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  1. Just over nine years, so right about the point where the Chief's Mess starts plying you with phrases like "oh man, that's almost ten, and if you do ten, you might as well do twenty!" lol. I was attached to the Connecticut for sea duty, and its overhaul took roughly half a decade, so the most ports I got to see were Pearl and Ketchikan during Sea Trials and shakedown runs, unfortunately. I did have a full deployment on one of the Ohios, but since their entire mission is to go lurk somewhere in case a weird world leader decides to get froggy, it was basically three months of Five Knots To No
  2. Bit of a lag, so updating with things I have played in the past while. Control – Very interesting, very well-written (in my opinion) paranormal action/adventure from the makers of Alan Wake. I've loved weird, twisting stories ever since I watched Event Horizon and Ghost In The Shell, and Control certainly takes some oddball turns. The Foundation DLC was decently challenging and also well-written, as was the AWE tie-in to Alan Wake (although it was a tad short, I thought). Fire Emblem: Three Houses – I sort of let this one languish a bit while I was transitioning out of the Navy because the
  3. Can't believe I'm a week late for this thread's one year anniversary. smh
  4. Fun fact here, I just finished my enlistments two months ago. Cropped out your rank tab, but not your surname, I see. =P But also, congratulations for putting in the effort to get your warfare qualification. I know it doesn't mean as much to the surface community as the submarine warfare does to ours, but it still takes effort and knowledge, so good on you. Enjoy the new PT standards lol
  5. If you were going to do one, I think the setting would be pretty malleable, honestly. What kind of story style would you be looking to do, though?
  6. Yeah, I saw that. This past year has been quite revealing about the reality of who we are.
  7. Good to know the good old U S of A is still leading by example.
  8. I haven't posted here in quite a while, and I know no one else really has, either. But I got hit with a super hard wave of nostalgia today, and since this is the closest thread to the topic I could find, it shall do. When I first showed up here, I was kind of a lurker. It was the Anthology and the Theater that drew me out, and in particular I remember the Event Coordinator competition, where White and Sandy hosted competing events, swapped control of the events halfway through, and the community voted on who was the better dude. I was a part of White's game, Mafia. I don't remember whethe
  9. Holy necromancy, Batman. Let's put you back in your cell.
  10. Jason restored—and went immediately alert. For the first time in his life, he could feel nothing about his surroundings. His incoming environmental image made no sense. It wasn’t simply one or two informational oddities, or even a lack of existing data to interpret. The data itself defied interpretation. Which was impossible. A retrograde analysis of his passive sensory log indicated no hostile presence nearby—in fact, it indicated no presence of any kind whatsoever, anywhere in range—so Jason opened his eyes. The addition of visual input provided him little more than h
  11. Horizon: Zero Dawn is amazing and I want everyone to know. I may have someone you should get to know.
  12. That wallpaper is giving me flashbacks to Timmonsville, SC. Props to you for putting up with it. Also AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH TINY HUMANS
  13. Hey, and welcome. As you can probably tell, there isn't a whole lot goes on on these boards any longer. Its heydey was about a decade ago now, and all the old active people have gone on to newer and brighter futures—but none as shiny or fun. Also I went ahead and merged your thread with the general intro thread.
  14. This is what he should be apologizing for. Oh. My god. Ew.
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