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  1. [quote name='RainbowsInside' timestamp='1310282484' post='708324'] Haha, I was just about to mention Amnesia. My friend and I decided to play that game one night in pitch black darkness. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the week. Those monster things give me the creeps. *shivers* [/quote] Is it really scary? I heard it was so scary for most people. For myself, it would have to be Dead Space. That game freak the crap outta me when I was playing alone, especially when I least expect a creepy monster would pop out of nowhere :<
  2. Tis a fun game, but I'm having a hard time with it (especially against galactus, that cheating motherf***er). Anyway I enjoy the game especially the new ultimate marvel vs capcom 3. Playing as Vergil is always awesome, beside dante and trish :)
  3. I wish the game was for the xbox 360 too. :( What a shame thats its only Wii exclusive only, I wanted to try to play this game.
  4. [quote name='Desbreko'][color=#4B0082]Did you try what I posted before?[/color][/QUOTE] I did try to download what you posted but during the download my laptop actually stop working and I can't go to the internet and other stuff with it anymore. :( So theres nothing I can do until the problem is fix.
  5. My laptop is now malfunction because of the spyware thats on it. On my laptop screen there is a green-blue color border with a message in the middle that says "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED" or something like that and its mainly due to some spyware that I got like from no where and I can't figure out how this happen. When ever I try to open something, it says that the file is infected and I should activate my antivirus even though I have an antivirus and its not working like it suppose to. Is there anyway to fix this problem or I should take it to a computer store and have them fix this problem? Any advice would help.
  6. I've been playing Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for the PSP for over 133 hour. The reason why I gotten to that hour mark is because I wanted to reach the Land of Carnage and I have finally gotten there. When I enter the land of carnage, I was duped:animecry: because I wanted to get the strongest weapon and armor but instead I get the same old weapon and armor and I was tricked. That place was nothing but lies, empty dreams, and broken hopes:animecry:
  7. I have a Dell laptop with window xp, when I try to do the system restore something went wrong. It say: Application cannot be executed. The file is infected. Please activate your antivirus software. I barely have any anti-virus on my laptop, yet this warning or error is not letting me do it .I have some virus and trojan and all that bad stuff on my laptop, I'm trying to get rid of them but cant. Even when I try to do it in safe mode, the safe mode doesnt work too. I want to know your opinion and method to help me before I take it to an electronic shop and get my laptop clean from all the viruses, trojan, worms, etc.
  8. [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]ADDITIONALLY! When you use those green cash for coin machines, and turn in your piles of coins, you have the option of getting an amazon card, or indeed, about a billion other cards for various places. I've used it before and it's quite useful.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Wow I would have never have thought of that, maybe next time when I have enough coin to exchange at the coin machine, I will try to find that option. Sadly enough I don't have alot of spare change at the moment. T-T
  9. [quote name='XeEmO']Almost everything seemed to be mentioned already, but I thought I'd add a few things. It wouldn't hurt to format the hard drive after backing up everything that you need. Sometimes the malware/spyware/adware can be pretty nasty and leave traces even after using such programs as spybot search and destroy. There's another good program for removing spyware which is called adaware which you can get at [url]http://www.lavasoft.com/[/url] (just get the free version). You might want to get a firewall to protect yourself from outgoing connections. The built in windows one does fine, but I'm pretty sure Zone Alarm is still better. You can get that at [url]www.zonelabs.com[/url] Never use Internet Explorer. I use firefox with the "ad block plus" plug-in. You can find that at [url]www.mozilla.org[/url] . I've also heard some good things about Google Chrome. Make sure windows automatic updates are on. If it's easier for you, set it to download the updates at a certain time. -------------Warning. This suggestion may be too complicated for the average computer user--------------------------- My last suggestion is one that I wouldn't really expect anyone to follow, but it would eliminate the need for basically any of the above stuff(it's also something that has served me well). Go to [url]www.ubuntu.com[/url] and get a live cd to try ubuntu linux with no change done to your computer. You can either download the cd, or you can ask them to send you a free copy. Just make sure you have the cd in the cd rom drive and you select the cd rom drive as the "boot device" when you turn on your computer. You can usually change that in the bios of your computer, and in order to do that you usually have to press one of the function keys (for me i think it's f10 or f12) when your computer starts up. It should let you know which key it is when it starts booting. If you can't get ubuntu to work they have a good help forum on their website for troubleshooting. You also may need a relatively new computer to use it. Edit: Here is the site where you can request a free Ubuntu cd [url]https://shipit.ubuntu.com/[/url][/QUOTE] I'll check these sites out, I'm hoping that these sites you mention would clean out the viruses, trojan, worms, and all other other stuff out when its done cleaning my laptop.
  10. Where do you get the gift cards for Amazon.com? What store sells them? I can't think of a place where they sell them. I want to buy them so that I can buy stuff on Amazon.com.
  11. [B][U]Disgaea DS[/U][/B] I've play that game for over 100 hours already due to item worlds most of the time. The item world just sucks me into it because of my demands for powerful weapons and armor and junk. My total time is 149 hours period. [B][U]Lunia[/U][/B] This is the game I'm still playing for PC. I think I've hit over the 200 hours mark on the count of playing this game almost every freaking day trying to level up my character and getting money and strong equipments so that I can solo a stage by myself. If anyone else plays this game PM me and we can party together and stuff.
  12. Ok, I will keep that in mind, but I'm thinking of getting those wireless USB connection the one that sells in target. One of them is the Wireless G and the other is the Wireless N, I know these ones are good but which of these have the better signal range, like for example I'm in the parking lot at Big Lots and my house is like 5 miles away and I wanted to check my email on my laptop from home but i dont have the signal to reach me, which of the two you think would have that much signal range? Also about the wireless network card, how far is the signal range on it, how much would it cost, and where do you get those?
  13. Heres the situation for me, first I don't have any internet at home because my mom is too lazy to get internet at home and I only go to another place to use the internet, i.e. Library, friends house, cousin's house, etc. Most of the time I've been using the computer at the public Library and its like 4-5 miles from my house. Now I was thinking that I get those wireless USB thing so that I can get internet at home without paying for it. I was wondering which wireless USB thing should I get? Heres the two USB thing that I'm getting them at Target, either the Wireless G or the Wireless N. Which of these two have the longer signal range? Or if u have a recommendation on other wireless stuff, tell me what they are and how far the signal range is.
  14. Huh, a hentai title that seem intersting maybe.
  15. I would highly reccomend Mobile Suit Gundam 00 becuase that anime is a good one to watch if you haven't seen it yet. Plus it has two season, which is gonna keep you watching for a while.
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