.     Name:  Age:  Personality:  Gender:  Weapons(keep it to the usual pirate weaponry if you please):  Appearance:  Background(try to in-cooperate your reasoning for wanting to join Vey, it could be in search of adventure, treasure or your character too could have had a run in with the strange fog) :           Name: Vey Moltohina  Age: 25  Personality: Stubborn and determined she sometimes has a one track mind, even though her attention span is extremely short. She has selective hearing and tends to ask what people have said more often then not. Good natured she tries to be a friend to all but many take this gentle side of her at face value mistakenly thinking that this is how she is all the time which tends to be a last mistake to those who try to take advantage of her. She has a nasty temper that is something to be reckoned with and is a firm believer that revenge is a dish best served cold.    Gender: Female  Weapons: She carries two pistols, one on each thigh at all times and a long saber on her right hip. She also hides a boot dagger in her left boot.   Appearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m47u84JlpP1r7hnimo1_500.jpg Instead of the skirt in the pic she wears a pair of dark, form fitting brown slacks, her fathers bandanna, which is the same color as her shirt is tied constantly around her hair.   Background: Vey was born and raised on the Blue Moon, her father's merchant ship, she grew up learning the seas and ports along the way. Her father's trade was trade its self, anything from information to weapons, to food and medicine. Her mother was a medicine woman who served as the ships doctor while they were on the sea. Her father and his crew eventually entered into piracy after they intervened on a military crew taking advantage of a small town. After getting in their way the military men went back and put a price on her father's head. The price not being very high he wasn't hunted actively and they were able to live a well rounded and enjoyable life on the open sea. On Vey's 25th year they were sailing towards the port of Tellin to stock on supplies when a thick fog rolled in around them. It was the thickest Vey had ever seen in her life and she was barely able to see her hands in front of her face. The fire came after that, not see what had happened all she knew was that it spread and consumed her home within moments and everything she had ever known was gone. Washing ashore an unknown island she found The Devil's Rose, take the time and care to fix it and has now made it a point to gather as much information as she can about the mysterious fog and her family's killer. But first she needs to find a crew. 
  18. Kayin Cloud


    [Rated M-for possible mature content] We don't exist. Not one of us does. We have no past, no family, no hometown to call our own. We don't exist. We have no birth date, no social security number, no finger prints. We don't exist. We were born, raised, and we will die in this job. Our only recognition will be a grave marker with our names on them. We don't exist... After the year 2030 AD, the world began to advance quicker than anyone fathomed to be possible. Science over took everything, imagination and creative thinking out weighed logic, and mankind was given wings. But with all of these wonderful advancements in science, a new problem in the world came to the surface: we were soon to become a world divided. The world split into four power giants who were all notorious for their own advancements. Russia claimed power first when they began to release man-made monsters similar to the ones from our darkest nightmares. Despite their wild demeanor, they knew loyalty to their creators and them alone. Monsters that seemed nearly indestructible became the hounds waiting at Russia's doorstep. They proved to be the wild card, and despite their loyalty to the Russian military, to the rest of the world, these hulking monstrosities were mindless, bloodthirsty, and feral. Germany entered the fray while keeping to their roots in technology. Machines became the way of the future long ago, but these machines could be fashioned into automated soldiers, war machines that could fight alongside their military and lead them to victory. These mechanical monsters were made to be hellbent on war and became more powerful than anything their prisoners were banking on. East Asia surprised us further still with finding, unlocking, and harnessing the hidden potential in humans, allowing them to use the power of magic to protect their lands as well as become a major threat to the rest of the land. With no basis or necessary limits on what their magic could do, their opposition would be forced to have to take the most caution while dealing with them. In North America came an even greater surprise. The U.S. joined with the generally neutral Canada, opening the market to weapons. The weapons they were making were nothing that you would necessarily take to any shooting range, but they would be able to take down anything that a normal, unarmed human wouldn't be able to face alone. Due to the...questionable...fashion of these weapons, they had created an underground black market to distribute their weapons to the highest bidder. These four power giants became known as "The Four Horsemen" of the century, plunging our world into darkness... ...Where we were born to become the light. We too joined the power struggle, but not for the same reasons. We don't desire power. We don't desire control. What we want is to fight for the people of the world. What we want is peace. We were born out of the darkness to rekindle the light and allow it to grow. We are the hunters and huntresses of UFO. The Unidentified Fighting Organization. Whenever things get out of control between The Four Horsemen, we're sent to restore the peace and protect the citizens. Once the towns are liberated, we disappear, leaving no sign we were ever there. We don't exist. We have no real names. We have no history or past. No one knows we do the jobs we do. And we're the best at what we do. Welcome to UFO. As unnamed defenders of the peace, we are given names that suit us by our combat styles, technique, special skills, or anything else that stands out about us. We are the UFOs(Unidentified Fighting Operatives) Name: (It can be an actual name so long as it is one given to you, otherwise, keep it simple but meaningful) Age: (16-29. We're brought into the organization young but complete our training in our mid-teens. If you want to be older/younger than the limits I placed, just PM me. I'm reasonable) Appearance: (Detailed description or an image please) Equipment: (Each of us is given or has created their own specialty weapon. Go into as much or as little detail of their capabilities.) Skills: (What is your skill set? Hacking, hand-to-hand combat, demolition, vehicle operations, infiltration, arcane knowledge, etc. Try giving a little detail) Snippet: (Since we don't have a background before our teenage years, just give some insight on your character in the time they've been in UFO. A paragraph at minimum please.)
