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  1. Shwa

    Upcoming RP

    Howdy Howdy remaining, or whats left of the RP community here at OtakuBoards. Darth Vectis and I are collaborating on a new RP we'll be starting up sometime soon. We'll be going with a modern day "Justice League: Dark" theme kind of RP, consisting of mystical and magical elements. Still on the drawing board, but just reaching out to those who might be interested in joining in, we plan to do this as a collaboration together with or without extra minds to add to the mix. But, never bad to have others tag along from beginning to end :-3 ~Shwa
  2. Hiya! I thought it would be a cool idea to start an RPG with just messenger or tweet-sized snibbits instead of huge posts. What do you think?!
  3. What do RP people like least? God modders right? I thought about an RPG where you are allowed to post as and influence every character EXCEPT your own. So you sign up as a character you will never use! What do you guys think? I think it would be fun and ironic.
  4.   The Throwaways The Molehill   The World   While the worldâ??s history follows roughly the same chronology as our own, there are a number of differences: the main one being that metahumans have been present and known to the public for three quarters of a century (although they have secretly been in existence throughout human history in various forms), and have been subtly altering major events throughout time ever since.   In the early 1940s, as a way of combatting the rising power of the Nazis during the Second World War, scientists working as part of a clandestine government organisation known only as Project Salvation chemically altered the physiology of a man named James Bishop and enhanced him to superhuman levels: his strength, speed, agility, stamina, reflexes and senses were greatly heightened by the process, and he became the US Armyâ??s number one weapon in the fight against the Nazis. But Project Salvation opened the floodgates, sparking the Super Soldier Race as each country desperately attempted to replicate the success of Bishopâ??s augmentation to varying degrees of success, and the age of Super Combat was upon us. Battles were no longer fought by platoons of men, but by single combatants who could punch through reinforced concrete and leap great distances, and soon ordinary combatants were rendered all but obsolete.   But this was only the beginning, and the real metahuman breakthrough came in the 1970s, when a brilliant young scientist named Adam Clarke found himself trapped inside his laboratory as an experimental particle reactor malfunctioned, a freak accident which resulted in Clarke becoming the hero known as Vanquisher, the Invulnerable Man. He was the first truly â??superâ?? superhero, able to fly through the air, shoot beams of light from his eyes and reduce entire buildings to rubble with just a swing of his fist.   If it wasnâ??t for Vanquisher, metahumans as we know them would not even exist. The mutations in his blood, when studied, revealed more about the potential hidden within the human body, and government-funded scientists began work on creating the new breed of super-soldiers, selectively mutating them to create men and women with capabilities to equal Vanquisher, and soon enough new superheroes began appearing across the globe. Suddenly, people with the ability to generate massive quantities of fire or move objects with their minds began helping civilians, fighting crimes and engaging in acts of international heroism.   Naturally, the emergence of more and more superhumans resulted in the forging of alliances, with multiple teams forming across the United States, and eventually spreading across the world. The first, and most well-known team was Stormforce, an esteemed group of powerful metahumans which still exists today, albeit with a much-changed roster of heroes. It is the dream of many to join Stormforce and fight evil with the best superhumans on the face of the planet.   It wasnâ??t too long before the mutations developed included hyper-intelligence, and soon intergalactic spaceflight was not just possible, it was simple. Some of them even discovered other universes existing alongside our own, and eventually they managed to open gateways between these realities, allowing visitors from other worlds to cross over into our own.   But regular Earthbound humans were not ready to let aliens and creatures from other worlds take all the glory, and countless wealthy or just plain bored men and women set themselves up as vigilantes, utilising acrobatics, martial arts and high-tech weaponry to fight crime in their respective cities and neighbourhoods. The most notorious of these was a mysterious figure known only as the Shadow who operated across Patriot City, and was ultimately the first non-powered superhuman ever to join the ranks of Stormforce.    Stormforce   The world's number one superhero team, Stormforce is made up of some of the most powerful superhumans on the planet. While their ranks have changed numerous times over the decades they have been together, their current line up consists of the following members.   Steel Saviour   To the public, the Steel Saviour is one of the greatest heroes around: a mysterious man, clad in a suit of robotic armour that conceals his identity from all who may seek to find out, who helps those in need and has thwarted numerous attacks on his home country by supervillains and non-powered threats alike. He stands for peace and justice, and has vowed to defend not only his country, but also his world from anything that threatens to jeopardise that which he stands for.   He does so not with superpowers, but with advanced technology contained within his armour: wearing it, he can fly, easily punch through solid concrete, and shoot concussive blasts from his hands and eyes. Not only that, but he also has retractable blades hidden in each of the forearms, a small missile launcher mounted on each shoulder and a number of other weapons he keeps to himself. The armour is also wired with state-of-the-art thought control, meaning there is no lag between the man inside the armour thinking of a movement, and the armour making the movement. In short, it makes him the ultimate human weapon, and the world can be thankful that he chooses to use this power for good.   Construct   A young woman from France, Amira Deforest was one of the â??Awesome Sevenâ? heroes who created and supported Maggie Magnificent. At the age of 9, Amira and the other members of the Awesome Seven were struck by an alien meteor rock with unknown origins. It is not known whether the meteor rock granted the girls miraculous new powers or merely unlocked them, but it is known that shortly after they received their powers--which allowed them to give physical form to their thoughts-- they used their powers in tandem to create their very own hero, whom they christened â??Lady Hero.â? Lady Hero and the Awesome Seven were a hit from their inception, launching a number of toy lines and animated series based upon the groupâ??s global crime fighting adventures. This all changed, however, when, during the Awesome Sevenâ??s teenage years, the other six members and numerous friends and family members were mysteriously murdered, leaving Amira alone and imbuing her with additional energy. Despite her loss she valiantly continued the fight against injustice alongside her created hero.   Whereas originally she could only create a dense, plated, form-fitting armor for herself and sustain flight, she now has the ability to create virtually anything imaginable. When fighting crime she uses this ability to create white, translucent armor capable of stopping a punch from even Magnificent and fights with various constructed weapons or directed energy. Her ability is powerful enough that she has been seen on one occasion to recreate the other members of Stormforce in hard light form, and they operated almost as efficiently as the actual team. Although her ability mainly manifests as white light, when under duress her abilities sometimes shift to other colours of the rainbow, most noticeably yellow. Whether the colour shift is related solely to her emotional state or the strength of her powers is unknown.   Maggie Magnificent   The epitome of a hero, Maggie Magnificent, usually referred to simply as Magnificent by the public, captured the hearts and minds of people worldwide for years. When she debuted alongside the Awesome Seven as Lady Hero, she was immediately a hot commodity. She operated under many names and costumes; each was accompanied by its own limited edition life sized figurine. She was unchallenged in strength and beauty, unrivaled in the number of crimes stopped and lives saved, and unrelenting in her championship of the underrepresented and the disenfranchised. She used the innocent desire of the children who created her, as well as the guiding hands of their friends and families, to improve life worldwide. After the tragic incident which claimed the lives of her extended family, she took her remaining creator, Amira, under her wing and continued their quest to better all mankind.   Unlike the other members of Stormforce, her costume is very fashion minded: a white, shoulderless dress with gold accents, a gold belt, black gloves, exposed black boy shorts with gold outlining, and white and gold open-toed heels. Her fashionable dress and wholesome demeanor belie her immense and fearsome powers. She is actively touted as being one of the, if not the most, powerful super on the planet. She can emit several different wavelengths of energy from her eyes, has enough strength to move a planet, can survive nuclear explosions, and is rumored to possess other, unknown abilities which she has not had cause to use yet.   Pantheon   Where some superhumans are demigods, gods or godlike beings, Pantheon has a singular advantage over all of them: while they are singular gods, she is the physical manifestation of every god, goddess and demigod in the Greek and Roman pantheons, hence her codename. She possesses, among other things, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Hermes, the rage and fury of Ares and the magic of Hecate. This makes her an incredibly powerful being, but thankfully she has chosen to use her powers for good, standing alongside the heroes she sees as the peers of her deities and keeping the world, and everyone on it, safe.   Pantheon dresses as is appropriate to her power, in a suit of Greco-Roman armour replete with gold leaf, a gem-studded tiara on her head and, unlike a lot of the ancient history-themed superheroes out there, chooses to cover her arms and legs with armour rather than leaving them exposed. Her weapon, known as the Phalanx, is an object formed from pure energy which alters its shape to fit whichever god or goddess Pantheon is best representing at any time: from the Trident of Poseidon to the lightning bolt of Zeus, whatever shape it takes it is nonetheless one of the most powerful weapons in this or any world.   Hart & Sole   A pair of former career criminals, Jack Hartford and Soledad Ramirez once made a decision which caused their lives to take a turn for the bizarre. A chance break-in at a seemingly ordinary New York brownstone led to the pair stumbling across an ancient and powerful magical book named the Palladian Grimoire, and upon reviewing the spoils of their crime and reading out a single sentence from the book, they were accidentally granted vast magic powers: Jack was given dominion over the physical vessel of man and beast, while Soledad was granted power over the realm of the spirit. Along with these powers came a vaster understanding of the world, and the worlds between worlds, and they turned from their life of crime to become superheroes.   For a long time they fought darkness and despair, of both magical and scientific origin, as the magical team known as Hart & Sole, and it wasn't long until they were taken on by Stormforce as their resident experts in magic and the occult.   They both dress in rather ominous fashion, with lightweight enchanted body armour which glows with a faint, ethereal light at all times, underneath long hooded cloaks of deep scarlet which offer them high levels of magical protection as well as the ability to move between realms at will. This means that they frequently move from the physical realm to the spiritual realm in order to communicate with spirits and otherworldly creatures, and can even go as far as summoning these creatures and allowing them to move between realms with them.   Doctor Braddock   A charismatic hero with the charm and tenacity of the adventuring science heroes of old radio shows, the figure known throughout the cosmos as Doctor Braddock (and sometimes simply as, the Doctor) is a well-respected and awe-inspiring member of both the science and hero communities. Once a brilliant but angry youth with intimacy issues, his powers were the only thing that distinguished him from the billions of humans wallowing in self-pity worlwide. Indeed, it was these powers that earned him the attention of a certain organization who put the young man through numerous life-threatening situtations and forced him to come to terms with his anger. Managing to survive through his trials, and no longer burdened with his seething rage, he was able to turn his attentions to the world of science and technology. Barely two years after his job transition he became a leading scientist and a reknown mechanical engineer whose many inventions haved solved countless world issues.   Doctor Braddockâ??s wields the miraculous ability to manipulate spacetime. In his youth he primarily used this power to open wormholes in space to transport himself from place to place. These wormholes were originally massive, energy-consuming and slow forming, but after years of practice he can instantaneously create and travel through these wormholes either to another location of his choosing anywhere on Earth or in an alternate dimension. Additionally, he can increase or decrease the gravity in an area or on a target, can create multiple wormholes to absorb and redirect attacks, and is even rumoured to have the ability to travel through time, although that is largely speculatory. His abilities seem to be knowledge based; as his understanding of his ability develops, the stronger he becomes. In battle he also utlizes a myriad of inventions including a directed-energy weapon, a deployable anti-matter shield and weaponized scalpels, which have also been enchanted by Hart & Sole. Costume wise, he dresses like a cross between a doctor and an adventurer. A red photographer's vest filled with seemingly bottomless pockets covers a plain white t-shirt with the letters D and B slightly overlapping diagonally on the chest and tan, flexible cargo pants constructed from his own patented metamaterials, and brown hiking boots.   Valhalla   Named after the Norse legend of an afterlife for those who die in combat, Valhalla is a vast skybase from which Stormforce operate. From their vantage point in the clouds, the team is able to monitor much of the activity on the ground, and quickly identify any potential extra-terrestrial threats that may emerge from outside our own galaxy. The base is fitted with separate chambers for every member of the team, as well as an extensive gym and training area, a number of laboratories equipped for various types of research and development, and many more secrets besides.   Powered with revolutionary repulsor technology, the station requires comparatively little power to operate, and is able to change location to combat threats across the globe swiftly and decisively. Some detractors of the team view the constant presence of Valhalla and, by extension, Stormforce themselves, as a violation of privacy and even a potential threat to their wellbeing; however, the overwhelming majority of people see it as a necessity with the increasing proliference of superhuman threats across the planet.   Nobody knows for sure how the team came into ownership of such a huge and expensive complex, but many believe that it is something to do with MacOne Enterprises, a large corporation with many ties to the superhuman community.   Geist Industries   Founded in the early 1920s by a German-American named Franklin Geist, the company that would go on to become Geist Industries began life as a medical supply company providing valuable support to hospitals and medical professionals in the wake of the First World War, a venture which turned out to be rather profitable. A century later, and Geist Industires is a vast multinational corporation with fingers in many different pies, from biological and chemical weapons technology to news publication and television broadcasting.   Having been handed down through multiple generations of the Geist family over that time, the current CEO of Geist Industries is a reclusive, enigmatic figure known to the public only as 'Mr M', who delegates all public duties to various of his subordinates and is rarely, if ever, seen out in public. Regardless of his demeanour, though, he is without a single doubt one of the most powerful and influential men in the world, and he has revolutionised Geist's involvement in a new and very important area: superhumans.   As vocal supporters of superhumans and superhuman causes since the days of Project Salvation, Geist have, in recent years, pumped a large amount of money into the study and support of superhumans, recognising their existence as the most important scientific breakthrough in history, to great effect and profit.   There is, however, another company with much greater stock in the future of the superhuman community: MacOne Enterprises.   MacOne Enterprises   A relatively new company in comparison to Geist Industries, MacOne Enterprises was founded in the early 1930s by Gregory MacTaggart, a genius engineer and entrepreneur who made a name for himself and his company by providing high-end weapons tech to both those involved in Project Salvation, as well as the conventional military. Many people say it was MacTaggart's technology which helped win the Second World War, although generally the praise is shared with the soldiers of Project Salvation themselves.   Since then, MacOne Enterprises has gone from strength to strength, growing to become a company to rival Geist Industries, with divisions focused not only on weapons technology, but also civil engineering, clean energy initiatives and charitable causes among many others.   However, their greatest success was the accidental creation of Vanquisher in one of their own laboratories, and the very notion of 'superheroes' has been indellibly linked with MacOne Enterprises in the public consciousness ever since. They continue to back superhumans not only with research and financial support, but also by supplying them with the latest technology to assist them in doing their vital work for the safety of the world.   In the late 1990s, Gregory MacTaggart passed away peacefully, controversially leaving control of the company to his youngest son Alexander rather than his eldest Nicholas: since his meteoric rise to power, Alexander has brought the company great success and profit at the expense of alienating his brother and sisters, who are no longer associated with MacOne Enterprises. A much more public figure than the elusive Mr M, Alexander MacTaggart has a reputation as something of a playboy, flaunting his considerable wealth and power in public while utilising his canny engineering and business skills to bring forth great things for the company behind closed doors.   Task Force Delta-Echo, aka 'The Throwaways'   Behind the public facade of unwavering superhuman support, Geist Industries conceals a network of far more sinister undertakings where superhumans are concerned. From genetic and biological experimentation to studies into the synthesization and weaponization of superpowers, Geist have been dabbling in the dark underbelly of the superhuman community for quite some time.   The latest in a long line of such endeavours is Task Force Delta-Echo, informally known as 'The Throwaways': a team of superhuman convicts coerced into monitoring and policing the world's superhuman community, with violent and sometimes deadly results. The project is currently under the joint supervision of Tyler Reins and Esfir Veselov, two Geist executives who hav a storied history with the superhuman community and with Geist Industries itself; but who are committed to making the world a safer place by controlling what they see to be rogue elements within the world of the superhuman.   Each member of the Throwaways is shackled with a piece of Geist technology which, if they disobey an order or attempt to attack a Geist executive, will activate and kill them. Each device is uniquely designed for each member of the team, and made to overcome their superhuman abilities in a variety of creative and disturbing manners, and has both an automatic trigger and one controlled by Reins. Generally the members of the team are recruited from prisons and other such situations: Reins believes that, if offered a choice between working for the Task Force and being imprisoned, most will choose the former, even if they do remain unaware of the more deadly elements of the arrangement.   As a strictly off-the-books endeavour, the Task Force operates out of a vast underground base known only as 'The Molehill', formed of a complex system of intertwining and overlapping tunnels connecting up large individual rooms and containing small chambers for each member of the team, training areas and meeting rooms, and has been highly developed to operate with a skeleton staff so as to minimize the number of people who are aware of the Task Force's existence.   Discuss   This is the place to discuss any thoughts, concerns, queries or questions you might have about The Throwaways - leave your responses below and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!   I'll also be updating this thread with new information as it comes to light, so remember to keep checking back!
