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  1. â??Captain Ayasegawaâ??s team has already left then?â? Saburou asked.   â??Yes, he and the Lieutenant from squads 2 through 12 have been dispatched to handle then spirit generators.â? The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 looked down from the balcony to the trial stage where Rukia Kuchikiâ??s examination was taking place. â??I am keeping Rangiku here to help manage the workload from the squads who are now lacking their second in commands and Rukia was spared because we need to get this vacant captainâ??s seat filled as soon as possible.â?   â??A shame you didnâ??t ask me to go on a raid to the human world. Iâ??d love to take another trip to France. Itâ??s much more tranquilâ? Saburou said.   â??Yes the Sagawara estate has been very busy with the coming and goings of nobles these daysâ?¦ Almost like they are plotting somethingâ? Momo Hinamori was among the captains that were here to witness the examination and ensure that it went off without a hitch.   Chinatsu, Eriko, and Isamo Kuchiki accompanied by a group of guards and servants had also made an appearance this morning to watch Rukia show case her skills before the other captains. Captain Commander Hitsugaya had requested the presence of as many captains at the event as possible. He was worried that something was amiss and wanted as many hands on deck in such an event.   â??Have you been spying on us?â? The captain of squad 8 smirked â??If you have been then you should know that we are always up to something. People come and go from our house all the time.â?   â??One does not need to spy on your family to know that they are planning to use the political turmoil to elevate their positionâ?   Saburou smiled at captain Hinamori â??We are a greedy buchâ?   Sending Sagawara should have been considered more. He is the one captain most likely to side with Chinatsu but if he is out in the field he wonâ??t have any hand in the fall out of promoting. I thought keeping him close and under surveillance would be enough but no one in his family has been caught meeting with anyone from any of the parties involved. Which in itself is strange, since the rest of the captains did. Hitsugaya looked over to Saburou â??Yumichikia was sent because his Shikai can render the spirit based weapons the humans have useless without killing the soldiers using them. The goal of his mission is to restore balance, not level the city.â?   â??Plus he has been moody ever since Ikkaku died. He has always been much more skilled than he let on but since Arashi took over Squad 11 and Ikkaku pasted he has really been on point. I was surprised he even asked for the recommendation to become captainâ?¦ I always thought he was going to stay in Squad 11.â? Hisagi said. It was pretty public knowledge that during Ichigoâ??s invasion Yumichika was able to defeat him even though he was only a 5th seat at the time and Hisagi was a lieutenant. â??Best to give him something to do instead of  watching him try to redecorate the entire Sereitei.â?   A sudden drop in temperature ended the conversation.   â??Bankai, Hakka no Togameâ? Rukiaâ??s release command reached up to the balcony the captains sat seconds before the white mist blasted through the entire area. As the mist cleared the demonstration mannequins began to crumble. The sound shattering of ice filled the air. â??Another Ice type, how originalâ? Saburou chimed. People seemed to be revealing their bankai in his presence a lot lately. Fumitaka had just told him the night before that the Shihoin family had found a secret stash of old technologies developed by Kisuke Urahara, one of which helped Fumitaka achieve his bankai in only a few days.   â??They are completely different abilities, the Comanderâ??s Hyorinmaru creates and shapes massive amounts of ice. Rukiaâ??s lowers the temperature of herself and the surroundings.â? Hinamori countered.   â??True, and Rukiaâ??s power makers her almost immune to restraint or physical damage that doesnâ??t completely shatter her body. Iâ??ve seen her refreeze an arm that had been blasted off her torsoâ?¦ Granted it took a lot of work to properly attach it after the fightâ? Renji who had been excited for Rukia to join him as a captain announced proudly â??Hyorinmaru might make enough ice to cover the whole Sereitei but Rukiaâ??s power is the coldest to ever exist.â? Renji smacked the back of Saburouâ??s head. â??Idiotâ? â??Awww donâ??t do that!â? said a frowning Saburou.   â??Itâ??s beautiful!â? echoed throughout the arena. Isamo Kuchiki had never seen a Bankai release before and Rukiaâ??s was regarded as the most beautiful of all.   â??I have seen enough Lieutenant Kuchiki. Please give me a few days to consider.â? Rukia bowed her head. Hitsugaya got to his feet â??Watch out for her until she is safeâ? Then he flash stepped away.   â??Until sheâ??s safe? She lives in the same house as these people. You think she wonâ??t be safe her bankai is activated? We all know she is more than qualified to fill the position. He speaks of urgency to fill the position but then wonâ??t grant it to herâ? Saborou questions. He glanced at the Kuchiki family who had also gotten to their feet and were making their way towards the exit.   â??What Shiro meant was, donâ??t let them try to challenge Rukia to a fight right now. I guess the commander was too subtle for you to follow huh?â? The captain of the 5th squad said. Saburou frowned â??Rukiaâ??s bankai is hard to use and after the initial temperature drop she is canâ??t keep it activated for too long. Also the thawing process is time consuming and takes a lot of concentration. She canâ??t fight while doing it. Also even after she is thawed back to normal she canâ??t use her abilities again for a while for fear of damaging her body.â?   â??Yeah, we have all seen her in battle before. We know this stuffâ? Renji said. He looked just as confused as Saburou.   â??One of the ways to become a captain is to kill the current captain in front of witnesses from the squad. If Shiro had named her captain now itâ??s likely Eriko would have followed her back to the Squad 6 barracks and challenged her for her captainship. Rukia wouldnâ??t be able to use her full strength in battle having just displayed it for us now. Eriko is a Kido master- it would have been a one sided fight with Rukia unable to use her Zanpakuto.â?   â??But the captain commander didnâ??t say whether or not she got the position. He will probably wait to announce it until Rukiaâ??s back to full force.â? Hisagi pitched in. Renji and Saburou looked at each other with blank expressions. â??Right and delaying keeps Chinatsu in check because she doesnâ??t know whether or not she is now the captain. Any plan that she has incase Rukia does get it will be on hold until they know for sure. Even the Kuchikiâ??s wonâ??t challenge the might of the Gotei 13 without the support of some of the captains and we all turned her down.â? Momo shot a dirty look at Saburou. She continued â??Thatâ??s why he left in a hurry. So he didnâ??t have to speak with her. He probably wonâ??t return to his office for a few days eitherâ?¦ or will be in uninterruptable meetings until he thinks Rukia will be strong enough to deal with whatever Chinatsu throws at her.â?   â??I get itâ? Renji said proudly â??We are staying to guard Rukia until she has finished thawing and gets her power back. Then the Kuchikiâ??s wonâ??t have anyone that can beat herâ?¦ except another captainâ? Now Renji was giving Saburou the dirty look. â?? so WE are ALL going to watch Rukia for a while. Combat or assassination is really the only way Chinatsu can deal with Rukia, her shikai makes poisoning her impossible.â?   â??And Rukia can handle assassins or a direct challengeâ?¦ so we will watch her until sheâ??s thawed and ready to use her bankai again. I got yaâ? Saburou said. It was annoying that the others thought that Chinatsu had gotten to him already when in reality his family was not sure who to back, Chinatsu, Rukia, or Fumitaka. Every prevalent family in the Seireitei were trying to hedge their bets on which one of the three contenders would actually get run of the family and its resources when everything was all said and done.  I suppose it makes sense that they all suspect me as the one captain out of 12 that would go against the Comanderâ??s wishes to promote Rukia. I probably would fight her if it meant my familyâ??s future was secured.  He looked own at Rukia, Renji and Hisagi were now by her side congratulating her.  â??So Captain Hinamori, should we go and guard our soon to be peer?â? He flashed an over the top smile at Momo and flash stepped down to join the others.  
