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  1. Most of us have been here for over a decade, starting out in our early teens or sooner. We all had/have goals of what we want/ed to accomplish in life. What are you doing these days? Are you doing what you thought you would be doing? For me, I wanted to be a manga artist and draw for the rest of my life. Although I improved throughout high school, and had that mind set for years, that did not happen. I guess it's kind of sad, nothing I thought I would be doing, am I actually doing, lol! I'm not as successful as I had hoped I would be sixteen years later. But that's life, it's unpredictable. I traveled, got married; and we own a house. I started going back to school for criminal justice a few years ago. I'm not even done with that, it's hard for me to work and go to school so it's taking much longer than anticipated. I rarely draw these days, I still enjoy doing it but it hasn't been a priority. So that comic artist idea has fled, lol!