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    I had watched over 140+ animes. I am a fan of Roxette & anime!
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  1. miss april

    Anime Most controversial Anime

    [FONT="Courier New"][COLOR="Blue"]For me, the most controversial anime I have seen as an anime otaku is... Tenjou Tenge - because of the almost X-rated scenes and extreme violence, some Filipinos even rumoured that this anime had reached one network giant, who had the right to air it to minor viewers - that was way back years ago, and told the later to stop airing this one. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  2. miss april

    Anime Favorite Anime

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]I have more than 140 anime titles watched in my entire life and I have to take my pick for these animes and I gonna explain these briefly. Some may have disadvantages and it is hard for me to choose among these 140+ animes... [B]As of now, my random top faves are:[/B] 1. Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X - The best sword-fighting technique goes to this one! I like this anime because of Kenshin Himura, a samurai with the cross mark on his cheek. Instead of killing innocent lives in his past, he rewrites his present by no bloodshed fights, using his sword technique. In this OAVs, it reveals his past encounters with Tomoe and his future life with Kaoru. 2. Naruto - Ninja techniques are making this anime better than some of the action anime titles. Unfortunately, because of the series takes too long in television, I have to read the manga instead! The difference, some extra humors are not in the manga when I read this one! 3. Bleach - Shinigamis are awesome, especially Ichigo himself. One of the best sword fighting animes released, Bleach had showcase the better visual effects, and a good story flow. 4. Mobile Suit Gundam Series - Specifically, I watched more than 5 of these (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, Gundam G, Gundam X After War, Gundam Z, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, SD Gundam Generation) and I find it very different from some robot animes. Most of the pilots here are young and high-spirited. There are some disadvantages on watching some of the Gundam Series like: a. The graphics of SD Gundam is a 3D type, I like the chibi robots but I hate the visual effects. b. In both Gundam Seed & Gundam Seed Destiny, the characters I hated most are Flay Allster & Shin Asuka, they're overacting themselves! 5. Black Jack - This unlicensed surgeon had come to make a miracle for the sick, given a second chance. I really like Pinocco's bloopers and Black Jack's hand of God; this anime had touched the lives of all viewers, young or old alike. [B]The Hall of Famers:[/B] 1. Astro Boy - this Osamu Tezuka masterpiece had started the anime more than 40 years ago. This robot boy had admired the people, either young or old. There are many adventures of Astro Boy, connecting robots and humans together on Earth. Eventhough I don't remember this anime, I had some clues watching the US colored version & the latest Astro Boy releases. 2. Voltes V - the five-man team composed of three brothers and two cohorts had took advantage of being one of the best robots known worldwide. I kinda grew up watching this all over again. 3. Dragon Ball series - I really admired this anime because of the Martial Arts. It all evolves to this man, Son Gokou, from the Dragon Balls to the enemies encountered. I had to watch this one all over again, due to its popular demand in Asia! Ja ne.[/COLOR][/FONT]
  3. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"]1. Pokemon 2. Full Metal Alchemist 3. Trigun 4. Kaleido Star 5. Hellsing[/FONT]
  4. miss april

    Anime Read or Die and R.O.D the TV

    [FONT="Arial Narrow"]It was just released in Asia last year and I only watched both ROD the TV for few months ago, and ROD OAV last August. Different stories, but a better storyline untold about the Paper Sisters and Agent Paper. :animesmil Ja ne![/FONT]
  5. miss april

    Manga What was your first manga?

    The first manga I read... it's Ranma 1/2! The truth is, I even don't own a manga book except for [spoiler]Culture Crash[/spoiler] a comic book similar to Japanese manga but it is made in the Philippines! :animeswea
  6. miss april

    Anime What is the most popular anime now?

    [FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Red"]Note from miss april: I really don't understand about what this question meant! Frankly, I have to say that there are more choices of animes out there, not only the present animes released but also the animes remembered in our whole lives! [/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT="Century Gothic"]Anyway back to this post! Maybe I have to enumerate my answers first according to the generation years. 1960s to 1970's - Astro Boy, Voltes V 1980s to 1990s - Doraemon, Dragon Ball 2000's - Naruto, Bleach Anyway, all of these anime titles above are still popular until now. For my pick, I have to vote on this winner: [B]Dragon Ball series[/B]! I have to pick this one because it is aired on television several times due to its popular demand... People really love Martial Arts and Son Gokou! On Naruto and Bleach, these anime titles also rock the anime scene, thus I have to pick these anime titles as 2nd and 3rd place respectively. :animeknow[/FONT]
  7. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    [FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"]My choice among many anime titles (over 140+) 1. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 2. Magic Knight Rayearth 3. Cardcaptor Sakura 4. Ah! My Goddess[/SIZE][/FONT]
  8. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    Full Metal Alchemist..... :animedepr 1. Alchemy 2. Transmutation 3. Automail 4. Philosopher's Stone 5. Homunculi
  9. miss april

    Manga Naruto Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    My brother & I read the manga [spoiler]at Naruto Manga Returns[/spoiler] in the Internet, and I started to make thing a little bit different compared to the anime series itself. For me, the anime series is a good catch but I really disappointed on the series because some episodes are not aired: [spoiler]The last episode I seen is the former student of Konoha was been involved by the evil ninja, and Naruto and his group tried to save her. :animeswea [/spoiler]
  10. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    My answers: :animeknow 1. Martial Arts 2. Basketball 3. Soccer 4. Tennis 5. Car Racing 6. Baseball
  11. miss april

    Anime Ginban Kaleidoscope

    Another sport anime in town released few months ago... A Japanese figure skater named Tazusa Sakurano and her Canadian guardian ghost named Pete Pumps had been together accidentally for 100 days... I had only watched some episodes of this story and I find it very funny especially the tomato incident - [spoiler]Pete hates tomatoes, when Tazusa ate those stuff[/spoiler]. What I might hated most is the bad flow in Tazusa's part - she's not as good as other character's usual attitude, but I might consider her as one of the frankest anime character I have seen. Maybe, the two characters had something in common - their passion of winning! For Pete, it was very sad because of his early death... :animeswea
  12. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    these are my choices: :animeknow 1. Red 2. Blue 3. Green 4. Black
  13. miss april

    Anime The Anime Feud

    I gonna refer these guys: 1. Souna Yuki - Fruits Basket 2. Uchiha Sasuke - Naruto 3. Tezuka Kunimitsu - The Prince of Tennis
  14. miss april

    Anime Black Jack

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]The greatest surgeon in the world had finally come. Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack had been popular by storm in Asia! I am very impressed by his god hand skills of operating his patients, but take note - when the price is right (talking about the money!). Black Jack had made his operation but he doesn't have a license. He had scars from the past, [spoiler]he had the accident because of the explosion [/spoiler] and he proves to his mentor that he can save lives. Pinoco, on the other hand serves Black Jack since she was reconstructed. [spoiler]She was not existed physically, but she was attached to her sister's body since birth (both Pinoco & her twin sister are 18 years old!). Unfortunately, after the operation on both sisters, she was rejected by her twin and left her alone with Black Jack.[/spoiler] The story goes very touching especially Pinoco, (:o) in every episode, include the bloopers. All I can say, it's really one of the best animes that had been released worldwide. I also wathced its OAV: Four Miracles of Life. Feel free to post your comments here... :animeknow[/FONT]
  15. miss april

    Anime Gun x Sword

    Sorry about the mistake but I really been missing something else. i just have to make things better. Maybe, I would have to discuss some animes that are not listed here. But anyway, I have to admit that Gun x sword is really a good anime. That's all I can say. :animedepr