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    I'm 5'0 shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, slim, i'm very messed up in the head
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    Sales clerk at Wal-Mart
  1. Stitch

    Art sumthing new to me

    :D Yeah i spent a lot of time on the picture. However i still think the front bangs are a bit warped :p
  2. Stitch

    Art sumthing new to me

    Well i have been drawing for a long time and yet i have never had the guts to post a picture of any type up on the boards, so here goes. For those of you who recgonize this picture yes it is not original i'm pretty sure this picture came from angel sanctuary. However i wanted a copy to put on my wall so i re-drew a large scale thats about 1 metre x 1 metre. However my mother liked it so much she wanted a copy for her wall at work so i did a normal scale version of the picture...again... and this time around i think i did a really good job altogether (well i did have a lot of practise didn't i ;) ) so yeah i know its not original or anything but i have been re-drawing other pepoples work just to get a feel of different styles and techniqques so don't kill me over it i do have a lot of original stuff but i hate all of it :p Stitch
  3. Stitch

    Piercings and Tattoos!

    The way i see it, its your body you should be able to modify it and decorate it to your desire. The body is beautiful and all your doing is giving your statement to the world when you get piercings and tattoos. However with a tattoo or piercing there are a lot of consequences. So my opinion is its your body do what you want with it just be aware of what could go wrong with something. I mean i myslef have 12 piercings all in my ears just little studs and hoops nothing major. I have one tattoo below my bikini line where no one but me can see. it was a personal tattoo that i got for me becasue i wanted to leave my mark on my body so i put it there. Alos its very descreet so no one can judge me for it. i don't know there are a lot of different opinions on tattoos and piercings i say do wht ya want with your life because it is YOUR life ultimatly. stitch
  4. haha i'm grateful to just cross the street most people around here don't even stop to let ppl cross the street so when someone does you tend to be more grateful rather the freak out cuz they want youto walk a little faster. its really all in how you analyze the situation i mean the persons spouse could be dying of a heart attackat the hospital and they need to get there to hear thier last words and here you are strolling across the road at a snails pace while thier most loved one is dying... I'd be more then a lil peeved off if i was the person in the car in this situation and then when they honk the horn to get you to hurry up ... you procced to flip them off cuss them out or pull down your drawers... jeez no offense but i seriously would run over you! Then again you have the ******** that can't be patient. stitch
  5. Stitch

    First Date, First Kiss.

    My first kiss was actually a umm lol 3 weeks ago. well the first kiss that mattered there was all that stupid kiddie stuff but i can't remeber half of it :p Anyway, Yes it was with my current boyfriend DJ (We've been going out for about 4 months now) and he had just eaten a cherry starburst and we were sitting out on my deck star gazing and he just sort of leaned over and kissed me and the whole cherry tasting thing was very interesting :blush: and yeah he carressed my cheek it was so incredably sweet! He is a very good kisser from what i can tell there was no tonsil pulling or voice box removal or... ripping of the face things lol no it was very enjoyable... but then again he is experienced! stitch
  6. you need hate in order to know how to love, you need jealousy to learn how to trust, you need fustration to fully acknowledge peace you need emptiness to be able to understand what it is to be full you need boredom to make the fun time funner. well that only sums up a few... but i think no emption should be erased from human exsistence... its not right i couldn't really pick an emotion and go with it so i basically can't answer the inital question. Stitch
  7. I VOTE FOR JUU SHE IS SO COOL AND PRETTY!!!... hehehe that and i want her to share her marshymellows with me :D stitch
  8. Stitch

    Lies! All Lies!

    my best friend told me she had sex with this guy i kow but i don't belive her because one she is kinda young and 2 i was in the house with her when she supposedly did it.... she told me they did it while i was taking a shower.... which is like about 3 mins long cuz i can't stand water and then when i came out she was walking down the hall with piece of toast.... stitch and yes you should definatly confront your friend about lying because if you don't you be wondering forever!
  9. Stitch

    Music that "fits" you

    DUDE i totally forgot about my 2 favorite songs although they are relly sorta angry and stuff i have to say that they fit me really well Disturbed- the game Disturbed- stupifyed and most of all Disturbed- down with the sickness thats all i have and can think of but i love the verse "Drowning deep in my sea of loathing Broken your servant I kneel It seems what's left of my human side Is slowly changing in me Looking at my own reflection When suddenly it changes Violently it changes (oh no) There is no turning back now You've woken up the demon in me " its an amazing song except for the last part of it which is kinda freaky stitch
  10. Stitch

    Music that "fits" you

    wonderful - everclear to where you are - josh groban thats all i can think of the first one for obvious reasons and then the second one for my best friend who died last year stitch
  11. Stitch

    Jackass the Movie

    offroad tattoo.... need i say more .. no lol those guys are mentally insane tho i think johnny knoxville left didn't he?
  12. Stitch

    Most Influential Person in your Life

    my brother.... thats all i have to say my brother is the only reason i'm still here
  13. hehe this IS a funny topic! When i was about 5 years old i went downstairs early on christmas morning and opened my presents. I didn't wake up my parents because i didn't want to upset them by waking them up so early. Anyway i opened up a package of playdough and there was brown playdough inside and i though that it was poop so i tryed to flush it down the toilet, and it got stuck and the toilet started flooding so i just went back to bed and when i woke up again my whole bathroom was flooded... needless to say i was in serious trouble with my folks >.
  14. Stitch


    If something makes me mad i usually put on a fake smile walk away from the situation and pound the living poop out of my boxing bag. Though sometimes i can't control my self and i'll go all freaky like... heh thats usually around the time my dad throws me into a freezing cold shower clothes and all so i can cool off and take a good laugh at getting soaked. Everyone has different ways of dealing with rage. Your running is your way of dealing and thats cool .... maybe i should try that sometime hehehe:D Stitch
  15. Stitch

    Is anyones parents divorced?

    My parents just filed for divorce last month ... it suxs and i can't get over it though i think it will better without all the fighting going on around here anymore but i'll miss my dad like crazy he's moving to a different contry :bawl: stitch