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  1. wowzers, lol i come back after about a year and everything's different! hi people! xD

  2. [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"][COLOR="Blue"]I'm going to [I]complete[/I] my second manga. This one'll actually be the third one I've written, but so far I've only completed one. This time I'm going all out and making character sheets! :D Here's an expression sheet for the star, Zumo! [URL="http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/331814/cadet_zumo_expression_sheet"]Link because the picture thingy isn't working for me. [/URL] Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner so I must make do with a camera phone. :animedepr I'm also working on learning to play the tenor sax, a dream of mine. I've only been playing since the school year started and I've suceeded in getting into the jazz and rock band class, along with my normal band class. I have nothing to post for that, but in my rock band class, we're playing Groove Is In the Heart (Dee-Lite), Sure Fire One (Liquid Soul), I Feel Good (James Brown), This Love (Maroon 5), Harder to Breathe (Maroon 5), Vehicle (too lazy to find the artist at the moment :animeswea), Respect (Aretha Franklin), and I'm Just a Girl (No Doubt).[/COLOR][/COLOR]
  3. As strange as it may seem, [spoiler]Light's[/spoiler] death in the Death Note series was very sad for me. Although[spoiler] he[/spoiler] had it coming to him, it was sad, perhaps that's because it marked the end of an amazing anime. :animedepr
  4. We actually finally got some spring weather. The last few days we had a lot of snow. It's currently hot right now and I want an ice cream sundae. Might I add that I'm moving again?
  5. More Dubstep. Stil listening to Burial, although I've found a new artist- Mt. Eden.
  6. For Easter I very much enjoy nomming on candy, since it's delicious. Besides that, we don't have a tradition. We usually just nom on candy and get toys. :catgirl:
  7. [quote name='chibi-master']:mad: I am very happy at the moment! For you see, despite my major hatred of and stinking at algebra, I actually understood the homework I received today.:catgirl:[/QUOTE] I hate algebra, and geometry, and all other forms of math with a burning passion. Makes my head sad. ): [quote name='Rachmaninoff'][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]We got snow and then got rain that melted the snow. Then it snowed again and now it's getting above freezing during the day and it's all melting again. Anyway, I'm glad I still have another week off before school starts. Especially since I spent a certain amount of the holiday sick. [/FONT][/QUOTE] Lucky. >> And lucky again! I start school tommorow. I hate when I get sick when I have a break from school. Hah, on Thanksgiving I had a cold. :animedepr
  8. [COLOR="Blue"]Hmmm...I have A LOT of favourite bands. -Fallout Boy -Tokio Hotel -My Chemical Romance -Kings of Leon -Owl City -Matt and Kim -The Fray -Mindless Self Indulgence I think that's it for now. :D[/COLOR]
  9. [quote name='chibi-master']Out? What? Where the heck were you, my partner in crime?!:catgirl: I had to crawl through thigh-high snow in order to get to my door... It's still snowing outside...[/QUOTE] Nya! I'm not out. I just said that. :animeswea I was in the land of Lollipoppies...also referred to as school. It snowed about two weeks ago here and still has not melted. :animedepr
  10. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]As the creator *dramatic music* ...... *ahem* So as the creator of this thread it is my duty to revive it! Hahahah! So what movie earns the title as Stupidest Movie I've Ever Seen? Friday the 13th. The newest one. This. was. a. terrible. horrible. movie. It was basically a porno with some murder scenes thrown in; and the murder scenes weren't even that good. :animeangr The storyline was also stupid. hmmm...thought I would have more to say....anyway, Friday the 13th = EPIC FAIL. -Lunar_:catgirl:[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR="Purple"]Hmmm... Lately, I've been listening to Meditate by Out of Eden and Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls. I also listen to some classical and techno music, but mostly really laid-back kind of stuff. It actually depends on what I have to study for. Most of the time I only study for finals. I do listen to music when I do homework though. All the time. :catgirl:[/COLOR]
  12. Lunar

    New Movies?

    [quote name='Shinmaru']I watched [b]Up[/b] a couple of days ago -- definitely recommend that. I'd have to rewatch some Pixar movies I haven't seen in a while to really back this up, but I think [b]Up[/b] is one of Pixar's funniest movies. I laughed pretty much the entire time, aside from the first 10-15 minutes, or so, which would probably make up a rather brilliant animated short if it weren't a part of the movie.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="dimgray"]A lot of Pixar movies are really good; my favorite has to be Wall-E. I've watched that many times on end. [/COLOR] [quote name='Ace'][FONT="Comic Sans MS"] Upcoming movies I'm looking forward to include [I]The Princess and the Frog[/I] for reasons I've already covered in that movie's specific thread and [I]Iron Man 2[/I] because the first one was my favorite superhero movie ever.[/FONT][/QUOTE] [COLOR="DimGray"] I saw that thread, and I really want to see that movie. Looks like it should be a really good movie. I have yet to see the previews for Iron Man 2; in fact, I haven't even heard of it until now. [/COLOR]
  13. Lunar

    New Movies?

    [COLOR="Gray"][COLOR="DimGray"]So there's going to be (and has been) like a TON of new movies that are coming out this year. Most of them are looking pretty gosh darn awesome if I might say so myself. There are a few movies that I've been looking forward to (such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen; Terminator: Salvation, Ice Age 3; Start Trek; etc.). So what new movies do you really want to see? Why? If you have seen a newer movie, did you like it? Why? Would you recommend it to friends?[/COLOR][/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR="Indigo"]POPSICLES! YES! That's basically all I eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when it's hot outside. Lime ones, banana ones, cherry ones.... Yeah, all very refreshing and cold. I also eat a lot of ice cream. Yep, ice cream is awesome. :animesmil[/COLOR]
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