  2. Everything looks good. The first post will be up in a few hours.
  3. Sorry I'm two days later than I thought that. Vacation was unexpectedly draining. The RP will be started very very soon.
  4. Name: Saburou â??Sabuâ? Sugawara    Gender: Male    Age: 480    Position: Captain of Squad 8    Appearance: Saburou stands an unremarkable 5â??11â??â?? and weights 160 lbs. of lean muscle. He carries himself with a confidence that confuses most low born into thinking he is nobility and causes nobility to think he is too full of himself. He has tan skin and an attractive face with chocolate brown eyes. Dark brown hair, almost black, tumbles shortly past his shoulders in lose curls. He wears a sleeveless shinigami uniform with his haori (also sleeveless) over top. Every other finger carries a silver ring and both wrists are decorated with silver bracelets. He also wears a thin silver chain around his neck.    Personality: His familyâ??s rapid economic rise in the past few centuries has put the notion that they are better than most people, even those who hold the same position. Saburou is no exception. He is different from most of his family in that he â??realizesâ? that not everyone can be on the same level as him and doesnâ??t shun â??lower bornâ?. While he is apt to flaunt his familyâ??s great wealth he somehow manages to be extremely likeable. He is sociable, quick to speak (often putting his foot in his mouth), and enjoys having a good time- over everything else. He often hides from the responsibilities his Captainship requires so that he can have a good time or focus on himself.   He is extremely loyal to his family. This loyalty is only eclipsed by his vanity. He is constantly worried about his appearance and his own skills. Always pushing himself to be more handsome, a better swordsman, gain better control of his zanpaktou, etc. Despite his rash and self-absorbed exterior he is quite charismatic, charming, and does have a certain low cunning. Heâ??s least clever enough to realize when he is being played and when to jump on an opportunity. He is close to the members of his squad but isnâ??t beyond secretly using their personal drama for his own amusement or some type of game, as long as the manipulations canâ??t be traced back to him.      Background: The Sugawara family has risen to power only within the past few centuries. Earlier generations worked as farmers and food shops in the Rukongaiâ??s first district (the wealthiest of the districts.). His motherâ??s baked goods were of such renown that she was able to sell the recipe to someone from the soul kingâ??s palace for a pile of gold. His father, using this gold began investing and scheme. He bought out most of the other farms (farming in the Soul Society isnâ??t a very lucrative business in the districts as only those who have the potential to become Shinigami or Shinigami get hungry). Sugawara baked goods had always been a hit with the Shinigami but in only a few years the Sugawara family produced and sold almost all of the food to the Seireitei. The family was allowed to move their household into the Seireitei soon after Saburou became a student at the Shinigami Academy, being the first to do so.   Being the youngest of three boys Saburou always felt the need to prove himself to his father and was spoiled by his mother. Constantly training himself he eventually graduated from the Academy second in his class and was assigned to the 4th squad, much to his dismay. His father and brothers began getting involved in the politics of the Seireitei, controlling the food supply gave the family an inflated sense of worth. During his time in the 4th squad Saburou worked hard to raise through the ranks until after century of training finally achieved bankai. After a few more decades of training he was able to gain mastery of his powers and through the Captain Recommendation method he was able to fill a vacant position of another squad.His promotion greatly increased his families influence in the Seireitei allowing one of his brothers and an uncle to be asked to serve on the Central 46. Rich and getting richer, family of a captain and wise men, the Sugawaras are now trying to gain the prestige of becoming a noble family, much to the current nobleâ??s dismay.   Noncombat Skills: More of a short coming than a skill Saburou doesnâ??t have a very high alcohol tolerance but loves hosting parties and going to the bar with his comrades and friends. He is also surprisingly well read, though only because his family values intelligence over brawn and he is often regarded as the least intelligent of the bunch.    Zanpakto: Hametsumeka (Ruin Maker) is a tachi sword, long and curved. Its size and shape requires two hands to be wielded properly. The guard is a sphere with intricate etchings covering the surface. The hilt is brown with orange ribbon dangling from it.     Drop, Hametsumeka- Hametsumeka changes from a sword to a hammer with a long thin handle. The head of the hammer is as large as a regular sized manâ??s torso with etchings around the sides. The whole thing is brown, the etchings glow with orange light. The weapon looks to me meant for someone twice the size of an average Shinigami but Saburou has no trouble swinging it around.  In its shikai release Hametsumeka has the ability to send shockwaves through any medium struck by the hammerâ??s head. A single strike can level a building or causes earthquakes. Even swinging the hammer sends a shockwave through the air in the direction swung. Only a few people (every captain of course) in the Soul Society have enough spirit pressure to parry hammer with their own weapon, most weapons just shattered on contact. The bodies of anyone unlucky enough to get hit with the hammer fare about the same. As the medium through which the shockwave travels internal organs are ruptured, bones reduced to powder, and blood vessels burst. It is probably better to avoided not blocked or parried, even the strongest defenses canâ??t withstand multiple blows.   Bankai, Shitiburi Sumisu (City Building Smith)- A giant (about twice the size of an azerage human) budhaish woman, draped in fine robs appears next to Saburou and takes his hammer from him. The woman has a large turtle shell she carries on her back. Along with a massive gourd (a gourd that holds limitless water). The turtle can be woken up, and upon emerging from his shell a great forge blooms from the top of its shell.   For all the destructive power his shikai holds Saburouâ??s bankai is all about creation. The massive woman uses the hammer and forge to create anything Saburou asks for, weapons, armor, a home (This is actually where his familyâ??s home came from), anything that can be made out of metal. The plates on the turtleâ??s shell are made of super strong metal that regrow within the span of a few days. The giant woman removes plates, uses the forge to liquefy the metal and then uses the hammer she took from Saburou to craft whatever he needs. The whole processes of forging new things takes only a few seconds.  