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    The fanfic version of this story is now up, and can be found [url=]here[/url]. A note: I will be using Eva in the fanfic. Sakura gave her permission for me to do so (although I'm really just taking the same starting point; my version of Eva will no end up substantially different from Sakura's).
  2. RPG

    The sweep was uneventful until Kiera and Dusa came back around the front to finish the sweep. As the main entrance came into view, they saw someone walking out of the building. "That's not one of ours," Kiera said. "Don't' attack, but be ready just in case." She released Espeon, and Dusa released an Umbreon. As they closed in on the unknown woman, Kiera saw that she had a Glaceon out. [i]Well, there's a funny little coincidence.[/i] "Who are you?" the girl asked as Kiera and Dusa came to a stop in front of her. "We could ask you the same thing," Kiera said. The girl thought for a moment before replying. "My name is Evangeline Drake." [i]Hmm... I've heard that name before. Wait.[/i] "Eva? PokeTalk 92.9?" She supposed that she usually wouldn't have known the name, but she'd been in Goldenrod for a couple weeks now, and had heard Eva on the radio several times. "That's right," Eva said. "And you are?" "I'm Kiera, and this is Dusa." "What are you doing here?" Eva asked "There's several of us hiding out here. We met during the attack, and I ended up leading the group." "Hmm, not just this city either. When the pokémon attacked us I was reading out a headline about Vermillion City in Kanto being hit by a similar strike." [i]And not just Vermillion, either,[/i] Kiera thought. "Well," she said as she and Dusa recalled their Pokemon, "I think you can be trusted, especially since you were caught in the attack, too." "Well I'm glad you think so," Eva said as Glaceon returned to her side. "If you're joining the group, then I'd appreciate it if you would tell me your Pokemon team. Aside from the obvious, of course." "Glaceon, clearly," Eva said, "Blaziken, Mightyena, Donphan, and Ampharos." [i]Odd.[/i] "Only five? Not a full team?" "....Yeah, guess not..." Eva replied hesitantly, placing her hand on the Pokeball hanging from her necklace. [i]Not that simple, then,[/i] Kiera thought. [i]Did her sixth die? Maybe not; she doesn't look like she's thinking about a loss. Could be wrong, though. Well, I'll have to ask her about it. In private, I think.[/i] "Come on," she said, "let's go meet up with the rest of the group." The three of them, plus Glaceon, stepped inside. "Kiera!" Kiera turned towards the voice to see Daniel and Terrence approaching. "Who's this?" Daniel asked, indicating Eva. "This is Eva," Kiera said. "Eva, this is Daniel and Terrence, two others from the group. Did you two find anything?" "No," Terrence said. "Well, nothing you haven't found. We thought we had something, but lost it as it moved this way." "Yeah, that was me," Eva said. "As I thought." "Well, this works well," Kiera said. "Dusa, you go with Daniel and Terrence. Finish the sweep, then return to the group. I'm going to take Eva on a supply run." "All right," Dusa said. She headed off with the pair. Kiera took her bag off-[i]And I should make sure to tell people to keep their packs with them[/i]-and opened it up. She reached in and pulled out another bag, an empty one. "Wait," Eva said, "you keep a spare bag in your bag?" "Yeah," Kiera replied. "What if my bag fails? I don't want to be in the wilderness and end up having to leave almost all of my supplies behind. And it's easy to fit an empty bag through into this one. Although it needs to stay off, of course, since stacked compression can have... interesting results." Which was why most bags made a lot of noise if anything with active compression, such as an occupied Pokeball, came near an open pouch. "Anyways, here. We're set up in the outdoor department, so I'll get another spare when we get back there. Anyways, come on." ------------------------------------ "Okay," Kiera said as Eva loaded food into her bag, "if you're going to stay with our group, then you need to know the rules. If you don't follow them, you're out of the group. First of all, I'm in charge. I didn't ask for that position, but when we all ran into each other, I was the only one who'd managed to stay calm enough to think clearly, so I ended up in charge. If you have thoughts on something I say, feel free to say so, but in the end, I'll expect you to go with whatever I end up deciding. Especially if we're actively in danger; I can't have anyone second-guessing me when we're in the middle of a fight." "All right," Eva said. "What else?" "The only other set rule I've made so