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  1. Dakota stood up giving a salute back to the young boy. "Well met Lt. Kiba. Staff Sergeant Dakota Storm Southern faction. This love right here is Etna Rhodes from the west though as for her rank I don't know so I could be defiantly overstepping the fratinization bounds. Then we got buttercup and lily pad here as well" He cut the salute after Kiba and jersey his thumb to the young male with the speeder and the girl with a bright green hair. Kiba looked at the half empty bottle in his left hand making him hold it out. "You want some kid?" "That won't be necessary" The woman behind him said, the way she was hovering over him defiantly off a parental vibe. "Well you gotta listen to your mother. She brought you in this world so by all means she can slit your throat whenever she dà mn bloody well feels like it" "Ssgt I don't think drinking at such a rate is going to be good for what's coming....." One of the males officers started though Dakota help up a finger for him to wait till he finished taking a drink. "You only live once. I am just waiting to see if that's a tiger in there. Always wanted to pet me a tiger." He sat down off to the side as the others began talking leaving him talking to himself. "Those sleek black stripes and sharp teeth. Defiantly would make for an epic house cat. Wonder how much you got to feed them. Maybe I can teach it to wrestle and not kill me. Probably have to get it as a youngen. Could probably make a saddle too." He leaned back lighting another cigar. "Need to get me more of these defiantly. Some fine tobacco here in Central. Hey sir think I can get a constant supply of these things brought to me. Been awhile since I ran the ole strip here." He waited patiently for an answer but got none. "Well looks like Stormy already been forgotten" He continued musing to himself as his fingers unconsciously pulled a small wad of plastic explosive along with other odds and ends from his pocket. Without even thinking about it he began making a tiny charge while he muttered to himself. With a hum he rolled the malleable explosive into an extremely thin line and placed it in the letters ssgt on his now empty bottle. "Fire in the hole" The 'explosion' was nothing more then a tiny flash of light and a wisp of smoke with a barely audible crack. "Ain't it beautiful" He remembered to himself holding up the bottle that now had the letters ssgt roughly cracked into it though the bottle remained intact everywhere else. "I claim this bottle" Suddenly a faint roar caught his attention. "Woah hey p'ffessor what the hell ya got hidin inside there? That's defiantly not what was growling at the door before?" The man just smiled. "In due time soldier in due time" To this Dakota just groaned. "I be about to in due time your face if I don't find out what is behind door number one"
  2. Dakota awoke with a start as the shuttle came to a stop. Rubbing his alcohol bloodshot eyes for a second before polishing off the last swig of the bottle he stood up swaying a little at first before he centered himself. With his bag over his shoulder he dismounted into Central faction which looked a lot like the last one making him think that he was at the wrong place until an older man with a uniform showing who he was began to make his way through the crowd towards him. Lazily striking a match to light another cigar he waited as the base commanding general stopped in front of him. "Ssgt Dakota Storm. You were not one I expected to be picked for this" The base CG said with a dry tone. "And I didn't know dinosaurs still existed sir" Dakota returned with a slight slur. "Drunk as always still I see. Maybe one day you will be able to put it behind you" Base CG sighed. "But glad to see your still alive Storm" He held out his hand with a soft smile. "Well I ain't faced the one who's to kill me yet and now I am being thrown into some underground government conspiracy agenda. So what is it?" Dakota inquired shaking his hand. "I don't catch your meaning" Dakota let out a puff of smoke. "Genetic mutations, cyber enhancement, clones, chemical injections, some new super soldier pill. I could go for that last one" The Base CG shook his head with a smile as a girl with long white hair and ice blue eyes came up to them. "Ah you have returned" "Oh well ain't you a looker" Dakota said throwing his arm around her shoulder. "Please tell me I am lucky enough to get you as an escort" Dakota said cracking a smile when she moved out from under his arm. "Ssgt Storm please follow me" With that she took off leaving the two men standing there. Dakota gave a shrug and threw a wave over his shoulder. "Later sir. Maybe catch you in the gym later. Hopefully you ain't as frail as you look now" Within seconds he had lost his guide leaving him to wander the halls alone. Stopping at a small store he purchased himself several bottles. "Might as well stock up as I don't know when my next will be" He visited shop after shop getting this and that and soon his bag was bulging when his escort found him. "Ssgt Storm! Follow me and don't fall behind" Like before she turned around and began quickly walking away again her hair almost parallel to the