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  1. I've been playing Uncharted 2 for PS3 because it's frickin' awesome in every way imaginable. Seriously, go look at it on Youtube or something.
  2. I love Music. Music is constantly in my house. We have a guitar, bass ,acoustic guitar, Drum set, and a piano in my basement where we jam. I listen to so much music like Mute Math, Coldplay, Muse ,John Mayer ,RHCP , Ac/DC, Van Halen, Jason Mraz, Victor Wooten, Ben Folds, etc. But I cannot have a favorite band because of all the music they create it's just to hard to come to a conclusion. But if you have or haven't decided your favorite band post anyway I'd really like to know!
  3. [quote name='chibi-master']OOOHHH!!! I'm reading his Cherub series! I'm on the fourth novel right now! He really is a talnted writer.:animesmil[/QUOTE] Oh, his book Necropolis came out in July. It's based around Scarlette and is an extremely good book. China's been taken over by the Old Ones and Scarlette is in Hong Kong visiting her dad who works for the Night Rise corporation. Matt, Pedro, and the group goes to Scarlette's hometown. England. Apparently, Scarlette was Matt's neighbor. They get there just as Scarlette passes them to go to the airport. Now they have to find
  4. I must say it was a great piece as well. You did a good job. I wish I had something to help you to work on but I can't think of anything. Plus I write completely different things. But I loved the woman's bravery for sure and the last second flash backs that built up the tension.
  5. pedegg


    Hey, how come you can't use the otaku boards avatars on the otaku? You should be able to because it's hard to find good ones on my cpu.
  6. Well Anthony has many series. His Alex Rider series is about a boy named Alex Rider (No Way) Who in StormBreaker wakes up to find out his uncle had died. His uncle was a banker, very careful,and took care of him since his parents died at a young age. When the police said he died in a car wreck he doesn't beleive it. He finds bullet holes in his car and ultimately figures out his uncle is a spy of MI6. He is quickly recruited and has some mysteries to solve: Who is his father, how did he die and was he a spy? The series has many parts of action for example he kiyaks down a raging river as
  7. Name: Alex Stone Year frozen [517] personality: careless, witty, rude, humerous, emotional History Alex Stone was raised in a very rich family. He was an inventor. He created a lunchbox microwave along with many other things. He quickly rose to the top. He created his own industry. Everything he made he remembered. When starting first grade they discovered his intellegence and skipped him to fifth grade then skipped to a senior 2 years later. All bullies that picked on him he embarrassed with his humor, wit,and quick mouth. He had many houses across the globe along with man
  8. Hey has anyone ever read an anthony horowitz book? You know like the Alex Rider adventures or the gatekeepers? You can talk about them all here I guess.....
  9. Red hot chili peppers are good,John Mayer,Daft punk,Deep purple,Cold Play,The who,Weezer,Jack Johnson,and Jimi Hendrix are awesome too.
  10. [quote name='Shippou']there is three C.D's that I could not live without. that is 1.Rancid: ...and out come the wolves 2.Rancid: Lets go 3.Deep Purple: Nobody's Perfect Shippou[/QUOTE] Red hot chili peppers Stadium arcadium,John Mayer Continuum,John Mayer heavier things.
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