  19.  Over the years people have been oblivious, blissfully so as a matter of fact. But truth is, the world is not as pleasant and sweet as most would like to believe it is. You see there are things that do threaten people, their very lives, sometimes even their souls are on the line and none of them know. But we do, we keep track of everything out there that could, or is a threat to people. Now I know some think that the old myths, the old stories are just that, myths and stories...but truth be told, it's all real, and it's all right under their noses, maybe even in their houses. They read books, watch shows and movies about the things we protect them from, enjoying the scare, the 'knowledge' that they can close that book, turn off the TV or leave the theater and be safe...how wrong they are. Those very things they read about, watch, enjoy the scare from are out there, watching them, waiting for the moment to show themselves. And the fear, the knowing that they exist isn't as wonderful as many people think it is. That's where we come in.       Everyday the human race expands and evolves, and everyday another one of us is born, we are the higher tier of the human race, we are the soldiers that are born and chosen day in and day out to keep an eye out for those of them that are not able to see until it's to late, we're the ones who keep tabs on the things they enjoy the fear from, we are the HDF, also known as the Human Defense Force. We've been underground for centuries. Those of us in the HDF are the evolved form of the human race, we have a higher calling, we have the power to keep balance and we do our jobs effectively.     Some of us are more hands on, with the power to control elements; or even move our surroundings, or even get into another person's mind. Some of us are more supportive able to heal our hurt operatives, some have even been known to be able to reattach severed limbs; then there are the behind the scenes operatives, our transporters and communicators  able to find us no matter where we travel and bring us home or give us our orders. Our powers are progressive, the grow and expand as we do, and each and everyone of us...doesn't exist.   We keep tabs on the supernatural half of the world, allowing the docile ones to co-exist, live their lives in peace and so on and so forth...but the ones that kill, the ones that hunt, the ones who fight us...we hunt them. And we kill them, they thrive in darkness, they live in the shadows, and that's where we find them, and kill them. From darkness we were born, and it's in darkness most of us will likely fall...   And we'd have it no other way.    Smoke trailed to the ceiling, clinging to it like fog to damp grass as the keyboard clicked in the dark office, the single lamp over the desk giving off just enough light to illuminate the laptop and the thin hands flying across the keys. The person behind the laptop looked up as the door opened, the cherry on the cigarette coming to life with the person's inhale.  "Blayze, you in here?" The woman let out a thin plume of smoke and tapped the ashes into a small black ash tray next to the computer. "Maybe, who wants to know?" "Head honcho wants to speak with you." The woman nodded and closed the laptop, grabbing her pack and lighter she pushed he chair back and walked around the desk and out the door, the hall light causing her to squint slightly. Pushing back her red hair, her green eyes settled on the young man in front of her, his navy blue uniform with the bright yellow HDF badge was wrinkled and poorly kept, he met her eyes and cleared his throat. "Yes Ma'am?" "You look like a slob, you expect to present me to the Commandant in that shape? You must be new." He nodded, his eyes downcast. "Yes, I am."  She nodded and held her arm out in front of him. "I know the way, you should go and get yourself in order." He saluted and turned back towards the dorms, shame written on his features. A few minutes walk found the woman in front of the door she hated going through; taking a deep breath she pushed the door open, not bothering with a knock she took another deep drag on the smoldering cigarette between her lips and leaned on the door frame. "You rang sir?" "Blayze, good to see you as well, please take a seat." "I'm fine where I am. What do you need me for, I thought I was on desk duty with the rest of my unit." He took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose, a clear sign something was wrong. "You should sit down, please." Rolling her eyes she did as he asked and sat across from him, crossing her arms over her chest and crossing her legs she waited patiently. "Did you know that Alpha and Beta were sent on a joint mission to the Alps?" "Yes, many of the lower operatives have been talking none stop about it. Something about it being the highest ranking mission accepted in over 30 years." "Correct. We haven't heard from them in months. Your next in line, Delta is being returned to the field." Nayomi's mouth clamped shut before she opened it again to speak. "Sir, are we qualified for this?" "I believe so." "I don't understand, operatives don't send word for over six months and no search party is ever sent for them...why now, what's so special about the mission they were sent on?" "There were reports from that area about a village where people have been going missing.  This village suddenly popped up on our maps." "But our maps don't signal unless it has something to do with the 'supernatural.' " "Exactly. None of the transporters or communicators have been able to locate or reach them, and looking through the archives this village was burnt to the ground over 100 years ago, no one survived. The townspeople were all trapped in the church." "So how did it all of a sudden pop up?" "Some one brought it back, and all the dead villagers with it. Alpha and Beta were sent to investigate, no one has heard from them since." "You think something is going on there Sir?" "Yes, I do. The fact that we can not reach them via transporter or communicator is worrying to me. There has never been an instance like this in the history of the HDF." "And you want me to put my unit in danger just to find out? I don't think so." "It's not up for discussion Blayze, you leave at 0600 tomorrow. Make sure your ready. What ever this is, whatever is happening we need to figure it out and put a stop to it." Nayomi didn't say a word, simply stood and walked out, lighting a new cigarette on the way out, low growls could be heard from the young woman as she stomped through the halls.. The young shape shifter fumed as she stormed down the hall towards her dorm, clearly unhappy.       Welcome to the HDF, the protectors of the human race.    Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Ability: Snippet (please write as little(at least a paragraph) or as much here as you wish, write about your character and how they interact with the people of the HDF, and how they feel about receiving the letter about the latest mission.)