Against opponents that Saborou canâ??t beat on his own the woman will join him in battle, using the hammers destructive power and the turtle (who climbed back into his shell, forge and all) as a shield. The turtle can also spit fire while out of his shell, or ignite his shell when he is being used as a shield. This is truly only a last ditched effort. If the woman or the turtle were to die in combat Saburou wouldnâ??t be able to summon them again.   The fear of losing his bankai and the non-offensive nature of it causes him to rarely use it.   Other Notable Combat Skills: Saburou has mastery of both hakudo and bakudo up through the high 80 level spells. Spending time in the 4th Squad also caused him to get fairly good at healing in combat situations. If using bankai he has been known to reinforce any barriers he makes with metal to increase their strength. Whenever he does use his bankai he often creates armor and/or weapons. While considerably slower in armor he is proficient in fighting with it on. He also has trained to become formidable with any weapon he might need swords, maces, shields, lashing weapons, javelins, bow and arrows, whatever he needs. He is moderately capable in using flash step though if he is burdened by armor he canâ??t use it.   Writing Sample: The Sugawara manor was a stark contrast to the rest of the Seireitei. The rest had its orange roofs and white tiled floors while the manor looked like a massive metal castle sitting off in its own little corner. It was positioned close to one of the gates of the Seireitei so it was easy to regulate and oversee the shipments of food that came in from the farms on in the Districts. The Kuchiki compound was on the other side of the Seireitei. So the presence of a Kuchki noblewoman in the Sugawara house had taken the family aback.   Fusa Kuchiki had come with no retainers, guards, or servants draped in all black as if she had snuck though the shadows the whole way here. Saburou usually slept in the barracks with his men, partially because they didnâ??t approve of how drunk he got on a regular basis, but mostly because he found the company of his men more enjoyable than his scheming family.   â??We understand that the Sugawara clan is interested in becoming a noble house within the Seireitei. We, the pure branch of the Kuchiki family would like to helpâ? Fusa smiled and sipped her tea.   â??Ha- Help us? We are already more wealthy than half the noble families combined. Our youngest son is an unwed captain of the Gotei 13. We attract marriage offers like flowers do bees.â? Saburouâ??s mother readjusted in her chair and waved away the servant offering to refill her tea. â??Some of these proposals from lesser nobility. Wealth, power, and apparently an alluring status. What more could we ask for?â?   â??Funny you should bring up how sought after your son is and yourâ?¦ status. It has come to our attention that Captain Sugawara has been spotted taking men into his bed from time to time.â?   â??I-â? Saburou began. He knew he had been a little reckless lately but with an invasion of the human world imitate he wanted to make sure he got his fill of life, before it could potentially be ended by some crazy human machine or one of the rumored Fullbrings.   â??Sabu sweetie, stopâ? His mother interrupted him. â??What business is it of yours what my son does or does not do with whomever he wants?â?   â??Oh, I only meant that something scandalous like this is bad for status and we the Kuchiki do not like forming a partnership with those who have such little regard for their ownâ?¦ image.â? Fusa was still smiling. â??So Captain Sugawara, do you like boys better than girls?â? Saburou met her gaze straight on, even though Lady Fusa wasnâ??t a Kuchiki by blood she seemed to have their famous piercing stare â??Do you like the parade of commoners more than you would like the embrace of a noble?â?   â??Why donâ??t you come out and offer us what you are going to offer us? We know that the other captains have all turned down Lady Kuchikiâ??s â??invitationâ? to join her.â? Saburouâ??s father, was the ice to his motherâ??s flame. They balanced each other. An intelligent hot tempered mother and a critical reserved father. They made a dangerous team. â??We also know that if Yoshimi Shihoen marries this â??false Kuchikiâ? boy Fumitaka he will all but have the second squad and the stealth force on his side. While your own lady Kuchiki has the support of none of the Gotei 13.â? Saburouâ??s father looked bored â??We also know that the military force that is under the Kuchiki familyâ??s employ are divided most of them are siding with the great departed captains wishes to install Rukia as the new family head. Since Byakuya was after all the one who put coin in their pocket for so many years. But what you are asking is if my scandalous son will marry your daughterâ?¦ isnâ??t it?â?   â??I am here to negotiate a treaty between our two great families yes. If that means that if a marriage alliance is necessary then we will do what we must. I am speaking simply as a mother though. I would want to know that my little girl is with a husband who will love her and be kind to her. A husband who will father her children. You see what has become of Ginreiâ??s line?â? Fusa was still smiling. Saburou couldnâ??t help but feel it was a false one. â??If my Kaya marries your son all I want is peace of mind that he will stopâ?¦ letâ??s say sowing his wild oats.â?   â??So you think that we can be bought with a marriage deal? Chinatsu should know better. The Sugawara will achieve nobility on our own. We do not need the charity of a noble house on the verge of collapse.â? His mother was letting her temper get the best of her â??And if your aim was to make us want to marry off our last son to your sinking ship of a family you should have not attacked him in such a way.â?   â??My love maybe we-â? his father was cut off.   â??No, you tell Chinatsu that if she wants a deal worked out between our houses that she can come negotiate it herself instead of wasting her time with the Captain Commander and some sixth squad nonsense. Rukia is going to get it- your lady needs to move on.â?   Fusa Kuchiki got to her feet still smiling, but a little less so. â??I will pass on your words to Lady Chinatsu. I hope you consider our offer.â?   â??We will, thank you for making the trip.â? His father got to his feet â??Are you sure we canâ??t escort you home? It is rather dark out.â?   