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    I'm a unique girl with many levels. I'd love to make friends here, so PM me, or IM me (but if you do IM me, just say that you're from OB, and it'll be cool).
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  1. Minako

    Speaking of Food

    Wow, I haven't been here for over a year :animeswea... but I'll post this here, because I really like this recipe! [U][B]Salmon BLT's[/B][/U] I had this at a restaurant once, and I loved it so much that I make them all the time! [B]Ingredients[/B] 1 Salmon Fillet -- any will do. I'll often use the frozen, individually packed ones from Sam's Club. I personally like ones that have been seasoned/marinated a bit. Sometimes they can be thick, so I'll cut them in half width-wise (-->take the knife, insert it from the side and cut it in half) 1 Tomato, sliced 2 whole strips of Bacon (who doesn't like bacon??) 1 piece of Lettuce 2 slices Whole Wheat bread Some Mayo [B]Preparation[/B] This is a very flexible recipe, you can make them however you like! Today we didn't have lettuce, so we didn't use it. *shrug* I usually stack it in the order I'll mention, but it really doesn't matter. I've also seen this made with scallops (surf and turf blt's, on the Today show this morning!). Fry up the Salmon to your liking (we usually leave it a little raw in the middle, since it cooks itself a bit). Toast the bread in a toaster, and layer on the mayo, lettuce, salmon, tomato slices, and bacon on the bottom half of the bread, put on the top and PRESTO! You have a yummy Salmon BLT!
  2. So, I'm a daughter of a breeder, so I've been around dogs *literally* my entire life. We first had two fox terriers, and we ended up giving the other one away (they didn't get along anymore or something) but what I remember of the one we had, Nette, is when she was really old (like blind,deaf, can barely walk anymore old). She was quite the "whipper snapper" and I loved her to death. I was 14 when she died, she was 18 and a half ha ha! However, my mom started breeding Giant Schnauzers when I was very young, getting our first one when I was about 3 or 4. He was a loveable guy, and then we got Paavo (my all time favorite of our dogs, EVER) though his life was cut short by cancer. We've had many Giants since then, but now my mom is also breeding Miniature Schnauzers. The first one we ever got was also my first dog of my own, Lissu. She's still alive and kicking at 9 years old! I have to say that for my favorite breed, it would have to be [B]Giant Schnauzers[/B]. Yes, they are big, black, with beards, and often cropped ears. Many people can be afraid of them, but they are really "gentle giants." (forgive the pun) The thing is with this breed is that they were designed to be working dogs, bred to protect their owner's farms in Germany (also some herding..a farm dog!), so they may not be the best dog for a first time owner, but they just hold a special place in my heart. And so does my mini, lissu!! They are REALLY smart, and have SUCH a sense of humor! I hate to be frank, but I really don't like most of the dogs you guys have mentioned. You see, I worked at a "doggy day care" for two summers, and you see a wide variety of breeds working at such a place. You also see the downsides of having such breeds. (I honestly do NOT like labradors. there ARE cool ones, but there aren't very many in the normal, everyday population. They just aren't that smart.) That job really sucked, it was the worst one I've ever had. Sorry guys!
  3. Minako

    Valentines Day. What will you do?

    I will be doing nothing. I personally [B]dread[/B] the holiday. It's overly commercialized and makes us single people feel bad. I actually got a boyfriend on Valentine's day two years ago, so it kind of ruined it now that I don't have a significant other on that day. Last year I went to a concert (John Mayer) and this year, I'll be preparing for a study abroad to China on the 16th. A guy friend from another forum promised to send me a Valentine's day e-card, and to "keep me company" but it's just not the same since he lives on the opposite side of the continent.*sigh* Like Sandy said, in Finland it's "Friend's Day," which I think is a MUCH better idea. Yeah, I hate this commercial holiday. Happy *early* Single's Awareness Day!
  4. Minako


    Personally, I LOVE dating. Well, I've only ever dated one guy, but when I did it was just lovely. I loved that feeling of being on a date, and we ended up becoming official a few months later (after many MANY "dates"). Mind, this was (oh man) two years ago. We didn't know each other very well on that first date, but it lead to my best friend and boyfriend (we didn't last long as a romantic couple, but we were still friends). So I don't know if knowing each other really well would affect it, but it was a great way to get to know him and to keep the conversation going! ;) MAN I'd love to go on a date again! ha ha
  5. Minako

    Wedding Rings

    I do that too! I look for guy's wedding rings, well, for the obvious reason. But then when I notice the girls' wedding rings (which seems to be an uncomfortable amount of my friends), deep down, I get sort of jealous. I know that seems a bit childish, but it gets lonely sometimes....yeah. wow that was awkward...:animeswea
  6. Minako

    I forgot what?