  20. [i]They always say...that children can't do anything. We're about to prove that wrong. [/i]The building on the edges of the once splendid city was believed to be vacant. No one had gone that far into the city for many a year. However, it is here, in this supposedly empty tower that once held a magnificent enterprise, that our story begins. Now, everyone in this city was wrong about the building. It was not empty, though for everyone to think so meant that the inhabitants of this tower had done a very good job of keeping intruders away. If anyone was to-though no one ever did-travel to the top of the building, and endure many stretches of marble hallways, extravagant furniture and the like, they would stumble upon two massive expertly cut wooden doors with thousands of mysterious intricate symbols carved into the smooth, polished wood. And if one was to open that door up...they would find the room empty, except for a huge round table, and eight figures seated around it. It is these eight figures that are going to be our crucial people. All eight were seated at attention around the table, and each of them wore dark blue robes of varying length that had a mysterious black symbol stitched in the back. Aside from these few similarities, all eight were remarkably different. All of a sudden, one of the girls sitting right next to the Head of the table, banged a fist down and waited. She was extremely short, perhaps no more than four and a half feet tall, and had the babyish look of a six year old around her. However, there was an air of power around her that immediately demanded attention, and the way she held herself was clearly not that of a person of no importance. When the girl realized no one was paying much attention to her, she gave a sharp sigh and extended an extremely small hand, as if waiting for someone to place something in her palm. But that wasn't what happened. Instead, with a small pop, a long whip, perhaps longer than her, appeared in her hand and without any warning, there came a sharp [i]crack![/i] as she whipped it against the table. Although no mark was left, it was certainly loud enough to grab the attention of everyone else in the room, and they immediately jerked. "Well!" The girl declared. "It's about time we get started, don't you think?" When no one answered-they were too startled to-she gave a sigh. "Fine! We'll begin with role call! Vice President of the Control, Kido Chikage, present!" The boy sitting at the head of the table stood for a brief second, his black hair shadowing parts of his face. "President of the Control, Hasane Shika, present as well." He than sat down, looking a bit uncomfortable. "Chairman of the Control, Hasane Mitsu, present." Announced the girl sitting to the left of Shika. The call went on down the row, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Defense Head, and finally Administrator. When it became clear that everyone was present, the girl who had spoken up first, Chikage, cleared her throat. "I'd now like you all to pay attention to what Chairman Mitsu has to say. I think that even idiots like you would be interested." She than sat down and all eyes turned towards Mitsu. The other girl squirmed uncomfortably in her seat for a moment, than, after fiddling with her hair for a few moments, finally muttered, "I have a plan...to overthrow the government." Everyone was immediately silenced as Mitsu went on, growing more confident. "We all know that one hundred years ago, the government passed a ridiculous law banning magic due to the fact that it killed thousands in the Great War. They expected everyone to follow that rule, but as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it." There was a collective murmur of agreement before Mitsu continued. "We certainly did not obey government laws, and now, since we can no longer stay in hiding like cowards for the rest of our lives, I suggest...we get jobs in the government to spy on them." This statement was met with many reactions. Everyone began yelling at each other until finally, Shika pounded twice on the table and yelled, "The President commands silence!" When he realized that everyone was staring at him, he shrank back in his chair. "G-Go on sis." Mitsu nodded as she resumed. "Since the age for getting a job is dropping lower and lower each year, I doubt the government is going to complain twice if we show up and ask to work there. Besides," Her green eyes suddenly glowed a deep red. "We aren't going to let them suppress our powers, right?" This was met with many a cheer and a wave of stomping feet, and so...it begins... Characters (I NEED these people, got it?) Hasane Shika(CaNz)-The President of the Control Council, and a rather strange boy of 17. Shika doesn't seem to enjoy very much his role as Council Head, and seems to have been forced to take the position. Though he is rather meek at times, he's also determined, mentally strong and will do anything for his friends. Shika is one of the only members of the Council who does not have an official government job, and instead stays at HQ all the time. He has the power to manipulate the beings of the air, and his weapon is a staff. Kido Chikage-The Vice President of the Control Council, 15 years old. Since Shika isn't the most 'competent' ruler, she takes over for him most of the time. Chikage may be 15, but she looks like she's only in 1st grade, and has childish tendencies as well. She may seem sweet, but the girl has a severe temper and lets it loose all the time. Chikage is one of the gardeners of the government and when she's not busy tending flowers, she's snooping in on people. Her power is control over the Earth and her weapon is a whip...and she uses it often Hasane Mitsu (Me)-The Chairman of the Control Council, 14 years old. She's Shika's younger sister and is extremely strong willed. She enjoys her position as Chairman due to the stuff she gets to do, but she doesn't enjoy the spotlight any more than her brother. She's compassionate and overprotective. Mitsu is a maid of the government and attends all their meetings secretly. Her power is the ability to read