â??I will be fine, I did find my way with no troubles. Besides I think it best that we keep this meeting private. I would have to put your family in an awkward position.â? She turned to Saburou and bowed â??Captainâ? then she raised the hood of her black cloak and walked out of the room.   â??She didnâ??t bid use good night, just Sabuâ?   â??It was meant to be a slight dear. We are not nobility yet only Saburou holds an office her kind respect.â?   Saburou looked at his father â??The way she spoke towards the endâ?¦ did you get the feeling she knows that Fumitaka was here last night offering me the hand of Yoshimiâ??s sister?â? â??I feel that Chinatsu knows a great deal of thingsâ? his father said â??I also know that her back is against the wall on this one. She tolerated Byakuya for far too long. She feels this is her time and she is going to fight for it.â?   â??Regardless Sabu you need to stop with this nonsense, you are not a child anymore.â? He mother was now also standing. â??I am sure a renegotiation with the old bat herself will be upon us soon. If we save her family I am sure she can use her influence over the Central 46 for our benefit. We can squeeze more out of the Kuchikiâ??s than a hand out wedding.â?   â??And if we side with Fumitaka and succeed in installing him as the family head we will be married into the Shihoins and the Kuchikiâ??s will owe us a debt.â? His father said. â??We must consider our options carefully. Good night son.â? His mother and father turned and exited the door opposite the one Fusa had used to leave.   â??Goodnight.â? Saburou said and flash stepped out of the room, down the hall and out a side door. He stopped in a quiet garden with a koi pond.   â??You sure kept me waitingâ? A youth dropped out of a tree and landed gingerly. His grey eyes sparkled his black hair blew in the wind. â??What did they want?â?   â??It was just a family meetingâ?¦nothing important. Come hereâ? Saburou grabbed Fumitaka Kuchiki and pulled him in for a kiss.   â??Guess what I did today?â? he said just before their lips met.   â??What?â?   â??I got Bankai.â?
  5. Everything is looking great. I have been slammed at work with inventory nonsense but I will have RP started by Sunday at which point I will probably stop taking applications.
  6. Here is a very very very crude family tree for the Kuchiki family and a brief description of each member on it that I made up... which is most of them. Hopefully this will make the dynamic of the family clearer.   Chinatsu Kuchiki- Currently acting matriarch of the family keen on the idea of making one of her line the next head of the house hold. Very old even by soul reaper standards. She does not like small talk or idiots and is very shrewd. While she is a beacon of pride and tradition she has never liked that the head of their house hold always falls to a man even when a capable woman is available.   Chinatsu's Husband- Deceased.   Akahana Kuchiki- Chinatsu's oldest child. Akahana is almost an exact copy of her mother. The only difference is their ability to make good decisions. Any situation handled by Akahana is sure to spin out of control and cause head aches for everyone... luckily she is only given menial task by Chinatsu to complete. In terms of sharpness of tongue and pride however they are equal.   Akahana's Husband- Deceased. Former member of a loyal lesser noble house.   Akifumi Kuchiki- Deceased. Very compassionate and very smart.   Fusa Kuchiki- Fusa married into the Kuchiki family. Originally a sweet girl from a lesser noble house since the passing of her husband it seems some of the Kuchiki pride has begun to rub off on her.   Eriko Kuchiki- Akahana's older daughter. Close to Byakuya when they were children when he chose to enter the Academy she became a member of the Kido Corps. She is talented at using Kido and Flash Step. She, like most members of this family, seems to suffer from the sin of pride and can come off snobbish. Though she doesn't actually want to leave her position to join the Gotei 13 she is Chinatsu's front runner to becoming the next head of the house.   Hatsue Kuchiki- Akahana's younger daughter and Eriko's sister. She doesn't have the skill in Kido like Eriko or Byakuya's combat prowess she often felt excluded during their childhood games. She is considered to be slow by the rest of the family spending her days doing leisure activities around the manner. She is actually quite astute.   Hatsue's Husband- Deceased. An unremarkable man who held an officer position in squad six a decade ago. Died in combat.   Kaya Kuchiki- The only child of Akifumi and Fusa. She is a good deal younger than her cousins, Eriko and Hatsue, and doesn't seem to have to Kuchiki pride that causes most of the members of the family to look down on others. Sweet and innocent. One of the few members in the house actually kind to Rukia after Byakuya's passing.   Isamo Kuchiki- A raising star of the family. Currently the seventh seat of squad six and very close to achieving his bankai. The youngest member of the family he also has the greatest potential. Chinatsu believes that if Eriko does not take up the mantel as the leader of the family Isamo will do it. He is prideful, eager, and confident. Of all of Chinatsu's brood he is one of the only ones kind to Rukia... for now.   Eiichi Kuchiki- Deceased. Ginrei and Chinatsu's younger brother who never cared much about upholding the family legacy or honor.   Eiichi's Lover- Deceased. Eiichi never married but still satisfied his manly needs with many woman attracted to the allure of being the consort of a Kuchiki. This one happened to get pregnant.   Giichi- Deceased. Eiichi's illegitimate daughter. She grew up with her mother away from the lavish lifestyle of the Kuchiki's. When she learned who her father was she sought out her family but was given the cold shoulder by Byakuya. She was forbiden to even use the Kuchiki name.   Fumitaka Kuchiki- Giichi's son. He defiantly uses the name denied to his mother. Having grown up with barely any food or material possessions he is determined to claim his place as the leader of the house hold, or destroy it trying. To this end he joined the Academy and has risen to a high position in the Stealth Force. Since donning his "family's name" he attracted the attention of Shihoin Clan. They have not been able to recover from the disgrace Yoruichi dealt to them they are plotting together to return to power.   Yoshimi Shihoin- Yoruichi's great great niece. She is ready to restore her families good name. To this end she is set to marry Fumitaka and help him gain control of the house that turned their backs her intended and his mother. Idolizing her great great aunt she is talented in hand to hand combat, flash step, and kido.