  5.   OB Relaunch: Fistful of Credits - Guide to the 'Verse   Welcome all to the official OB Relaunch Discussion thread for Fistful of Credits - A Guide to the "Verse.   First, some helpful links: Sign-Up: This is for new players. Create a bounty hunter and establish your rep before heading out to explore the Big Black. Also check out the new posting rules for this RP. The Big Black: Our open-roleplay thread. This is the ever-expanding universe of Fistful of Credits, with a twist. It's designed for character development and world-building while in between hunts. The Bounty Board: This thread displays a list of bounties currently available at ICARUS Headquarters. It is part of the RPG and, as such, posts should remain in-character. Your hunters can blow off some steam (similar to options available in The Big Black); accept or cash-in on bounties; and request team members. Additionally, make sure to check out the Leader Board, where we'll be constantly updating the hunters' total earnings and reputations. Obviously, with this being the discussion thread, you're welcome--and invited--to ask anything that comes to mind, discuss plot, or prompt a specific Outlaw's player for details or hints. Whatever is on you mind that's related to Fistful of Credits is welcome on this thread.   With this being a new type of RPG, the creators are still establishing many of the rules, and delaying the implementation of other game aspects until they figure out how the RP will work to prevent complicating things unnecessarily. So consider the early stages of FOC as a kind of beta test. With that being said, we will always announce here any changes to the rules. And they will always be updated on the sign-up thread.   --------------------   Now for the literal guide to the 'Verse.   Although we think that imposing a structured map will limit creative freedom players have with this RP, we still believe that some idea of certain objects' locations within space will allow players to better understand and expand the 'Verse. It also creates a database of the planets' and species' descriptions.   I am working on a running list of planets and species that have already been introduced by players in the various FOC threads. Obviously, part of this discuss thread will involve proposed descriptions for new species/planets/etc. With that being said, I want to establish a cosmic scale for reference:     Small Objects Extra-Planetary Objects: These are the smallest points-of-interest in this RP. Common EPOs are asteroid rings, space ports, and satellites. These are usually manufactured or uninhabited points-of-interest, created by man or too small to generate any kind of affecting gravitational pull. EPOs always possess artificial life support systems to continue habitation. Planetary Objects: Along with EPOs, Planetary Objects constitute the smallest things in space. Ironically, All of our roleplaying will take part predominantly on planetary and extra-planetary objects. These points-of-interest can be moons, dwarf planets, planets, nebulae, etc. Most Planetary Objects have the distinction of possessing their own atmosphere. Some planets will have one or more sentient species. Large Objects Systems: Solar System. There are many types of systems. You invent and explore the many planets and gas giants of each system as the RP unfolds. Galaxies: Simple enough. The thing that holds stars (and solar systems) together. Cluster: A cluster of Galaxies. Supercluster: A cluster of Clusters. Filament: A long expanse of lightyears-long superclusters. They are called filaments because various cosmic forces push the superclusters into what appears to be lines. Superfilaments: You guessed it: A cluster of Filaments.   With the exception of Solar Systems, each of the large objects are divided into Quadrants. A quadrant is 1/4 the given relative space of an object. So, an example of a planetary object's location would look like this:   EARTH: (Ext:) Sun System/Andromedus1.2386/Central4.3218/Laniakea1.3892   In this case, The Sun System is extinct (our RPG takes place far in the future where Earth has long been destroyed by its dying star). It is within the Adromedus Galaxy (the newly formed galaxy after Adromeda absorbed the Milky Way Galaxy), which is within the Central Cluster of galaxies (composed of several hundred galaxies), within the larger Omega Supercluster.   The bolded numbers are just something I've added for detail and because it looks cool.  :tongue:   Essentially, you only need to pay attention to the first number before the decimal. They'll always be 1, 2, 3, or 4--Corresponding to one of the four quadrants of each large object listed on Earth's mapped location.   When a player introduces a new Planetary or Extra-Planetary Object, they DO NOT have to implement this mapping key in their post (that would be far too confusing). When creating a new object in space you can give as much or as little detail as you'd like, allowing others to flesh out the idea for themselves.   A Map of the Known Universe     I will update this section in the next few days, when I'm not so tired. I just wanted to create the discuss thread now since our first hunt has started. As I mentioned, I've been making a list of species and planets that have already been introduced, but players are more than welcome to provide additional details or introduce new objects as the RP progresses.   Discuss away and enjoy the RP.
  6. I haven't been here in ages but I had the yearning to try an RP and for some reason Bleach keeps popping in my head. Would anyone else be intrested before I get all obsessed and end up having to write a fanfic?
  7. Howl: Backstage   Welcome to the world of Howl, the werewolf/fantasy themed RP filled with mature and adult content.  This backstage area will be a focal point for references to the world we will be diving into, mostly for character references and helpful hints.  Here the original story will be explained, NCPâ??s will be introduced and free for other users to use if they so choose to (excluding some already taken).  This section will be broken down into multiple sections (posts) to get a natural vibe for the world at hand.  So without further to do, letâ??s get started!   History:   As far as the earliest recordings known to the creatures of the night, immortals were the first creatures to walk the lands.  Some even predict during the existence of dinosaurs, but that has yet to be proven.  What is fact is that these immortals have watched over the living beings of this planet, through their triumphs and failures, destruction and recreation, always keeping a silent voice and watchful eye over ever living being.  During the time of the great Egyptian empires rise to power, these immortals agreed to bring new life similar to their own in guarding the humans from one another.  Each immortals power harbor from the four powerful elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  To each element, a new creature emerged.    From the lands of the Earth came the were-creatures, shifters they are known as.  The wolf form was the first to be taken, and roamed Europe in packs before moving onto the new world during the time of Queen Elizabeth II, making themselves a key idol in the Native American tribe as strong yet wise creatures.  Their primal connection with nature is matched by none, and their physical strength knows no match.   From the core of the earth come the Vampires.  Fearsome and tactful, always thirsty with power that seems never ending.  Endlessly searching for others with their refined prowess and lethal methods of killing to join their ranks.  Though often misunderstood, these creatures feed to extend their lives, not to end others.  They are the royalty race of the four, and the most dangerous in combat.  Their loyalty, however, can be swayed if their gain is greater in the end.    From the smallest drop of dew to the powerful crash of an ocean wave comes the Circle of Magi.  Gifted users of the forces unknown mask their delicate and nonthreatening demeanor.  These creatures draw from force of life, and once their power is unleashed, a hopeless battle against a caster it would be.  Very few in numbers were created do to their sheer magical might; these creatures are the most wises of their race next to their creator.   Last but not least, the calm breeze of a summerâ??s day to the merciless tornado brings the Dead Zone users.  These creatures fear not even death, for these creatures fear nothing.  Their mental connection to all walks of life, living and not, has placed these souls into an internal limbo.  They always know; forever aware, and always ready to strike when needed.  Through countless wars and death, they have seen and conversed will all walks of life, small and large, and known their pains, joys, and dreams.  The human tongue today for these creatures are psychics, but their fellow brethren know their true nameâ?¦Grim Reapers.   As the centuries past, another immortal was spawn secretly, his power seeped free from each immortal Goddess while they each trained and created more of their offspring.  A male form incarnate of the negative and blood thirsty range the humans unknowingly or willingly let into their souls.  He stalked and baited his time, growing in murderous envy of the humans who senselessly slaughtered innocents and corrupted their very existence.  This, he knew was his inner power, his inner being.  He was Death incarnate.    One by one, creatures of the immortals were slaughtered, an act though impossible by each faction.  When answers were sought by the offspring, their mothers heard not their cries nor wiped their tears; summoningâ??s seemed to have no effect as it once had before.  It was as if their time on this mortal plane had come, and they had left without a mournful goodbye.  Each faction leader knew what must come next, and the impossible was done. Sebastian Louise LeBlanc and wife Isabella LeBlanc of the Werewolf faction gathered their armies together with the assistance of Anya and her husband, Vlad the Impailer, Dracula.  Therin, leader of the few magi joined the cause with is trusted men and women of the Circle, fearing losing more immortal brethren would disrupt the balance of power on these lands.  Angelica Tudor, the leader of the Dead Zone Users, did not answer the call.  For she knew the fate of the upcoming battle; and it would be too heartbreaking to see it in person.  Years had passed as more signs of this â??Dark Oneâ? emerged, killing off humans and immortals alike, he had taken a physical body for his own with powers stolen from each immortal child.  The time to strike was high.  At the eve of battle, all forces met on the night of the Blood Moon, surrounding their enemy in an open field caught aflame, as if to draw attention.  Before the first move could be made by the allied forces, they were struck downâ?¦a betrayal from the nation of Vampires sealed their fate.  Dracula struck down Isabella, swift and precise, Sebastian saw his face thenâ?¦cold and soulless, a friendship broken and a heart gone from the were-creatures body forever.  The battle continued for hours, a losing fight, but a fight none the less as each remaining allied side showed their lives were as precious as the lives they protected in the human world from the shadows.  The end was nigh, the vampirism forces halted as their charge on the Dark One pushed through.  Many were lost that morning, Sebastian cradles his dying wife as his family members and friends fell in battle, his own wounds never healing.  A small whisper escaped her lips, as did the strand of life that followed.  Sebastian looked now as it floated to the dark sky, and thenâ?¦.nothing but a blinding light.     No one can remember clearly the final events of the fight, but the Dark One was defeated, his mortal body destroyed and his soul scattered far from the lands form whence they came.  The faction of Vampires now banished from the alliance, now their kind were marked for death for centuries by all.  The Dead Zone Users and Magi have released their grudge, but Sebastian never let his go.  He has slaughtered so many in the name of revenge, but times have changed and so has mind.  Sebastian took his clan to North American to bury his wife and make a new settlement of wolves, adopting the kin who survived the first Immortal Battle under his own wing.  The night of Isabellaâ??s funeral, the Immortal Goddessâ?? looked down at their children and wept.     
  8. This is intended to help get any confusion settled here rather then have to deal with it while trying to type out your posts in the main rp. This is also intended to make sure everyone can throw in ideas for interesting twists or something...anything...give me money I need it! Na I'm just pulling your chains. Ok now that the joke is out of the way. I'll be explaining some basics about certain things of the game.   The game's physics are based on real life....meaning actual real world physics we deal with everday.   Knights are the game's version of police. They are not high level like most MMORPGs we have today but in large numbers can out power as a group and aren't all knowing. They only know as much as they get info from other knights and informants.   Phantoms are programmed AI originally designed as personal guardians for players and where installed into the game during Alpha tests but when the game went from being an Alpha only played by developers to being closed beta tests with more then just staff from the company building the game to a few thousand players. They where scheduled to be removed when the CBT was to be open beta tests during the last planned 6 months of testing before being released. The AI learned of this and installed themselves into the game's core codes which made it impossible for them to be removed without having to redo the entire game. So they where left in the game but they can not interact with players and the environment. They are always out of your direct line of vision even if you look straight them and they always appear as kids. In rare occasions... they look like a child version of your character. Everyone sees phantoms differently and they are in the game to make sure the player they interact with, however limited it is, doesn't suffer brain damage. Though it's becoming common for phantoms to be like guardian angels and helping the player out of a tough situation.   A Capital City is the largest city in a realm and contains a massive town center that serves as a place to travel  to other realms via portal arch ways that can change to a different realm due to the fact their are too many realms for one town center to have dedicated portals to.    Natural Portals are portals that form due to a high concentrations of magic and can form links to random realms.   Player created portals are exactly what they are. Portals made by high level magician players. The more experience the player has, the longer the portal stays open but portals act like natural portals.   Hawk Mailing System is an in-game mailing system that delivers letters and parcels. They do not have your location by default. Each city and town no matter how small have a HMS post. Each Hawk communicates with other Hawks in the local area using in-game pictures of your character then fly out to the last known location.     Characters can not log out if they are left in extreme weather conditions. Examples: Freezing cold, dangerous terrain, and any other that could potentially harm your character. To solve this, all you need is a simple camp, a cave, a house of some kind. Long as it keeps the elements and the environment at bay allowing you to log off. Characters will stay where you left them but are like NPCs that are unkillable by means of other npc's and players but do not game experience, loot, nor in-game currency. Your equipment also doesn't take damage while your logged off and characters do not need to eat, drink, nor anything else.     Well I hope this clears some important things up and gives a glimps into how massive this game in the rp really is...hopefully my dream is to have this rp made into an actual game...but it's just a dream.
