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  1. duorocks17

    Anime Vote for a New Anime Forum!

    [COLOR="Teal"]I voted for Fullmetal Alchemist. Although I agree that it would be interesting to have a Death Note Forum for the simple fact that it would be nice to be able to discuss this series, I choose FMA because I think it'll attract more people. This show is getting a new season, and I think it'll draw more people. Personally, I'm tired of discussing the other shows listed (besides Death Note).[/COLOR]
  2. [FONT="Century Gothic"][COLOR="teal"]Hello All! I must say it has been awhile since I've been around here, but I am currently composing a new work, and I needed a few opinions for it. This is totally voluntary and I promise you will not be sited in the work at all. Also if there is another thread like this already, I am sorry. I tried looking around but didn't find anything so far. So, the question is, [SIZE="3"]"How did you come up with your screenname?"[/SIZE] I'll answer first to sort of give you an idea. Obviously, my name is duorocks17. The answer for this question is easy if you know me. What is my favorite anime? Gundam Wing of course! And my favorite character from that show is Duo. So, "duorocks" was an easy name to come up with. The "17" came from the fact that I was 17 years old when I joined this site. Which, was a long time ago haha. So my name comes from my favorite anime character and a number that represented my age. It really didn't take me a long time to come up with it initially, but I did put some thought into it. I have never changed my SN since my first day here. I have always been "duorocks17". So now it's your turn. Tell me how you came up with that all important screenname! Tell me what the basis for your name was, why did you choose it, and if it took you awhile to think it up. Also, have you ever changed your SN before too? Thank you so much for your help! Have fun![/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. duorocks17

    Anime Crayon Shin Chan

    haha I love this show just for the simple reason it's so random. Though i don't believe anyone under the age of 18 should watch it. My favorite character is the happiness bunny. hehe. I just love the episode of the happiness bunny's revenge. That and the episodes where he actually talks. I don't get why people pay so much attention to the animation style. So what it's not all pretty like what you're used to seeing from main shows like bleach and naruto. I find it hilarious. Oh well. In the end, we just watch it for the laughs anyways.
  4. duorocks17

    Anime Zombie-loan

    I really enjoyed reading this series, and so I'm interested to see what the anime adaption of it will be like. The first episode (which is all I have seen so far) stayed pretty true to the manga. I think the reason I like this series so much is not necessarily the story line (which has sort of been done before), but it's the actual character drawings. Sometimes it looks like they aren't quite complete, and the background designs are amazing as well. haha, I guess I'm just more for artistic stories that deviate from the norm. I wonder if this will eventually gain in popularity, or if it'll just be another one of those shows that it seems only I watch.
  5. duorocks17

    Manga Immortal rain

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Yay! finally someone else who has heard of this series! I randomly picked up book one at the local bookstore just trying to pass some time with a friend, and I could not put it down! I have all the volumes out so far, and can't wait for vol. 7 to be released! The character designs are very well done, and though i can't quiet say the characters are original...(Rain reminds me a lot of Vash from Trigun) I have to say the story sure is! For those that don't know, Immortal Rain follows the story of Machika Balfaltin, I young bounty hunter who goes around weilding a big sythe. She is on the hunt for the immortal Methuselah, a man who has lived for over 600 years. Methuselah is the only bounty Machika's grandfather, Zol, could not kill. So, in an attempt at revenge, and a chance to prove herself, she searchs after him. Little did she know that she would soon get caught up in his life! The story follows Rain and Machika, as she learns more about Rain's past, and rides the thin line between love and hate. My favorite parts of the volumes are the little character descriptions between each of the chapters. They look like stats from a video game, and incredibly funny. I would definately suggest this series to anyone who is looking for a romantic comedy, but i have to say, it's rated Older Teen for a reason. There's lots of violence, gorriness, and even some induendos, so if you're under 16, i wouldn't suggest this for you. Also, you need some patience if you want to get the ending, after all the author states herself that it takes her awhile to draw, so who knows when the story will be finished. I believe it's definately worth the wait though! [/COLOR][/FONT]
  6. duorocks17

