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  1. If you were going to do one, I think the setting would be pretty malleable, honestly. What kind of story style would you be looking to do, though?
  2. Yeah, I saw that. This past year has been quite revealing about the reality of who we are.
  3. Good to know the good old U S of A is still leading by example.
  4. I haven't posted here in quite a while, and I know no one else really has, either. But I got hit with a super hard wave of nostalgia today, and since this is the closest thread to the topic I could find, it shall do. When I first showed up here, I was kind of a lurker. It was the Anthology and the Theater that drew me out, and in particular I remember the Event Coordinator competition, where White and Sandy hosted competing events, swapped control of the events halfway through, and the community voted on who was the better dude. I was a part of White's game, Mafia. I don't remember whethe
  5. Holy necromancy, Batman. Let's put you back in your cell.
  6. Jason restored—and went immediately alert. For the first time in his life, he could feel nothing about his surroundings. His incoming environmental image made no sense. It wasn’t simply one or two informational oddities, or even a lack of existing data to interpret. The data itself defied interpretation. Which was impossible. A retrograde analysis of his passive sensory log indicated no hostile presence nearby—in fact, it indicated no presence of any kind whatsoever, anywhere in range—so Jason opened his eyes. The addition of visual input provided him little more than h
  7. Horizon: Zero Dawn is amazing and I want everyone to know. I may have someone you should get to know.
  8. That wallpaper is giving me flashbacks to Timmonsville, SC. Props to you for putting up with it. Also AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH TINY HUMANS
  9. Hey, and welcome. As you can probably tell, there isn't a whole lot goes on on these boards any longer. Its heydey was about a decade ago now, and all the old active people have gone on to newer and brighter futures—but none as shiny or fun. Also I went ahead and merged your thread with the general intro thread.
  10. This is what he should be apologizing for. Oh. My god. Ew.
  11. That is incredibly precious. ...and gross. I mean, it's not their fault they look gross. That just comes with the territory. But it's definitely the most precious gross thing I've seen in a while. Or ... most gross precious thing? Most ... grossest preciousest thing? I'm really happy for you and I'm going to end the post now. Edit: Also two hundred people at a baby shower how even the crap
  12. ...oh. Oh that's really racist
  13. Oh God, don't let him do that. I had a friend in the NUC pipeline who had to deal with those shenanigans. His parents came over from Vietnam, and when the licensing people asked his father what his name should be, and to cut a long and bumbling story short, they went with his dad's favorite drink: tea. So his father's English name is Tea Tran. They named their son (my friend) Timothy, so he'd fit in better in American schools, but realised almost immediately that that was a silly idea, so my buddy's siblings are named Teague Tran and Teagan Tran.
  14. If you named them Goku and Vegeta, though, which one is the girl? I also spent the other night looking at twin names, but it was hard coming up with a good boy/girl pair. Most of them were either Kaoru/Hikaru or some version of the harem twins trope, and I don't want to set you up for failure lol. That, and I'm assuming Hansel/Gretel (Black Lagoon) is right out.... It's a conundrum.
  15. We should start deciding baby names. It takes a villageboards, as they say....
  16. For what? For sharing your opinion? Was your opinion not a valid opinion before she echoed it? I fail to understand the jubilation.
  17. Allamorph

    Pokémon Go

    Right, and I didn't mean to imply that you did. I just couldn't find another way to say I didn't think the game's popularity was amazing without a ridiculous amount of words. =P I absolutely agree that it's fascinating, but it's Pokémon. The game has never not been popular. And all those extras that got picked up? Those are your Candy Crush Saga people (you know, the homebodies who frown at the Kids Playing Their Gamestation but spend countless hours on silly match-3 games and Farmville knockoffs while lurking Facebook and liking every picture and comment their friends make), and your pe
  18. Allamorph

    Pokémon Go

    I also like the concept, and would love the game if it had been executed properly. I do have to disagree with you, though. Pokémon Go isn't Niantic's first foray into the Augmented Reality gaming world, or even the mobile world at all. They knowingly took on converting one of the most popular, iconic games in modern history, one with a nigh-cult following, to a mobile platform. If they had tried to build the entire game from scratch, I'd understand a bit more, but they used their initial AR game Ingress as a model for Go—which is an intelligent decision, really, since doing so meant they sh
  19. Allamorph

    Pokémon Go

    I'd love to tell you all about it, but you'll have to come back later. Our servers are experiencing issues.
  20. I am double posting now for because. Two new toys this time. Any guesses on what they are? Well, you're absolutely right. Knives. yay =3 Both are from Columbia River Knives and Tactical. Upper knife is the Shrill, lower is the OC3. Blade on the Shrill is four inches, OC3 is six, and both are double-edged—although the Shrill is the one obviously intended for stabby purposes, and has a clip-on leather sheath for easy placement on your person. OC3 is more for tactical stuff, like being a backup to your Bowie when you're hiking or hunting or what have you. Both hilts are made of micart
  21. I did it, you guys. I'm done. $24,000. Plus interest. Before I turned 30. That's three hundred and fifty dollars a month I'm not spending anymore. I freaking did it.
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