far is that nobody goes anywhere alone. I don't care what you're doing; have at least one other human with you-and within sight-at all times. Yes, even if you're using the bathroom. I've already had one person slip away to do that in private," she explained after a questioning look. "Privacy takes a backseat to safety." "Makes sense. Anything else I need to know?" "Keep an eye out for symbols like that one by the entrance, or the one we'll see when we reach the pharmacy section. I think they may be related to whatever's going on." "All right. Is that all?" "Pretty much," Kiera said, "although I do have something to ask you." "What is it?" Eva replied, but Kiera could tell that she knew what was coming. [i]She was ready for me to press this. Definitely a sign that she's hiding something.[/i] "I''m fairly certain you've figured out what this is about," Kiera said. "You only named five pokemon when I asked for your team earlier." "I only have a team of five." "And yet you've got a sixth Pokeball on a necklace." 'It's... it means something to me." [i]Let's see about that.[/i] "Did your sixth die?" Eva's surprise at that qoestion briefly showed on her face, but she quickly hid it, although not quickly enough to keep Kiera from seeing it. "Um-" [i]As expected[/i] "No need to answer," Kiera said. "It never occurred to you that someone might think that, did it? I can tell you weren't expecting the question. You do have a sixth, don't you? You just don't want to say what it is." "I-" "If you want it kept secret, I won't tell anyone." "And yet you're asking me to tell you." "The difference," Kiera said, "is that I'm in charge of this group. Nobody else needs to know, but I won't accept having something like that kept from me. So out with it. What is your sixth Pokemon?" "I'm not going to tell you." "Then you're not going to come with us. It's your choice. I don't want to be a ***** here, but I need the group to do what I say. If you have objections, then by all means, voice them, but in the end, I can't have people going against me, not if we're going to get out of this alive. So I'll ask again: what is your sixth Pokemon?" "I don't want people to know I have it," Eva said after a pause. "Then I won't say anything." There was another pause. "All right," Eva said eventually. "My sixth is a Latias." [i]Latias? How the hell did she pull that off?[/i] "Well. All right, then. Thank you for telling me. And don't worry; I won't say a thing about it. And again, sorry about the rigid ***** routine. I don't like having to be like that, but, well..." "It's all right," Eva said. "Okay, then. Now that that's over with, let's get this supply run over with, shall we?"
  3. RPG

    Kiera got to her feet as Dusa's group returned. "Any problems?" "No," Dusa said, "although I did hear a noise as we were finishing up." That got Kiera's attention. "Where?" "Pharmacy area. We were getting basic first-aid supplies." "Okay," Kiera said. "Let's see here... okay, Daniel and Terrence, you're with us." Daniel was another trainer, but Terrence was not. That didn't mean he didn't have any experiance with Pokemon battles, though; he may not have been an actual trainer, and may have had only the one Pokemon, but his Metagross was pretty tough, at least according to him. Kiera would've preferred to take another trainer, but she didn't want to leave the main group with too few, and Terrence would most likely suffice. "Dusa," she said, "take us to where you heard it." "And now you're freaking out because of some noise," Kathrine remarked. "What is the deal with all this paranoia?" "It keeps us alive," Kiera said. "If you don't like it, you can leave. Brandon, keep an eye on her, will you?" Brandon nodded, and Kiera turned back to Dusa and the other two. "Okay, Dusa, let's go." **************** "You know," Daniel said as Dusa lead the group over to where she'd heard the noise, "she may actually be at least somewhat close to having a point. I understand checking on a noise, but don't you think four of us is overkill? It's probably just a random wild Pokemon, anyways." "Not here it's not," Kiera said. "These Pokemon are not wild. You need to accept that right now. I have no doubt that there are still wild Pokemon, but the ones in this city are not among them. I know it may look like they've gone completely irrational and savage, but they haven't. This was planed, and judging by the fact that other cities were also attacked, coordinated. These Pokemon are most certainly not 'wild'." "Still, is checking out a noise with four people really necessary?" "I doubt it, but I'd rather be overprepared than underprepared. Although the main reason at the moment is that