    Anime Heat Guy J

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]This is definately a series you can easily get addicted too. I bought the disks 1-3 collection the other day at Best Buy for only $20, definately a steal, esp. since now they've come out with the complete box set. The action is really continuous throughout, but the story really starts to pick up around disk three, and on your way into disk four is where the real story begins it seems. My favorite episode is one called "Angel" and I believe it's on disk 4. (I have yet to buy the rest of the DVDs, but I plan to soon.) I really like how they combine the CG with the still animation. I find this series to be artistic in a sense, but beautiful none the less. I wish AS would pick it up so more people would watch it, it really deserves all the good reviews it gets![/COLOR][/FONT]
  7. duorocks17

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Okay, so I finally got to watch episode 9, and I agree with the Yuki thing. She always appeared in the exactly right place for that part of the scene. And even when she moved the book away, the moment had already passed. And the changing scene had just become so accustomed to everyone, they knew exactly what to do! I thought the radio broadcast to be pretty funny, and of course all the references to the other shows. I'm a big Detective Conan fan, so that one just cracked me up. I found it kinda sad that all the cost-cutting measures where used, i think the episode would have been a bit better with some more action, but it still turned out well. Does anyone know if the game Itsuki and Kyon where playing at the beginning is a real game or not? This show has a lot of references to other things so I thought it might be a reference to an actual game. Maybe I'm just seeing things. I hope that this wasn't the last episode, I'm really hoping for another season, I mean, it even gave a preview and all! but if not, this wouldn't be the first show i've watched that gave a preview but never put out a new episode. But with all the popularity this show is getting, you'd think they'd keep going right?[/COLOR][/FONT]
  8. duorocks17

    Anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]I recently got hooked on this series by randomly finding the ED dance movie (complete mind you) off a website. Personally, I just could not stop laughing at it. It was then decided that a friend and I MUST learn the dance that goes along with it. It just looks like so much fun! Anyways, I found the show and like Lindus, I had to do a double take at the first episode. It was so incredibly funny though you just had to keep watching. I sort of guessed what was going on, but i think it made a wonderful segway into the series. In a sense, you could say it gave you a "heads up" on the future events in the show. Another thing I like about this show is the complete randomness of it all. I mean, there really is no continuality (in episode order) to the story that's playing out. Some episodes to flow after the other, and then you have those ones that just come at you out of no where, but are great and interesting just the same. I must say I do love how this show is told from a first person perspective. Not many shows offer a view from this angle, mostly you just get a third person omniscient view of the world the characters live in. I love how we see things from Kyon's point of view. The animation in this show is wonderfull as well, I love the character designs, and the backgrounds are just as pleasing. They all look fairly realistic. I'd have to say what I love most about Haruhi is the story itself. I find it very interesting, and defined. Personally, I can't wait to watch more! If I had to choose a favorite episode so far, I think it'd be the baseball episode. Oh and if you just can't believe how much this show and song are taking the world by store, I found plently of sites that show local groups doing the dance out in the street I'd love to share. Hehe, this is definately a show I'd get someone else hooked on![/COLOR][/FONT]
  9. duorocks17

    Anime Has anyone seen Pretear?

    [COLOR=Blue][FONT=Century Gothic]I started watching this show through a suggestion of a friend of mine, and was surprised of how much it reminded me of different shows I have watched throughout the years. The first show that comes to mind is Card Captor Sakura. Next, it reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi with all the love delimas it contains. I don't know why, but i find it hilarious how all of the Knights want to "pret" with Himeno. I watched the series in Japenese, so i don't know how the english voices sound, but the japenese ones where fantabulous. I would highly suggest this show to anyone else who is a fan of the before mentioned series. It has action, love, drama, and even comedy.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  10. duorocks17