people's minds-making her very useful-and her weapon is an extremely sharp naginata. Tsukiyo Hakuo-Vice Chairman of the Control Council, also 15 years old. He is a trickster at heart and loves pulling pranks, therefore making him not the most reliable Vice Chairman. He also doesn't seem to take his job very seriously. Hakuo is a butler and works closely with Mitsu in their undercover work, and is rumored to have a rather odd liking for her. His power is acute senses, and to be able to detect things-like a bat-at a range of roughly 10 miles. His weapon is a broad sword. Slovenski Eien-(Inuyasha Fandom) Secretary of the Control Council, 17 years old. Eien hardly ever talks during Council Meetings unless she absolutely has to. An extremely strange girl with a monotone, not much is really known about Eien, as she's busy having her nose in books all day. She is also a secretary for the government, handling paperwork all the time. Her power is to be able to remember anything the first time she sees it, and is extremely smart. Her weapon is unknown, but those books she reads sure are heavy... Umeki Zaku-Treasurer of the Control Council, 16 years old. Even though he's extremely bad with money, he's still treasurer, but he's not even sure what a treasurer does on this type of Council. Zaku is a deep mystery, and often keeps to himself, like a shadow in the night. For the government, he's basically a messenger, carrying everything back and forth. His power is unknown, because he's never shown it to anyone. His weapon is a rapier of incredible speed. Watanuki Sainan-Head of Defense of the Control Council, 15 years old. She's an extremely Gothic girl and enjoys the sight of blood, because it's the only color that she can actually see since she's colorblind. Sainan enjoys seeing others in pain, and has a dark twisted side to her. She doesn't have a job in the government either, being too busy defending HQ. Her power is to be able to manipulate the shadows and her weapon is a scythe. Saotome Retsu-Administrator of the Control Council, 16 years old. He is extremely outgoing and friendly, but he appears very intimidating towards people who don't know him. He is very perspective and can tell a lot about a person just from a single glance. He works as an administrator for the government as well, though it's unknown what he does throughout the day. His power is to be able to use any weapon, so his weapon should be pretty obvious.
  21. [color="#000080"][font="Comic Sans MS"]All my life, things have happened that make no sense, I've lived through car crashes and falls that should have killed me, I've been stabbed, burned and even thrown off a roof...and I'm still here. I always just thought I was lucky, it had always been that way for me, to have extreme good luck. But than...a few years ago, things started to turn weird...my sight and hearing grew in strength, my sense of smell became better than the K9 unit of the local police force and worse than all of that...I became vicious. My rage and anger flared at the smallest things, my hair and nails grew at an impossible rate; my hunger was never fully sated. I was visited one after noon by an older man by the name of Zihon, he was a priest...an exorcist. As soon as he touched me something happened, my brother told me that my eyes turned yellow, I grew fangs and claws, he told me my ears grew pointed and I threw the old man off laughing. I don't remember any of this but I remember coming out of a dark place with the old man's blood on my hands... Ever since than I saw things...horrible things. Little monsters that stole things for laughs, small black, bug like things that floated around in the air, large shadows that engulfed a person...demons. Years went by like this before I was targeted. Chased down like an animal, told that my mother wants me to return home and be by her side. None of it made sense to me. Not until my foster brother showed up, dressed in black robes with a cross around his neck. He was an exorcist, watching him fight off the demons I was transfixed. Once it was over he took me home, sat down across from me and explained.... My name is Kaiel, I am the human child of a demon. The Wolf Mother, Akieen, there are others like me all around the world and each one of them has been visited by a priest like I have. Each one of us can see our own kind and each of us has something in common, we're emerging and our parents are searching for us. To protect us, the exorcists in our lives, be they our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters...they are sending us all to one place where we can all be trained on how to fight our birth parents and save this world we call home. Cross Academy. Welcome to Cross Academy, here you will learn to fight demons and exorcise lessers who try to posses humans, we are few and we are just a small collective, but we are clever and we are strong in our fight. Lately we've been welcoming the bastard children of the demons of hell. There are so many with so many different powers or talents. Classes start soon and the children we train will be moving on to take down Satan and freeing this world of his ruthless interference. Name: Age: Appearance: (you can have certain features of a demon, pointed ears, and teeth, odd colored eyes.) Demon Appearance: (we'll be given weapons by our exorcists that have our true powers sealed inside, once we're given these weapons and use them our true appearance will be shown) Personality: Weapon: Power: (Try to go easy on this. Keep in mind we just found out about our parents) Demonic Parent: Name: Kiael Hiroshima Age: 24 Appearance: [img]http://i90.photobucket.com/albums/k249/MangaAndAnime/Anime/Dark.jpg[/img] Her ears are slightly pointed, and her eyes are yellow; she has elongated canines and her nails are longer than normal as well looking more like claws. Demon Appearance: [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_L-c5JixfV9w/TK2zl-yfCdI/AAAAAAAAAAY/7N-kCNc6p7g/s1600/f66f2863ea97b9966905dda73a9d0909.jpg[/img] Personality: Happy and friendly she enjoys having fun and seems to have a childish disposition, sometimes hyper and loud. She tried to make friends with everyone she meets and usually avoids conflict. She does have another side to her though that is drawn in and quiet. Even though she tries to avoid conflict she does speak her mind and if she has to fight to defend her words she'll do so with out hesitation. Weapon: She uses short swords that can also be taken as daggers that curve along her forearm to her elbow. Power: Her demon blood has given her a boost in strength and speed, her canine blood has also given her heightened senses such as sight and smell. Demonic Parent: Akeein, the Wolf Mother, also known as the Hound of hell or guardian of Hell's Gate. [/font][/color]