this way we have enough people to split up if we need to and still be in pairs." "We're here," Dusa said. "All right, then," Kiera said. "Let's sweep the area. And be careful. I'd expect that whatever made the noise is no longer here, but there's no garuntee of that. All right, let's get to work." Kiera led the group carefully through the isles. There wasn't any sign of anything at first, but then Kiera saw something that caught her attention. "What the hell is that?" Kiera led the group over to the wall and examined the odd design on it. "Any of you seen anything like this before? Daniel?" "No." "Dusa? "Um, no." "Terrence?" "Not something I've seen before." "And it wasn't here when we got here," Kiera said. "How do you know?" Dusa asked. "Because we did a full sweep of the place when we arrived," Kiera explained. "It was before you got here." "And you're sure it wasn't here then?" Kiera nodded. "I'm sure. Which means it was put here since then. Odds are that the noise you heard came from the one who made this mark." "So what, you think another person came in here and did this? Another human?" "No," Kiera said. "Not a human. Daniel, Terrence, get back to the campsite. Let them know there may be at least one unknown Pokemon in the building, and tell them to be on guard. Then do a sweep of the building. You two should be fine, but if you're not confident, take... Cain and Alicia with you. And don't just look for Pokemon. I want to know if there are any more symbols like this." "Do you think it means something?" Dusa asked. "Yes, I do. Why bother to put it here if it doesn't? And since it's most likely a Pokemon that did it, I think it's fair to say that it may very well have some connection to all of this. All right then. Dusa, you and I are going to do a sweep around the outside of the building. There may be more marks outside, and if there are, I want to know." ****************** "I don't know about this," Dusa said as she and Kiera headed for the entrance. "Are you sure it's safe?" "I don't think there's anywhere safe in this city any more, but you're right that it's more dangerous that the inside sweep. That's why it's the two of us going outside." "Are you sure that's a good idea? I'm not really very experienced; I've only been a trainer for a short time." "I could tell that when I asked for everyone's teams," Kiera said. "Yours definitely indicates you're a fairly new trainer. But I think you'll do just fine. In addition, you made it here by yourself, and that tells me you can stay calm and rational even when the **** really hits the fan hard. Which is very important. I don't think any of the others could do that; some were mild, but they were all panicking to at least a minor extent when I found them. Which is understandable, given the situation, but it's still a hinderance. In fact, we should probably keep one of us with the main group at all times. i'll have to remember that in the future." "Wait, are you saying I'm like a second-in-command or something?" "Not really. You're just my backup. If need be, you can lead the group in my place. I'll tell you what to do, though; you'll just have to do it. I can't be in two places at once, so it may be necessary." "I don't know." "Well, think about it, then. As for now," she said as the two of them reached the entrance, "we've got some work to do." The two of them walked outside, and Kiera quickly noticed another symbol on the outside wall by the door. "So there is more than one. And this one wasn't here when we arrived, either. Dusa, was this there when you came in?" "Um, no." "So it's new, too, then. But what the hell does it mean?" She pause briefly, then continued. "Well, come on. We've got a job to do." ------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Sakura, if you want Eva to meet up with Kiera, here's a good opportunity to do so.
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    Right now, they're just doing supply runs, although there will likely be other tasks in the future.
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    Chibi: That's fine. Humaru: There's no need to wait until everyone else has posted.
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    Feel free to describe them on your own. I deliberately left that open.
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    A note: Sakura has been given permission to have a Latias.
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    All right, the RP's up.
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    And it's up. Again, I'm leaving sigh-ups open for ow, so if you still want to sign up, go ahead. Note: Lawliet has recieved my permission to have a Phione.
