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  1. â??Captain Ayasegawaâ??s team has already left then?â? Saburou asked.   â??Yes, he and the Lieutenant from squads 2 through 12 have been dispatched to handle then spirit generators.â? The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 looked down from the balcony to the trial stage where Rukia Kuchikiâ??s examination was taking place. â??I am keeping Rangiku here to help manage the workload from the squads who are now lacking their second in commands and Rukia was spared because we need to get this vacant captainâ??s seat filled as soon as possible.â?   â??A shame you didnâ??t ask me to g
  2. Everything looks good. The first post will be up in a few hours.
  3. Sorry I'm two days later than I thought that. Vacation was unexpectedly draining. The RP will be started very very soon.
  4. Name: Saburou â??Sabuâ? Sugawara    Gender: Male    Age: 480    Position: Captain of Squad 8    Appearance: Saburou stands an unremarkable 5â??11â??â?? and weights 160 lbs. of lean muscle. He carries himself with a confidence that confuses most low born into thinking he is nobility and causes nobility to think he is too full of himself. He has tan skin and an attractive face with chocolate brown eyes. Dark brown hair, almost black, tumbles shortly past his shoulders in lose curls. He wears a sleeveless shinigami uniform with his haori (also slee
  5. Everything is looking great. I have been slammed at work with inventory nonsense but I will have RP started by Sunday at which point I will probably stop taking applications.
  6. Here is a very very very crude family tree for the Kuchiki family and a brief description of each member on it that I made up... which is most of them. Hopefully this will make the dynamic of the family clearer.   Chinatsu Kuchiki- Currently acting matriarch of the family keen on the idea of making one of her line the next head of the house hold. Very old even by soul reaper standards. She does not like small talk or idiots and is very shrewd. While she is a beacon of pride and tradition she has never liked that the head of their house hold always falls to a man even when a capable woma
  7. I'm so excited that people are actually signing up!
  8. I have been away for so long that I completely forgot that we even did a pokemon gym leader tournament. It was a nice reminder when I first logged back on that I won the whole thing but I think its times for something new but still repping my favorite video game.   My favorite pokemon was Kingdra up until generation 6 and now I am torn between Kingdra and Dragalge. I was thinking something like an avatar with a cute little Horsea and Skrelp playing together and a banner with Kingdra and Dragalge duking it out.  I am pretty easy to please so as long as my two favorite dragons are re
  9. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the Bleach universe. I also made a nice Kuchiki Family Tree (95% fake for the purposes of this RP)and  a more detailed description of humanities technological advances but have somehow managed to lose both so I am in the process of remaking them.
  10.  â??Byakuya Kuchiki is dead, finally succumbed to his illnessâ? said the old woman seated before the Captain Commander.   â??My apologizes Chinatsu, Byakuya was a fierce warrior I always he would assume that he would lose his life on the field of battle, not a sick bed.â?   â??Yes well my nephew had poor constitution. It makes sense that his childâ??s health would fail him at some point.â? The old woman shifted on her pillow â??More importantly Commander Hitsugaya my brotherâ??s line is at an end and our family is in the process of selecting a new leader. I have heard som
  11. I will start working on getting the story posted soon. I hope we get some others in the mean time.
  12. I haven't been here in ages but I had the yearning to try an RP and for some reason Bleach keeps popping in my head. Would anyone else be intrested before I get all obsessed and end up having to write a fanfic?
  13. I seem to only come back to OB when a new pokemon game is out... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to exchange friend codes with me. I'm playing with the Friend Safari and no one I'm friends with seems to have the types or pokemon that I want.  Here's my stuff to get into my Safari   FC: 285269396008 Type: Psychic Pokemon: Abra, Esspur, Gothorita
  14. I have been wondering about the the cardinals. Are they all beastial or would some of them have weapons and armor. Also would cardinals of different vices/virtues ever work together? And do any of them have abilities like the ascended?
  15. [i]29 May 2015[/i] [i]Seacrown Palace, Kingâ??s Private Chambers 1030[/i] [b]â??Good morning motherâ?[/b] the king said swallowing the last of his pastry [b]â??Breakfast?â?[/b] Sabinâ??s breakfast spread was quite impressive. Three different kinds of muffins, oat rolls full of fruits and nuts drizzled in honey, cherries and apples were arranged around a bowl full of cream, and in the center was a layered parfait decorated with blood orange slices and granola. [b]â??No, I ate before my jog this morningâ?[/b] Erin said quite pointedly, sitting in the chair a servant had pulled out for
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