    RPG Sands of Time [PG-LV]

    wow everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. But I have returned, and school has almost started again. >_< [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Maya quickly made her way up the hill to where Canathael and Erika where standing. Maya nodded toward them both as she walked by, and made her way through the portal. Maya sighed as she felt her feet hit the cold steel of the floor of the portal room, as she opened her eyes and made certain she was inside the ship again. Maya took a couple of steps forward as she heard someone come through the portal behind her. Pieter emerged behind her, and gently touched her shoulder as he walked by and headed out of sight. Maya looked down, realizing she was still wearing the ceremonial outfit. "This is no good, I don't want to stay in this. I can barely move in it. I'll go change and hunt out Dave. I'm sure he can show me how to use this new computer system more efficiantly." Maya jumped off the platform and headed down the hallway to the lift that lead to her room, hair flowing gently behind her, as she shuffled onto the lift, and pressed the button. "Wait!" Maya heard a voice call from below, as she saw Erika run up, but it was too late, the lift had already taken off. "Oh well, it won't hurt her to wait a bit," Maya thought as the lift stopped, and Maya headed to her room, and changed into her normal clothes (her uniform). "I feel so much more comfortable now." Maya exclaimed, as she took a seat next to the computer, and woke it from it's involentary sleep. "Alright Mr. Computer. How bout you show me where Dave is so i don't have to search the ship for him," Maya said quietly as she fiddled around the computer, finally getting a map of the ship to appear on her screen. Dave was pacing around in the control room, just where Maya figured he would be. She also saw Sarek and Morgon in a training room, Canathael and Erika riding the lift, and Pieter in his room as well. "Thank you!" Maya said as she taped a couple more keys and the computer went back to sleep mode. Maya then took her pony tail holder from the dresser, quickly put up her hair, and walked out of the room.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  11. duorocks17

    Anime Sailor Moon

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Blue]Okay, i've decided to restart my sailor moon watching again. Somehow, it seems a lot funnier this time around. I just finished the first arc of R, and I'm just starting where ChibiUsa joins the frey. Hehe, i forgot how much i liked this show. In answer to your question Dagger, I'd say it's kinda hard for me to answer. I decided one day to show my friend the Sailor Moon movies. Now, she had a general idea of the story line, from what I'd explained to her, but she'd never seen an episode before. I thought you could get a general idea of what was going on from the movie, and she said she sort of understood it, but then again, she had no idea of the backstory of the characters. Which, you kinda have to suspect it being a movie and all. In a way, the movies kinda tie up, and reiterate the end of the series, so unless you want to know the ending, i'd suggest waiting till you watch the series first, and then endulging in the movies. hehe, i just have to say, i think one of my favorite episodes is when one of the Cardians attack that Nursey School, and Usagi and Mamoru have to take care of the baby. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  12. duorocks17

    RPG Sands of Time [PG-LV]

    Yay!! It's my birthday, and now fall semester is finally over! :) [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Maya knelt quietly down next to the hole in the ground where Li's body now lain. Maya's hair gently floated on the cool breeze that swayed the grass stems back and forth. Her hair was down, and rippled gently across the silk fabric of her gown. Maya had never worn such clothes before. The fabric was the darkest blue she could imagine, with shinny white characters up and down them. Maya had no idea what they meant, but she figured, and hoped they meant something of new life, and rebirth. A white sash was tied across her chest, and formed a bow at her back, her hair coming down to it. The clothes where slightly tight, but Maya didn't care, it was all for Li. Maya scooted slightly closer to the edge as she laid the book in her lap, clasped her hands together and prayed. "Li, though I didn't really know you as well as I would have liked to, you where like an older sister to me. Thank you. Thank you for everything you have taught me. I promise I will be more devoted to my studies now, and I'll try to learn everything I can about history in your stead. I know you'll be watching over me, because as long as I remember you, you are never truely dead." Maya gently clasped the book, and grabbed on to the edge of the hole, as she leaned over and tried to put it on top of her coffin. "I give you this book that you loved to read on the ship. I hope you enjoy it, at least, you won't be bored up there." Maya said as a tear ran down her cheek, and she straightened herself up, and clasped her hands together again. "I promise, here and now, that I will NEVER forget you. And be it me, Cael, or Sarek, we WILL avenge your death. He will not go unpunshied." Maya bowed, feeling it appriopraite, though she knew nothing of Li's customs, and slowly stood up. Maya had seen Morgon and Sarek already leave, but decided to wait for Canathael, shuffling over to gently grab his hand after he had finished, and tried to fight the tears she knew she couldn't hold back. "I'm sorry Li, but this will be the last time I cry for you. I must get stronger if I'm going to defeat him. I can't be a cry-baby. I'm going to hold my own, just like I've done all these years, and I'll get through it, cuz I know that now my brother and Katie are not alone, they have you to watch over me too."[/COLOR][/FONT]
  13. duorocks17