ground with her speed until Dakota caught up and grabbed her by the shoulder. Reflexively she tried to flip him but he locked his arm. "How about you slow the hèll down Lieutenant I don't know what has you all in a rush but I really don't feel like working up a sweat from a walk" "You should be more respectful to officers as you are just an enlisted infantryman Staff Sergeant" "You got to show the respect first in order to receive it" He returned with a dangerous tone. "Or else when you do have command you will just watch everyone die" His morbid words hung in the air as people passed by the silent two. She took a deep breath and smoothed her uniform. "This way Ssgt" She said in a more calm tone. "Yes ma'am" He followed her until a huge set of double doors came into view with a woman and an older gentleman sitting outside them. "This is the place" "Thank you and you have a great day ma'am. Maybe we should hit the pool in a little bit. I am sure a bikini would show off those nice curves you got hiding underneath there." He chuckled as the girl almost ran away her face beet red before stomping out the but of his cigar and making his way over to the duo. As he approached both just shot him a glance then looked away. "Well ain't yall just a cheerful bunch. Should try yoga it helps with stress and fl...." "Have a seat Ssgt Storm. We are waiting on the others" The elderly scarred man replied. Giving him a look over Jason immediately wanted to spar with him as his build and stance was one of a seasoned veteran. "Hey gramps one day you and me need to tussle. Be good practice" He said getting a smirk from the man as he sat down straight across from the woman, the bottles in his bag clinking as he set it down making them both stare at him. "Hey now don't judge me" He feigned hurt. "I will not be labeled" Digging through his back he produced a pack of wrapped cards he had purchased at one of the stores. "Care for a game love?" "Love?" Her voice was slightly standoffish as she last up off the wall making him hold up his hands. "Sorry love. Old habits of an old man die hard." He began to shuffle the cards before dealing out a hand for five card draw. "Go easy on me now my memory isn't the greatest so I suck at go fish" "Who ever said I was playing?" He regarded her with his one good eye the other having been taken from him in his first firefight. Long red hair contrasted against her eyes making the blue seem to glow. "Them of course" He said jerking his thumb to the door where multiple growls were coming from. "Besides what else you got to do?" His red eye flashed as she sighed and picked up her cards. He lit himself another cigar following the puff of smoke with a swish of rum. "Alright strip poker it is" "Wait what?" Her blues eyes narrowed at him. He guessed her age at least five maybe six years younger then him. "Just a joke love. Just a joke"
  3. If someone could please crop this to fit for me to use as a signature. Not the best with that area. Much thanks.
  4. Very very true. Though would take quite a bit of thought to get a point across in such a short span
  5. I agree. It has caused a lot of rps to go to the graveyard. Posting orders has cause ones to fail cause the person who's turn it is never gets around to it or when there isn't one people don't want to post right after one another cause they feel like they are excluding people.
  6. I would defiantly be game for it
  7. It might actually be kind for fun and interesting especially with the tweet style. Be multiple responses in each post and therefore you wouldn't have to have any sort of posting order or others waiting for someone else to post
  8. Name: Dakota Storm Age: 32 Gender: Male Personality: Dakota is a very unusual person. Off of the field during down time he is always smiling, making jokes about himself, a functioning alcoholic, and loves to fight, workout and cigars. Always one for a good challenge and to learn something new he is quite smart but doesn't show it more taking the route of making himself seem less imposing towards others. Just a little over six foot with dark brown hair and a genetic albino mutation that turned his eye red though his skin still in tan. Polite and one to always open the door for others, he is very charismatic and chatty though has never been known to talk about himself. In battle though he has been called a psychotic, sociopath, and seems to have no regard for his own life. The bigger and harder the foe the more he enjoys himself. His smile is even bigger when chaos is present and has even know to be heard laughing like a mad man during combat. He prefers not to lead, enjoying being the one told to fight. His favorite spot to be being the very front so he can be the first one to clash with the enemy. Unfortunately this Gets him in trouble with those in the leadership position as they deem him a loose cannon and an animal even though he has taken hits multiple times for his fellow soldiers. Appearance: Dakota is covered with tattoos of skulls, chains, dragons, and blades of various styles the only thing not touched being most of his neck and all of his face and most of his hands and feet. Mixed in are numerous scars though most are from practice and