  10. RPG

    "We definitely want several of these," Kiera said. What are they?" Kathrene asked. The two women and two others, Brandon and Seth, had just taken packs off the shelves, and were going around the store packing supplies and equipment. They didn't have anywhere to run to yet, but Kiera wanted to be ready in case they had to make a quick escape. Others had already packed their own bags; groups of thre or four were splitting off one at a time. There was generally one person in each group who took charge of packing for everyone. Kiera made sure that each group had at least one person with outdoor experiance; fortunately, there were enough trainers that this wasn't difficult. Kiera's groups had just started; they were still in the outdoor department, which was where they'd set up what everyone had taken to calling 'the campsite'. "These are chemical analyzers," Kiera told Kathrine. "And we need something like that why?" "Because if we're out in the wilderness, we may need to know what is and isn't safe. What if we need water? Maybe we find some, but we don't know if it's safe. So you just take one of these and fill up the little container here, then turn it on, and it'll tell you. Same goes for food. You wouldn't want to eat something poisonous. That's what this end is for. Stick it in the fruit or whatever it is, and you'll know if it's safe to eat." "Don't we have enough food and water already?" "Probably," Kiera said, "but I don't want to take chances. If we have to leave, who knows when we'll be able to stock up next?" "I don't want to leave," Kathrine said. "As soon as this settles down, I'm going home." Kiera sighed. [i]You're going to be a problem, aren't you?[/i] "Well, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon," she said, "but that's something we can talk about later. Here, take one." Kathrine did so, and the group continued through the store. [i]It's only been a few hours since we got here,[/i] Kiera thought, [i]and we may already be having a problem. Damn.[/i] *********** It was Seth who noticed first. "Hey, where's Kathrine?" [i]Oh, ****.[/i] "Okay, not good," Kiera said. "Damn. All right, what happened? Not an attack; we'd have noticed. "Did she get left behind?" "I doubt it. We've been careful about that." "Obviously not careful enough. Damn, we must have lost her while moving." "Not likely," Kiera said. "I admit that I haven't been paying much attention to any one of you. but I have been paying attention to the group as a whole. It can't have happened too long ago; she's probably just been gone for a minute or so." "But where is she?" Brandon finally spoke up. "I think she's using the bathroom." "She was saying she needed to go," Seth noted. "And we said we'd do a bathroom stop while in the grocery department, since they're located just off from it." Kiera said. "And that's where we are now." "But that doesn't explain why she's missing, does it?" "It does," Kiera said. "Damn it, I knew she'd cause trouble. She snuck away because she wanted her damn privacy. You heard her protest my insistance on staying in at least pairs. I told her we'd make a bathroom stop, but the idiot kept saying she didn't want someone else in there with her. And she knew I'd never change my mind, so she snuck away. Damn it! All right, come on. We need to go retrieve her." ********* The three of them came to a halt in front of the bathrooms. "Okay," Kiera said, "I think this stupid lady needs a lesson." "Um, what are you planning to do?" Seth asked. "Scare the **** out of her." Kiera grabbed one of her pokeballs, releasing Arcanine. "Okay, Arcanine, we've got a lady inside there who needs a lesson. Run in and make like you're attacking her. you'll need to make it look real, but don't hurt her. I want you to chase her out to us. got it?" Arcanine nodded. "Good. Okay, then. Go!" Arcanine charged into the ladies' room. A few seconds later, there was a loud scream, which was followed by other loud noises and then Kathrine running out of the restroom, terrified, with Arcanine right behind her. Kathrine ran straight into Brandon, sending both of them to the ground. Kathrine lept back to her feet and spun around to face Arcanine. Arcanine, however, wasn't paying attention to her anymore. He'd gone back over to Kiera. "Good job," Kiera said as the returned Arcanine to its ball. She went over to Brandon and helped him to his feet, then turned to face a now very angry Kathrine. "Okay, Kathrine, just what the hell were you thinking?" "What was [i]I[/i] thinking?" Kathrine yelled back. "What were [i]you[/i] thinking? Were you trying to kill me?" "If you had died, it would've been your own fault. You're the one who snuck away from us." "I had to use the bathroom!" "And I told you we'd do a bathroom stop." "And you also told me you wouldn't give me privacy! What did you expect me to do?" "I expected you to put up with it," Kiera said. "Absolutely not!" [i]Okay, I've had enough of this *****.[/i] "Okay, want to know why I did that? Because if that had been an enemy Pokemon, you'd have been dead. Beacuse I felt that you needed the **** scared out of you. Because you clearly do not understand the situation you're in." "Just because you're scared of some wild Pokeomn doesn't mean I am." "They are not wild," Kiera said. "They're clearly organized, and based on the fragments coming in before the power went down, other cities have been attacked, as well. They're not just cooperating, they're coordinating. Are there still 'wild' Pokemon? Undoubtedly. There's no way every Pokemon out there is participating in this. There are most certainly still substantial numbers of wild Pokemon. But the ones in this city aren't among them. they've got organization, and they seem to have an objective as well: killing humans. get that through your head: if they find you, they will move to kill you. As I said, if that had been an enemy Pokemon instead of one of mine, you'd be dead." "And you think that means you can order everyone around? What the hell gives you the right to tell us what to do?" "If we hadn't listened to her, we'd probably be dead," Brandon said. "You were just as panicked as the rest of us. Kiera's in charge because she's the only one who kept her head straight throughout all this ****. Because she's prooven she can stay calm when the **** hits the fan. I'm sure she doesn't want the responsibility of being our group's 'leader', but she's the only one who's prooven she can handle it. That's why." "Here's how it's going to be, Kathrine," Kiera said. "If you want to stay with the group, fine. But if you're with the group, you have to follow the rules. if you can't do that, you're not coming with us." "So now you're going to abandon me?" "That one's up to you. If we do leave you on your own, it will be of your own choosing. So, are you going to follow the rules?" there was a silence. "Fine," Kathrine said eventually. "Good. Then come on, let's get back to work." And they did. And although Kathrine was clearly still angry, she didn't cause any more trouble, and before long, the four of them had finished and returned to the campsite. "We're back," Kiera said. "Dusa, you take your group next." "Sure," Dusa said. [i]I think she's a good one to have around,[/i] Kiera thought as Dusa and three others walked off. [i]She certainly seems to have kept her cool better than any of the others. And that's good.[/i] Kiera looked around at the others, then sat down. [i]A lot of them think we're done running, don't they? They think we can stay here. But no. This is only temporary. We'll have to leave eventually. The only question is where to go. We don't know how many cities in total have been hit, or which ones. We could easily walk into a situation just as bad as this. Damn it, how the hell are we going to survive this?[/i] ----------------------------------------------------- Well, here we go.