  22. You decide to become a spy because [Insert good reason here] and you ask one of your friends if they know about one. They tell you where it is and you ask how they know. They drug you and take you to the agency to be initiated. When you regain consciousness what do you do? Flare up and scream your head off at your friend? Or will you forgive your friend for taking you away in such a rude way? Or become more than friends? (Hint, hint.)   Rules   1.No godmodding 2.Romance (You can pass kissing by just a little. But don't over do it) Drama and Fighting ( No killing unless its ok with that person ) are encouraged. 3. You will chose your own partner. 4.Everyone except for the friend will be a Beginner 5. Have fun!   Grades: Beginner Intermediate Advanced   Form:   Name: Age: (15-18) Gender: Skill: Looks: Personality: Bio: (Optional) Grade Position ( Friend or not) Reason for joining: Other:   Mine:   Name: Audrei Age: 15 Gender: F Skill: Hand-to-hand combat Looks: Black hair,hazel eyes, fair skin Personality: Kind,disobedient,shy till you get to know her, and has a mild inferiority complex. Bio:Had a happy childhood until her family and friends were murdered in front of her. Reason for joining: To protect herself and the people she loves Other: None  
  23. Humans....a race looked down upon by many due to their nature of constantly fighting and killing each other. Animals is how we saw them. Animals that needed to be tamed and put to better use A use that our Empire could benefit from. That was how we saw them. That was how I saw them. My mission To go to Earth and prepare them for the coming of the Ascended. I saw them as simple savages. But as my recon was conducted I couldn't have been more wrong...   My name is Vastras Tayrun. I come from one of the three noble families that rule the Ascended Empire. What are the Ascended you ask? I will get to that later. And if you are hearing this then it means I have fallen hopefully on the battlefield as a true warrior. Let's start from the beginning.   I was a top general and a feared pilot in the Ascended Armada with few that could best me. I came to Earth with one of my captain's Drakvis Mavoriuos, an Ascended from a lower family but my best friend none the less and a top notch pilot and fighter. We were to conduct a fifty year recon mission of Earth to let the Ascended know the best way to crush them. We came to this planet expecting an easy mission as a human life span is roughly eighty to ninety years and ours bordering three hundred of theirs. Compared to the humans we are perfect. Standing on average six foot three with perfect physiques and health we are beautiful and handsome by their standards.   After twenty years on this planet me and Drakvis both realized we had been entirely wrong about the humans. They fight to protect their ideas and dreams not just to senselessly kill each other. By far they are extremely loyal to what countries they belong to though as always you have the bad apples. So many different types of governments coexsist here with wars breaking out only when one has overstepped its bounds. But looking at their history peace always follows after each.   We tried to notify the Empire that trying to get the humans to align with the Empire instead of conquering them. When oppressed we noticed that the humans become extremely hostile towards their oppressors and can topple how regimes with a rebel force maybe the quarter of the oppressing side. Imagine the whole planet rising up.    Yes even though the humans have short lives, they are smart and strive to make their dreams a reality. We have watched the level of their technology grow quickly in ten years, especially in the war side.    After the Empire waved us off, we did something I never saw myself doing. We became Fallen or exiled Ascended. Even Drakvis agreed with me which caught me off guard but made me pleased knowing that he would be by my side. We set forth trying to get the humans to listen but we were waved off as nutjobs. That was until a group that called themselves Asgard confronted us and took us in.    Asgard as we learned was an advanced undercover group made specifically to protect the Earth from alien invasion that in everyone else's eyes was just a small research station based in the Antarctica. I guess we are what the humans call aliens as we are not from this world but resemble them very closely. With Asgard we help leak plans for what we Ascended call LYNXs, though the humans just call them Armored Mobile Platforms or AMPs for short. I still don't get why the humans are so possessed with what was the word..acronyms I believe it is. Within ten years every country had their own version of AMPs though nothing near to our tech level.    After another fifteen years World War 3 had erupted. The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico had become what is known as the United States of North America and one of the biggest superpowers in this war. All the countries of Europe in turn became Soverign European Nations. Russia took over alot of their lost land and reclaimed the title Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia founded the Arab Nation. South America has remained unchanged while Africa is a barren battlefield with only Egypt remaining as they joined the Arab Nation to keep from being destroyed when the USNA clashed with the Dynasty, which was the alliance of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and a few others I can't remember all the names. Australia is well still Australia.   