stupid dares. He prefers to wear just a simple blue tank top and desert camouflage pants bloused over a pair of tan combat boots along with muay thai tape wrapped around his forearms to his fingers with thick scale plated metal gloves. He is blind in his left eye but adapted to it and most people believe that he can actually see and the simple black patch is only for show. Normally seen with a light machine gun slung on his back with a shotgun with an undermounted grenade launcher in hand and a pistol on the right thigh with a large almost machete sized dagger on the left thigh with a bandolier of grenades for the grenade launcher on the sling that holds his lmg. He carries attached to the bandolier several satchels containing various items from which he makes his favorite thing in the world. Explosions. Region: South Specialty: Dakota is a pretty decent shot as he only as one eye and the other is covered though he prefers to lay down suppressing fire of shred targets with a shotgun. But shooting is not his strong suit as he loves making things up close and personal focusing most of his life to mastering the martial art forms of silat, muay thai, Krav maga, sambo, and capoeira making him very agile and quick for his large size. As for blades he only carries it as a last resort though knows enough how to use it to defend himself. He is a demo man at heart preferring so solve every thing by the way of explosions and fire. While he doesn't seem smart he can make a bomb out of almost anything. Mech Animal: Dragon Snippet: Sweat pooled on the floor below him as he balanced on his hands in a handstand. With a slow inhale he lowered his body rotating his shoulders till he was parallel with the ground holding it a second before exhaling rotating himself back vertical. With another exhale and inhale he did a handstand pushup. "Ten" He kicked his feet spinning his body around using his hands to keep himself up in what most people would consider a break dance though to him, it was just another way to fight. He went through various moves putting kicks and strikes in the flips and twists keeping his body moving for the next five minutes before finally stopping. "Your insane you know that right?" A female voice called out to him as he stretched. With a smile he jumped grabbing the bars above him in the jail cell cage he called home and hooked his legs before letting himself hang completely outstretched upside down. "Oh you love it" Dakota replied jokingly pausing when he noticed it was the faction commander. "Oh you know you love it ma'am" "That's better" Average height with a rocking body for her age and dark brown eyes she defiantly didn't look like the fighting type though she had put Dakota in his place a few times. Not physically but verbally. She took a seat on his cot that he kept up against the wall. "Why do you live in this?" "Seven....why....eight....cause its fun.....nine.....and it's an at home gym....ten" "Stop working out for just five seconds" She ordered Dakota stopping in mid sit up holding it. "Your being transferred to Central." "Oh really, the girl's cute there?" He said with a teasing smile. "Dakota will you take something serious for once in your life. They might not be too..." She paused searching for the words. "Understanding of your methods" "Life is too short. Should live a little, maybe even right now" His eye gleamed with his words as his veins started to bulge from holding the position. She gave a sigh setting a folder on his cot before getting up to leave. "Your to leave immediately. And arrive there sober" Dakota pulled himself up and dropped to his feet. "What the hell did I do to deserve such cruel and unusual punishment?" "Your representing us in whatever they have planned. Represent like I would" "So I have to go in a bikini? I haven't waxed my lines though" "DAKOTA STORM!" She snapped pulling a serrated knife and holding it to his throat. "You have your orders now go" "Yes mom" His voice dripped with sarcasm as he packed his one bag worth of items before grabbing the folder and heading out of the cell. "Your forgetting something" She said impatiently holding out her hand. He stared at her then frowned pulling a half empty bottle of rum from his bag and placing it in her hand. "Buzzkill" Half an hour later he found himself in line to get on the shuttle and was almost on when one of his fellow soldiers walked up to him. "Let me see the bag" He clutched his duffel bag tightly. "Oh come on Smith" He feigned being upset. "You know what she said Storm. Hand it over" Smith chuckled as Dakota pulled out a freshly opened bottle from his bag taking a long swing before handing it over. "Enjoy that for me and stay alive alright" They clasped hands and patted each other on the back. "You too. The unit is going to miss your crazy ass" "Ha I am the normal one. The rest of ya'll are weird" He waved as he took his seat on the shuttle waiting patiently as it began to pull off from the station before reaching into his faded desert fatigue trousers and pulling another bottle he had fastened to the back of his calf along with a cigar. With a long drink and a heavy puff he put his hands behind his head. "Wonder what I got thrown into to?"
