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  1. so anyone know which is the strongest? is it yugis( probably since hes the main char) so do ya know which is the strongest?
  2. I am wondering if people can give me some insight on what some of these different names are of the half animal half human, or it might not be halfs but maybe as humans dressed with cat ears, or fox ears...but I am wondering about a specific one, what the name for a fox/human is. Any others would be needed also if you can provide them. Also I think I know a cat/human is called neko, correct? I honestly am not for sure if this is the place where this belongs, but I appologize early if it is not. Love, Kaola
  3. I would say :cool: Van is the better pilot seeing that he's been in countless battles, where is life was in danger. He has that killer instinct, where as Bit fights againts opponents who are not trying to kill plus he's never had any real training when it comes on to zoid piloting. As for Van he has had the best military training... What do you think?
  4. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]Oddly enough, I was planning this before [B]Revy's[/B] threads in the other categories ^^;; This one's different, though. Let's talk about what we're watching or reading. You can make a list or just talk about a thing or two. My main goal with this is that we will discuss all sorts of series outside of what we normally discuss and to open more people up to more shows/manga. This is a place for postin every time you start a show or watch an episode or buy something. Many of the shows I was watching last month or am supposed to be watching now, I haven't gotten to yet this month ^^;; since the list would be enormous if I went for all them, I'm only conting the ones I've watced since the first. Firstly, I just marathoned [B]Genshiken[/B] two days ago with my brother. I wasn't sure how good it will be since the first two episodes weren't nearly as good as their mnga counterparts, but the show really picked up later and wound up being completely amazing. There were some absolutely hilarious scenes and some that were just fun to see. I definitely look forward to the second season starting this fall. I got to see the first DVD of [B]Gunsinger Girl[/B] yesterday, which is interesting. The first 2 episdes seemed rather disappointing, but then the net three were great. I like the humble feel of the anime where the manga sometimes seems less relaxed, even when it tries to be. I watched [B]PaniPoni Dash[/B] first 10 episodes, and it's good enough that I might go for the rest of the DVDs very soon. I'm mad that [B]Bestbuy[/B] only ever has volumes 2 and 4 >_> I also started with DVD one of[B] Coyote Ragtime Show [/B]- the only of [B]UFOTable's[/B] magic trio to have made its way overseas. It's managed to be consistently entertaining thus far, so I'll definitely buy te rest. The only problem is finding somewhere that carries the vol. 2 + box. I've also got the first volume of [B]Mushishi[/B] which I will be watching later today, though I already saw this part watching fansubs. The pacaging of the box and the DVD are breathtaking. Probably my favorite box beside Haruhi. Rounding off DVDs I will be buying [B]Air[/B] in a cople of days. I might also be rewatching some of my other complete series like [B]Boogiepop Phantom[/B], [B]Lain[/B], or [B]Kino's Journey[/B]... About 4 days ago, my house was equipped with cable to replace our satellite and we now get the [B]Funimation Network[/B], so I've started leaving it on at all times and watching some of the stuff making the rounds. The only show I've been recording and making special effort to view at it's times is [B]His and Her Circumstances[/B], which, within 3 episodes, has proven itself to be to most amazing shoujo ever. I can't wait to see it through. Oddly enough, both of my brothers' favorite anime are being shown on this channel: [B]Hare + Guu[/B] and [B]Detective Conan[/B], so those should keep them busy at times. I managed to record the first episode of [B]Kiddy Grade[/B] when it came around, so I'll be checking that out as well. I've also found some of the random episodes of shows I've seen to be entertaining. [B]Kodocha[/B] seems like a hilarious wacky comedy that I'm willing to let stay on. Finally, there's the fansubs. I haven't had time to get to this much at all this month, what with having bought so many DVDs right after getting internet back. The one show that is a definite is [B]Zero no Tsukaima[/B], which my brother and I have been watching together and he's a big fan. I've also been, of course, watching [B]Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei[/B] - the best show evar. Baccano! I watched the first episode of and I'm not sure if the second is around yet, but I'll check it out when I can. I also absolutely need to hurry and find time to finish [B]Hidamari Sketch[/B]. Not only i it one of my favorite shows, but it gets some kind of special this fall! I'm also trying to get time to watch [B]Manabi Sraight [/B]with my brothers since I never finished it myself, and it's a truly amazing show, not to mention one of the three magic OFUTable shows. For manga, there are several things I am simply waiting for the next release of [B]Hayate the Combat Butler[/B] needs volume 4 out, and [B]Gunslinger Girl[/B] needs volume 5. Gunslinger Girl is currently my favorite manga - the brand of storytelling is simply superb. Also, Mushishi volume 2 came out just recently, and this time had a couple of stories I hadn't watched yet in the anime, which is nice. I've also picked up [B]Venus Versus Virus [/B]volume one, which is one of those that you really need two volumes to decide, but volume 2 hasn't come out yet. There's also [B]Welcome to the NHK[/B] which I'd be buying a lot faster if I was 18! Also, I'm thinking of ordering all three volumes of [B]ROBOT[/B] which were on sale at this website for 10 bucks apiece. A monster deal... Oh! And [B]Grave of the Fireflies[/b] comes on at 8, which I've only seen half of.[/COLOR]