  7. I'm so excited that people are actually signing up!
  8. I have been away for so long that I completely forgot that we even did a pokemon gym leader tournament. It was a nice reminder when I first logged back on that I won the whole thing but I think its times for something new but still repping my favorite video game.   My favorite pokemon was Kingdra up until generation 6 and now I am torn between Kingdra and Dragalge. I was thinking something like an avatar with a cute little Horsea and Skrelp playing together and a banner with Kingdra and Dragalge duking it out.  I am pretty easy to please so as long as my two favorite dragons are represented so I will leave all the creative decisions up to the artist! Thanks!
  9. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the Bleach universe. I also made a nice Kuchiki Family Tree (95% fake for the purposes of this RP)and  a more detailed description of humanities technological advances but have somehow managed to lose both so I am in the process of remaking them.
  10.  â??Byakuya Kuchiki is dead, finally succumbed to his illnessâ? said the old woman seated before the Captain Commander.   â??My apologizes Chinatsu, Byakuya was a fierce warrior I always he would assume that he would lose his life on the field of battle, not a sick bed.â?   â??Yes well my nephew had poor constitution. It makes sense that his childâ??s health would fail him at some point.â? The old woman shifted on her pillow â??More importantly Commander Hitsugaya my brotherâ??s line is at an end and our family is in the process of selecting a new leader. I have heard some troubling rumors that Rukia Kuchiki is set to assume the empty Captainâ??s seat.â?   â??Itâ??s true, Lieutenant Kuchiki is set to take the examination that will determine her ascension to Captain of squad 6. Her skills would sug-â??   â??The girl is skilled enough to pass the exam. Her prowess in combat has been proven many a time. She is an asset to the Gotei 13, this is undeniable but she cannot be allowed to hold the position of squad sixâ??s captain. It has historically been held by the leader of the Kuchiki clan.â?   â??Pardon me, but Captain Kuchiki was pretty vocal about how affairs were to be handled after his passing. He left everything to his sister, including his titlesâ? Rangiku Motsumoto pushed a lock of her silver hair out of her face â??All of his titlesâ?   â??I am aware of the contents of his will. Regardless of what it says, Rukia Kuchiki is not a blood relative and will not be taking the place of the 29th Head of the Kuchiki familyâ?¦Which is precisely why she cannot be appointed to captain a squad that has only been captained by the head of our family.â?  Chinatsu Kuchiki motioned one of her two accompanying servants to come forward. â??Give him the letter.â? She said.   The servant quickly approached the Captain Commanderâ??s desk, placed a sealed letter in front of Toshiro, and returned to her place behind the older woman.  Toshiro picked up the letter and broke the seal. He quietly read it dropping it down on his desk when he was finished. â??You mean to have his will be disregarded? The last wishes of the man who ran your house for centuries doesnâ??t even get to decided how-â??   Again he was interrupted â??Byakuya Kuchiki was a formidable warrior, possible the strongest Kuchiki to ever have lived, but he did not have a mind for politics. We have overlooked his lapses in judgment time and time again during his life out of respect for the station he held. Now that he is no more we must start the task of repairing the damage he caused to our familyâ??s good name.â?   â??What damage did he cause exactly?â? Toshiro asked.    â??He married a low born, we over looked it. He failed to produce an heir with her, we over looked it. He brought a second commoner into our house and gave her our name, we over looked it. He failed to find a suitable wife which again meant no heir, we over looked it.â? Her voice was getting louder with every word â??Now he is handing our noble house to a foreign peasant who has no claim to it. This I will not overlook.  Yes, I had the Central 46 review his will and they agreed that passing along everything to a false member of our house would be neither proper nor wise. Rukia may remain a part of the family and keep the material possessions left to her. She will not take charge of our house, however, and to the same end she most not take charge of the sixth squad of the Gotei 13.â?   â??I didnâ??t know that the four Great families dictated the actions of the Gotei 13â? Rangiku chimed a devilish smile on her lips.   â??Lieutenant Motsumoto, keep your opinions to yourselfâ? Toshiro stood up and walked around his desk and knelt down in front of the seated old noble woman. â??The Central 46 has not forbid us from promoting Lieutenant Kuchiki. She is more than qualified to fill this position and you are offering no one else to fill the vacancy. With the situation in the world of the living being as it is we cannot afford to  waste time on issues like this.â?   â??My oldest Granddaughter, Byakuyaâ??s closest cousin, is a high ranking member of the Kido Corps. She lacks a Zanpaktou but her talents in Hado far surpass any of the current captains. My younger granddaughterâ??s son is the current 7th seat of squad 6 and is on the verge of being the youngest Shinigami to have ever obtained Bankai. Both would make fine leaders of our house and the squad, I would be fine with either being promoted.â?   â??Give me a few days to consider?â? Toshiro asked Chinatsu.   â??I can give you oneâ? The old noble struggled to get to her feet. A servant collected the pillow she had been kneeling on. As the group turned to leave she looked back to Toshiro and said â??Genryusai had strength, Kyoraku had his wiles. History is waiting to see how you will handle this role. No Captain Commander has lasted without the blessings of the four noble houseâ?¦making an enemy of the Kuchiki would cause chaos in the Seireitei and that would be a poor legacy to leave behind.  I will return tomorrow for your decision.â?   After the door closed behind the group Toshiro collapsed on the floor â??Motsumoto what do you think about this mess?â?   His Lieutenant was at his desk reading the letter from the Central 46. She answered without looking up for the paper â??Honestly I think itâ??s shitty but we donâ??t really have a choice. Rukia is only trying to follow Captain Kuchikiâ??s wishes but I think our hands are tied. Late Captain Ginrei and Lady Chinatsuâ??s younger brother has some descendants that have be reported to be spending a lot of time in the Shihoin Manner. Thereâ??s talk of a marriage.â?   