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  1. Currently playing 2 games at the moment, with one having the most of my attention since I'm currently at a stopping point with the other two: The Division: I have to say this is the first shooter I've enjoyed since the Halo series that I've actually liked and can't wait to get home from work to play. It's fast paced,deeply involved with a believable story line, and the online interaction is on point. I've only seen a few glitches, but that could be accounted to the numerous players playing on different servers, so it's really no fault to the game itself. Lego Marvel Avengers: Though campy a
  2. I've been a member since i was a sophomore in High school. The OB has taught me a lot about creative writing and putting my ideas out there without fault or rejection, and to improve upon myself my own skills and creativity. Not only that, but I've made some great friends through here from doing so, and we've created masterpieces worthy of being made into a novel, or even a movie (I gush at the idea but reading back, it could happen). OB was my sanctuary when I was alone or bored, and others joined in on the fun we created, I would definitely like to be as alive as it once was, those were t
  3. Belated I know, but Happy B-Day OB!!
  4. I would have to make a new skype but I don't see that being a problem, just let me know date and time.
  5. Sounds fun for sure, count me in, good thing I still check the site from time to time :-3
  6. I mostly stayed on the RP portion of the boards, Darth Vectis and I are trying to bring it back to life with some new stories and what not. If I believe correctly, he's the only one I have added on FB from here.
  7. Location: Redmond, Seattle Desmond made it back to his family's safe house in the early hours of the morning, having little rest from his researching and deciphering of information he obtained from the safe house of the Witch of the Wilds. Though he may have been too late to stop the destruction and murder of their kin, he was able to secure several documents and talismans that would have raised too many questions had the normal police obtained them. Questions Desmond already had forming through his thoughts as he flipped another frayed page of Lady Morrigan's grimoire, the only items wort
  8. Shwa

    Trails of The Grail

    I'll be beginning the story this week, if anyone is still interested in signing up, please feel free to. We hope to add on more creative minds as we work through this RP. Until then, see you in the game!
  9. Shwa

    Trails of The Grail

    Guess I'll get the ball rolling :-3 Name: Desmond Tigan Age: 28 Years of Age Sex: Male Personality: Desmond has and always remains to radiate a calm presence to those around him Though he is quite lax with life and his well being, he is a master strategist when it comes to business. Every other function in life, he is as tamed as a stream of water. Since his years of growing, Desmond is ever watchful and worry some of his youngest sibling, Harvest. Now older, he is less concerned with her safety knowing hat she an handle herself, but more worried as any brother would be to his sister a
  10. "For as long as the scribes of old could foretell in their stories, papyrus littered with ancient dust from a past now forgotten, powerful creatures roamed the lands of the living. Breeding, co-inhabiting, and even making history in the volumes of history. But that is not the tale we speak of in the light, for the shadows hold far more than secrets, it holds the very essence of our culture. Magic has, and always will be a necessity to keep the balance of good and evil. However, those terms cannot just describe a person, but an idea, a dream, a passion. That, my dear reader, is where the l
  11. Shwa

    Upcoming RP

    Howdy Howdy remaining, or whats left of the RP community here at OtakuBoards. Darth Vectis and I are collaborating on a new RP we'll be starting up sometime soon. We'll be going with a modern day "Justice League: Dark" theme kind of RP, consisting of mystical and magical elements. Still on the drawing board, but just reaching out to those who might be interested in joining in, we plan to do this as a collaboration together with or without extra minds to add to the mix. But, never bad to have others tag along from beginning to end :-3 ~Shwa
  12. Shwa


    Ah o.k, that makes more sense, literally controlling someone else character rather than you own, but for the whole time and not just to move the story forward.
  13. Shwa


    I don't get it.... o.0?
  14. Need to get back in the RP swing, I'm feeling rusty.

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      Throwaways should be starting up pretty soon, never fear!

    2. Shwa
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