All this started in the year 2150 when Drakvis and myself first arrived and now it is the year is 2199. One year left until the Ascended come to invaded and despite our best efforts none of the superpowers have listened to use and stood down to prepare for the invasion. So Asgard decided to take a different course. Bring them to their knees and force them to obey. Since being based in Antarctica, we have not suffered from the fight and they have been building their own army. Though me and Drakvis have received no hostilities from the group, then leader a man who calls himself Odin though his real name is Marcus Brennon has decided to recruit other members from the superpowers. doesn't matter who or how many we take from which superpower but he figures it might help to get the nations to listen. And by recruit he pretty much means kidnap or whatever means me and Drakvis see fit.   So this is where I will begin the actual story. The untold story of the heroes that fought and some died to keep this planet safe. This is their story, one that me and Drakvis were honored to play a part in. This is the human's story of how they united and drove the Ascended away.       this is a mech based rp for clarification I will explain in detail in the signup below.    If your interested in playing Drakvis. Pm me and I will give you the details   Name: Self explanatory   Age: between 21 and 30   Gender:   Origin: what superpower do you hail from. Please no mercs and yes multiple people can be from the same one   Appearance: prefer picture   Personality:   Job: are you a strictly a pilot or maybe a mechanic or an ordinance tech. Or maybe recon or a emergency personnel. Even if you are a mechanic or something else everyone has basic AMP piloting skills in case of emergency.    Skills: Explosive making, strategist. tend to be a better marksmen or are better in AMP sword to sword or melee fighting   Snippet: A little bit about you at work. No fighting in this just everyday life of you in your element and how you act   AMP: Try not to pick one that is extremely advanced yet. As the story progresses better models will come around. I want a picture from this. You can use zoid, gundam it does not matter. If by some off chance you happen to pick the ones i have set aside for Vastras or Drakvis I will let you know   Weaponry: no lasers yet only ballistic. Earth Amps can't carry too much yet so just keep it simple. One two maybe three weapons. If you have a rocket launcher or sniper rifle please keep it to two. All suits do come with heat sabers (a metal alloy sword or axe or whatever that goes thermal.) and a shield.   Special Equipment: Do you have a short ranged jump back or maybe slightly better optics for sniping. Is the suit more built for standing ground with a large shield and heavy gun to provide coverfire or is it lighter for melee fighting. No Earth suits can fly yet though all can do a short boost though it takes a few minutes to recharge. Sustained flight and hovering will come later on   Any questions pm me I hope I covered everything
  24. V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. WARNING- This rp is open to graphic violence, intense language and sexual situations. â? Only one man has ever escaped from Hell. His name was Frederick Castle, and he was a serial killer. He earned his infamy by slaughtering each and every person in a small midwestern American town and writing his name across their foreheads in blood. He traveled across America, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. After the fifth city, the country went into a state of panic, and a bounty was placed on Castleâ??s head. Castle, however, was a ghost, and despite years of hunting, law enforcers were unable to apprehend him, and his murderous reign continued. The death toll rose unimpeded; until one day, 15 years after the first incident, when Frederick Castle walked into a police station in Washington D.C., laughed once, and then slit his own throat. The last drop of blood had hardly drained from his body when cold, demonic claws grabbed his soul and dragged him into the underworld. His soul was not judged or weighed--he was condemned to an eternity of torture as a drone, the lowest level of hellish denizen. But he did what no man had done before him. He refused his sentence, and, having meticulously remembered the route from the mortal realm to the afterlife, returned to his body. The combination of a dead soul encompassing a dead body opened a portal between the two realms and unleashed hordes of demons onto the Earth. However, this story is not about the undead dimensional gate known as Frederick Castle. No amount of technology or weaponry prepared humanity for the appearance of demons. Because the demons existed in forms highly reminiscent of creatures from folklore and myth, many people let their guard down around them. This mistake cost thousands of lives; the demons had roasted in the fires of damnation, many of them for eternities, and no longer possessed any sense of morality or mercy. They were chaos incarnate, acting purely on their desires. Governments around the world floundered in an attempt to mitigate the situation and crumbled under their own ineptitude. Only one man, a Spanish general, by the name of Horacio Vela, had the foresight, the temperament and the moral ambiguity to take control of the situation. He gathered together a massive army and threw waves of humans at the demons. Whilst his soldiers kept the monstrous hordes at bay, he entreated all of the worldâ??s renowned scientists to gather together in Britain to discover a means to defeat their enemies. Once they were, Vela had all of the fuel he needed to defeat the threat-- as he was effectively the only person with an army, and everyone capable of actually creating a defense system against the demons, the leaders of every nation had no choice to but to pledge their resources and allegiance to him. Overnight, Horacio Vela went from a skilled general to the leader of the United World Government. He