â??I feel like this is getting out of hand. Even if we side with Chinatsu and support one of her grandchildren we might have a Shihoin/Kuchiki faction start some ruckus of being not even considered for the position.  Itâ??s clear that Lady Chinatsu has the Central 46 on her side though and we canâ??t go up against them...Lieutenant Kuchiki wonâ??t be inheriting the house hold but there is no rule saying that the captain of squad six has to be the head of the Kuchiki house.â?   â??Youâ??re right, itâ??s a stupid status thing. You know how these nobles are. I say honor the dead Captainâ??s wishes, give his captainship to Rukia and let the two Kuchiki branches fight it out amongst themselves. If any Kuchiki does something that would in danger the stability of the Soul Society Central 46 will have to grant us permission to neutralize the threat.â? Rangiku put down the letter and laid down on the floor next to her captain. They stared at the ceiling for a while â??Screw that old shrew.â?   â??The Gotei 13 has the most military might in the Soul Society. Iâ??m sure she will be trying to get as many captains on her side as she canâ?¦ That woman really could start a civil war in the Seireitei if she wanted.â? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- â??Help us move forward, from the Digital Age into the Spirit Age.â? The commercial ended, the television flickered off. Aiden Hice swiveled his chair around to face the owner of Spiritech. â??I donâ??t like it. Digital age, spirit age, what the hell are you talkinâ?? about? As your chief investor you should consult me before putting this crap out for people to see. Thereâ??s no slogan, nothinâ?? catchy.â?   Marrysol, the founder and CEO of Spiritech, frowned â??It shows progression. Like from the Stone to Bronze Age.  I canâ??t help it if you donâ??t understand. The advertising team said it tested well with focus groups so it is what we went with.  Being the money behind the project doesnâ??t mean you get to a say on every creative decision.â?   â??Darlin that is exactly what it means. Donâ??t you go gettingâ?? the idea in that pretty little head of yours that Iâ??m afraid of you and your two lackeys cause youâ??re a Full-whatever. You can have all the super powers you want but this company wouldnâ??t exist without my hard earned dollar.â?   â??You are not the sole source of money in the world, nor are you our only investor.â?   â??True enough but now that you opened up this can of worms there will be plenty of competition in this brand spankinâ?? new energy market. I could drop so much cash into your competitorâ??s lap theyâ??d be stuck in a wheel chair from broke thigh bones.â? Hice gave a big smile â??Now I wonâ??t go doinâ?? that because I like you. Youâ??re cutter than a baby playing with a kitten and you do that thing when we are tussling in the sheets that gets me feeling some type a way but-â??   â??Aiden, this is work, keep the personal side of our relationship out of itâ?   â??Keepinâ?? it professional are we, fine. My sources from inside this Soul Society are tellin me that when your boy beat the snot out of them Shinigami that came down for a little chit chat you put us on a collision course with somethinâ?? called a Ghety 17â?   â??Gotei 13â?   â??You know what I mean. You got us up against a military force that is like to wipe us off the face of Godâ??s good earth. Sure we got the spirit guns for our men to use but them spirit missiles ainâ??t even got a workin prototype yet.  How are we suppose to fight a war againstâ?¦thingsâ?¦who can raise hell and high water on a whim?â?   â??I suppose thatâ??s why you are backing Spiritech â?¦ I can keep you safe.â?  Marrysol stood up from her chair and began pacing the length of long table. She and Aiden were the only people in the conference room this morning.  He was right. Counting herself there were three Fullbrings working towards her goals and their opposition had roughly 3000 members. 13 of which were especially dangerous. It might be possible to beat them in a one against one scenario but that wasnâ??t even guarantied. â??My sources on the inside say the same thing but mine also say that an internal political conflict is brewing. Maybe we can stir the pot- buy ourselves some time.â? She didnâ??t want to tell him about the experiments that were being conducted on the captive Shinigami or why they were necessary for her plan.   â??Weapons shoulda come before generators. How are we goin to protect my investment?â? Hice spat.   â??Spiritech is trying to usher in a new era of cheap energy for everyone, to advance the human race. Itâ??s not about creating weapons that are more horrific that the ones we have already. Yes it will be necessary to defend the era from threats and to that end we are developing weapons but donâ??t you think it is better to help the world first, unleashing terror only as a last resort?â?   â??No I do not. Like I said before you might be interested in changin the world but others arenâ??t far behind in developing new tech that run off of this reishi and you can bet your ass governments are gonna weaponize it first, solve the energy crisis second.â? Hice paused for a moment and took a deep breath before continuing. â??If we get the weapons made first we get military contracts. Military contracts help pay the bills that I have been footin the cash for. Weapons also help protect ourselves form the big bad death gods comin to rain fire down on us. This kind of poor decision making is why Iâ??d like to be consulted before you go and make decisions.â? His smile returned â??And talkin about cheap energy, missy Iâ??m in the business of makin money- I donâ??t support cheap anything.â?   â??How humanitarian of youâ?   â??Bein kind never got me no place I ever cared to be. You stir your pot and get these weapons up and runnin or I am liable to go rogue.â? Aiden Hice got to his feet, gave a slight bow, and headed for the door. â??See you tonight?â? He asked as the conference room door slide open.   â??You just gave me a tall order, I will be working late tonightâ? Marrysol answered staring blankly out the window looking at the Karakura skyline.   â??Well, suppose I canâ??t win every battleâ? The automatic door closed behind him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   This is RP is taking place many hundreds of years in the future from the current story but also in an alternate universe. Being hundreds of years in the future human society is much more advanced than it is today. Most of Earth is covered by cities one often blending into another almost making the entire planet an urban setting. Things like hover cars are the new form of transportation and robots to do the manual labor and keep the cities running smoothly. The world is currently dealing with an energy crisis which companies like Spiritech are tryinig to solve by using newly discovered reishi as a way to power world.   