  9. The games lifespan is across five years so your going to be waiting awhile for all the dlc. So far I haven't found anything wrong with the game. With your wait till the last patch comment the game is completely online so there will never be a last patch lol. What negative comments have you heard. I myself have heard a lot but it's mostly from people who the style of the game is just not for them or somebody figured out a trick before them and progressed farther in the game. Most of the ones I have heard are just your normal everyday whiners but I am interested in what comments you have heard
  10. Been playing Bungie's newest creation since it came out and to be honest I love the game as do most of my friends. So far I haven't seen anything really wrong with the game and the stuff I feel like needs to be changed Bungie has already announced that they will. I told one of my friends about it and he blew up on me saying it was the worst game ever invented and this and that. As the debate went on between us he even deleted me off of his friends list. (Thus in turn made me laugh so hard I cried) I have also had a few other people tell me the game is going to fail and it's a piece of **** game but they never actually spoke their point as to why. So this is my question cause I am dying to know. Do you like or hate Destiny and why
  11. Destiny for the ps4 and ps3 Psn is MaelstromEternal See you at the tower
  12. lvl 28 on destiny finally

  13. Recently been playing DESTINY and got to say Bungie did an amazing job with this game. I have lost so much sleep to it running with the clan trying to get better gear and take on harder challenges. Currently trying to get geared up to start taking on the nightfall strike while I try to get this new exotic weapon bounty done I have heard a lot of people talk bad about it but I have no clue what they see is wrong with it. I currently along with most of my friends on Playstation have been on this game nonstop trying to get to the top event though I have heard it is ridiculously hard. I can't wait
  14. Xionis ran his hands slowly over the edges of the massive hole in the building then crouched down taking a closer look at the debris littered on the floor. "By the way the debris are, whatever it was made its entrance this way" "Guess he didn't want to squeeze through the door" Garrick commented causing Xionis to smirk. "Guess not." He took a step inside surveying the damage that had been wrought internally. Whatever it was had throughly wrecked the place. Tables over turned, equipment smashed, very few things had been left intact He carefully made his way through the mess looking for any clues or anything salvageable but whatever had done this didn't leave much. He stopping noticing a glimmer of light among on of the piles. He fished it out finding an access card. "Here" He tossed it over his shoulder. "Good find. Help us check every inch of this place" "Unless he made more holes in the wall" "True true. He really did a number on this place" He let out a whistle. "Or it was something else" Xionis remarked Garrick just shrugged. "You know you could look on the bright side of things for once. Your gonna destroy my morale" He rummaged through another pile. "Simply stating fact" He retorted dryly. "Well your fact..." He went silent as a metal ping was heard across the lobby causing both men to have their guns out in a second and aimed in on the direction of the noise. "What do you think that was?" "Not our target. He would make quite a bit more noise due to his..." "Yeah yeah...let's just skip the facts " They advanced on noise slowly weapons never lowering, when they were about five steps away a small six legged furry rodent came scrambling out of a can and ran off into the shadows. "Damn rodents...."He paused looking at Xionis. "So you sure that wasn't our target" He threw out sarcastically. Xionis didn't bother to answer when another noise made itself known from deeper inside the complex. "That one sounded bigger" "Could be our target. Or a bigger rodent" Garrick redrew his pistol narrowing his eyes at Xionis. "After we catch this guy, we got to do something about you sense of humor" Xionis assembled three pieces of his weapon system forming his plasma shotgun, lights on it glowing a bright blue before dimming back down. "Shall we?" He motioned to the hallway in the back from where the sound originated with the muzzle of his gun. Garrick regarded the hallway with a grim look. Flickers of light could be seen in the shadows meaning that some of the lights were broken. "Go down the creepy hallway of flickering towards the train to investigate a noise that came from something we have no clue what it is or about..." He readied his pistol towards the hallway. "Sure why the hell not" The two men advanced forward, Xionis crouching over slightly, the stock his weapon in his shoulder moving in an almost gliding motion. Who knew what waited for them.
  15. destiny is out. I got it for ps3. hit me up

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      Hey, what's your PSN? Mine is white-pikmin.

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      MaelstromEternal. I will add you when I get off work. Just got a clan going too

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