    One morning, I woke up to my alarm and pushed snooze a few times and freaked out that I was late! I got there, just in time, but an HOUR EARLY. so I just chilled out there until my class started (there wasn't anyone there). I realized that in my early-morning-disorientation, my normal routine, I failed to recognize the hour hand on my clock. *smacks forehead* oy.
  7. Minako


    I actually loved Juno. I thought it was hilarious and witty, and the soundtrack is pretty awesome, in my opinion. (It turned me on to Kimya Dawson, actually.) And the character of Juno reminds me a lot of a friend of mine (sans the pregnant part), with which I saw the movie. There are great one-liners, such as my favorite,[SPOILER] when she's going into labor, she says "Thundercats go!"[/SPOILER] heh. I also loved how sweet it was. Her relationship with her family, and Bleeker (Michael Cera), as well as with the adoptive parents is just SWEET. [SPOILER]She was just so [I]vulnerable[/I] when she was in the process of giving birth to her baby[/SPOILER]. I am kind of crazy about this movie, heh. I'm rather tempted to go and see it again. Any other thoughts?
  8. Minako

    What do you snack on?

    I absolutely LOVE [B]popcorn[/B]. And only Popsecret popcorn. The 100 calorie ones are pretty good, but I love the snack sized homestyle kind. Heaven in a bag, I'm telling you! I also love chocolate, but what girl doesn't? X3
  9. Minako

    That Feeling of IMPENDING DOOM.....

    I get that feeling right before my final exams here in college. :animedepr They're so important for your grades so if you fail (like I did last semester...oops) it could mean failing the class! Luckily, I didn't fail the class in which I had the bombed final, thank goodness for curves!
  10. Minako

    How Did You Come Up With Your Screenname?

    [COLOR="DarkRed"]Wow I haven't been here in a while... :animeswea Well, I first had Inuyashafan418, which is pretty straight forward. 4-18 is my birthday. :) However, I got too many "OMGZ Inuyasha R0xx0rz!" from myO, so I abandoned it. (I deleted the account on myO..) But now I'm [B]Minako[/B], which first stemmed from a character I used to draw of the same name, and I also have wondered if anyone would know the Sailor Moon reference [SPOILER]Minako is Sailor Venus' name in Japan, heh heh[/SPOILER]. Only one or two people have! And Sailor Moon was the first anime I'd ever watched and is still one of my favorites. I also like the name Minako. :)[/COLOR]
  11. Minako

    Otakuboards Wish List [IMAGE HEAVY]

    I KNOW I'm getting this: (my mom just ordered it) [IMG]http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h274/Minako_06/51tCG9fQlcL_SS400_.jpg?t=1196105909[/IMG] And i'd also like: [IMG]http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h274/Minako_06/Wii_main_0909-1158254665367-440_330.jpg?t=1196105958[/IMG] as well as: [IMG]http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h274/Minako_06/nintendo_ds_lite.jpg?t=1196106002[/IMG]
  12. Minako

    Things you will look back on fondly

    A thing I'll look back on, as corny as it sounds, is my first boyfriend. (and only boyfriend, as of now...) It only lasted one and a half months, but I was so happy and...well, happy. I'll always think of it fondly. :)
  13. Minako

    Favorite Web Comic

    I usually love [URL="http://www.questionablecontent.net"]Questionable Content[/URL], I love the story and it's wry, slice-of-life, indie-rock humor. Though lately I've been getting into [URL="http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/index2.php"]Gunnerkrigg Court[/URL]. GC is sort of a fantasy story about two girls and the strange things that happen at their school. The art is fascinating and I really enjoy the story line. The backlog isn't TOO big, so it's easily doable in a few days (I think I did mine over two, including homework and other stuff). I'm also a fan of Megatokyo, (the now-ended) Inverloch, and The Phoenix Requiem (from the same artist as Inverloch), Red String and Ganbare Shimura San!. Though my list of favorites is massive, so this is only a fraction of the ones I read everyday, heh.
  14. I have recently stumbled across Maple Story ([url]http://maplestory.nexon.net/[/url]) a free RPG game. It sounds really cool, and seems a bit to me like Gaia ([url]www.gaiaonline.com[/url]) However, Gaia isn't really an RPG, i think, but more as a social network. But anyway, I wanted to ask those of you who have played it/heard of Maple Story, how do you like it/dislike it? Why? Is it worth downloading? I just didn't want to download it and then realize that I didn't like it. Thanks!
  15. Minako

    How was your day?

    Well, I only had one class today (as usual for Thursdays...and Tuesdays, for that matter), and I had lunch with a lovely friend, and I've been working on a paper ever since. I'm getting tired of examining Buddhist and Daoist text by now (it's what, been almost 4 hours now?), but i only have one more page to do, so it's not that bad. The question remains: Can I finish this in one hour, when [I]Grey's Anatomy[/I] starts?