Besides the inheritance of the Kuchiki house hold the Gotei 13 are also faced with a crisis in the living world. Humans, under the direction of a group of mysterious Fullbringers, have begun capturing and experimenting on Hollows. The realization that souls and reishi exist has caused many human governments to try and capitalize on the new power sourceâ?¦ even weaponize it to protect themselves from the newly discovered Hollow threat. Like the Quincies before them the mass destruction of hollows without purifying them is causing imbalance between the worlds. Also the massive reishi reactors used to power some of the human cities are extremely volatile and by absorbing the ambient reshi in their surroundings, mostly the ghosts of the departed, are disrupting the natural cycle and further causing imbalance.  The shinigami ambassadors who were sent to explain the situation to the humans were defeated by the Fullbringers, separated from their gigais, and subject to experimentation as well.   I am assuming that people who sign up have basic knowledge of the Bleach Universe. I found that the Bleach Wiki is an invaluable resource while putting this story together.   We will be playing Captains of the Gotei 13 dealing with these two issues.   These are the current openings in the Gotei 13   Squad 1- Toshiro Hitsugaya Squad 2- Ari Shihoin Squad 3- Yumichika Ayasegawa Squad 4-Miyako Nimashima Squad 5- Momo Hinamori Squad 6- [Vacant and unfillable by players, sorry] Squad 7- Renji Abarai Squad 8- Saburou Sugawara Squad 9- Chiniiro Metsuki Squad 10- Kurogane Tsukino Squad 11- Kenpachi Arashi Squad 12- Arakawa Chie Squad 13- Shuhei Hisagi   As for the Sign Ups.   Name: (Anything could work but something Asian would be preferred)   Gender:   Age: (A good ratio to go on is 10 years for every 1 year of age you show. So if you look 25 go with 250 years old. We know Yamamoto was at least 2300 years old before he died. )   Position: (Which of the available Squads do you lead?)   Appearance: (Most Shinigami are humanoid, but there has been a bestial one before)   Personality:   Background: (What were you doing before you joined the Shinigami Academy (if you attended)? Why did you decided to become a Shinigami? Which method did you use to rise to the rank of Captain (Proficiency Test, Recommendation, or Trial by Combat)? Pretty much anything else you think is relevant)   Noncombat Skills: (Are you the smartest person in the room? Hold your sake better than anyone you know? Are you well read?)   Zanpakto: (Sealed Form Appearance)                 (Shikai Appearance)                 (Shikai Ability)                 (Bankai Appearance)                 (Bankai Ability)   Other Notable Combat Skills: (How are you with Kido? Howâ??s your swordmanship? Unarmed fighting skills? How proficient are you with high speed techniques (ie. Flash Step)? How high is your spirit pressure?   Writing Sample: (A messanger from Chinatsu Kuchiki approaches you and attempts to get your support in preventing Rukia Kuchiki from taking over squad six and backing the Kuchiki House if negotiations with your Captain Commander go south and fighting ensues. They can bribe, threaten, promise political power, anything youâ??d like. How did this interaction go?)
  11. I will start working on getting the story posted soon. I hope we get some others in the mean time.
  12. I haven't been here in ages but I had the yearning to try an RP and for some reason Bleach keeps popping in my head. Would anyone else be intrested before I get all obsessed and end up having to write a fanfic?
  13. I seem to only come back to OB when a new pokemon game is out... I was wondering if anyone would be willing to exchange friend codes with me. I'm playing with the Friend Safari and no one I'm friends with seems to have the types or pokemon that I want.  Here's my stuff to get into my Safari   FC: 285269396008 Type: Psychic Pokemon: Abra, Esspur, Gothorita
  14. I have been wondering about the the cardinals. Are they all beastial or would some of them have weapons and armor. Also would cardinals of different vices/virtues ever work together? And do any of them have abilities like the ascended?
  15. Lawliet

    RPG When You Wish...

    [i]29 May 2015[/i] [i]Seacrown Palace, Kingâ??s Private Chambers 1030[/i] [b]â??Good morning motherâ?[/b] the king said swallowing the last of his pastry [b]â??Breakfast?â?[/b] Sabinâ??s breakfast spread was quite impressive. Three different kinds of muffins, oat rolls full of fruits and nuts drizzled in honey, cherries and apples were arranged around a bowl full of cream, and in the center was a layered parfait decorated with blood orange slices and granola. [b]â??No, I ate before my jog this morningâ?[/b] Erin said quite pointedly, sitting in the chair a servant had pulled out for her. [b]â??You arenâ??t even dressed yet and the meeting starts in a half hour, itâ??s a rare occurrence for all your captains to be gathered together and you have much to discuss.â?[/b] [b]â??Like why itâ??s still black as night when itâ??s almost midday? I doubt my military leaders will be able to tell us.â?[/b] Sabin looked over his shoulder and out the opened double doors that lead to his balcony. He could still feel the ocean breeze and the heat of the day but neither sun nor stars hung in the sky. [b]â??Forcing them to sit together in a room for a little while longer wonâ??t hurt anything. Itâ??s been almost half a year since some of them have seen one another, maybe if they actually communicated the realm would have fewer woes. I swear itâ??s like Iâ??m leading ten different armies.â?[/b] [b]â??I think you are confusing feasting with leading. You might have rallied the Survivors and lead them to this â??paradiseâ? but itâ??s been ages since you were involved with military exploits.â?[/b] Sabin grinned [b]â??Thatâ??s no way to speak to a king. And Iâ??m sure you remember Iâ??ve done my fair share of fighting. Thereâ??s not a settlement along the east coast that doesnâ??t know of the Survivors and their battle prowess. Iâ??ve heard stories from people outside the Rosewood from traders and whatnot. Iâ??m practically a legend- the indomitable warrior king who single handedly created the safest and most prosperous region in the country.â?[/b] He took a few giant spoonfuls of the parfait and piled in into a bowl. He caught his mothers stare [b]â??I always giving credit where credit is due, I couldnâ??t have accomplished all of this by myself but the tall tales of the east say that I did. I have a thousand and one titles in a thousand and one stories. Iâ??m called the Warden of Life, Light of the East, Life Binder, Messiah, King of Thorns, King in the Woods, Heart of the New World-â?