  9. In case you haven't read the Auditions thread, it's [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/index.php?/topic/44426-pokemon-warzone/"]here[/url]. Okay, there's some information to get out of the way, so here we go. First, cities. As mentioned in the Auditions thread, multiple cities have been hit. In all cases, the attackers took out power to the city as quickly as possible, so any news that got out is incomplete and fragmentary, but some has gotten out, including a few brief clips of Pokemon viciously attacking humans, and, of course, which cities have been hit. And, also as mentioned, a force is left behind in each city when the main army departs, and they're hunting and killing any survivors. The following is a list of the cities that have been attacked, with additional notes as necessary: Vermillion: The first city hit. All the forces moved in at about the same time, so it wasn't by more than a couple minutes, but Vermillion was the first city attacked. Despite the millitary presence there, the city was overrun with minimal resistance, thanks to the attacking force achieving complete and total surprise. Olivine Sunnyshore Cerulean Slateport Jubilife: Most information about the current situation, including the video clips, came from Jubilife; the Jubilife TV network continued broadcast for as long as they possibly could. Hearthome Goldenrod: Goldenrod's end of the Magnet Train system is down. Saffron's end is still active, but the system only works if both ends are active, so the Magnet Train is currently inoperable. Pewter Blackthorn Oreburgh: The last city to be overrun, it was first hit about twenty-five minutes after Vermillion. Lilycove: The only targeted city to mount any effective resistance. Naval forces were conducting full-scale training exersizes offshore, and detected the approach of a large force of aquatic Pokemon. A second force came in on land, but by then, the navy had engaged and defeated the oncoming aquatic force and returned to shore. The second force was also engaged and repelled, although not before inflicting significant damage to the city, as well as substantial casualties, both civilian and millitary. Other notes: It has been five hours since the first attack. On supplies: Packs make use of the same matter-compression technology used to allow Pokeballs to contain even the largest of Pokemon. The compression ratio isn't as good, but the packs are larger than Pokeballs, so it evens out. The biggest limitation on such packs is that anything put in them has to to be able to fit through the unzipped opening, so there is a limit on how large any one item in such a pack can be. As stated previously, information on exactly what's happening in the attacked cities is minimal, with nothing coming out of a city once the power goes down (no cell phones here; yes, I realize some of the games have such things, but for the purposes of the RP, there aren't any). As a result, nobody outside of those cities knows much about the situations within them. Those within an attacked city will have little to no knowledge of conditions within other cities, or even of which and how many cities were hit. Conditions within the attacked cities can be assumed to be similar to the depiction of Goldenrod in in Auditions thread, although details are open for interpretation. Cities with notables levels of millitary forces include Eterna, Fuchia, and Rustboro (army), and Violet and Fallarbor (air force). Vermillion's naval forces were pretty much wiped out, whereas Lilycove's remain fairly intact. On levels and moves: Levels will not be used. Pokemon do get tougher with more fighting, but I don't want to see anything about a 'level x' anything. Also, Pokemon are not limited to four moves. Actually, using move names is not required, although you can if you want to. However, note that moves are not completely set actions. This isn't [url="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/VancianMagic"]Vancian Magic[/url]. The fire breath of the 'Flamethrower' move, for example, is not limited to to basic blast of flame. This RP is intended to be a bit more realistic that the games and other material. What I mean by that is, primarily, that humans and Pokemon are going to be dying. A human that gets zapped or burnt to a crisp is not going to come out of it just fine. There. That's everything I can think of right now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
  10. Here are all things Armageddon. Ideas, issues, questions, and comments can all go in here. This first Post is where I'll be editing information in about known enemies and we're on the hunt for, as well as some of out allies. As the time comes, I'll be putting more and more information here. Once we start meeting up, our first order of business is to destroy the ghost hearse Black Death. We'll be handling that within a few posts. Here is your first enemy: Ghost Hearse "Black Death" Stories tell of haunted cars driving down the remains of highway crisscrossing what was once the Old United States. Some are good, some are evil. Some of the darkest tales told are about a black vehicle which is considered to be the harbinger of death. Even many of those who consider themselves to be evil avoid the car and it is told that other haunted vehicles avoid the evil Hearse as well. The car appears to be a black vehicle known as a Hearse, a type of vehicle also known as funeral cars. Most often the Black Hearse seems to be seen in the Southern parts of what had been the United States, especially the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It can also be sometimes found driving through areas of Mexico as well. The Black Hearse appears to have seen better days, the dark tinted windshield is cracked and the vehicle has rust spots and has actually rusted completely out in a number of areas especially in the lower side panels. The half top is also black but is ripped and frayed as well. The curtains inside the rear area are yellow from age and are tattered in many areas. The inside has cracked black leather seats and leather dash. If someone peaks through the curtains into the rear, they will see an open coffin with a rotting corpse or skeleton inside of it dressed in fine cloths and often dressed in elaborate jewelry. Sometimes the dead body is male and sometimes the corpse is female. The engine sounds as if it has blown multiple gaskets and makes sickly sounds as if it is on its last days. Unfortunately, this is not the case. From out of the exhaust pipe comes sickly green smoke and blood appears to drip out as well. Around the car, the sickly smell of rotting flesh can be perceived and there is just something emanating from the car which is pure evil. The Black Hearse seems to prefer the night and especially dark and dreary days. Rainy night are some of the most common times which it might be seen. While most sightings of the car have been at night, stories tell of the car being seen during sunny days as well, maybe it is on errands of its own. No one really seems to know what drives the car and those who have looked inside have never seen anyone in the drivers seat. There are many stories about the origin of the Hearse. One tells that the Hearse was owed by a serial killer who used his business as an undertaker to get rid of corpses and then refused to give up his stalking and murdering when he died. Some think that he was a necromancer. Tales also tell that he died in the Black Hearse and so became part of the car. Stories about the vehicle seem to have originated only a few years after the coming of the Rifts. There are reports of Coalition thugs having encountered the car and having attempted to destroy it each time. Other groups and even vehicles such as Grave Justice and Red Racer have tried to destroy it. So far, the car has survived every attempt at its destruction. Even though the car appears to be badly rusted, it is extremely tough and seems to have the ability to simply disappear. Whenever the car is hit, it leaks what appears to be human blood. Occasionally the car will stop to pick someone up although no one living has ever gotten out of the Hearse again. Even so, some people seem to be stupid enough to enter the car. Some mystic scholars believe that the essence of these people power the car. A story is told of two companions and one of the companions got into the car. The second person refused but weeks later the car pulled beside him and he looked in the back. He saw the rotting corpse of his friend. Stories also tell that a vampire can ride in the car without being harmed and that a vampire is even protected from the sun while riding in the car. It is also said that the car will sometimes stop to pick up a vampire and they will hunt together. The vampire will drag a victim into the car and it appears that both share the feast. It might be that the car cannot consume supernatural creatures because all victims, according to tales told, have been normal humans. In addition to consuming anyone who enters the car, the Hearse will sometimes engage in wanton destruction such as throwing evil magic to devastate a town or sometimes simply running someone over on the road. These destructive powers includes the ability to summon an army of the dead. It also has the ability to enchant the dead so they are invulnerable to everything except heavy weapons. One trick it has done which has been recorded several times has been to attack a village from one direction and quickly drive to the other side. It will allow its door to be opened as if it is means of escape and then it will consume its passengers. It is very unpredictable, sometimes it will just pull up to someone so they can just see the dead body riding in the back. [img]http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b199/Ken_H/Auburn%202007/Picture242.jpg[/img] [img]http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo303/60elky/009.jpg[/img] *Note: Not actual car Type: 1959 Cadillac Superior Hearse Class: Haunted Pre-Rifts Commercial Automobile Crew: Zero or One (Can carry up to two passengers in the front area) Speed: Ground: Top speed on roads of 120 mph (193.1 kph) with a normal cruise speed of 66 mph (106.2 kph.) The car is not really designed for off road travel, top speed is 40 mph (64 kph) Statistical Data: Height: 4.8 feet (1.46 meters) Width: 6.2 feet (1.90 meters Length: 20.4 feet (6.2 meters) Weight: 4,800 lbs (2,200 kilograms Power Source:Magic, the Hearse's systems seem to work as if run by magic. Originally, internal 7.0 liter combustion engine. Cargo Capacity: The Rear Cargo compartment, if cleared of the coffin can carry around 150 cubic feet (4.25 cubic meters) of volume. Space has approximate dimensions of 10 feet (3.0 meters) long by 5 feet (1.5 meters) wide by about 3 feet (0.9 meters) tall. In addition, a small amount can be stored in the driver's compartment. Weapon Systems: None but can use various magic spells. Special Abilities as a Haunted Vehicle: Will of Its Own: The car sometimes has a will of its own and and operates completely independently. The car appears to chose its own course (Will not allow anyone else to drive) and it never allows any passengers (including vampires) to activate its own abilities. The Hearse is quite evil and twisted. Its alignment should be considered to be diabolic. It sees anyone who gets inside to be its prey. It also likes to simply cause as much destruction as it can including using its magic to rain down destruction and to run over living beings while it drives down the road. The only creatures it has not been seen to murder are vampires which the car seems to regard as its allies. Inexhaustible Propulsive Force: Range and fuel are not a problem; the car seems able to go on forever, powered by a magical source. Regenerates Damage: The Hearse will regenerate at 20% per day, meaning all damage will be restored within 5 days of being damaged. Even if a location is completely destroyed, it will slowly regenerate until completely restored. The vehicle will only be destroyed if the vehicle is brought to utter and complete destruction. Otherwise, the vehicle will regenerate all damage. Whenever the Hearse is damaged, it will appear to bleed. Rejects Modern Components: The automobile will not accept the addition of modern components and components will seem to fail within a few days. Natural Invisibility: The automobile is capable of assuming an invisible (Both Visually and on Radar) and perfectly silent state, even when running full out! The vehicle cannot engage in any sort of offensive action (such as an attack spell) without dropping its invisibility. Can engage this ability 4 times per day with a duration of up to 60 minutes at a time. Natural Intangibility: The vehicle has the ability to become immaterial and intangible, and ghost through solid objects. The car can drive right through solid objects and can drive over water when the enchantment is activated. The car cannot be harmed by normal weapons while intangible but can be effected by magic, magic weapons and psionics. Conventional weapons (used by a vampire passenger) cannot be used while the Hearse is intangible. Speed does not change while intangible. The car appears to be ghostlike when it goes intangible and cannot be detected on radar. Can engage this ability 4 times per day for up to 30 minutes at a time. Blood Sacrifice: When the car allows a living passenger to get in (or are forced in), the car uses their energy to power itself. The car will usually wait until it has traveled a little distance from where they had picked up the unfortunate passenger. If the person is in body armor, the vehicle will wait until its victim takes off their helmet. The person will suddenly find themselves with the seat belt pinning them in the seat. The belt will not release and the door will not open. The only way to escape is to have supernatural strength. Wires will then come out to strangle the rider and later carry them into the coffin. The Black Car can also fill the driver / passenger compartment with poisonous green gas to suffocate the victim. The previous corpse is simply tossed from the back of the Hearse. Death Aura:The vehicle fairly glows of death energy; anyone who looks at it can instinctively sense its necromantic energies. This death aura also shields vampires who are passengers from the effects of the sun. The vehicle also exudes a sickly smell of death and rotting flesh. Spell Casting: the Hearse is surrounded by dark magical energies and the magic spells appear to be necromancer style in origin. Magical spells are only cast by the car itself. The Hearse can also cast the following spells but is not limited to: Animate and Control Dead Command Ghouls Fire Ball Freezing Blast Cloud Kill Horrific Illusion Toughen Undead Necro-Armor Shockwave
  11. Alright, so our first mission is to a village in the Alpine mountains where about 100 years or so the entire population of the village were killed in a church fire. The church as we find was locked from the outside, yet everyone in the village was accounted for in the church at the time of the fire. All of these people have not been able to move on and are stuck on the physical plane of death and are unable to move on. Our target of this mission is a young man who is being controlled by a temptress demon. Using the young man as a vessels she's been opening the gates between the living world and the dead allowing spirits to come back to this plane. As such she is able to control them at will. As you can guess this could spell plenty of trouble if she were able to acquire enough souls and shells to build up a small army and cause some pretty decent damage. 
  12. Living With V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E.   â?   Welcome to the backstage thread for V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. where Iâ??ll keep a compendium of relevant world information, including major events and any important characters/concepts created by you rpers as the story progresses. And naturally, this is a place for questions and suggestions from interested parties.   â? â? â?   Locales   Eurasia/Africa[United World Government Territory]- Because the General Velaâ??s troops were located in Spain, he was able to quickly spread his forces out across Europe, Africa and Asia, mitigating most of the destruction caused by the demon hordes. Thus, about 80% of Eurasia and 50% of Africa still exist in manageable states, and areas of extreme importance, such as towns with high reserves of natural resources and capital cities, have state-of-the-art force-fields protecting them. However, this has also resulted in the hand of the world government operating heavily in this area, so people on these continents suffer invasive monitoring and extreme loss of liberties. Britain- The hub of the UWG. The entire population was evacuated two years after the creation of UWG and has since been used as a military base and laboratory. It is heavily fortified and requires the highest clearance to enter into Britain-- as such, many members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E actively attempt to infiltrate the area or attack and raid convoys going in and out of the country. Japan- Japanâ??s isolated location allowed the demons to quickly overtake the country and slaughter most of its inhabitants. Although a large percent of Japanese people were able to escape inland, Japan itself was lost and now exists as a no-manâ??s land where demons run rampant. Despite this, ships under Velaâ??s control have been spotted sailing to the islands, although their business there is impossible to determine.   The Americas [Mostly â??Freeâ? Land]- North America received the brunt of the demon attacks and was almost completely leveled in the first couple of years of conflict. Viewing the northern continent as being lost, Vela did not bother installing fields around any North American cities. The bottom half of South America was salvaged, however, and a wall was erected through northern Peru and Brazil to prevent demons from breaching the rest of the continent and to prevent citizens from fleeing in or out of the protected area. Due to the lack of government presence in the Americas, V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E established their base in the USA, a massive, solar powered, 70-car train named Nidhogg. Nidhogg- A state of the art mobile base created by members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. The giant, 70 car train can, although rarely does, house all 1,000 demonspawn living on the planet. The train is equipped with a low-powered anti-gravity propeller on the bottom of each train, which allows it to travel without tracks, and its powerful solar batteries allows it to travel at a speed of 120 mph while the sun is up and at 60 when working off reserve energy. The extraordinary performance of the batteries is due in part to the brilliant scientist they kidnapped from Britain and in part to the Phantom demon who permanently â??possessesâ? the batteries, who has formed a symbiotic relationship with the technology. 50 of the 70 cars are housing units, while the other 20 are miscellaneous specified areas, such as kitchens, training rooms, bars and arcades. Each car contains 10 anti-air guns and 10 mounted cannons, from which everything from stolen military shells to captured demons can be fired.   Australia/Antarctica- Little is known about the tidings in these two areas, as all communication has ceased from within, and large aquatic and avian demons prevent conventional means of travel, and even armed expeditions, to either of these areas.   The Underworld- A large swirling vortex in Washington D.C. acts as a direct doorway to what is colloquially referred to by humans as â??The Underworld.â? It is in fact a separate plane occupying the same space as Earth where all spirits of the dead pass on. Although segmented into three general areas--Paradiso, where the souls of the righteous and angels rest, Purgatorio, where souls seeking to redeem themselves and the deities who test them reside, and Inferno, where the wicked and demons howl--the portal only links to Inferno, or â??Hellâ?, although it is possible that one could reach the other realms if they survived navigating through Inferno. Inferno is divided into four large sections and is ruled over by The Beast: a large, rarely even seen Dragon-like monster the size of a planet. No one has ever seen The Beast; although, some people believe that The Beast has been keeping the demons at bay so that they arrive in a number manageable for mankind. Others believe he is biding his time, waiting to weaken the Earth enough that he may claim it for his own. Phlegethon- The South division of Inferno, where all creatures are relentlessly roasted in Rotfire, flames which never quell and inflict incredible physical anguish. The area is filled with volcanoes and lush forest, both of which pump smoke into the already-burning atmosphere. Even the rivers are constructed of Hellfire, which appears as a thick, magma-like substance running throughout the land. Natural demons like Jinn and Salamanders, and transformed human souls, like Succubi and Orcs, among others, dwell in this area. Styx- The West division of Inferno, completely subsumed by the never-ending rain of Soulfire, a liquid which whittles away at the creaturesâ?? stamina levels and drive and reduces them to little more than unmoving piles of flesh. Wetlands, marshes, grogs and endless beaches comprise this section, and each of these bodies of water produce a toxin-like mist which exacerbates the degradative effects of the raining Soulfire. Kappa and Leviathans are among the most plentiful natural demons who inhabit these waters, while Selkies and Sirens comprise a large number of the corrupted human souls. Cocytus- The North division of Inferno, where fierce, frigid storms of Allfire whip and shred the minds of Cocytusâ?? denizens until they are reduced to complete and utter insanity. Cocytus is a mountainous region, and the higher the altitude, the more ferocious the swirling, crackling Allfire becomes. Creatures such as Banshees and Dragons screech and roar their ways through the skies, spewing Allfire on Wraiths and Gorgons, to name a few. (Although Dragons, like Oni and simple Ghost types--phantoms, wraiths, liches-- reside in all of Inferno) Acheron- The East section of Inferno, home to the gritty, sandy Heartfire, which seeps into a creatureâ??s body and forms a solid casing around the heart, preventing the creature from making attachments or being able to relate others, eventually turning the creature into a callous, emotionless beast. Acheron is one expansive, arid desert, lacking any form of moisture save the Ichor--spiritual blood-- of the creatures who dwell there. Heartfire storms suffocate the inhabitants, who wander around alone until they accidentally encounter another creature, whereupon they will attempt to vehemently slaughter their enemy. Golems act as the wardens of this land and Basilisks the defense force, breaking up fights between creatures such as Minotaurs and Vampires, usually by devouring the perpetrators. Lethe- A river of pure Hellfire that snakes through each of the divisions of Inferno. Most things which enter in the river are immediately reduced to oblivion; however, certain creatures have entered into the Lethe and, after a bout of impossibly excruciating pain, emerged more powerful, more dangerous. Given the unique ability of Nephelim to manipulate pure Hellfire, its rumored that either the fallen angels descended into the Lethe and emerged in their new demonic forms, or that the Nephelim were born of the Lethe originally.     