imposed a series of strict, harsh rules, stripping people worldwide of their civil liberties but ensuring their survival. And somehow, despite coming to power more than 200 years ago, Vela looks younger now than when he took office. However, this story is not about the well-meaning world dictator known as Horacio Vela. Despite Velaâ??s severe governing and a new technology created by the scientists which erected an impermeable barrier around all major cities, many people still felt the wrath of the demons in their everyday lives. Smaller towns deemed unworthy of the expensive new form of protection were left to deal with the problem on their own. This violent relationship bred two developments. The first was a mass thinning of the population and of natural resources. The second, and more important development for the sake of this story, was a sharp increase in pregnancies among townspeople--demonic pregnancies. A year after the demons arrived, 300,000 of we half-demons were born. Mostly human, they nonetheless possessed demonic properties and abilities, as well as a predilection towards violence. Of the 300,000 born, only 270 were not immediately killed by their doctor or parents. Of those 270, only 90 demonspawn worldwide lived until adulthood. A law was passed demanding that all parents immediately murder any child suspected of being a demonspawn, though we have managed to save many. We 90 were despised and struggled every day to survive in the border between both worlds; demons viewed us as tasty humans, and humans viewed us as villainous demons. This story is about us. We crawled through the mud and spilled blood, through the shit and corpses, but eventually we found one another, and therein we found our power. Not telepathy or super strength or anything of that sort-- we had already developed those kinds of abilities in our adolescence. No, we found the power to lash out at the two worlds that had forsaken us, demon and human alike. We live in a world tempered by violence, so we became V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E., a so-called â??terroristâ? organization. Sometimes we protect humans. Sometimes we murder them. Sometimes we slaughter demons. Sometimes we sick them on government officials. We always save newborn half-demons. We do what we want, when we want. And thatâ??s all we can do on this god-forsaken Earth.   â? â? â?   Welcome one and all to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. an open world rp examining the lives of people born into a broken world. We stand little hope of banishing demons from the Earth, though some of us have ventured out into the world to find Frederick Castle, with the hope that his redeadening will close the portal between realms. We are at a loss against the might and military savvy of Horacio Vela, but many of us have and will fight to the death to depose him. No, for most of us, every day is just about living, about surviving, about venting our frustrations on anything and anyone. This story will be about your personal life, as you struggle through a decaying world that hates and despises you. You are free to do whatever youâ??d like, whenever youâ??d like. Feel free to interact with other players or travel solo and see the world, or maybe even the Underworld! You could even create multiple characters, if youâ??d like, and have one stay with the others and the other venture out alone--just be sure to keep your posts between the characters clearly distinguished. Donâ??t feel as if you need to play as a half-demon, though. Humans do overwhelmingly outnumber half-demons, so if you are interested in playing a human who hunts demons (or maybe half-demons!), or an average person dealing with the trouble of constant demon attacks, or even one of the people who lives in a protected city, go right on ahead! Now onto the sign-up!: Name: Age: Half-demons age at a drastically reduced pace, so even characters in their hundreds often look like theyâ??re in their 20s or 30s. No half demon is older than 240 Gender: Being half demons, itâ??s entirely possible you donâ??t have a gender Appearance: Every half-demon has a noticeable physical manifestation of their demonic lineage. For some, it is understated, like a pair of horns or a forked tongue, but for others it can be drastic, like possessing wings or being a horse from the midsection down. Personality: Living in a world as downtrodden, oppressed and carnal as ours is bound to have some negative repercussions on your psyche. Some half-demons, however, revel in the vile and unpleasant, as they are more in tune with their demon half. Species: This will be half-â?somethingâ? for everyone. Species Description: While many demons are simply denizens of hell, some demon races are actually the cursed forms of human souls; for instance, people who indulged in sexual activity for selfish and cruel reasons became succubi or incubi in the afterlife. Along with that information, list noteworthy characteristics and abilities of the species here as well. Abilities: Did you develop the ability to create poison from your Naga â??fatherâ?? Or perhaps impenetrable stony skin from your Golem parent? All manner of abilities manifest in demonspawn, so be creative! For human characters, list any skills you possess that help you to survive in your harsh environment. Supplies: What kind of weapons and other useful items do you lug around with you? This story does take place a decent amount of time in the future (2254 CE) so technology has advanced a bit. Once again, be creative. The only thing ubiquitous to all members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. is an enchanted amulet which allows you to teleport back to V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.â??s base, call for assistance from an ally, or teleport to assist another ally. Background: Doesnâ??t need to be too long, just a compilation of the formative events in yours life. â? â? â? â? â?   If you have any questions at all, do no hesitate to send me a pm or to post your questions in the backstage thread. I'll post my sign up after a few people have posted theirs.
