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Found 21 results

  1. What music is blaring your ear drums? Music that you're jamming to, thinking about a lover to, crying to, moshing to, getting crunk to, anything! Music sets the mood, what song are you currently feeling? ----- "Plot for a Little" - [B]Camu Tao[/B] (As heard in the Blood+ commercial on AdultSwim) [I]I'm not sayin' my body is shameless and I'm not sayin' I'm layin' with Satan...[/I]
  2. This is an Anime Memories Video [AMV].It's about memories of anime that this amv 'll be keeping for us. It's a Short one...I actually am' working on a main Project, but it 'll be taking time.So I made this one so that People can see it till another one releases.It took almost a day but it was Fun.This one is in HD. I was able to Provide this amv in HD since it's Short. So comment, more importantly Suggest and most importantly Spread. [Share Your Projects to Continue the Thread]
  3. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=648OQFMaq9w[/youtube]   There is an overwhelming amount of content for these popbots. This means there is a lot of good songs, but also a bunch more of okay/bad stuff. My solution to this is just posting a bunch of our favorite ones so that we can all enjoy them!   This one reminds me a lot of the Scott Pilgram side scroller game, and is easily my favorite.  
  4. Last night I was at the Judas Priest concert in Tacoma, for their Redeemer of Souls tour, and I had an absolute blast. Managed to get ticket on the floor, got in early enough (despite a stupidly-placed accident where, like, five highways merge together) to get basically right up front, and ... yeah. I have no voice today. Well. I do have a voice, but it's stupid low. Everyone I've talked to says I sound a) horrible; or b) like the radio announcer for Jazz 89. But the whole night was full of awesome. Started out when I was heading into the Dome through the General Admission area, and surround
  5. I love Music. Music is constantly in my house. We have a guitar, bass ,acoustic guitar, Drum set, and a piano in my basement where we jam. I listen to so much music like Mute Math, Coldplay, Muse ,John Mayer ,RHCP , Ac/DC, Van Halen, Jason Mraz, Victor Wooten, Ben Folds, etc. But I cannot have a favorite band because of all the music they create it's just to hard to come to a conclusion. But if you have or haven't decided your favorite band post anyway I'd really like to know!
  6. Theres a genera of music, its called Ska. Ska could be classified as Jazz, Calypso, Reggai and Punk all mixed together into one super genera. If you've heard, post you're favorite band, concert, CD, song, what ever it may be, as long as its Ska related. Also if you want to learn more or find some new bands, just drop a post.
  7. Well, I love hiphop, rock, R&B, and sometimes rap. But I like hiphop the most! How about you?
  8. phonet