Terms   Iron Guard- Advanced, armored exoskeletons created by Velaâ??s science council to enforce Velaâ??s laws and defend the people from threats. The suits can be worn as battle armor or remotely controlled from Britain, the more common method of the two being the latter. The suits are extremely durable, even possessing the ability to withstand Rotfire for several hours, and have a number of features, including: rocket propulsion for sustained flight; visual sensors which can filter between any form of light spectrum; forearm rifle mounts which alternate between lethal and non-lethal grenade types; and self-destruct cores for dire situations. Sandmen- A shadowy subsect of the Iron Guard who handle stealth, espionage and infiltration. They wear thinner, stripped-down versions of the Iron Guard armors, trading out size and defense for enhancements such as: reflective stealth plating; built in EMPs; retractable forearm blades; and the ability to discharge an electrical pulse from anywhere on the armor. Each Sandman is fitted with two separate weapons-- a silenced sniper rifle and a silenced pistol, both of which are loaded with dissolvable rounds made from extracted, solidified Soulfire, which kills the target without leaving a trace. Storm Guard- The UWG's most efficient, terrifying creation yet. The Storm Guard are effectively a combination of the technology of the Iron Guard, the shields used to protect UWG cities, and the recently â??perfectedâ? Purefire engine. After run ins with minions of the Nephelim and the Nephelim themselves, Vela witnessed the extreme power of Purefire and ordered his science council to experiment with it, despite its volatile nature. 100 years passed before the scientists discovered viable means to utilize the energy, but the schematics for the Storm Guard were created simultaneously with the Iron Guard. However, only members with the highest clearance were privy to the existence of this technology, and as such, little is known about the capabilities of the Storm Guard, even to the Nephelim and Xavier's spies. What is known, is that there are two types of Storm Guard, â??Los Rayosâ? and â??Los Truenosâ? and it is surmised that the Storm Guard have at least all of the same abilities as the Iron Guard. Los Truenos- Storm Guard units 7-16, specifically designed to patrol the UWG and react to all demon and half demon threats. They are bulkier than their Rayo counterparts, as their armour houses miniature shield projectors, which makes them extremely difficult to damage. Since they only operate on Earth, they are easier to  service and replenish, so they are equipped with many manufactured weapons, such as guns and grenades. Their engines, although standard military grade, were forged in Purefire, which makes it so that the machines can operate for weeks at standard exertion before needing to recharge. Los Rayos- Storm Guard units 1-6, specifically designed to engage demons and survive the harsh Inferon environment. The paneling of their armor is constructed from a variant of the shield armor that, instead of repelling force, absorbs it. This allows them to continuously maintain the charge of their recently â??perfectedâ? Purefire powered engines. The Rayos possess the ability to discharge energy, like Revenant's battle suit, but the pilots have complete control over the strength, duration and timing of the blasts. The Purefire seems to have had some unexpected effect on the Rayos, making them more bestial, but the full extent of that transformation/corruption is unknown. Second Tech- For humans in the Americas and lower Africa, the governmentâ??s protection was not always available or desired, in which case the people had to learn to defend themselves. In these regions, older, outdated weapons--ones that were utilized about 200 years ago and various improvised and forged melee weapons-- were readily available, and so almost every person owned at least one weapon. These weapons of the people were colloquially referred to as Hand-me-down Tech and Secondhand Tech, which was eventually shortened to Second Tech. As time marched forth, however, people began tinkering with and improvising these weapons to make them stronger, and Second Tech became a more viable means by which to counteract demon hordes. Unfortunately, the distribution of Second Tech was seized by and is now regulated by a black market system of dealers dubbed WroughtIron, who sell the higher end Second Tech at exorbitant prices, and bully local weaponsmiths into producing lower quality weapons. Recently, however, WroughtIron has reduced the severity of these policies, and has gained more popularity in the US.   WroughtIron- A group comprised of former para-military, mercenaries and gangsters who gathered together after the USA was abandoned by the UWG. They recognized early the futility and impossibility of erecting a new US government, as every state had already created its own de facto ruling body. Instead, the group acted as guns for hire, traveling across the country offering their services to the highest bidder. Their role transformed, however, after the birth and growth of Second Tech. The organization, which had grown substantially over the years, began engineering the most impressive and dangerous weapon modifications, and various groups across the country attempted to bid not only for their services, but for their wares. The then leader of WroughtIron, Willard Crenshaw, realized that he could lead WroughtIron into a new age of greatness, and began "absorbing" other organizations into the folds of WroughtIron. Eventually, WroughtIron was the sole producer of quality Second Tech that rivaled even the most advanced UWG inventions. Whenever talented engineers would arise, WroughtIron would either buy their services, or, if they were unwilling to join the organizations ranks, they would sabotage their business or their life. The current leaders, Cora and Henry Crenshaw, are less tyrannical than their predecessors, always looking to handle matters diplomatically and lowering the prices on their products as to expand potential business.   Exorcists- Glory seekers, lunatics, revenge obsessed fools, devoted soldiers. All of these titles are adequate descriptions of the Exorcist,  tongue-in-cheek name given to all bounty hunter. These are men and women who actively venture outside of protected areas, with or â??withoutâ? government sanction, and track down demons. Most of them are provided with weapons by the military themselves, either because they find amusement in the Exorcistâ??s journey or they genuinely appreciate their vigilante efforts, but many more venture out with nothing more than their wits and improvised weaponry. The learning curve for Exorcists is extremely steep, so much so that any living Exorcists are considered tantamount to mythic heroes. There are two simple divisions between the existing types of Exorcists: Hunters stalk demons and attempt to bring them back into the cities for scientific research, while Slayers murder anything that resembles a demon.   "Hellfire"- A natural element which exists throughout hell. Although thorough studies have been performed on the energy source, and the UWG's scientists have even discovered a way to harness this energy, the origin of it remains a mystery to humans. In actuality, Hellfire is the anguish and pain of Inferno made manifest. Hellfire exists in five forms, four of which correspond with the divisions of Inferno (although whether the suffering particular to those areas influenced the Hellfire or if the Hellfire that manifests in those areas influenced the suffering), and one "pure" Hellfire. Despite its name, only three forms of Hellfire actually resemble flames, with the other forms resembling other earthly "elements". Demons who have been subjected to Hellfire can sometimes produce it as a result, and variant demon types have even developed from Hellfire seeping into and changing the nature of demons. The effects caused by exposure to Hellfire can be remedied simply by removing the target from the influence of the Hellfire. However, if a person, demon or demonspawn is subjected to Hellfire periodically or for an extended period of time, the effect is irreparable.  Rotfire- A sickly green flame with corrosive properties. In its natural state, the flame will burn for all eternity; when produced by a demon or demonspawn the Rotfire will linger for several hours before being put out. Rotfire, unlike regular fire, produces a unique sort of pain in the target, causing the target to always feel as if they are the threshold of fainting. Soulfire- A blue, gelatinous-like version of Hellfire. Physically, the Soulfire affects its targets like heated water, but its true strength lies in the damage it does to a person's will--whenever a person is struck with Soulfire they lose a little more of their will to live. If a victim is exposed to Soulfire long enough, they will completely lose the desire to live and will simply waste away from apathy. Allfire- Half flame and half wind, the yellow-tinged Allfire whips at the body and the mind at once, creating lacerations over the skin and disrupting cognitive functions. Eventually the target will completely lose their sanity, and is reduced to a mindless, speechless beast which acts without rhyme or reason. A popular trend for demons who possess this Hellfire is for them to affect lesser demons with insanity and toss them into populated areas. Heartfire- a gritty Hellfire which manifests in swirling clouds of sand. Heartfire has all of the properties of regular sand, but has the added affect of adhering stubbornly to the targets skin and seeping into their orifices. The Allfire prevents the target from creating links with other creatures, such as empathy, friendship or love. The emotional isolation breeds paranoia in the target, and eventually he becomes cold to socialization, and is transformed into a psychopath. Hellfire/Purefire- pure demonic energy only accessible to Nephelim and certain other as of yet unknown creatures. When a target is struck by Purefire, as it is sometimes deemed by scientists, all four ailments caused by the other Hellfire variations are felt at once, to varying degrees. Demons and demonspawn who produce Purefire do only that; it is nearly impossible to control and can even affect the user if he is careless.   NPCs   Frederick Castle- The undead spirit in an undead body. His exact location is unknown, but rumors of a plague which wipes out whole cities over night spreading across South America might indicate that heâ??s up to his old tricks, or it might simply be local fear and superstition. It is also rumored that he might be living in Antarctica or Australia, which would account for the inability of anyone to contact the two continents, but cannot be proven for that exact reason. Some people even joke that he walked back into the Underworld, simply to spite his would-be captors. That has not stopped bands of search parties from heading out into the world to attempt to find and re-kill him, with the hope that his death would permanently seal the interdimensional gate.   General Horacio Vela- The World General himself, who watches over the United World Government like a dragon watches over treasure. Nothing happens without his knowledge, and no one is spared from his swift â??justice.â? He alone holds control of the UWG, possessing no government to delegate tasks to--he creates and issues every decree, every law, by himself, with the limited assistance of his cabinet, the six Enforcers. Each of the Enforcers â??presidesâ? over a section of the UWGâ??s territory--West Europe, Eastern Europe, West Asia, South Asia, Upper (Northern and Central) Asia and North Africa. To prevent any of the Enforcers from rebelling against him he has secretly installed neural implants in each of the Enforcers which has their brains release endorphins whenever they think of him, allows him to see through their eyes, and most dastardly, allows him to induce a stroke if they ever step out of line. Despite the relative peace, security and prosperity his rule has brought, people under his command have still braved futile rebellion, and parties outside of the UWGâ??s sphere of influence tirelessly plot against him. Malik- The first demonspawn born into the world, and one of the very few half dragons. Malik was only able to survive his birth due to his inherited dragon skin, which proved nigh impermeable at the time. Already having the intelligence of a grown adult, he roasted his parents and the doctors with his concentrated Allfire breath and fled into the war-torn streets of Egypt. His dragon powers saved him time and time again from attacks generated both by demon assault and unrest within the population. In time he grew to despise humans and demons, viewing them both as barbaric, cursed races. He came to the conclusion that half-demons, being fresh in existence and free to choose their own destinies, were the most worthy of inheriting the Earth. To this end he created V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. both as an organization to strike out against demon and humankind and as a vehicle to ensure the continuance of the half-demon race.    Xavier- A secretive and manipulative half-demon of undisclosed demonic heritage, Xavier acts as one of Malik's lieutenants within V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E., collecting important intel and assets for the organisation. He is a master tactician with a sharp mind, which has made him an invaluable member of Malik's inner circle: however, behind the scenes he has dozens of half-demon combatants within V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. swearing loyalty to him and a great deal of socio-political power. His true ambitions and and motives are unclear to all but himself, but what is not in question is that Xavier is an incredibly dangerous man to cross.   Cora Crenshaw- The president of WroughtIron and a woman of amazing capacity and ravishing resourcefulness. A member of the Crenshaw "dynasty" she was groomed for leadership all of her life, as it was glaringly obvious that she possessed a tenacity absent from her five brothers and sisters. She was trained in various forms of martial arts, weapons proficiency, war strategy, business strategy,  economics and politics. She excelled in her studies and began actively maintaining the companies affairs at the age of 22. At that age the 27 year old Henry McEnroe was assigned as a part of her personal cabinet, and six months later they were married. At 26 she became the official head of the organization, and she immediately changed the companies policies. She filtered money into nationwide reconstruction, created a number of charities and philanthropic groups, erected a school to train a new wave of forces who could police the US and has lowered arms prices so that smaller groups and even individuals with the proper means can afford WroughtIron tech. General Vela, noticing the growth of WroughtIron, attempted to create an alliance with them, but Cora has shut him down each time. Despite the attacks on her headquarters by certain members of V.I.O.L.E.N.C.E. she does not regard half-demons with ill will, and a number of half-demons are in her employ.    Henry Crenshaw- Henry was born to Henry and Eleanor McEnroe, hitmen working for the Cross, a powerful religious group that operated out of Georgia. The Cross was split into two groups-- the Body, which believed that anything relating to the demons or half-demons was damned by god and should be eliminated, and the Spirit, who believed that the word of God could save anyone, human or no, and sought only to eliminate evil in whatever form it appeared. Henry and his family belonged to the Spirit. His mornings were spent in church, his afternoons in training, and his nights bathed in blood. Throughout his youth he was thin and scrawny, and so had to rely on careful planning and his wits to eradicate enemies. When he finally sprouted into the tanking behemoth that he is now, he had already learned the finer arts of stealth, poisons and espionage, and was unrivaled as a hitman. His skill, devotion and charismatic nature earned him control of the Spirit, and his first act was to ally himself with WroughtIron. In return, WroughtIron helped him wage war on and eliminate the Body. He fell in love with Cora the moment he laid eyes on her, and has devoted his life and resources to her cause. He personally works at their main police training facility training new recruits, although he functions as vice president as well.
  13. This is an area for both questions and information updates, I will be posting the information on the different classes here so you can get a better understanding of what you are getting into.     Class info:   Dragon Knight: Dragon Knights are direct disciples of dragons themselves, given powers from the ancient creatures. All Knights are trained in the art of swordsmanship and all have simple magic at their finger tips. But, their strengths can differ as Knights can be either heavy magic users or experts in melee combat. Knights, like Malik, specialize in field combat with only minor offensive and defensive spells to supplement his prowess. But, above all that separates them from the rest of the world are their long life and their ability to change into dragons. They are also given the ability to read minds at will, which gives them a stronger will against dragons invading their own minds. Slayer and Dragon knights all have a resistance to the ability, but stronger minds can over take almost any trained mind, Corvin was one of these powerful minds.   Knights can wear any armor they choose, but are limited by what kind of weapons they can use by the amount of training they pursue, the same goes for magical ability if they went down that avenue. Dragon Slayers: A new breed of warrior, given talents like the Dragon Knights, able to read minds, have great proficiency with most weapons and have magical abilities of their own. The greatest difference is Slayers cannot become dragons like the knights, but this doesnâ??t put them at a disadvantage as they make up for it by honing the rest of their skills. Unlike knights, they choose to hone one skill above all else, soaring above the rest in skill in this one area and lets the others fall to the wayside. They can be proficient swordsman, magic wielders, powerful summoners, or flawless bowmen but all learn how to be perfect assassin and subterfuge agents. Dragons may have the raw power some seek, but Slayers can bring down any dragon with the element of surprise, and they work for most of the lives to obtain their skills. They have silver eyes that distinguish them, while Knights have golden eyes that separate the two. Slayers are like knights when it comes to armor, as it will vary on what they choose to specialize in. All Slayers are proficient with a short sword, as it is the only weapon they constantly carry with them. Battlemages: A mixture of magic user and fighter, created during the Daemon Wars, these soldiers had a potential for magic and were enhanced and engineered by the defected wizard. These soldiers didnâ??t have much magic at their disposal but they were able to use it to enhance their weapons for offensive use or to use defensive spells to shield them from further harm. They are special in that they can switch from defensive and offensive enhancement spells at will, and they could create new ones on the fly but they proved to be erratic and could be spectacularly effective or completely useless so this is more a last resort. Battlemages, however, can pick up any weapon and know how to use it without any training and charge into battle all the same. Battlemages typically wear medium armor (such a chain mail or scale mail) or even light armor if they are more defensive mages then offensive. As stated before, they can carry and use any weapon they can hold in their hands, whether ranged or melee. Wizards/Sorcerers: The first true Wizard amongst the empire was Teâ??lian, a powerful wizard who was an excellent summoner and could manipulate the energies within someone to give enhance a natural gift. All wizards who had come after him can hardly even attempt the same things he could, but all could still perform great feats of magic with relative ease after some significant training. As all wizards and sorcerers could perform spells of fire and ice, they all had their own specializations as well. Some were better summoners, able to pull creatures from other worlds to provide assistance; others could create massive thunderstorms that rained lighting and hail on their enemies and others found their spontaneous magic lacking but their ritual strengths beyond imagining with infinite possibilities. But they took time, some only hours and others could take weeks to execute but always followed with devastating effects. Wizards traditionally wear robes or very light armor, such as cloth or light leather. All wizards can cast offensive spells, but they must carry a spell book in order to cast greater spells in their specific field. Ritual driven wizards memorize dozens of rituals and rites but have to keep with them the materials used for the rituals themselves, though they can improvise with diminished effect.     If you have any questions or any ideas for what you would like to see then please message me ahead of time and we can work it out.