  5. It's just a Feel of what I want to create. Hope You Guys Like it :)
  6. Enjoy Beautiful Anime Scenes on this Beautiful Song 'Stay' by 'Hurts'.
  7. [color=#9933ff][font=lucida calligraphy]I was home from work today and decided to unearth my Gundam Wing Endless Waltz VHS (yes... VHS :animeswea ) and got into it again. I watched the whole thing- I didn't even think about fast forwarding through Relena's incesant talking. So that got me thinking what older anime do you enjoy or have you enjoyed? Maybe it's one that got you started on anime or something that you still watch. For me another anime that stuck with me, besides Gundam Wing is Sailor Moon. I started watching the crappy DiC dub back in High school and my biology lab partner and I used to write fanfictions instead of notes. Yet for some reason we always managed to pass our labs and quizzes. I still have some of the comics and my mini Sailor Jupiter doll. Come to think of it, I think I still have a few DVDs. Maybe I;ll watch it tomorrow. So who else wants to share?[/color][/font]
  8. This is an Anime Memories Video [AMV].It's about memories of anime that this amv 'll be keeping for us. It's a Short one...I actually am' working on a main Project, but it 'll be taking time.So I made this one so that People can see it till another one releases.It took almost a day but it was Fun.This one is in HD. I was able to Provide this amv in HD since it's Short. So comment, more importantly Suggest and most importantly Spread. [Share Your Projects to Continue the Thread]
  9. Hey Guys! What is your favorite opening theme in an anime? which one really gets you motivated to get out there or anything else?   check out this top 25 best anime opening theme list here! http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/retroretro/view/337083/   Comment on the otaku or here and let us know what you think! :)
  10. So a good friend of mine made a top 10 list of best and worse female and males in an anime harem.   I wanted to help him get the words out as this is very well written. check it out! and don't forget to comment and let us know what you think :)   Top 10 worse types of males in a harem: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/retroretro/view/336761/   top 10 worse types of females in a harem: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/retroretro/view/336799/   Top 10 best types of males in a harem: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/retroretro/view/336826/   top 10 best females in a harem: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/retroretro/view/336842/
  11. [SIZE="1"]From the Affable, to the Card-Carrying, to the Omnicidal there are always villains out there that we can't help but secretly (and not so secretly) root for as they go about their dastardly deeds. Whether it's down to the way their latest Xanatos Gambit leaves you in awe of their strategic acumen, or their combat prowess at having left the hero without a leg to stand on, or even just the way they've developed as characters there's always something about them that draws out our support when really we should be cheering for the protagonist. So, which villains make you smile when they waltz back onto the screen ? And more importantly, why ? Seeing as it's hardly fair for me to ask people a question without giving an opinion of my own first I'm going to nominated [B]Gundam 00[/B]'s [B]Ali Al-Saachez[/B]. An admitted utter monster with no regard for the lives of his fellow human beings, nor regret for the lives he's destroyed in the past Ali lives first and foremost to fight and cause as much mayhem as possible because, simply put, it's fun for him. So why do I cheer for Ali when he shows up, especially when [spoiler]he killed my favourite character Lockon Stratos[/spoiler] ? Because he's so unrepentantly badass in everything he does, he exudes charisma and in a series with far too many characters with sticks up their ***** (at least in series one) Ali is just in it for the lulz and the cash. Then of course there was this vid which just cemented my loyalty to the Cult of Ali. [CENTER][YOUTUBE="Prince Ali, Mighty is He."]dIj56Rssy-0[/YOUTUBE] [/SIZE][/CENTER]
  12. iv'e only recently started watching anime iv'e seen quite a few but i need some recommendation for some new things
  13. Ok, so I've watched anime along the lines of D-Fragments, school rumble, the world god only knows, durarara(in progress), toradora etc etc, so you can probably like school comedy anime, I also like bright colors, art is super important to me in an anime, got any suggestions? Then if you would also recommend some of your favorite horror ones! Oh btw plz no yaio or yuri, thx.