    Music Phish

    Has anyone heard of or like the band Phish? They're back together and touring again at the moment so I am wordlessly excited. I've loved them since elementary school, at least. :) Anyway, if anyone likes them or is looking for album recommendations or has something mildly constructive to say, that would be boss.
  9. [SIZE=1]This here is a thread for any and all musicians to tell the world (or the rest of OB) what instruments you play, what makes they all are and how they are the greatest instrument you could ever ask for. I'll go first: I have an alto saxophone lying under my bed which hasn't seen any use in some months, unfortunately. It's a Yamaha, so pretty good quality, although it's currently a little beaten-up and doesn't play as well as it used to. But I think scratches and dents add character, personally. The instrument I'm most into at the moment is the bass guitar. I have two, one wh
  10. [COLOR="HotPink"][SIZE="1"]So... Music kind of is the only thing I do. I don't watch that much TV, I do get on the computer alot, but I'm usually always looking up or listening to music. So. I guess. I have a long list of favorite musicians. I no longer really have one favorite (well. The Number 12 Looks Like you may have an exception)... I listen to all of these bands/musicians pretty regularly. I listen to many many many other musicians as well, but they just didn't make it on my favorites list because A. I don't have enough material from them, or B. They just can't beat anyone on my favorit
  11. [FONT="Book Antiqua"][COLOR="DarkSlateGray"][SIZE="1"]Sometimes, we buy an album, or hear a song and go meh. But sometimes a good song drives us further and halts us within the town of Obsession. So, I ask you, what is your latest musical obsession. It can be 1 song, it can be 1 album, or it could be a whole band. For me, it's [B]Chevelle[/B]. In under a week I've bought two of their CD's, [I]Vena Sera[/I] and [B]This Type of Thinking (Could do us in). [/B]which is different for me, because I never in my life have bought two albums from the same band in the same week. But god, Chevelle is
  12. [color="#008080"][size="3"][font="Times New Roman"]Well, for almost every song, there is a dubstep remix. At least, that's how it is for popular songs. I found two that made me want to make this thread. Friday by Rebecca Black [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExmNN3jj6WM[/media] .........it's actually catchy. Kinda. It's Frida- WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB WOB And I like this one better than the Friday remix: Nyan Cat! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeGjTiUqw8U&feature=related[/media] I love it. And now two others that I l
  13. [font="Palatino Linotype"]We may have had a topic like this before - and I know we often post YouTube videos in this forum - but I thought it'd be a good idea to actually create a topic where we can talk specifically about music videos. I don't watch music channels nearly as much as I used to, but I'm still a lover of good music videos. They are getting increasingly sophisticated and many are becoming a lot like mini-movies, even containing narratives that stretch across multiple videos (Lady GaGa being one recent example of this). One of the great things about mus
  14. [size="3"][color="#556B2F"][font="Times New Roman"]When listening to a band, do you ever think, "Why aren't these guys on the radio and mainstream when Justin Bieber and Ke$ha are?" No, I have nothing against those two people, but they were first two names that came to mind. But I've been listening to Pandora a lot lately and they play a lot of songs by bands I have never even heard of. They even play songs that aren't even on Youtube, which disappoints me because I can't listen to the song whenever I want to. Anyways, I thought
  15. Alright boys and girls. Simple thread. Someone posts a song via the YouTube. Or you know any other medium like that. Don't just write the name of the song, I'll stab you. Please try and listen to the whole thing. If someone posts a 15 minute free-form blackjazz odyssey I'll understand if you skip to the end, but otherwise, come on. It's not that much time out of your life. After you give the song a listen, you rate it. Out of 10, because all other scales are for pretentious scum. Write a little critique of the song with the rating. What'd ya like. What pissed you off. Wh
  16. Are there any fans of IAMX around? It was started by a member of the Sneaker Pimps and if you are into that sound they are pretty good. Their style and presentation are a notch above most bands and they have few but memorable videos. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vWYTQx1Zl0"]President Video[/url]
  17. Yea like the heading states this topic is about HIM and hopefully most of you guys know them yea I started to listen to this band when I was in gr8 it is one of the best bands out there and I have all of there cd lol So I like to hear from you guys what are your current fav song of HIM the band it can be more then one song. My fav song today is "Behind the crimson door." And I have an account on otaku that I just started and I created a world so anyone who has a otaku account and want to help out see my world. http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/him
  18. You would have to be pretty much not human to say you don't sing your favorite songs and actually be telling the truth. At least in the shower, right? Well, some of us are bound to actually get up the courage and perform covers of our favorite songs on camera. And that's what this thread is for. It's to post videos (or a link to a stream if you have it) of you and/or someone covering a song you like. This'll get some good music out there so people can hear it, plus everyone can hear your awesome talents! I love hearing covers so I'd like to see some of you :] I'l
  19. [color=#9933ff] I've decided that I want a theme song so fearsome other theme songs would pee themselves from sheer terror. Sadly the only one I could find and share with everyone on chat a few nights ago was Walk Like an Egyption by the Bangles (at least it wasn't Canadian Idiot!). It doesn't incite fear, just random eighties dancing. So maybe I'm not ready for a theme song yet. But that doesn't stop me from asking what everyone else's theme song is or should be and why. Who knows maybe in a few days I can get my own theme song- I know that after a week of dodging agressive old people I migh
  20. [color=indigo]Last night I had some late night work I had take care of so I decided to blare a little [i]Nevermind[/i]. While I was cranking out copy and undoubtedly disturbing my neighbors my mind wandered a bit. I started thinking about all of the albums from the nineties that I listened to in the nineties as opposed to the albums from the nineties that I listen to now. So, halting my work due to this fit of anti-inspiration, I made two top ten lists. The fist was comprised of the albums I listened to like crazy in the nineties, the second a list of albums from the nineties that I li
  21. I'd like to believe that everyone's been in a situation like the one I dealt with today. Of course you have. You have a tune pop into your head at random and you know you've heard it before! The melody stitches itself into all of your thoughts until you FINALLY realize that you remember the name of the song, or at least some of the lyrics! This happened to me this morning. I had a catchy little tune stuck in my head for about 4 class periods until it finally hit me! [b]White Houses[/b] by Vanessa Carlton! That was it! So, what song evaded [i]your[/i] memory r
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