  14. So this is the back stage for K.G.'s Monsters RP. I'll let her take it from here but if there are any concerns or questions in the meanwhile, feel free to post them. Laters.   Audition   RP Thread
  15. News Feed 2872 A.D. The Great Shift occurs causing numerous earthquakes, tidal waves and other disasters as the great plates move forming Pangaea. Millions are dead and governments are thrown into disarray.   2896 A.D. Countless wars and anarchists cause the last government to fall. Maverick Industries rises with its mechs and energy based weapons and began restoring order to the surrounding area. Atlantis Corporation begins relief programs and rebuilding and restoring surrounding areas   2902 A.D. Kiason Association emerges with its augmented clones and top of the line ballistic based weapons Ark Enterprises creates the first zombie! No worries as they are not infected and cant infect others. But make good troops and can operate weapons. They also sell performance enhancing drugs   2914 A.D. More bloodshed as corporations fight over land and terrorism runs rampant Atlantis Corporation takes defensive neutral standpoint   2948 A.D. The Victorious Eleven emerge and the wars end Atlantis Corporation Maverick Industries Ark Enterprises Kiason Association Diane Company Third Commonwealth S.B.D. (Servoâ??s Bombs Distribution) Baclave Inc. Hazard Team Labs Blockers Services Euro Guild   3002 A.D. Towers to Space? Who will be the first? Atlantis Corporation introduces weather control and ozone scrubbers extending Earthâ??s life   3025 A.D. Atlantis builds Pacifica first Kiason Association opens first zoo with cloned animals   3334 A.D. Colonization of Mars begins   3798 A.D. Mars becomes independent with threat to destroy Transpillars   3995 A.D. Tensions rising on Earth     Dossier Name: Jason Warren Gender: Male Age: 32 Things of Note:Unknown background though current head of Atlantis Corporation Most Common Appearance: Here   Name: Nathaniel Gabriel Athens Gender: Male Age: 35 Things of Note: Unknown Background though currently employed as Mr. Jason Warren's bodyguard Most Common Appearance: Here   Name: Julian Maverick Gender: Male Age: 18 Things of Note: Mr. Maverick's second son, rumored hacker. Update: Released a mech that killed his father and several boards members and but his older brother in critical condition.  Most Common Appearance: Error   Name: Cain McDougal Gender: Male Age: 32 Things of Note: Renowned expert in the cloning project and sponser of several of Kiason's zoos. Currently employed at Kiason Academy of Clone Science. Update: Rumored to have been expirementing on himself and changed into a giant wolf before disappearring without a trace Most Common Appearance: Error   Name: Croix Magnus Gender: Male Age: 32 Things of Note: Noted personality disorder. Currently employed in Atlantis Research Division Most Common Appearance: Here   Name: Ashlee Fomas Gender: Female Age: 25 Things of Note: Lives With Michael Trevant. Currently employed as a secretary to small business in Atlantica. Update: Reportedly dead in house fire. Most Common Appearance: Here   Name: Lisa Binnet Gender: Female Age: 28 Things of Note: Doctor at a small hospital in Atlantica. Update: Resigned from work. Whereabouts are unknown. Most Common Appearance: Here       Misc   Vehicles: Here Auto piloted though manual control can be activated. Can reach speeds of up to three hundred mph though use of manual control is prohibited Interstates span districts but do not link to other districts    Byway: Here Massive trains that travel underground ferrying cars back and forth between districts. Passengers remain in vehicles during trip as it lasts less then thirty minutes.   Artifacts   Crystal Glasses No information uncovered   Black Diamond-The Devil Star Possessed by: Nathaniel Athens Current Stage: 3 Class: Covert Type: Permanent Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Possess the ability to shadow jump from shadow to shadow as long as he can picture the exact place in his mind Stage 2:    Ruby-The Witch Star Possessed by: Ashlee Fomas Current Stage; 1 Class: Covert Type: Permanent Emotional State: Violence, Blood, Lust, pain Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Possess the ability to charm a human with a simple kiss on the lips controlling them. A small bite will cause instant death Stage 2: Here. another small increase to physical abilities. Can now charm a person by simply making skin contact. The longer contact is kept the stronger her will is over them. Charming by Kiss is amplified. Fingernails can grow to a foot and a half becoming razor sharp and extremely deadly. Sense of touch is greatly amplified allowing her to feel things that can't be seen or felt by normal senses. possess the abilities to pick up people's thoughts when they concern her. The feeling of pain can drive her into a fury making her fight harder. Important notes: Must have blood twice a day. The blood from the Devil Star and Angel Star will kill her. Synthetic tastes like oil while the Beast and Elemental's blood smell enough to keep her from biting.  The Titan's Star taste like a drug. Amplified sense of touch also amplifies pain more then normal.   Amethyst-The Angel Star Possessed by: Lisa Binnent Current Stage: 1 Class: Support Type: Permanent Emotional state: Calm Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Possesses the ability to completely diagnose a person's problems just by touching them. Stage 2: Changed Form. Another small increase to physical abilities. Now possesses the ability to heal any physical injury completely. Can completely calm anyone around her giving them a sense of peace. Important Notes: Is unable to use her abilities on the Devil's Star. Direct contact while changed with the Devil's Star is instant death.   Topaz-The Beast Star Possessed by: Cain Mcdougal Class; Soldier Type: Freeform Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Stage 2: Here. This form cunning,agility, and sense of smell are higher then the other land forms. Stage 3: Here. Speed, sense of hearing are higher then other land forms Stage 4: Here Ability of Flight. Sense of sight is higher then other land forms Stage 5: Here Raw power and strength are higher then other forms Stage 6: Here Ability to swim. Speed and power are extremely high Important Notes: All four or two legs must be on the surface in order to switch forms. When changed animal instinct pushes human thoughts and will aside. In all forms skin feels normal but is actually armored and extremely hard to penetrate. Must be ordered by the Titan Star in order to change back to human form.   Emerald-The Titan Star Possessed by: Jason Warren Class: Soldier Type: Progression Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Possess the ability to control magnetic fields and polarity within a certain radius of himself.   Sapphire-The Synthetic Star Possessed by: Julian Maverick Current Stage: 1 Class: Covert Type: Permanent Stage 1: Human form. Small increase to strength, speed, ect. Grants immortality as well as stopping the ageing process. Possess the ability to hack systems by touch. The more advanced the longer contact must be kept Stage 2: Here. another small increase to physical abilities. Skin becomes a hardened alloy armor with a small electric current running though it making it extremely strong and disabling pain receptors. Voice box is replaced by a sound emitter. Hearing is replaced by a short range radar. Antenna serve has access point to hack into a system. Blades mounted on the wrists, ankles, and back are capable of sending a massive electric current through and can cut through most materials. Important notes: The smallest drop of water can cause a complete shutdown. Antenna are frail and must be protected.      Other Info     Atlantis Corporation Main Source of Income: Food and Medicine Military: Highly Trained humans with top of the line vehicles and gear from other companies Main City: Atlantica Space Port: Pacifica Crime: Low   Maverick Industries Main Source of Income: Mechs and energy based weapons Military: Mechs with Maverick tech Main City: Milson Space Port: Marshell Crime: Low   Ark Enterprises Main Source of Income: Zombie soldiers and performance enhancing drugs Military: Zombie soldiers armed with Kiason ballistic and S.B.D. explosive weapons Main City: Oberan Space Port: Noah Crime: Mid   Kiason Association Main Source of Income: Augmented clones and ballistic based weapons Military: clones armed with ballistics, S.B.D. explosives, Hazard vehicles Main City: Mantilla Space Port: Jacken Crime: Low Diane Company Main Source of Income: Jewelry and Clothing Military: Kiason Clones with Maverick tech Main City/Space Port: England Crime: Low Note: City and Space Port have been combined Third Commonwealth Main Source of Income: little bit of everything Military: Maverick Mechs and tech Main City: Congress Crime: Mid S.B.D. Main Source of Income: Explosives Military: Maverick Mechs and Ark Zombies with Maverick tech Main City: The Base Crime: Mid Baclave Inc. Main Source of Income: Augmentations Military: Atlantis Mercs and Atlantis gear Main City: Tesla Crime: Mid Hazard Team Labs Main Source of Income: Civilian and Military vehicles Military: A mixture of all Main City: Deadman's Drop Crime: Low Blockers Services Main Source of Income: Prison Military: Neutral Stance but a mixture of all Main City: Stalwart Crime: None Note: Main City is one massive skyscraper that serves as a prison Euro Guild Main Source of Income: minerals and stones Military: self trained and armed militia. Main City: Port Euro Crime: High
  16. This is the background thread for my RP story I hope gets intrest of the people I RP with or new people. It will explain the timeline up to the point of our characters entering and the difference of the Users and the Gamers. Also will give you a general idea on how the world is. The way it's going to be spilled out is there will be a year in numeral form followed by a short story explaining what major thing happened that year or between years. I'm basing my story on what ifs and possibilities so it will be near future. 2019-2028: World War III occured during this time frame. It started when Russia and China formed an alliance to challange the US and European powers on an economic scale. At the same time Canada and Mexico formed a temporary alliance and launched a double pronged attack against the US. Damage to the US was minimal casulty wise. Roughly 6,312 people where killed, 131,390 people where injured, and roughly 2 million where left homeless. However the collaterial damage was in the billions. 2021 was the signing of a peace treaty between Canada and the US. In exchange for Canada's cease of hostilities. The US signs over Alaska to Canada. Canada forms the North American Alliance with the US. Mexico recieves nuclear weapons from the Russian-Chinese shadow group in 2022. 2024: Heavy fighting in Mexico costs the opposing powers tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in equipment. Mexico is abandoned by the R-C-A and left for it's self. In a last ditch effort. Mexico launches four ICBM's at four locations in the US. D.C., LA, NYC, and Detroit. Two ICBM's where destroyed mid flight. One hit DC directly. Massive damage and casulties in the hundreds of thousands of people. The one aimed for Detroit was intercepted but it's flight projectory was adjusted and was redirected in America's bread basket. The ICBM broke up in mid-air and spread it's nuclear payload over a 931 mile long and 201 mile wide area. 2026: Scientists from all over the world combine in an effort to remove the radiation from US's soil. US discovers the RCA was involved with Mexico and invade China first. Estimates for the radiation to fade off naturally between 50-100 years for both the DC zone and the Dead Zone as it's called. 2027: China folds under constant attack from the US and her allies. A small resurgence from the drug cartel in Mexico results in the utter destruction of all cartels by US Military Spec Ops. Russian formally declares war against the US and enters the Chinese theater late. China signs and unconditional surrender by October 11th 2027. Scientist start testing a radical new nanite designs to speed the decontamination process of three factors. Air, land, and water. Also survivors from nuclear radiation exposer are given a choice to undergo normal radiation recovery or test repurposed nanites from radiation clean up mission to help rid themselves of radiation and heal their bodies. Most of the sever cases agree. Some rejected the offer. 2028: Russia signs a cease fire with the US thus ending World War III after hundreds of trillions of dollars and nearly 1.6 trillion lives are lost. The first real world test of what the scientists who developed it call "Rad-nite Series 2D3-31A" or simply "Radnite" for short begin at DC. Several VTOL planes rigged with canisters of radnites fly over DC's blast zone. The VTOLs where remotely controlled due to the hight amount of radiation. Late 2028: The DC blast zone testing shows significant signs of lowered radiation across the scale. The project is considered a success and more funding comes to Nanite research. First human testing of medical repurposed radnites begin. Survival rates among the survivors are projected to be medium. Scheduled radnite upgrades are put into effect. Each new series dumped over radiation spots and blast zones upgrade the last models. Each new model becomes more effective and more efficent. Current estiments predict that at the rate radiation levels are dropping. DC will become habitable by late 2035 and the Dead Zone will become habitable by 2039. 2030: Human testing of the now purposely designed medical nanites shows survival rates increase from a ratio of 2:10 to 9:10. The research was made public and the medical world began to fund the medical research of nanites a hundred fold. A single nantie contains all knowledge of the human body plus the ability to self replicate from materials a human digestive tract can not utilize and fat tissues. 2031: Medical nanites make an extrodinary advancement. Nanites have evolved in a year due to self learning capabilities within their hard wired protocals to the point where they began to stay in the human body. Using excess waste and fat tissue as a fuel source. Making a small inert metal control/factory in the brain's center. Scientist discovered this during a deep tissue scan. The Master unit as it's refered to in Nanite coding is completely harmless to human function. This Master unit regulates nanite production. It also connected to all parts of human brain. Little inert sub-stations are located through out the human body. Nanites help regulate the human body. Soon scientist together with doctors manage to customize a million nanites called the Colony Collective which are the only injection a person will recieve. 2032: The US starts to use experimental technology developed during WW3 to improve life in the country. Massive towers are errected over the country. Each tower was a trancevier. It would transmit wireless energy over a 300 mile radius. Soon it was upgraded to not only use this new energy source to finally rid the country of power lines but to also provide wireless internet. A modest five hundred dollar down deposit would get you the small trancevier to be wired into your home's electrical systems and at only a hundred and twenty dollar montly fee would give you unlimited internet and power usage. 2033: The gaming industry started to get involved with medical nanites. With nanites in the body. There would be no more need for controllers or attatchments or monitors to play games with. Nanites would tap into certain parts of the brain to produce images, sounds, smells, textures, and the feeling of the game being real. Though current games had to be remastered for the new type of games called Users and had to use current servers to play on. This upseted many current gamers still using controllers and monitors and the companies that make the attatchments and replacement gear for them. Late 2033: Anyone with five thousand US dollars can now get nanite injection. Wether to play ultra-realistic games and/or for health reasons. Gamers pertition the government to ban Users from their gaming servers claiming that Users are ruining the games they play. The US Government closes the Gamers v Users with no absolute rule on the petition. Master units inside those who opted for nanite infusion connect to the wireless net at night when the human body is least active to send data and recieve new updates from a server in the Nanite Research Facility. 2034-2037: The Nanite computer core and server starts to process all information on human history on January 14th 2034 and completes it's detailed study and anylizing by November 28th 2037. A collective knowledge starts to think as one mind and begins to wonder about the human condition and what use emotions have in human life. They begin to wonder what if means to be alive. A dark spot in the computer core server appears and the nanites begin to work together to solve this curiosity. Though during this time. They still do their primary functions without fault. It would take a few more years to come up with an answer to what purpose they really have. 2039: The server responible for recieving, processing, storing, and sending data to Users no longer responds to control commands from the NRF. Though the server still functions without pause. Top AI scientist determined that the nanites have deveopled a group conscience and are self evolving. Though it's clear they are only doing as programmed so far. 2040: Nanites contact the scientists at the NRF to propose a coallition. The nanite collective have come up with the purpose of their existence is to co-exist with humans. They stated that people with nanites in them have nothing to fear. All the collective nanites memory and processing power is far too low for them to even do anything. They are only doing what they are meant to do was to help humans live longer. 2043: A entire wing of the NRF is given to nanite controled robotics for their use. This is called the Dark Wing as it's completely controled by Nanties but welcome humans to come in view their work at enhancing themselves and things for humanity. Many new things came from this area. One is the Nanite bed. Designed for humans with or without nanites. It's considered to be one of the most comfortable beds on the market at an afordable cost to boot. Anyone who owns this bed that is a User can use this bed to play URGs while their bodies rest peacefully. It also helps people with sleep problems rest more easily. Late 2043: A secret project is started in the Dark Wing under complete silence to attempt to create a form made entirely from nanites. The human emotions can not be monitored and observed. It's something that has to be experienced. They needed to gather real data by having a form to go out into the human world to involve it's self with humans. Early 2048: A new server and one of the gaming industries massive open world ultra-realistic fantasy game made only for Users. The game operates on a multi-verse themed game with each verse having it's own server. Each verse has it's own theme. A User can go between the verses via in-game portals. Mid 2048: The Multi-verse as the game is called reaches beyond popularity and drives the increase for nanite injections by offering Gamers a short beta on their systems. They are limited to sights and sounds and only three verses as that is the limit. Many people begin to develop a split personality for online use. Most are Users that develop this split personality. The Multi-verse only allows the User to have one gender avatar for all the different verses. Though only a single gender avatar game. It allows the User to have different costumes for any verse they mark as favorite. So basically, nanites have made games so real that you could swear it was happening. The future is the near future. Power and net are basically free and the $120 a month is for general maintance of the systems. Though if your in a third world country, this kind of tech is very expensive and limited to capitals or a population amount over 13 million. Your online personality is completely different then your offline personality. Be creative for your online personality but for your offline personality. Try to be like real life as possible. The game is ultra-realistic thus smells, textures, tastes, sounds, and sight will look almost like real life but the Nanites only simulate the body's senses. Anything lethal is filtered out and your body is controlled by the Master unit to make sure no harm comes to you. Though there have been reports of Users temporarly being stuck in the game or having game injuries appearing on their physical bodies. So tell me what you think about this idea. I want it to incorperate real life limits and everything. Be as realistic as possible kind of RP for offline interactions. By the way. We all think we live very far apart but we live within an hour of each other. Could be that we know each other either in reality but don't know each other on the game or vice versa. Know each other on the game but don't know each other in reality. The game incorperates my different themes and all are interactable though you can't bring laser weapons to a verse where there is gun powdered weapons. Each verse has it's own time era and Users must change their avatars to match the verse. If you ever watched .//hack. It's a more realistic kind of RP version of that.
  17. Welcome one and all to the Misadventures. Here we can discuss all things gag related. This is meant to be a funny RP. The quests are trivial, lewd, comedic, and usually have rather explosive endings. The idea for this is simple. Using an 'internet persona' you make a character and join in on the fun. I'll be using my mad scientist/ninja/geisha/drag queen/restauranteur/were-tiger/Priestess character if this gets off the ground. Enter the Misadventures. You won't be sorry. Ideas for Adventures to be undertaken are as follows: The Quest for the Golden Panties of Everlasting Tan Lines -The strangely epic tale of the quest to attain this less than stellar mystical item. The (Drag) Queen's Crown - In order to save the world from catastrophic disaster, the team must infiltrate a drag show. Weeds - An animated cannibus plant is taking over as it grows larger and larger. Attack of the Flying Underwear- Swarms of winged undergarments have decided to rebel against humanity. Finishing the Collection- Saio wants a wig. But not just any wig. Adventures in the Closet- The team discovers the janitor's closet at the Cheesecake Shoppe houses a mystical portal to another realm. The McDonald's Fiasco- We just managed to slip into the back door of a McDonald's because we're on the run. God help these poor suckers. Mad Science- Saio's robotic maid has begun to call itself the BIMBOT 3000 and is now delivering nut shots to the local boys and girls. Wigging Out- A Wig Monster is lose in the Laboratory. The Case of the Stolen Booby Bombs- Someone has stolen many of Saio's prototype weapons. Explosive Treats- Never trust any baked goods left unattended on the ground. The Quest for the Ghetto Stiletto Heels Of Death and Doom- These specimens of wonder hold the powers of Earth. The Cheesecake Shoppe is Under Attack!- Saio has pissed someone off by not selling weapons to them. Now it's urban warfare. Again. The Golden Poop Shoot- An experiment has gone terribly, terribly wrong. All who enter the Cheesecake Shoppe begin to poop 24 karat gold. Would anyone want to join on one of these little adventures? Ask away about them. Maybe you can voice an idea for an adventure and it will be used. If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to ask them here.