    Discuss Sands of Time Underground [PG-VL]

    [COLOR=Blue][FONT=Century Gothic]We have the man power.....we have the will power....we can do it!!! hehe, it sounds like an add for a car commerical. hehe, I like the idea of being famous. ;) I just wanted to say that the ideas for the next chapters look promising, I can't wait to go mid-evil. Also, I'm not going to give up on this RP. I'll be here till the end! I haven't ever finished one either, and this one definately has potential, as we've already found out. I think this is also the longest one I've been in. Go us! Well, i better go study for finals![/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. duorocks17

    Discuss Sands of Time Underground [PG-VL]

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]I sort of agree. It's sort of become a three person RPG. At one time there, we even developed our own order for posting, hehe. Maybe if we opened up the sign ups again, to get some more people involved, we might be able to make it that far. Well, you know, we could make it there with just the three of us too, though it might take awhile. ^_^. I don't know about everyone else, but I really like the story so far. I think it's come along really well. I hope this is what you where looking for when you planed it. :) I'm up for anything you decide.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  15. duorocks17

    RPG Sands of Time [PG-LV]

    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Blue]Maya nestled her head snuggly on Canathael's chest. "I know I'll be safe as long as you and the others are around. And I promise, I won't let anything happen to you either. I don't want to lose anyone else, espically not you." Maya said quietly as she felt him calm down even more. Maya was glad. She couldn't stand to see Canathael in such torment and pain. [I]"As long as I have my memories of Li, she isn't truely dead." [/I] Maya thought quietly. [I]"I just hope the others releaize this as well." [/I] Maya closed her eyes, feeling slightly sleepy. Feeling Canathael's warmness close to her, Maya felt safe, and comfortable, though her feet where twisted a little behind her. Maya was just about to fall asleep, the quiet drone of Canathael's breathing like a melody to her, when a knock came from the door. "Who is it?" Maya called, not really wanting to get up from the carpeted floor. "It's Dave. Open up." Dave's voice called as he pounded on the door once more. "Okay, I'm coming, just hold on!" Maya called as she slowly pushed herself off of Canathael with his help. Maya smiled down at him, as she turned around and walked over to the door, once again putting her hand on the device for the door to open. Dave was waiting outside the door, his hands in his pockets, and head looking down. He startled slightly as teh door opened and he looked up at Maya. He rocked back balls of his feet. "It's...it's time." he said as he looked at Maya and then looked away, landing back on his feet. "Oh...okay." Maya said quietly as she too looked down. "We'll be there in a couple of mintues. The portal room right?" Dave nodded. "What about our clothes?" Maya said as she looked back at Canathael. What he was wearing truly wasn't proper for this type of ceremony, and Maya had still yet to change. "Oh, don't worry. You'll be wearing the traditional clothes of Li's time. They'll change as you go through the portal." Dave said quietly. "Okay, I understand." Maya said as she wondered what type of clothes would be proper in Li's timeline for a funeral. "We'll meet you there." Maya said as she shut the door, walked over to the bed and picked up the book, and held it close to her. "It...it looks like they're ready to go, Cael." Maya said as she extended her hand to help him up. Canathael allowed himself to pulled upright by the girl, as he let the blankets fall to the ground. "Shall we go?" Maya asked with a smile, trying to stop the tears forming in her eyes. Maya knew what she thought, but even though she truely believe that Li wasn't really dead as long as she remembered her, she couldn't stop her emotions from showing what she truely felt.[/COLOR][/FONT]