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  1. Name: Bardock II Age: 25 Clan: Bardock Bio: First son of Bardock I, he was named after his father. He is a middle class warrior like his father. Hopes he will inherit the clan when his father dies. Appearance: looks like Bardock. Powerlevel: 6,000
  2. Oh Super Sayian before i forget why are Elite Sayians have less power levels than the rest.
  3. NName: Ryu Age: 25 Race: Saiyan Appearance: Sayian class: Second Power Level: 12,900
  4. A friend asked me this and i didn't know i was hoping someone here would know.
  5. Why can't you wish someone back where you want it would be much easier
  6. He looks pretty small so i've been wondering what are is he
  7. Was it: Piccolo Vegeta Trunks Goku Gohan Gotenks
  8. [i]The guys see a four Triad fish vans driving across the bridge[/i] Vinny: Lets follow'em Davy start the car. [i]They start following the vans over into Kenji's parking lot of his casino.[/i] Davy: Alan, Vinny waht are they doing. Vinny: it looks like they're making a deal. Alan: go way with ya. Vinny: lets go back to Joey and tell him this. [i]They go back to Saint Marks and tell him.[/i]
  9. Name: Ryu Age: 11 Height: 5'2 Year: 1st House: Pet: Cat Pet name: Des Bio: Ryu has three older brothers and his father was a teacher at hogwarts and his mother died when he was only five. Appearance: black hair Personality: Good humor and sometimes surious. He doesn't like Malfoy very much. Quidditch Specialty: Chaser
  10. Maron doesn't need any power anyway
  11. [color=red]I'd say Vegeta is too cocky and always thinks he can beat eveyone.[/color]
  12. [color=red][i]Jin is walking down by a stream and sees a Totodile.[/i] Jin: Go! Dratini, Dratini wrap [i]Totodile jumps into the air[/i] Jin: Oh this Totodile is a good one, go Dratini thundershock. [i]Totodile is hit full blast with the thundershock and it falls to the ground, it gets up.[/i] Jin: OK slam it while it's on the ground. [i]Dratini jumps and slams right on it[/i] Jin: OK now pokéball go. [i]The ball hits Totdile, there's a struggle but it is too injurded to resist any more and Totodile is captured.[/i] Jin: Yes one more pokémon for me.
  13. I hear the Triforce is the master energy and can kill people just by the click of your finger. As I said what does it do???
  14. [color=red]Name: Jin Age: 14 Height: 5'2 Hometown: Blackthorn Bio: Like Lance trained in blackthorn and really likes dragon types. Description: Dresses like Lance and looks like young Obi-Wan. Personality: He loves battling but more so winning gets on well with people Starter: dratini Level: 5 Personality: Aggressive, very aggressive :devil:[/color]
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