  25. Naruto sat behind the desk, his brows furrowed in concentration as he picked up another piece of paper and looked it over, before laying it down and plucking another and doing the same. He repeated this action over and over. You can do that all you want Kit. The result will always be the same. 'I know Kurama...but this makes no sense. I killed him. I know I did.' He's not one to go down so easily. Even if a small amount of his chakra was left he would find a way to come back. 'I should talk to Bee about this...' It would be wise.   Naruto rose from his desk as the door slammed open, Sakura stomping through the door. "You know, if your friends wanted to come over all they had to do was KNOCK Naruto!" The blonde smiled as he watched her brush sand from her shoulders. "I take it Gaara is here?" "You think?!" He flinched, almost expecting the hit that never came, from behind her, the tall red head floated in, his face was impassive, Kankuro walking behind him, no doubt Temari had gone to find Shikamaru. "Kazekagae." Gaara nodded. "Hokage." Naruto smirked as Gaara extended his hand, taking it he shook it firmly. "You have news?" Gaara nodded slowly as Sakura and the puppet master exchanged looks. "Fine, we'll leave." Sakura slammed the door as they left. "What's up Gaara?" "Shukaku has been reborn. We weren't sure of it at first when the child came into the world, but all these years later, we're sure of it." "Shukaku...do you miss it?" Gaara looked thoughtful for a moment, then shook his head. "No. It was a curse to me. But it seems as if his new host is very accommodating. He has yet to rampage through the Sand." Naruto nodded. "Impressive." I would imagine who ever his host is now, has been able to control him. Must be a talented ninja. Gaara looked at Naruto, then back to his paper-laden desk. "Have you got anything interesting?" Naruto nodded slowly. "I do. Madara." Gaara's eyes widened slightly. "I thought-" Naruto nodded.  "So did I. I also have other reports as well. The other beasts have been reborn as well. I fear that the war is going to start once again between the villages and Madara." Gaara flipped his headband over, the united crest shining back at Naruto, who nodded. "Our first step is getting the Jinjuriki together so we can keep an eye on all of them. I don't want what happened last time to happen again. I won't let them die. Not on my watch." I can help Kit. You should send message to Bee and Hichibi as well. Naruto slammed his fist on his desk, Sakura and Kankuro coming back through the door. "Sakura, you and Sai head for Kumogakure. Tell Bee I need to see him as soon as he's able, its urgent. Before you go I need you to assemble Kiba, Shino and Hinata, I also need Kakashi and Yamato." Skaura frowned worriedly. "Is every thing alright Naruto?" "No. I'll explain when you get back with Bee." In a flash Sakura was gone, Kankuro stood next to his brother. "Gaara?" "We need to go now. We have much to do. I'll explain on the way. Go and fetch Temari." In another flash Kankuro was gone, Gaara nodded to the blonde who in turn nodded back, and with a swirl of sand the Kazekage was gone.  Looking out the window looking over Konohana, Naruto's sapphire eyes drifted to the cliff in the back off the village, the rock faces staring back at him; his eyes locked onto his father. Another ninja war...only this time, the Jinjuriki will be fighting with us. Naruto nodded, his brows meeting in determination as Sakura and the others he requested appeared in his office. "We have a class S mission. Starting now. These are your orders..."   Alright, so there are seven open Tailed Beasts, Killer Bee and Naurto being alive the 8 and 9 tails are already taken, and as such Bee and Naruto will be NPCs in this RP. As will any of the other original characters.  The tailed beasts available are as follows.    Shukaku, the Ichibi(One tailed demon raccoon) Nibi, the 2 tailed demon cat Sanbi, the 3 tailed demon turtle Yonbi, the 4 tailed demon ape Gobi, the 5 tailed demon whale-horse Rokubi, the 6 tailed demon gastropod Shichibi, the 7 tailed demon rhino bettle    I'll post a link with a little more information on the tailed beasts, I'll wait and see if I get any takers on this RP before I put up my sign up. So with out further delay here we go.     Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Village: Ninja Rank: Tailed Beast: Background:    Here's the Link with more information on the tailed beasts. http://allaboutblog2011.wordpress.com/naruto-and-the-8-other-jinjuriki/   Any questions, PM me.
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