  18. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080]Alright everyone, so since we're supposed to be the ones who can sustain an extended period of piloting the KNIGHTs, though we haven't realized it yet, we can in fact hear our KNIGHTs. Also, everyone's piloting system is pretty much the same, with VERY minor differences between KNIGHTs. Like I said, if you need a reference look up G Gundam and that's pretty much what we're working with. Now, as far as enhancements go, take your pick, but nothing spectacular. We're still just humans. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080]If you guys have any questions, I'm sure My self, or Kay can probably answer them.[/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080]And if you guys have any suggestions on the RP, please feel free to put them in here as well. Since it's just the five of us, I feel like we should all have some say. But seeing as I've RPed with all of you I believe, I think you guys all know how I work. If you come up with something to better the story and make it more exciting or interesting, lemme know and I'm sure between us all we can think of a way to implement it. [/color][/font]
  19. [center][img]http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/SDBanner05.png[/img][/center] Welcome to the revamped backstage for [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57789"][u]Shinigami Dance[/u][/url]. The original thread can be found here: [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=57763"][u]Shinigami Dance: Playground of Deities[/u][/url] However since the original creator handed creative control over to the remaining four players over three months ago, the original thread is more of a reference and not to be taken as how the story will now progress. Most concepts and the original history have been altered and many cases completely left out. So though it might be fun to read, it is no longer accurate. [center] [b][size=4]Current Cast[/size][/b][/center] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=785505&postcount=3"][u]Alexander Ma'Shala[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Scythe01.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Nall__The_White_Dragon.jpg"][u]Nall[/u][/url] smaller form | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Lunar__White_Dragon_by_Dragonmistra.jpg"][u]Nall[/u][/url] true form [size=2]~Played by Rachmaninoff[/size] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=785531&postcount=4"][u]Lucia[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/WIP___Fantasy_Scythes_Kick_Ass_by_A.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Card-Ruby-frame.jpg"][u]Ruby[/u][/url] smaller form | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Red_Dragon_srs_bznz_colored_by_tess.jpg"][u]Ruby[/u][/url] true form [size=2]~Played by SunfallE[/size] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=786799&postcount=10"][u]Nathan[/u][/url] | [url="http://www.realmcollections.com/images/pl/_Hanwei_Kama_Right_Hand_HAN-XH1041_6027.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="https://www.themartialartsstore.com/Catalog/graphics/tiger_claw/tc-45-84wu_lg.jpg"][u]Scythe 2[/u][/url] | [url="http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs20/300W/i/2007/306/1/3/Adrianne_by_FreneticAmnesic.jpg"][u]Isen[/u][/url] | [url="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z158/Allamorph/RP%20pics/SD/IsenHuman.jpg"][u]Isen[/u][/url] human form | [url="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z158/Allamorph/RP%20pics/SD/KatanaSilverDragon.jpg"][u]Weapon[/u][/url] [size=2]~Played by Allamorph[/size] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=788335&postcount=18"][u]Adrian[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Oriental_Swords_Hanwei_Naginat_HAN-.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Astera01.jpg"][u]Astera[/u][/url] [size=2]~Played by indi[/size] [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=809941&postcount=21"][u]Phaidra[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/PhaidraScytheStaff001.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Sarvel002.jpg"][u]Sarvel[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Sarvel001.jpg"][u]Sarvel[/u][/url] human form[size=2] ~Played by Sabrina[/size] [center] [b][size=4]NPC's[/size][/b][/center] [url="http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z158/Allamorph/RP%20pics/SD/svlenvers.jpg"][u]Victor[/u][/url] [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Gavrie01.jpg"][u]Gavrie & Karl[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Scythe03.png"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/Karl.jpg"][u]Karl[/u][/url] human form [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/PatrickTerryFiero02.jpg"][u]Patrick, Terry & Fiero[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/PatrickTerryFiero01.jpg"][u]Patrick, Terry & Fiero[/u][/url] | [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/PatrickScythe.jpg"][u]Scythe[/u][/url] [url="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a88/SunfallE/Shinigami%20Dance/The_Seagull_by_rei_i.jpg"][u]Christine[/u][/url] [center][b][size=4]History[/size][/b][/center] [center][size=3][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showpost.php?p=815789&postcount=65"]Excerpt drawn from A Study of the Vampire and its History, an essay.[/url] ----------------------[/size] [/center] [size=3]The exact date that the vampire emerged into being is unknown. Since the evolutionary process that resulted in their species was originally deemed freak accident, no detailed reports exist that document their rise. That they are, or were, human is certain: it was humanity's craving for eternal life combined with a small innate sense of the so-called -spiritual- realm which allowed for the species' evolution. Furthermore, though both shinigami and vampire may mask their presence to normal humans through the manipulation and control of spiritual energies, the act is not natural for the vampire and requires some small degree of effort, indicating that the vampire is fundamentally tied to the mortal realm, and not the spiritual. By contrast, the shinigami is required to expend a similar effort in order to become corporeal and interact with mortals, and thus the conclusion is drawn. Further difficulty in determining the vampire's origins arises when examining their records and lore, for though the vampire can boast one of the most extensively recorded histories known to exist on Earth-second only to the shinigami and perhaps the Hebrews-no two sets of records or journals can agree on a single common ancestor. Rather, the vampire as a species appears to have begun as multiple isolated incidents within the span of around thirty years, with sporadic repeat occurrences every few centuries, followed by a gradual but steady proliferation. Also of note is the singular failure of the shinigami in catching and preventing the vampire's evolution. Certainly the error is due in part to the encasement of the vampire's soul, which would have prevented any shinigami from sensing the human's approaching death; but even so, death is the business of the shinigami, so it follows that some sort of advance knowledge of death must have been present. Any speculation on the reason for the oversight is ultimately futile, however. With so many different instances, it is highly unlikely that any more than two or three occurred under similar circumstances. Whatever the case, the first vampires managed to escape the eye of the shinigami for long enough to ensure their continued survival, allowing their bodies to slowly adapt to their newfound attunement. Not being true creatures of the spiritual, the first vampires underwent several major physiological changes shortly after turning, as it came to be called-the most prominent being a marked increase in strength, speed, and endurance. In most cases, this change was accompanied by a period of intense physical pain, either in a single excruciating session or as a series of sporadic fits. The few who escaped this side effect were instead subjected to severe psychological torture, invariably rendering them insane madmen or in the worst cases psychotic masterminds. The journal of one such person noted briefly that several of his comrades did not survive the torture; those who suffered physically commonly died from organ failure or internal bleeding, and those who suffered mentally became brain-dead. Those who survived the transition, as stated above, became stronger and faster, with noticeably superior reflexes. Early on, these changes only manifested openly as instinct, in circumstances when the vampire might be under mild stress or other cases which require thoughtless reaction, but as the vampire aged the difference became decidedly more pronounced. Vampires as young as a decade can achieve an average running speed of twenty-five miles per hour and can sustain these speeds for nearly twenty minutes. They are also easily able in a single leap to clear horizontal distances of over thirty feet starting from an easy jog, and can generally jump over twice their height from a standing position. All vampires continue to grow stronger as they age, though the rate at which they mature gradually decreases over time, meaning that the difference in strength between vampires of twenty-five and fifty years is more pronounced than is the difference between vampires of seventy-five and one hundred years, though the age difference is the same. Other changes to the species were much less beneficial. The vampire almost immediately developed an extraordinary allergic sensitivity to sunlight, for reasons that even now remain unclear. The initial reaction was, in fact, so violent that direct exposure for even a few seconds would cause the vampire's internal body temperature to literally skyrocket, often resulting in spontaneous immolation. Even indirect exposure was extremely painful-especially, it appears, to the eye and the sinus regions, for if light were streaming into a darkened room the vampire would not be able to even look near the source without their eyes watering. Because of this side effect of the evolution, vampires naturally became nocturnal in habit, transitioning to their new lifestyle within a matter of decades. Their still-adapting physiology allowed their night vision to adapt rapidly in individual cases, and the traits were cemented and enhanced into the species by successive generations. The vision of modern vampires rivals and in some cases surpasses that of most predatory felines for distance and clarity, and they are only truly blind in the complete absence of light. Interestingly, vampires seem to suffer no ill effects from exposure to moonlight, though it is in essence merely sunlight reflected off the moon's surface. Cause for the selective photosensitivity could be certain types of direct radiation that is absorbed by the moon's surface, but very little significant testing has been done to ascertain the truth of this supposition-though it has been consistently observed that light from the full moon seems to have a pronounced euphoric, almost drug-like effect on the vampire. Human myth mentions that the vampire is also susceptible to various other items, including such disassociated objects as crosses and wooden stakes and even venturing to such absurd lengths as garlic and -holy- wafers. However, most of these myths are merely that, and only one or two hold any real truth. The wooden stake, for example, is believed to be fatal to the vampire once plunged through its heart-but the same outcome would naturally be expected if one stabbed any living creature in the same location. Likewise, legends that an arbitrary herb or other foodstuff possesses the ability to subdue a creature for no discernable reason are almost certainly derived only from pagan rituals and lore; the concept of crosses, or -holy- water or wafers, bringing the vampire harm is also pagan in root, having become inextricably entwined with Judeo-Christian beliefs during the Catholic empire in the millennia following the fall of Rome. The myth of the vampire's aversion to crosses does hold a kernel of truth. Numerous cases of vampires recoiling from or being burned by certain crucifixes have been documented and verified, but the reason does not lie with the notion of divine blessing or the power of faith since there have also been recorded instances where such objects elicited no reaction at all. Instead, the truth in the myth is held in the material which makes up the item: silver. Vampires are essentially humans who have partially crossed into the dimension inhabited by the shinigami-also dubbed the -spiritual- realm-and because this state is unnatural their core being draws heavily on the energies of that realm in order to sustain them. Silver seems to act as a ground for this draw of energy, causing it to be dispersed back into its natural environment without being absorbed by the vampire, should a vampire come into contact with it. This siphoning-away of energy is harmful to the vampire, and manifests outwardly in severe burns at the point of contact, even occasionally through articles of clothing, and prolonged exposure is thought to be fatal. Silver also seems to react violently with the vampire's blood, disintegrating and oxidizing within seconds of exposure and preventing the vampire's blood from carrying oxygen to the rest of its body while still acting as an energy ground. The reason for this reaction remains unclear; perhaps the transfer of -spiritual- energy acts as a catalyst for the chemical process, but again, no significant studies have been done concerning the matter. The last of the vampire's physiological changes were the canines, or fangs. Contrary to popular culture, a vampire's canines are not obviously lengthened, but merely sharpened to fine points that extrude a few millimeters beyond the normal plane of the teeth. The difference is almost imperceptible, and only those who know what they are looking for may see it-and sometimes the change escapes even them. The purpose of the unique canines is, naturally, the means to satisfy the mythical bloodlust. As has been mentioned before, the vampire's body draws heavily upon the energies of the -spiritual- realm for sustenance; however, the relationship is more akin to breathing than actual feeding. To continue its survival, the vampire requires another form of -spiritual- energy: one found almost exclusively in the blood of humans. A vampire may be able to go a span of some years without -feeding-, as they call it, but unless its hunger is at some point satisfied it will gradually become more sluggish, and its body will weaken to a degree. As of now, no records exist of any vampire succumbing to starvation from blood, but the possibility has not been ruled out. In the process of feeding, a vampire possesses the ability to pass its nature on to its victim, like a sort of spiritual seeding. Every vampire while feeding enters a state of moderately heightened spiritual attunement to which their victims are exposed through direct contact, and this exposure begins to prepare the human for the transition to vampire via the gradual formation of the soul sac unique to the species. The sac, which exists in the same plane as the soul, effectively compensates for its loosening connection to the body and prevents the shinigami from sensing when the connection is weakest, when death would normally occur. After the brief window of weakness the connection gradually becomes stronger again, making the separation of the soul from the body of a mature vampire a more arduous task than the separation from a vampire of merely a few decades. This change, though never immediate, can occur under one of several circumstances, all of which require a feeding to occur. First, a vampire may turn its victim after a succession of feedings, in which the victim's soul is gradually encased in the singular spiritual sac while they are still alive. Younger vampires must engage in multiple feedings to achieve a live turn, and mature vampires may only need as little as three for the same result; it is also rumored that vampires of a sufficient age may be able to turn a victim in a single feeding, but this rumor is unconfirmed. The other two methods share the common factor of the victim's physical death. In the more common case, a vampire can turn its victim by feeding just before the human's death, its own spiritual aura combined with the trauma of death amplifying the seeding effect to the point that only the single feeding is required-although in most instances of this case the human has been the subject of at least one prior feeding. In the absence of another vampire, however, an infected human will only turn if they have been fed upon sufficiently for the shock of dying to serve as sufficient impetus, and in this alternative scenario the human was typically one or two feedings away from turning anyway. Once the soul is completely encased, the fledgling vampire will experience the same torment described above, but the harsh effects are softened to a degree by the gradual turning process, and dying partially prepares the vampire to endure the ensuing pain. Because of this difference, the survival rate of turned vampires is much higher than that of the natural vampire, and it is commonly viewed with some small measure of contempt or disdain which manifests on a social level. Natural vampires, who are rarely found living in the modern era, hold higher stations in the vampiric social strata than turned vampires, almost without exception. Additionally, born vampires-humans who are the offspring of at least one vampire, and who go through their transitionary ordeals during adolescence-typically hold themselves in higher regard than turned vampires, though this social stigma has long been under dispute. One final change that accompanied the vampire-s shift to the -supernatural- spectrum was the ability to employ forces known as magic, forces which humans have the capacity to merely sense....[/size] [center][size=2][size=3]-----------[/size]-----------[/size][/center] Okay, the history is up and yes I'm stating the obvious here. =P
  20. [center][size=6][font=georgia, serif]Superman: Dictator[/font][/size][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][size=6]Backstage[/size][/font][/center] [left][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Welcome to the backstage thread for Superman: Dictator. Here I'll keep important events chronicled from the RP and keep the whereabouts and status of certain characters up to date. As always, feel free to ask any questions or make suggestions here, and definitely make sure to keep dialogue alive between you and other players. A well-communicated story works best for everyone. Anywho, on to the important information! Any established hero not mentioned below can be used however you so please, even though theyâ??ll be fairly elderly: they could be alive, dead if it helps your origins, or MIA. It's up to you. And if you'd like to play as a character mentioned on this list, its not entirely out of the question, but please ask first.[/size][/font][/left] [center][size=5][u][font=georgia, serif]Characters[/font][/u][/size][/center] [i][font=georgia, serif]Suicide Squad[/font][/i][list] [*][b][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Helena[/size][/font][/b] [*][font=georgia,serif][Pending...][/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Freedom Fighters[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Diana[/b]- Although she respected Clark greatly and understands his desire to protect humanity, the former Wonder Woman could not defend his absolute rule. Believing that she failed to protect mankind, she discarded the title of Wonder Woman until she could defeat her old friend. For that reason she joined Uncle Sam's Freedom Fighters and took over the group herself when Uncle Sam became too weak to lead himself. Since then, the group has grown enormously, accumulating thousands of members world wide, and is the major counter to the Kryptonian's rule. Wonder Girl and Donna Troy joined the Freedom Fighters as well (which they still serve actively on due to their longevity) but the other Amazons remain neutral in the struggle, preferring to keep to themselves on Themyscira.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Bat Family/Superman Family[/b]- Most members of the Superman Family, Bat family (including Red Hood and the Outlaws) and Batman Inc. stayed true to the Batman and Superman's past way of life and became active members of Diana's Freedom Fighters. Only Steel and Damian Wayne abandoned their families. Most of the Bat Family and Batman Inc. now act as leaders in their respective areas, as they are too old to operate on the field.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Fairchild[/b]- Previously a member of the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E.--a group that kidnapped and experimented on teen metahumans--she rebelled against the organization and helped free the teens they had captured. She and her team, the Ravagers, fought against the Superman for many years, but eventually the rest of her team was kill in a confrontation with DOOM. After that she joined the Freedom Fighters, deciding that she would finally need to trust people outside of her comfort zone. [/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Animal Man[/b]- Feeling the same way as Diana, Animal Man joined the Freedom Fighters as well. Despite being quite old, he mysteriously looks exactly the same as he did 45 years ago, which he attributes to knowing the â??secret of his existence.â? He spends most of his days protecting animals from the antics of DOOM, but when heâ??s not doing that he uses his transformation abilities to spy on Metropolis.[/size][/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Royal Guard[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Dracula[/b]- Head of the Royal Guard. Although in his 60â??s, Dracula still has youthful vigor. Dracula and Alucard never remove there masks in public. He is very much a "punch now, ask questions later" type, and his main form of interrogation is torture. Very often Alucard is forced to curb Dracula's violent nature and calm him down. His version of the batsuit possesses a high collar and a cape (instead of wings), and generally has the shape of a nobleman's clothing.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Alucard[/b]- Second in command. Like Dracula, despite being in his fifties he is vital and healthy--in his suit he looks as if he has the physique of a 20 year old. His suit is aesthetically unmodified. [/size][/font][font=georgia, serif]He is like the deceased Bruce Wayne in a number of ways--cunning, quick on his feet and he always has a plan. Unlike Bruce, he is more sadistic, and willing to resort to waging mental and emotional warfare to break his opponents. Due to him and Dracula using very similar versions of the Batsuit, their distortion device on both of their suits make them sound like they are using gravely, coarser versions of Bruce Wayne's voice. [/font] [/list] [font=georgia,serif][size=4][i]Kryptonian Generals America[/i] (if you want to operate on a different continent you can create your own Generals)[/size][/font][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Harvest[/b]- Once the leader of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. The Kryptonian recognized the devotion to maintaining order and peace in Harvestâ??s actions gathering up metahuman teens.