  11. Sign Up

    Okay, looking good, everyone. I'd say everyone's in so far (although Lilt, please remove the teleportation part; see the Backstage thread for more information). The RP will probably be going up sometime in the next couple days, but sign-ups will remain open for the time being.
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    [quote name='Sakura' date='11 July 2010 - 07:21 AM' timestamp='1278858109' post='697107'] [size="2"][color="#800080"]Takuya, long time no see. Thinking of trying to get back into the swing of OB and saw your thread so I thought I'd check it out. I'm kinda out of the Pokemon swing so I don't really know the different cities and stuff past the first gen. games and some of the second gen. Any help on that would probably be good, or anywhere you would prefer me to start? Will probably try to come up with a scenario sign up, which might take me at least a day. When are you thinking of starting the RP? Alright, will check back and start working on my basics.[/color][/size] [/quote] Well, holy ****, someone I know from before I changed my username. For the information you wantd, I'd recommend Some people seem to prefer Bulbapedia for Pokemon information, but I've never used that site, so I can't say anything about how useful it is. The RP's probably starting in a day or two, but don't feel like you need to rush; you can post your sign-up whenever. I'm not going to close sign-ups (introducing new characters would be fairly easy in something like this), so there's no hurry. Humaru: I don't know that I'll be using that, but thanks for it anyways. A note: Lilt, your sign-up post included Dusa's Abra teleporting her (and please remove that), reminding me that I forgot to mention teleportation and other psychic abilities in my notes, so here goes: Teleportation is not possible. Mind reading is also not possible, although telepathic communication is, to a limited extent. Humans do not have such abailities, however; only Pokemon with psychic abilities can do it. Also, just because a Pokemon has psychic abilities doesn't mean it knows how to communicate telepathically. Pokemon in the wild are less likely to be able to communicate telepathically; those who've been around humans for a substantial time, such as those captured by trainers, are the ones that usually develop the ability. In addition, the Pokemon must know the location of the person it's communicating with, which effectively limits the range to line-of-sight (which is why wild Pokemon generally don't bother learning to do it; at that range, they can communicate normally, and they can already understand each other. In most circumstances, it's really only useful for communicating with humans.).
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    Please do.
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    [quote name='Lilt' date='03 July 2010 - 01:34 AM' timestamp='1278146070' post='696423'] [b]Okay, Guy. Well, I chose my team. Just let me know if I will even survive with a team this low at all and I will finish up my sign up. How will we handle Pokémon evolutions by the way? Maybe evolution items like moon stones and leaf stones, etc will be valuable now?[/b] [/quote] There probably won't be many cases of evolution, although I suppose your character's more likely to have evolving Pokemon than the others. As for evolution catalysts, those have always been pretty rare and valuable, and that's not likely to change. Although most of them are still found, not purchaced, so having your character discover one or maybe more shouldn't be a problem. As for your team, yours obviously isn't going to be as effective as a team like, say, Kiera's, but it's certainly an acceptable team for you to have.
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    Yes, the RP covers all regions (although let's stay away from Black/White's new region). As for everyone meeting, I'm not sure what's going to happen. I don't think it's completely necessary for everyone to end up as a group, but it could happen. I plan to see how things are unfolding before deciding on any specific direction to take this in. Feel free to message me with any ideas, though.