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  1. Anime

    Haven't seen it, but I love Ghibli films (who doesn't? ^^) so if the CaNz compares it to those, I will definitely check it out!
  2. How are you dooooing?! ^.^

    1. CaNz


      How you doin? ;J

      ~Joey Tribbiani

  3. Gaming

    I have a +3 to Wisdom but a +8 to Cunning so: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Knights+of+pen+and+paper ð??¬ It's a fun rpg based on ie DnD.
  4. Discuss

    What do RP people like least? God modders right? I thought about an RPG where you are allowed to post as and influence every character EXCEPT your own. So you sign up as a character you will never use! What do you guys think? I think it would be fun and ironic.
  5. Art

    I love puzzles!!! :D 
  6. Gaming

    Nope, sorry! But I did play Knights of Pen & Paper so I now know a lot of inside jokes, I guess? ^^;;;
  7. I'm glad you had the strength to pull yourself out. :) Not everybody does; or even the wisdom to realise the strength is needed. If that makes sense. XD
  8. Gaming

      Haha that reminded me of Shadow Warrior, one of the best games to come out in the past few years, IMO! :D   [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNBAfpJc30Y[/media]
  9. Writing

    Thanks for your replies! :D I think your assessments make sense!
  10. Music

    That was so strange. `'^_^   Really?! omg I want to see them so bad!
  11. Writing

    Here is another one!   silent rumble   kick in the silent thunder wait for the flashes splashes - my vision  a blur and my limbs afreezing, my speech just a mumble a slur but my eyes aflame no rain will tame these kick in the thunder silent but strong and know that I'm ready to rumble.
  12. Sounds cool! Congratulations!
  13. Art

    I loved this one most of all! It looks so cool. Great colors. :) 
  14. Writing

      I love how clear of an image I get from this poem! Great job! :D
  15. Writing

    Hi, here's one of my shorter poems! Hope you guys like it. C&C welcome :D   #150125   depleted, defeated reduced obsolete had life on the line but turned on your TV