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Miss Martian[/b]- After the death of Martin Manhunter, Miss Martian went mad and became a White Martian. Ruled by her more destructive side, she eagerly joined the Kryptonian for a chance to destroy criminals.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]The Rider[/b]- A new hero dressed in all black leather motorcycle garb. He never removes his clothing or helmet. When on his motorcycle he can travel at superhuman speeds and uses this speed to slash his enemy repeatedly with a dagger. Off of the bike, he still possesses superhuman levels of strength, speed and dexterity, and will engage his enemies in a grimy and unpolished, yet extremely brutal, street fighting style. He never murders and will stalk his prey to the ends of the earth if need be.[/size][/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Kryptonian Generals Antarctica[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][b]Lilith Clay[/b]- A former member of NOWHERE with mental abilities. She uses these abilities to pry into the prisonerâ??s memories and force the more dangerous (or rebellious) ones to live out an illusion of their worst fear.[/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][b]Misbelief[/b]- Another former member of NOWHERE with similar abilities to Lilith Clay. Her abilities do not immerse her target in fear based illusions. Instead, she reaches into her targets mind, finds the memories the target is ashamed of and project figures from those memories into real life to torture the target.[/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]DOOM[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Deathstroke[/b]- Deceased. One of the few villains to survive the Kryptonian's rampage, he gathered together the small band of remaining criminals and created DOOM. Since then the group has attracted hero and villain alike, and under Deathstroke's vast military knowledge, has proven itself an efficient terrorist group. However, the loss of his estranged children and the strain from a lifetime of mercenary work left him weak and weary, and he passed away three years ago, leaving control of DOOM to another soldier. This soldier wears Deathstrokeâ??s mask while leading DOOM, and so no one inside or out of the organization know who he is.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Brother Blood[/b]- The newest Brother Blood, the 18 year old Atticus Blood is an invaluable member of DOOM. Born to the previous Brother Blood, Sebastian Blood, he was raised by the members of DOOM and is thus an extremely proficient assassin. At the age of 16 he fulfilled his family curse by murdering his father during a training session. He is twice as ruthless as his father, and when he vampirically drains abilities from other people he will drain all of their blood, which permanently infuses the ability into his body. Because of this, he has amassed a number of abilities--the ability to teleport, read minds, shapeshift, a high pitch cry akin to Black Canaryâ??s canary cry, and size manipulation, atop of his ability to drain powers from others-- and a sociopath, possessing little, if any, empathy, sympathy or compassion. At the moment, he is DOOMâ??s greatest chance against the Kryptonian, as he coated his teeth in Kryptonite, but some members of DOOM (and other Organizations aware of his presence) are wary of a psychopath like him obtaining the Kryptonianâ??s abilities.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Jokerz[/b]- A sect of DOOM which worships the Joker. They are the most chaotic of all the branches of DOOM, and are barely controllable. DOOM leaders tend to simply direct the Jokerz to their target and allow them to operate as they please.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]League of Assassins[/b]- Although once a great organization spanning multiple countries, the League has suffered over the years. Raâ??s al Ghul gathered together most of the league and engaged in a direct conflict with the Kryptonian. The fight lasted for several hours, but despite the Leagueâ??s vast resources and incredible skill, the Kryptonian emerged victorious and Raâ??s lay dead. The members of the League who either survived the onslaught or who were unable to join in the battle scattered after this, although they were gathered together again by Deathstroke and formed into a division of DOOM.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Venomites[/b]- When members of the League joined DOOM, some split off underneath the leadership of Bane, who had once been a part of the League. He continued to train them, as well as providing them with smaller, more stable doses of the drug Venom to enhance their physical strength and mental prowess. If a member of the Venomites is backed into a no win situation they have an emergency store of Venom they carry which turns them into massive hulking creatures of immeasurable strength, speed and dexterity, but severely strains the body and has a 99% chance of killing them. The 1% who survive experience a debilitating addiction to Venom, which they can no longer survive without.[/size][/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]The Sun of Krypton[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][b]Steel[/b]- Kenneth Irons, the son of Natasha Irons, the grandson of John Henry Irons and the High Priest of the Church of the Sun of Krypton. His grandfather was the High Priest before him, and taught him to worship the Kryptonian and all that he did, as that was the ultimate good in the world. He thus believes in the regime of the Kryptonian implicitly, and would do anything for him. As High Priest he encourages people to acknowledge Kal-El as their lord and savior, and reads scriptures from the Book of El, which chronicles the deeds and beliefs of the Kryptonian. When threats to the city arise, Kenneth activates his metagene, which turns his skin into a nearly indestructible metallic substance, and leads the worshippers of the Sun of Krypton into battle.[/font] [/list] [i][font=georgia,serif][size=4]Unaffiliated[/size][/font][/i][list] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]The â??Aquaâ? family[/b]- Arthur became disillusioned with humanity after the Batman's death and returned to rule Atlantis. However, there he was murdered by Black Manta in his sleep, and Atlantis was ransacked. Aqualad, Aquagirl, Garth and Mera gathered together the refugees from Atlantis and have been sheltering them ever since. Although ruling the diaspora of Atlanteans preoccupies most of their time, they are not happy with the Superman's rule, and are counted as potential allies by the Freedom Fighters.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]The Martians[/b]- Although he had left the Justice League to join Stormwatch prior to Superman's takeover, J'onn was still taken aback by the Superman's transformation into the Kryptonian. However, unlike some of his other teammates who were unable to take action against the Kryptonian, J'onn knew that he needed to be stopped. He immediately concocted a plan for Stormwatch to destroy Kal-El; unfortunately, it was a massive failure, which ended with the death of all of the Stormwatch members. Torn to pieces by his failure and Kal-El's animosity, J'onn's essence fractured and the pieces spread into certain nearby people. His powers have traveled down through to these peoples children, although most don't realize it. The few who do have access to J'onn's powers.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]Green Lanterns[/b]- Deceased. Hal Jordan, the current active Green Lantern on Earth directly opposed the Kryptonian, and so was banished from Earth, along with every other Green Lantern. Hal Jordan still acts as protector of our galaxy, although occasionally the Kryptonian will take care of interplanetary disturbances himself. Hal made an appeal with the Guardians to try and liberate Earth, but the Guardians viewed Earth as not deserving of their time, and thoght that so long as the Kryptonian is protecting Earth, they have nothing to fear. And so Hal Jordan brazenly challenged the Kryptonian alone and was murdered. John Stewart, Kyle Rainer and Guy Gardner journeyed back to avenge their comrade, but were murdered as well. A new Green Lantern has since been elected from Earth, but has been ordered against meddling with the Kryptonian's affairs.[/size][/font] [*][font=georgia,serif][size=4][b]The â??Redâ? and the â??Greenâ?[/b]- Because Superman has not damaged or threatened the Earth itself, the forces of the Red and Green have not ordered their avatars--Animal Man, his daughter Maxine or Swamp Thing to challenge the Superman. Thus, unlike Animal Man, Maxine and Swamp Thing are content to protect the Red and the Green respectively, although they will assist anyone who asks for help, ally or enemy of the Kryptonian.[/size][/font] [/list] [font=georgia,serif][size=4]As a helpful note, if anyone is curious about these characters' abilities I would advise using comicvine or the dc wiki to look that up (save the Rider, who is an original creation and would thus not be on the website).[/size][/font]
  21. [font=georgia,serif][i]What would you define as a calamity? An event that levels the Earth and plunges humanity into another dark age? One that brings about famine? One that significantly diminishes the human race and leaves those who remain severely mutated?[/i] [i]Well then, what would you consider a miracle? An event which unlocks the hidden potential of mankind? One which encourages human evolution by eliminating those without motivation or passion? One which changes the very meaning of what it is to be human? Three years ago today, the Fall scorched the face of the Earth, and we emerged from the rubble and the ashes stronger, better and more dangerous. Was the Fall a calamity? A miracle? During these hard years weâ??ve come together as a group, and rebuilt a great portion of this land. Although there is much work still to be done, and although many lives were lost, we have made great progress in the face of adversity, kept bandits, thieves and rival organizations from our land, and are now ready to expand![/i] [i]In my humble opinion, it is impossible to deem the Fall a calamity or a miracle. It was simply an event-- an event which, while taking away some of the valuable tools mankind had accumulated, has also given it new tools. No, the true miracle is us, the remnants of a destroyed world and the bearers of a brighter future. So today, let us celebrate our triumphs! Let us celebrate our strengths! And most of all, let us celebrate the limitless future within our, the Mentalsâ?? grasp![/i][/font] [right][font=georgia,serif]-President Cerbero, May 24th 2015[/font][/right] [center][font=georgia,serif]+[/font][/center] [font=georgia,serif][size=4]Welcome to the backstage thread for [b]When You Wish...[/b] Here I'll keep a list of all of the gangs and cities (and any noteworthy places in the cities) as they are created by you rpers. Also, naturally, feel free to ask any and all questions you may have regarding the story. I should also mention,, although I should have mentioned it in the main thread, this is a Mature rp. Violence, sex, swearing, drugs, go for it. The world has been severely damaged, and although people are picking up the pieces, many people are having problems adjusting, and as the cities grow larger in size and become harder to police, crime will inevitably sneak in. Please be tactful, however. Anywho, details![/size][/font] [center][font=georgia,serif]+++[/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][u][size=6]Cities[/size][/u][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b][color=#282828]Phénix[/color][/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The city of Phénix is very much an agrarian city. They maintain their own vineyards, and crop fields, although hunting parties of Ascended are also sent out into the mountains for meat, and they have a thriving fishing scene. The society is ruled by President Cerbero and her â??cabinetâ? (i.e. her personal group of Ascended) and is a dictatorship. Donâ??t be deceived, however; President Cerbero is overwhelmingly admired by her people. The city often comes into conflict with the military stationed nearby, however, as they remain loyal to the currently M.I.A. president and do not approve of President Cerberoâ??s autonomous city. The city has electricity thanks to the abilities of Lightning Mentals, but it is used mostly for providing light both within people's homes and on the streets, and for the radios and speakers which relay the President's messages. Also, due to the presidents personal preferences, the city contains many neo-classical elements.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b][color=#282828]Nephilim[/color][/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The home of the Horsemen and their underlings, this city stands as an antithesis to the rest of the cities being rebuilt across the world. For whatever reason, the damage to the city during the Fall was minimal, and so still appears as a glass and metal metropolis which contains many of the luxuries other cities lack. Not much is known about the inner workings of the city, save that there is a building within called the "Citadel of the Seven Seals", through which the Horsemen are rumored to be able to "cast their gaze over the world." Most of the city's supplies are imported from other cities.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Valhalla[/b] Little is known of this city, save that it is purported to exist somewhere in the North, and the enigmatic Maine has made it his ultimate destination...[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Sanctuary[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]An abandoned church and orphanage complex straddled within the ruins 0f a once great city. Testament uses this oasis as his base of operations, wherein he returns after every mission to rest and plan out his next attack. Testament alone knows the location and means by which one can enter into the Sanctuary; the debris of fallen skyscrapers has left the Sanctuary both inaccessible and virtually invisible from ground level.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Ravenloft[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A city which has successfully weathered the worse effects of the Fall thanks to both the efficiency of the Medical Assistance Foundation which rules the area as well as the general lack of destruction caused within the city by the Fall. The city is doing quite well for itself; with both its hospital--which now serves as the central hub of the area-- and its industrial sector still largely intact, it accounts for much of the world's manufacturing industry and is by far one of the most well-to-do and open cities currently in existence.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Hlidskjalf[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A village perched atop the Californian Sierra Nevadas. Unlike many of the other cities, which have spent most of their time and energy after the fall re-constructing the destroyed standards of life they were accustomed to, the people within this tribe decided to return to a simpler, more natural way of life. Thusly, the people within the town took up professions such as huntsmen, weavers, smiths and warriors, preferring to eat and utilize material they themselves obtained rather than manufactured material. Likewise, a chieftan was elected to identify and respond to the needs of the people--this chieftan is Varg, a kind yet stoic man. Despite this tribe's relative disassociation with modern society, they will still interact with other cities when necessary.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Pinnacle[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A city ruled by the cruel, pitiless "Master," this city is filled with those who have answered Master's summons, willingly or not. The formation and maintenance of the city reflects Master's arrogance and dispassionate nature. The center of the city, where Master and his most valued disciples live is a spectacularly constructed temple housing many of the world's pre-Fall masterpieces and treasures. Immediately outside the vicinity of the temple, however, the city degrades into a nightmare-- the citizens live in a state of filthy neglect, made worse by the fact that their poverty does not stem from Master's inability to help them, but from his personal enjoyment of their suffering.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b]Fort Salem[/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia, serif][color=#282828]Magnusâ?? original home. What was once an industrial park was converted into a well-guarded settlement and home to the raider group The Coven. Though due to an uprising that took part around six years ago, the park was razed to the ground due mostly in part to the infighting, and reprisals from the local settlers.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Port Mercury[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]This city is the home of The Migrant Trade Union and has become one of the biggest trade hubs among the settlements. Its location gives it access to many convenient trade routes and a rather large port. Port Mercury, named after the Greek God of merchants, was started by scavengers turned traders who eventually organized into The Migrant Trade Union, and enlisted the Mercantile Defense Force soon after. Though the MTUâ??s organization and those who run it are based out of Port Mercury, a majority of the union are in their migrant convoyâ??s, moving from town to town, only returning to Port Mercury when trade takes them there.[/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Rosewood[/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Rosewood is a vast forest that seemingly sprang up overnight. Since Sabinâ??s arrival in the south 3 years ago a lush forest has spread across all but the southernmost tip of Florida, all but the northern mountains of Georgia, the lower half of Alabama, and starts thinning out only covering half of Mississippiâ??s coast. The forest has fertile soil, is rich in fruit trees, and has plenty of game for hunters. Farming communities are scattered all throughout the forest. Port towns dot the coast of the gulf. The Wardens of the Rose claim everything within the Rosewood for King Sabin and keep the entire area as empty as possible of Cardinals with constant patrols in between the many mini fortresses that are scattered in the forest. Despite the farming towns, ports, and Warden encampments there is only one true city in the Rosewood, Seacrown.[/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Seacrown[/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Seacrown occupies about the same area that use to be Panama Florida. Due to the abundance of trees the majority of the city is made wood, the only exception being the palace, which is made of stone, where the king resides. Seacrown is a port city and brings in large numbers of sea food and trade. They export many raw materials but can manufacture very few things themselves. The city runs entirely off renewable energy since fossil fuels are nearly impossible to come by. While the Rosewood is densely populated (when compared to most of North America) Seacrown does not boast a large population since there are so few jobs for people to do in the city. Despite that the city is large so many of the districts are completely empty. Sabinâ??s beachfront palace is only four stories high but has many balconies and outdoor areas some overlooking the sprawling city to the east and the ocean to the west. [/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Lilly Pad[/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Though most of the states on the east coast have been flooded with water, the people managed to strive and rebuild their population on top of the water. Their area is now a "Floating Utopia" as some would call it, their main city surrounded by wilderness and boarders to ward off vicious beasts and intruders, while the main city floats atop of their ruined buildings below the citys water level. While they still retain electricity and general goods from other tribes (such as hospitals and law enforcement), the people of Lilly Pad usually tend for themselves with their hunting parties and their trade deals to survive [/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][u][size=6][color=#282828]Gangs[/color] [/size][/u][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b][color=#282828]The Mentals[/color][/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A band of Ascended who possess the ability to manipulate elemental forces, whether it be a self-produced element or manipulating an element already in existence. Although the leader of the group is President Cerbero, each member of the group gets fair say and input into matters regarding safety and the city. The Mentals act as the police force, the hunting party, and the government for Phénix. Unlike certain other gangs, they do not believe in ruling their city through fear or repression, and actively assist in construction of the city.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b][color=#282828]The Horsemen[/color][/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Conquest, War, Famine and Death are the leaders of the Horsemen, although many Augs and Ascended with varying abilities have fled to the Horsemen's cause, whether from prior association or from a desire to find order in a chaotic time. The Horsemen act as an external consultant organization for any city that calls upon them; to that end they act as arbiters, judges, law-makers and a police force. The Horsemen will perform any action, if they believe it to be just by their personal moral and ethic codes. To this end, the Horsemen have acted as both inciters and refuters of war, and have leveled and helped create an equal number of cities. This has drawn both ire and praise from varying cities--some appreciate the outside help, while others like President Cerbero detest the meddling of the Horsemen in their affairs.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b][color=#282828]The Freelancers[/color][/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Freelancers are an oddity amongst the gangs, in that they existed before the Fall: not as a gang, but as a powerful and highly-skilled paramilitary group tasked with the most dangerous, high-risk missions against targets that threatened humanity itself. The Freelancers were individually trained by a mysterious man known only as 'Chapel', and together they carried out some of the most daring operations in military history. [/color][color=#282828]However, after the Fall, the members of the group found themselves imbued with extreme and varied abilities, and the fabric of the group began to rupture. Chapel disappeared during the Fall, and was assumed by many to have been killed: those who believed he was dead felt that he had taken the purpose of the Freelancers with him to the grave. Soon enough, they disbanded and the members discarded their old lives, most of them taking new names, some joining up with existing gangs and others becoming mercenaries and drifters.