  14. Hello everyone! I am here to announce Animethon 22 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada running from August 7 - 9 2015.  Animethon is Canada's longest running Japanese Animation themed festival held annually in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. We have expanded our focus beyond screening anime and now also include voice actor guests from North America, musical acts from North America and Japan, improvisation groups, as well as various related activities such as gaming, costume contests, and more.  For more information, please visit http://www.animethon.org/
  15. [COLOR=#eeeeff][COLOR=black]List all the female characters in Japanese Animation (Anime) and/or Japanese Comics (Manga) you find are the most hot-looking of all Anime/Manga females. It can be from any Anime/Manga of any decade of release. Make sure to write next to each character's name in [/COLOR][COLOR=black]brackets, the title of the Anime/Manga she's from.[/COLOR]/Manga she's from.[/COLOR]
  16. Ever come across an anime/manga that was so far away from your usual sphere of interests that you wound up enjoying anyway? Â I've come across a few of these in my time. Â Here's a short list: [b]Spice & Wolf[/b] - Not much going on in this series in the way of the knock-down, drag-out action sequences that usually get my blood pumping. Â The fact that the male lead is a merchant instead of a warrior is a refreshing change of pace but his journey into the corrupt underbelly of Old World business practices goes totally against my grain. Â Yet for some reason I really enjoy this series. Â I think it's due mostly in part to the lovely leading lady that puts the Wolf in Spice & Wolf. Â Following Holo on her journey across the country with Lawrence has become an unexpected guilty pleasure of mine. [b]Kino's Journey[/b] - Gulliver's Travels Meets Anime. Â That's the only way I can describe this series. Â What I can't describe is why I have come to adore it so much. Â There's just something about the series' introspective look into some of mankind's quirks that just appeals to me. Â Kino herself is so likable as a character as well. Â I truly envy her freedom sometimes and wish I could just up and leave my mundane life behind and travel the world like she does. Â On the other hand...... [b]Mushishi[/b] - ......I probably wouldn't want to travel the world where Ginko plies his trade. Â Those Mushi are just plain creepy. Â But watching this series from the safety of my home is a relaxing experience. Â Mushishi is, to put it simply, a beautiful series. Â The art and music are outstanding and the individual storylines are like a peaceful island in a sea of catgirls, giant robots and badass samurai. Â Watching Mushishi is a good way to unwind when I need a change of pace. [b]Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro[/b] - It's sad but must of you have probably never even heard of this manga. Â I'd explain to you what it's about but that's a little hard to do. Â There's something about a girl named Kuro trying to track down a witch before the curse that said witch placed upon her ends her life but, for the most part, the series just follows Kuro and her companions around from one town to the next. Â It's a slice-of-life sort of series. Â Each chapter stands alone and might consist of nothing more than Kuro sharing a cup of tea with a new friend. Â It's a whimsical series that, for some reason, I can't put down.
