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  1. Dude... Just decided to pop back out of curiosity. Sad news. RIP mate, years late as well but still shocked.
  2. In general I learn pretty well in lectures and by reading. It's a difficult question the answer, though. An example of how I work when I study is to attend lectures or read my material, then write about it in my own words. If I struggle I know I need to go back and go over certain concepts. When I speak about topics, there is a huge difference between the things I have written about and things I remember. I'm more confident with the former because I've been able to synthesise the information and adapt to different scenarios; the depth of what I learn depends on how I've used the information. I
  3. I think the whole success thing is really interesting. I always like to argue I would much rather be great at what I do and then if success follows that's just a bonus point. There are so many people battling to make themselves a name or become successful, mostly for the sake of it, rather than paying attention to the careful act of actually learning something. For me that's the best part. There are so many things I wouldn't have been able to do, or you either, if I had succeeded early on. I would have rushed myself and not learned all the amazing (albeit useless in everyday life) things I hav
  4. Here when did we get a LIKE button?!
  5. What on Earth is happening?
  6. I always post in here when I get back, so here's a picture of me from when I graduated last year. I don't even want to see the earlier pictures I posted on here.
  7. Look at all these familiar faces. Hi guys! I actually came back to this site for a moment because I'm writing a piece for my job, which I wouldn't have without joining these boards. I'm doing my Doctorate in English and Cultural Studies and get to work as a lecturer too - there's a big series of talks in the summer that I'm involved in around digital culture so rightfully I ended up back here. I'm only 24 now and I joined in 2003, thirteen years ago. I was the type of kid that spent a lot of time in my room and on my computer, so I was here quite a lot making RPGs. Since I've been writing fro
  8. EDIT: Judging from the date, you might not need this anymore. But it's been written so it might as well be posted :P Poetry is amazing. I love poetry. Songs are poetry, adverts are poetry, poetry poetry poetry.   You don't have to be Eliot or Poe or Bukowski to write poetry. Widen your search a little.   In all honesty there are very few influential/mainstream poets I like. T.S. Eliot is my favourite, Ezra Pound and Sylvia Plath come pretty close in second place. Anything pre-20th century isn't my cup of tea. This is the problem with people disliking poetry, I find; we're only
  9. For starters, I have two cats: Lucky, a mean lean vicious machine (about 6 years) and Tiny... 19 years old, balding but still not dead. Anyway, dogs: [B]Name:[/B] Pixie Lott [B]Breed:[/B] Miniature Jack Russell (girl) [B]Age:[/b] 2 [B]Likes:[/B] Cuddles! [B]Dislikes:[/B] Not sleeping in the bed. [attachment=15237:pix.JPG] [B]Name:[/B] Jack Black [B]Breed:[/B] Miniature Jack Russell (boy) [B]Age:[/B] 1 [B]Likes:[/B] Being called a pretty little boy. [B]Dislikes:[/B] Other dogs, men, hoovers, stairs, people coughing near him, children... umm... everything, really. [attachm
  10. [quote name='Allamorph' timestamp='1316027847' post='709443'] [FONT=Calibri]Good Lord, what were you thinking? That t-shirt is horrid. I'm calling Fashion Police.[/FONT] [/quote] Shut up, Allamorph! [img]http://herecomesthegirls.co.uk/cxlondon/Faster_Pussycat_Kill_Kill_Girls_T-Shirt.jpg[/img] Clearly no sense of style WHAT SO EVER. You come down Manchester and you say that, boy! You come right down here now! PS I love you.
  11. Vicky

    RPG Idea

    HIA GUYZ. This is still happening. I've just been getting really really drunk with my new uni house mates and neglecting my life. I'll something sorted soon.
  12. [url=http://postimage.org/image/bx0k1u2s/][img]http://s3.postimage.org/bx0k1u2s/291580_10150220999257706_695717705_6527511_56255.jpg[/img][/url] Rollin' roll ups 'cause I'm poor like that.
  13. Cat liberation front.

    1. chibi-master


      If you take my sister's cat, you will be my hero.

  14. I've got a feeling the dinosaurs are going to pull it back.
  15. [quote name='Pleiades Rising' timestamp='1313734206' post='708981'] To add another noisy German band to the mix, I'd have to nominate [b]Atari Teenage Riot[/b] ([i]go! go! go! go! go!, ATA-RI! TEEN-AGE! RI-OT![/i]). This is what happens when you let anarchists express themselves through music, and it's often as chaotic as an actual riot. With titles like "Start The Riot", "Destroy 2000 Years of Culture", and "Revolution Action" you know you're not gonna get afternoon tea music. Musically, they&
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