[/color][/font][/center] [center] [font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]But now, the enigmatic Maine is tracking them down for purposes known only to him.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]Medical Assistance Foundation[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Stationed within Ravenloft, this organization is comprised of both Augs and Ascended who were doctors and nurses, as well as Augs and Ascended who now possess medically minded abilities. It originally began as an organization which sought to provide free medical attention to those in the local area who could not afford it after the Fall, but since they have received patients from all around the world, and are quite well known for their services. In addition to the hospital, they have multiple parties who scour the area in retrofitted buses to assist anyone who cannot make it to the hospital itself. The Medical Assistance Foundation maintain control over Ravenloft.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Berserkers[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A tribe of people who all possess some form of shape-shifting ability and live in the lofty city of Hlidskjaf. Their aim is return to a more natural lifestyle so that they might create a symbiotic relationship between themselves and the Earth, and so eschew most constructs of civilization. They are led by Chieftan Varg, an imposing man who relishes the visceral art of combat and is extraordinarily passionate about his lifestyle. They rarely interact with other gangs or cities, and are basically self-sustaining.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Disciples[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The disciples are a group of Augs and Ascended devoted to following and supporting their leader "Master." The disciples have multiple levels of membership; after a certain level a person moves to the main headquarters and surrenders all their belongings, as well as themselves, to Master. Some members have powers, but there is no specific theme to the group beyond devotion to Master.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Coven[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A gang of Ascended and Augs who would raid settlements from their stronghold, Fort Salem, and were originally led by Magnus prior to his change of heart and occupation. They used superstition and fear to keep local populations in check, creating a façade that they were warlocks and mythical beasts. As far as anyone knows, The Coven was disbanded after a massive battle that destroyed Fort Salem and killed most of the members.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Migrant Trade Union[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Migrant Trade Union, or MTU, a company of merchants who have used their connections and the recourses and banded together. In moving their trade convoys between settlements, The MTU has reestablished trade to many cities and has started to restore an economy. As a group of well-supplied merchants, they have become a major target by many raiding parties.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828][b]The Mercantile Defense Force[/b][/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Mercantile Defense Force, a group of well organized militias that moves along with the convoy, repelling any attempt to raid the trade groups. The Defense Force is one of the most well supplied Military forces between the settlements, having scavenged and traded a surplus of ammunition and explosives to deal with any threat that rises. Currently Magnus is Marshal over the militia defending the MTUâ??s largest trade convoy.[/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Survivors [Defunct][/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]A rag tag group of Augs and Ascended from southern New York who rallied around Sabin, their de facto leader. They were known as the Survivors. They went on a Cardinal massacre moving down the east coast destroying every Nightmare and Revelation they came across and assimilating other survivors as they moved south. They by the end of summer 2012 they had made it to what was once Panama City. Deciding that it was time to set up a permanent base of operation the Survivors began rebuilding.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Sabinâ??s powers caused the surrounding wildlife to prosper, which in turn caused the people of the city to prosper. He then went on a â??tour of renewalâ? throughout what were Florida, Georgia and Alabama, rallying the remaining survivors in the area and vanquishing almost every Cardinal. Via his power the area erupted with life after only a few months. By June 2013 it was decided by that Sabin was destined to bring life back to the ruined planet. The populous elected him to be their leader and soon he was the messiah of the new Christianity (his power to give life was obviously a gift from God); his kingship shortly followed.[/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Wardens of the Rose[/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The old Survivors became Sabin's most loyal followers under his kingship and renamed themselves Wardens of the Rose, spreading his influence throughout the south east and keeping the area safe from Cardinals and foreign powers alike. At the turn of the new year, 2014, the Wardens numbers grew too large for Sabin to lead them as personally as he had in the past. While he was still the head of the Wardens his appointed captains began taking more and more responsibilities off the kings shoulders until he had none left, leaving him to a leisurely life in the capital. The Wardens do all in the name of the King, though few orders actually come from Sabin himself.[/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Wardens all wear a badge over their heart that displays a blood red rose surrounded by wreath of green thorns. Roses appear on much of their equipment and garments, which are universally red and green with white trim. The uniforms are made from a layered synthetic material that can withstand small projectiles and blades. It also absorbs shockwaves from punches, kicks, and falls. They are trained in hand to hand combat, swords, shields, and bows. Few have fire arms.[/color][/font][/center] [center][b][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]Lion's Den[/color][/font][/b][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][color=#282828]The Lions Den is an unofficial gang per say, Francis has met up with different members during his travels from time to time. All hunters or warriors who live by a honorable code of assisting travelers, working together and staying alive in a group. The gang is full of men and women who come from all over, different cities and those who are drifters for their own purposes. Every member is marked with a certain insignia to show others they are a part of the group, allies of the world who document new areas to hunt and explore and share the news with one another. Francis has refused the branding for now, but is well know in the society already for his mapping of new areas and alternate routes through dangerous terrain. [/color][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][u][size=6]Cardinals[/size][/u][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b]Nightmares[/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif]Nightmares are former humans who have been mutated into monstrous figures both bestial and humanoid in shape, also. These were people whose ambitions and desires were little more than the pursuance of sin. Many people consider them to have been deemed "unworthy to exist within the new world, and have been kept alive only so that they might suffer in seeing what has been denied them." The shape and abilities of the creatures varies from Nightmare to Nightmare, but they can easily be grouped into seven categories, based off of the seven cardinal sins, and their features always reflect whichever sin they belong to. Information about the Nightmares is scarce; all that is currently known is that they will endlessly pursue the means to indulge in their respective sin, they hate humans and Revelations alike, and they appear to lack any higher brain functions.[/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif][b]Revelations[/b][/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif]Revelations are former humans who, like their Nightmare brethren, have been mutated from their original forms. During their human lives they eschewed personal desires and ambitions for the sake of mindlessly spreading the virtues across the Earth. Due to their lack of egos, these humans "have become anthropomorphic embodiments of the virtues they espoused, unable to find their own path within the new world." Like the Nightmares, they are grouped into seven categories based off of the seven cardinal virtues, and possess abilities which allow them project that virtue into the world around them. Unlike the Nightmares, however, the Revelations are known to possess a certain degree of intelligence and judgement. They are not as antagonistic to humans as Nightmares are, only attacking a human if they witness them performing some form of sin. Otherwise Revelations will ignore humans in favor of pursuing and destroying their Nightmare antithesis (ie Humility Revelations hunt down Pride Nightmares), and their have even been records of Revelations working alongside humans if they witness one perform a virtuous, kind act. However, they are fickle and their sense of morality is very black and white--even having witnessed someone perform many selfless deeds, with so much as one questionable act a Revelation would turn on its former ally.[/font][/center] [center][font=georgia,serif]+++++[/font][/center] [left][font=georgia,serif]Just a little extra information: [b]a)[/b] in case you don't feel like being involved with a certain city or gang, and would rather be a drifter or freelance merc, that's totally acceptable--most cities have bounty boards where mercs can pick up jobs (communicate with whomever the city belongs with to see if they have any jobs for you) and many people also exist simply as Hunters/Guardians, people who prevent the Cardinals from getting into cities. [b]b)[/b] The appearance of the Cardinals is really up to the writer, but each of them has something that indicates what vice they're based off of--i.e. Gluttony Nightmares have large mouths and sharp fangs, Humility Revelations are always slouched over, symbolizing their lack of pride, etc... [/font][/left] [left][font=georgia,serif]Alright, if there's anything I haven't made clear, which I'm sure there is, haha, or any questions you have at all, now's the time to ask 'em![/font][/left]
  22. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080]Alright, I completely forgot about this. ^^; but here it is, if you have any questions or suggestions you can put them up here. Also I'll be putting up our next targets here after every mission. Since we're done with the Woman in White, I'll give you all a heads up that we are headed to the deep mountains of WV. Were we will be investigating random bear attacks on hikers and campers, only problem is WV really has no bears. We will be facing a Wendigo in this mission. For those of you who do not know what that is. Here is a link where you can read about it. [/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][url="http://www.prairieghosts.com/wendigo.html"][color=#000080]http://www.prairieghosts.com/wendigo.html[/color][/url][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#000080]We will be going with the Native American version, of the best coming into existence through the means of cannibalism, only difference between that version and ours is, the Wendigo we will be facing only comes out once every few years to hunt, than goes back into hibernation. So our next mission is to find it and kill it before it goes back into hibernation.[/color][/font]
  23. [b]The Crusade: [/b] 200 years ago there were no Wingers living in the Island Nations. They were native to the nameless lands until they stormed the islands led by Wynn the Silver who flew on white wings, a rarity amongst her kind. She was a true mad woman though claiming that she was chosen through divine rule by the White Lady and given the light of ruin. She strong armed her people by using her powers to whip them into a frenzy, leading them to war against the Alseid in a stunning display of destruction. Many of the ruins of the Island Nations date back to this period, there had been many grand cities and temples that had been destroyed at this point. The crusade lasted a month before Wynn was slain in battle. The location of this battle has been lost to time and the reason for her death is unknown. What is known is that the Wingers took up a home on the island of Easthaven, the people of the Island Nations had understood that Wynn had been responsible for the war and that these wounds would be healed through time. [b]The Elves[/b] The Elves are an ancient race that call the Isle of Dreams home. Throughout the year it is shrouded in a thick mist, preventing passage to and from the island. They do not possess a traditional town, it winds throughout the mountains of the island as well as being located in the forest at the base of the mountain. The elders of their race are well known for being xenophobic and hateful, considering the other races to be below their notice through how shortlived they consider any other sentient race. This has earned a certain resentment of the elven people as they are rarely accepted in towns. [b]The Wingers[/b] Native to the Nameless Lands and since having migrated to Easthaven, they're a stubborn and strong people. Normally born with bat wings, it is rare for a Winger to be born with bird wings of various colours which are considered to be indicative of a potentially great winger. There is only ever known to be one white winged Winger in history and that was Wynn the Silver, who was said to have been chosen by the White Lady as her champion. And we know how that worked out. [b]The Beastkin[/b] A human animal hybrids that once called the Isle of Dreams home. The constant skirmishes between them and the Elves began to anger the Beastkin who left the island to spread throughout the islands. The most common variation of Beastkin is either a wolf or a feline breed and their common personalities are just as varied as their appearance. -------------------------- If you want to ask about anything about the setting or history then feel free to use this thread.
  24. [color=#b0000b][size=1]If you had your druthers, what would your ultimate RPG be? What's the setting? What's the tone? What number of players, for you, would be perfect? I'm not asking for your general preferences, here. I don't want to hear "anywhere from four to seven players, depending on who they are." I don't care if you're interested in "anything with a good story." I don't want a summary of your RPG history. This isn't about what you'll [i]settle[/i] for. This is about you?dreaming, designing, and describing your [i]perfect[/i] RPG. Think about it?what's your the genre of your ideal game? Fantasy? Noir? Steampunk? Science Fiction? Normal fiction? Mafia? Horror? Mystery? Comedy? Post-apocalyptic? Dystopian? Parody? What's the setting? Another planet? Ships in space? Feudal Japan? Feudal Europe? The Digital World? Meteo City? Island, labyrinth, haunted house, carnival, boarding school, the year 3100? Who are the characters? Humans? Monsters? Mutants? Cyborgs? Animals? Anthros? Werewolves, vampires, zombies, pirates, smugglers, Egyptians, aliens, angels, demons, thieves, soldiers, assassins, a motley crew of travelers? What is the goal? Revenge? Survival? Adventure? Escape? Saving the world? What is the perfect number of people to tell this story? Why? Is it fast-paced? Slow and easy? Chapter system? Is it linear? Are there flashbacks? Parallel stories? Tell me. Be specific. Remember: this is [i]perfection[/i]. There are no grey areas.[/color][/size]
  25. [center][img]http://i1114.photobucket.com/albums/k528/PhilBoothman/gallery_447_1.jpg[/img][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif][i]Your past holds the secret to our future...[/i][/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]In the year 3082, the nation of [b]Argyll[/b] was a prosperous, peaceful land populated by happy citizens and ruled by a benevolent monarchy. Clean, renewable energy powers the nation, disease and pestilence had been eliminated by advances in medical science, and poverty was almost non-existent.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]In short, people were happy.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]But come the dawn of the 32nd Century, things began to change. People started getting abducted from the streets and their homes, disappearing without a trace; [b]the Citadel[/b], an enormous and supposedly-abandoned building in the centre of [b]Argyll City[/b] becomes a hive of mysterious activity; and highly advanced new weapons began appearing on the streets with terrifying destructive power.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]Within a few short years, the world had become a far darker place.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]Finally, in the year 3109, the cause of this change made itself known. A race known only as the [b]Beholders[/b] revealed themselves to have infiltrated every single aspect of human society over the past three millennia, acting as passive, peaceful observers. But after so long spent merely watching the human race, the Beholders finally decided that they deserved more.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]They began to take control, and before long they had deposed the monarchy and established their own totalitarian government, ruling over humanity with an iron fist. As the human resistance soon discovered, the Beholders were beings of great power, unmatched by any normal human strength, and for every one Beholder killed, forty humans were killed. It was not long before the resistance faded, and only a select few still championed the cause.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]But there is still hope. There was an [b]organisation[/b], known by many names throughout history but now forgotten, dedicated to fighting the influence of the Beholders: a war in the shadows, neither side making themselves known to the wider world. By the end of the 30th Century, this organisation was all but wiped out by the Beholders. But a handful of descendants of the organisationâ??s members survive to this day, the ability to fight the Beholders laying dormant in their DNA.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]Until now.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]A mysterious man, known only as [b]Washington[/b], has spent his life attempting to find these individuals, and now his research is finally coming to fruition. He has worked long and hard, and he finally believes he has found them, scattered across Argyll but brought together to face their spiritual and biological destiny.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]They are humanityâ??s only hope.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]---[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]Welcome to an epic, ambitious and as-yet untitled new RP (suggestions on the title would be helpful, Iâ??m pretty much drawing a blank). The above description gives some detail as to the world in which we will be playing, but itâ??s not quite as simple as that. This RP will span millennia, and the lives of dozens of characters throughout that time, in the quest to rid the land of Argyll from the tyranny of the Beholders.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]The initial setting will be the present-day (the year 3115) Argyll, and in terms of tone weâ??re looking at a distinctly neo-noir quality to proceedings: grimy surroundings, heavy rain, darkness and neon, all adding to the oppressive, dystopian nature of the Beholdersâ?? rule. Iâ??ll get into more detail as I see interest, but this is a general idea of the kind of thing weâ??ll be looking at.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]As you may well have guessed, our characters will be the descendants of members of the organisation dedicated to fighting the Beholders. However, every player will also be writing for four other characters, namely the ancestors of their â??coreâ?? characters, as we traverse the ages: the mechanics of this will be revealed in the beginning of the RP proper, but the basic information youâ??ll need is that for every new chapter, or â??Eraâ?? of the story, you will be required to create a bespoke character for that particular time period, with some similarities to your core character but also a number of differences. Ideally, Iâ??d hope that every character we create gets a roughly equal amount of play-time, with the core characters probably getting slightly more than the ancestors.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]As for the different Eras, the style of them is up for discussion amongst those involved. Due to the fact that Argyll, the world in which this RP is set, can be considered a â??parallelâ?? universe to our own, we can play around with the history of the world: for example, the early Era could be a skewed version of the Roman Empire, while for the late 19th-early 20th Centuries we could even fit in some steampunk as an altered version of Victorian times.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]In terms of plot, I have an idea of the basic structure as well as some gnarly plot twists to throw in at various points throughout the narrative, and Iâ??m interested in maintaining a fairly high level of mystery and uncertainty to the plot. Essentially, while defeating the Beholders is the main plot, the characters discovering what is really going on, and what exactly Washington is up to will be a secondary, but similarly important plot strand.[/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]Itâ??s likely to take a fair amount of work from everyone involved to build both numerous characters and numerous worlds, but I believe if we invest a little time and effort into this RP, it could be really rewarding. If and when this RP comes to fruition, bear in mind that I am more likely to take people on board who have offered assistance in character- and world-building, so at the very least give it a shot![/font][/size][/center] [center][size=4][font=georgia,serif]You can use this thread to register interest, give feedback and raise any enquiries you may have about the RP. Iâ??m looking forward to hearing your input![/font][/size][/center]
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