  17. So I stumbled across this old 13 episode anime by watching a top 5 craziest anime characters video. Oddly enough I don't even think Hamdo was the craziest person in that anime.   Anyways the old school, cartoony animation and the optimistic nature of Shu hides the terribly dark subject matter. I was pretty sad through the series, not because of what I was watching but the real events that this was inspired by.   If you haven't seen it and don't mind being depressed about how scummy humans are, you should watch it. [spoiler]If you already saw it there are things I'd like to talk about. Firstly... the reason why I liked the show. I like how mostly whats wrong with the world is blameless. Hamdo is insane, but he either can't help his mental illness or was corrupted by power. Both of these things happen all the time. The people following him were cowards or sympathisers. both of these things also happen. The opposition were greif stricken or people attempting to defend themselves.   The only real evil things here are he people who gave Hando his power.  Abelia's loyalty and skill keeps Hando from self destructing years too late.  She lets him die, but at that point his dream and empire was dead. Her insane devotion to Hamdo is the sole reason any of these events happen... but is loyalty so wrong? Lala-Ru and her water powers save Shu... but she fuels Hamdo's invasion plans. its impossible to say what happens if she never got involved... but its likely that Hamdo would never be able to control the world, and assasins would eventually succeed. Lala-Ru never wanted to come though. Is her existance her fault? I really just end up hating how scared and corrupted we humans can become.   On a different note.. in the episode where Sarah tries to abort her baby, Shu stops it and forces her to keep it. The english dubbed translation doesn't seem to match at all. I wondered if that was because Americans could relate to Sarah and dislike Shu for telling her what to do. [/spoiler]
  18. Did everyone stop caring about this series or did I just miss the hype-train. I didn't know it even came out, let alone its friggen amazing! Anyways I am on episode 8 so I gotta jump back in... I'll post more when I am done,
  19. NOT Soul Eater   this review has some general spoilers   This anime drove me a bit insane. I loved the original Soul Eater, and the atmosphere and world it took place in but NOT was different. I was totally tricked when I watched it. The original started off as a creepy action anime, and when things got dark I really was into it. NOT however started off as a super cute and pretty funny slice of life anime using the awesome SE setting. When it got dark I was thrown for a loop.   When you have a mood set for happy, childhood friendship building and self advancement, taking those same characters and throwing them into hell is just crule. I kinda put this in the same catagory as Madoka, But less constant dispare and slightly less brutal (Both shows made me have to pause and leave just to process what was shown at times.)   With that said, anything able to draw out that kinda emotion has got to be a fantastic story. I really liked it, even if it tugged to hard on the heartstrings at times.
  20. I think this is the best non-Ghibli anime movie I have seen so far. I liked the story, characters, (especially Porta, the real hero) and the cool setting. I guess maybe it is Ghibli like in terms of tone and an overbearing moral lesson being crammed into our heads... but I was happy to have a break from globy Ghibli tears.   If any of you saw it,what did you think? What is your favorite non-Ghibli movie?
  21. Hello everyone,   I am posting on behalf of Playing Grounded Puzzles, a start up toy company in Pennsylvania.  We are currently in the process of starting a Kickstarter for unique artwork, photography, and anime to be produced as 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles!  We're undertaking this very unique and fun endeavor to license so many artworks and bring them into fans' homes in a fresh and affordable way. We are working on gaining rights for a few anime artworks to be featured (can't disclose which ones quite yet ;) ). Why am I posting here?  Well, we are interested in gaining as much feedback before we launch the Kickstarter.  We would love to know where you, the dedicated fans, stand on such an idea?  Would you be interested in puzzles or do you think it's a silly idea?  Any specific series you would want to see as a puzzle?  Would you be interested in backing this if we launch the Kickstarter?   Feel free to throw any ideas or feedback you have this way.  Your input is very much appreciated!!   While there is no anime up on the site yet, it will be in the coming weeks so please check back. :D   Thank you very much!   www.playinggroundedpuzzles.com -Zak
  22. Guest

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    I'm wondering if any of you watch it. I just finished watching episode 7 and damned if it didn't make me cry.... So anybody into this particular anime as much as me? From what I've seen so far this anime is incredible. The character development, plot and artwork are great. If you haven't seen it yet...then get busy!
  23. I am absolutely in love with all things Death Note. I could talk for hours about the anime and live action movies. I have NOT read the manga. That's my Christmas wish. Just watched L: Change the World, for probably the twentieth time. Now watching The Last Name again. So... I want to start a new conversation about anything whatsoever having to do with Death Note. First thing on my mind... WHO'S COOLER / SEXIER.... REM OR RYUK? (That's a 2 part question.] IMO, Rem is cooler. More empathetic and concerned with the welfare of others. Ryuk is so sexy. He's got "tall, dark, and handsome" nailed. Death Note fans, spam your thoughts here.
  24. I've been out of the anime loop for a couple of years, Some suggestions would be a nice place to start re-wallowing in it. ^.^
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