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  1. Although I realise most of those shows are just really lame, I have to say that I enjoy watching them. It's just a bit of life entertainment and because of the latest craze of Reality shows there's not much else to watch! Thanx everyone who mentioned a show I will add it to my list.
  2. Lately i have become totally addicted to Reality TV. I watch any (reality TV) show that comes on! Last night I missed one and I started crying in front of the TV. I was uncontrollable for about 10 mins, until I realised that the TV Guide had an error and I hadn't actually missed the show! lol But anyway who else loves reality TV? What are your favs? I love Survivor, Average Joe, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, What not to wear, My Restaurant Rules, The Simple Life, Meet my folks, Queer Eye - for the straight guy, The amazing Race....heaps! I'm making a list. Can you help me. I'm do
  3. My BF will kill me if I didn't like Linkin Park! lol Just kidding. I like Linkin Park, I think their music is really good. I like to play it really loud! Their music does get a little repetitive though, the sounds are really similiar so I could never go out and buy the album for myself (I bought it for my BF). I like to have my music varied. If it's on the radio I'll really get into it though. I like Numb. Most people seem to like that song...even my 8 yr old sister agrees with me and we don't normally agree on music!
  4. mmm...coffe candy. We get this kind of coffee candy called kopiko. It's yum! Next best thing if you can't carry a coffee round with you. Me and my friends are thinking of putting a petition into school at the head office to have coffee available to students, not just the teachers.
  5. My first job was babysitting the kids down the road when I was 9 years old and i've been babysitting ever since. Then I got a job gardening in a company with friend when I was 12 or 13. I started waitressing last year and making frangipanni leis to sell at the airport but I think my first REAL job I started last year at the Telecentre. It's a customer service job and I get $7:00 an hour. I'm still in that job and loving it. Plus I've managed to keep babysitting, frangipanni leis and waitressing etc. as well. I'm a busy girl! lol
  6. I didn't read through all the posts (yes guilty as charged) but it seems that many of you just dismiss it as the fact that her friend were just having "a bad day". Though that can be the case, 9/10 people feel this way regularly and almost everyone is excluded at least once in their life. If you are feeling this way, exluded and left out by your friends and not appreciated you are not alone. You can start by telling your friends how you feel. Try in a casual way or make a joke of it at first - you don't want to sound like you're feeling sorry for yourself or you're blaming them because t
  7. I want an expresso/cappuccino machine 4 my birthday! Yesterday I had my first black cup of coffee at da beach coz the person who offered it didn't bring milk. It was alright but I definitely preferr it white. I kinda cheated though. It tasted pretty good coz I dropped a piece of toblerone chocloate into it. Yum! Try it it's good!
  8. Actually I have just started to learn french myself off of a French tutorial site. So far I only know a few basic phrases but i'm working on it. Your school sounds really interesting. I would like that I think. I am thinking about going on French Exchange in Year 12. Should be lots of fun.
  9. Hey. That hasn't started here yet. It starts in Feb. I've seen the previews though and it looks really funny. It's about a young beautiful girl and she goes on this show thinking it will be like "The Bachelorette" but she gets stuck with all these average looking guys instead of the hot ones she was expecting. I can't wait to watch it. I love bad TV. lol Isn't it only an Australian show?
  10. mmm...coffee. Yum! Am I the only one that takes it literally when it says to grab a warm cup of coffee for the otaku lounge? I always go make myself one! I like lattes, mochas and frappaccino's! yum, yum! Get a shot of hazelnut or caramel in ur latte to make it taste extra yummy.
  11. haha I am such a disney freak. My fav movies are; The Lion King: I just love the way it was animated, the music and the powerful message. Plus it's funny - or at least it was when I was 5... Aladdin: How could you not like Aladdin? It's awesome. I like the little monkey friend of his. Beauty and the beast: This one's probably my favourite. All time classic disney movie! Pirates of the Caribbean: Newest one. Can't get enough of it! Yep I love Disney movies...but that said I really don't like Peter Pan or Cinderella! Ugh!
  12. I started scrapbooking and then cleaned my room and forgot about it! I haven't done it since, simply because I ran out of time!
  13. I dont like Evanescence at all. Quite frankly They produce songs that make me want to go and slit my wrists. I can't stand it when "Bring me to life" or woteva it's called gets played on the radio. But that's just my opinion. I know plenty of people who love the band.
  14. I love Blink 182 and I bought the album about 3 weeks ago. my fav songs are "Always" and "Down" and "Go". My boyfriend likes "Feeling this". It apparently reminds him of me. I don't get it coz the whole song is about sex. Is he trying to send me a hidden message here? hehe I actually like all the songs on the CD heaps except "The fallen interlude". I don't think that should've been included on the album. All in all a great CD though. Recommend it!
  15. I just had to answer this stupid question. My favorite car is a Lime Green VW beetle. The new beetles rock! Actually I like another car better but I can't remember what it's called...I'm not very good with cars coz I'm such a girly girl! heh
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