[/b] [b]â??Sabinâ?[/b] The name still felt strange to her. Erin would rather call him by the name she had given him [b]â??I know what people say. I know of your titles, the good and the bad. Its true people flock to Seacrown to pledge fealty to you, embracing you as their leader so they might start a new life in the Rosewood, but you have strayed off topic. It has been many many months since you were the warrior leader these stories portray you as and longer still since you where this indomitable warrior.â?[/b] Erin knew that within the past year Sabin had been pushing his responsibilities on to various council members and it had created a power vacuum that handfuls of people where trying to fill. For Sabin sake as well as her own she had been acquiring as much influence as she could. The political aspect of being king never seemed to cross Sabinâ??s mind so she had taken it upon herself to play the game for him. Oliver opened the door to the room, entered dropping down to one knee [b]â??Your Highness, the captains of the Wardens have all gathered in throne room and are awaiting your presence.â?[/b] Erin had never been more grateful for anything more than Oliver. Sabin had been schoolmates with Oliver since childhood in New York and after the Fall Oliver, Sabin, and herself were the only survivors in their area. The Survivors began with the friendship between Oliver and her son. As their powers developed during their march southward it became clear to Erin that the Oliver and Sabin where not even in the same realm of power. She had never encountered or heard reports of an Ascended as powerful as Oliver. He became the captain of the kingâ??s personal guard at her request; both of them realizing the danger that so many power hungry people who â??servedâ? the king posed. Oliver could protect her son in more ways than she and if Sabin was to be the Heart of the New World Erin was to be the brain and Oliver the muscle. [b]â??I suppose I should go get ready for this meeting then.â?[/b] Sabin heaved himself to his feet and strode across the room to his closet (which was bigger than some of the servantâ??s quarters in the palace). [b]â??I will be out in a minute and we can walk down together.â?[/b] Erin crossed to the room to the full length mirror to refastening her hair clip. The days leading up to the Fall her greatest wish had been for her youth and having survived the Fall her wish was granted. She had celebrated her 87[sup]th[/sup] birthday 5 months ago though the person looking back at her couldnâ??t be older than 21. She was curvy, only about 5â??4â??â?? and 130 lbs., with flowing brown hair that had the same sheen to it that Sabinâ??s had. Her skin was darkly tanned and she had ice blue eyes. Today she wore a skin tight dress made from white silk with a deep cut neck and slits up the sides of her legs revealing all the way up to her mid thigh, crossing the slit were thin golden chains shaped like vines that matched the decretive golden rose that was on the front of the dress, stitched with cloth of gold. Her heels were made of white leather straps adorned with a golden rose on the center of her foot. [b]â??That was an impressive display in court Sabin gave usâ?[/b] Oliver said in a hushed voice. [b]â??Who were those R.S.L members? I checked the recordsâ?¦ and I donâ??t think all of them were actually working on the E2 drug. Three of them were stationed under Chief Agnusâ?? Cardinal Rehabilitation until a few months ago, specifically keeping watch of your husband.â?[/b] [b]â??The department that produces the medicines for our people have been developing a drug that removes the abilities of Ascended, one of the R.S.L that got sentenced was the chief of research for said drug, Carter I think his name was.â?[/b] Erin turned to face Oliver [b]â??It was hard to track down who was sponsoring the drug but eventually I traced the money back to Lord Ferris. The three scientists from Agnusâ?? department that I had transferred to Carterâ??s were also indirectly on Ferrisâ?? payroll. And youâ??re right, they were tasked with watching my husband. I donâ??t need Ferris in control of that great sloth. I might have given up hope that Agnus will find a way to reverse the transformation but my son has not, and views that monster as his father. Ferris could have tried to take advantage of that fact so I replaced his watchers with my own men and had his transferred to Carterâ??s department where the whole lot were framed for helping that drug lord create E2.â?[/b] Oliver looked confused [b]â??So E2 steals powers?â?[/b] [b]â??No, E2 is just a recreational drug. The drug that Carter was working on isnâ??t listed under his projects itâ??s something heâ??s doing on the side, using our resources to try and completeâ?[/b] [b]â??So who made E2?â?[/b] [b]â??Hell if I know. Iâ??m not really concerned about E2â?[/b] Erin crossed to the table and ate a cherry. [b]â??Well bravo my lady. You managed to free your husband from Ferrisâ?? grip, put a stop to a drug that could potentially be used to undermine your sonâ??s rule, and remove a bunch of Ferrisâ?? pieces from the board.â?[/b] Oliver finally seemed to understanding [b]â??Less pieces means less moves Ferris can make. And if Sabin were to be depowered everything would fall apart, he canâ??t restore life to the world if he doesnâ??t have the power tooâ?¦ but Sabin didnâ??t sentence Carter to death what if-â?[/b] [b]â??I have already done away with his research so his lackeys canâ??t follow in his footsteps. And we donâ??t need to worry about Carter, he was sentenced to spend a decade on a ship chasing pirates in stormy waters. Iâ??m sure something unfortunate rid us of himâ?[/b] Erin looked at Oliver right in the eye. Oliver instantly knew that this doctor Carter was a dead man. Oliver helped himself to a cherry as well [b]"Are you sure you're not being [/b][b]paranoid?"[/b] [b]â??What are you two whispering about?â?[/b] Sabin emerged from his closet with a grin on his face. As usual he was handsomely dressed. [b]â??Nothing dearâ?[/b] [b]â??Your mom was just nagging me about increasing your personal guard to twenty menâ?[/b] [b]â??Mother mother mother, Oliver is strong enough to collapse an entire building with nothing but his mind. I donâ??t think I need to waste eight more people on my guard. Letâ??s go down to the meeting.â?[/b] The king held out his arm for his mother to take. [b]â??If you werenâ??t half my age weâ??d make a stunning couple.â?[/b] [b]â??I donâ??t know man, sheâ??s still your momâ?[/b] Oliver said as he opened the door for his friend. Sabin grinned.
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