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  1. I'm reaching that midway point for sure now, but I've already done the unthinkable and reenlisted for six more years, ha. I'm probably gonna wind up doing the full twenty if possible; similarly already getting bugged by the mess since I'll be eligible for the Chief exam here soon, and I'm not so sure I want to put it on. If it happens I feel it'll be a huge mistake on their part. Eventually I plan on settling down in the Pacific Northwest. All my childhood memories of that area were splendid - all the dark, rolling mists and sprawling pine forests. Beautiful. When I come back from being stationed in Japan I'd like to take shore duty around that area to get started. As far as the countries I've managed to explore, my first tour was aboard the USS Gravely out of Norfolk, so my two deployments took me to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, and Bahrain were some main hubs that we frequented, and stops like Croatia, Santorini, Cyprus, and Montenegro were absolute gems. Though I am pissed that after I checked off the ship they went on a NATO tour all around Europe and basically partied in each country for like a week at a time. Still, I am thankful for the sights I've seen and the memories I've made at each of the breathtaking locations in that part of the world. At the moment I'm enjoying the student life at GSM C school stateside, so it's a welcome break. Though the sub life is something foreign to me, I'm glad you were at least able to still see locales that you were able to fall in love with.
  2. Thank you! I'm certainly not looking forward to the new madness that is PRTs after such a long lazy period. Congrats on making it out alive! How long were you in for? And what would you say was your favorite port while out and about?
  3. Sixteen years later this is where I am in life. I hope everyone's been safe and well.
  4. It's been around sixteen years or so since I joined. So much has changed - both here and in my life. I enlisted in the military, went around the world, lost friends and family, forged new bonds, and I never would have imagined how much I've seen and learned these long years. I sincerely hope everyone has been doing well, and Desbreko, wherever you are, I hope you're having an awesome time.
  5. I'm thankful to have had such a great person participate in my old bug-loving thread from ages ago, and I hope all those whose lives you touched continue to carry your memory fondly into tomorrow. I hope you're having an awesome time wherever you find yourself these days.

  6. Oh, man. Let's see...   PS4: I'm currently pouring countless hours into Destiny and loving it. It's a beautiful game - when I'm not knee-deep in the forces of darkness doing a Strike I'm just wandering around and exploring the gorgeous environments on the moon, Venus, or Mars....or Russia.   PS3: When I'm not feeling Destiny (most likely 'cause my connection is shoddy that day) I'll be slicing faces off with my Psycho on Borderlands 2. Yeah, I was a little late to the party with this one, but I'm loving it pretty hard.   PS2: Okay, yeah, so I still have my PS2 around, and there are still a few games for it I never went back and finished - such as  Shin  Megami Tensei's Digital Devil Saga 2 and Nocturne . Both are simply awesome titles, and I still love playing them.   Wii U: Alright, so I picked up Hyrule Warriors not too long ago, and it's pretty fun. Okay, it's really fun, especially when playing with friends.   3DS: I've been settling so many things in Smash lately. The new Super Smash Bros. is definitely ruining some friendships onboard my ship, haha. Awesome title, and I can't wait for the Wii U version. Also, besides Smash, I've been wrapping up Bravely Default and continuing my status as the Bug-Type Gym Leader (and eighth) aboard my ship on Pokemon Y. We still need more people to properly set up the Elite Four.
  7. I think it's about time for me to come back out from hiding.   I've recently indulged in (anime) The Future Diary, Soul Eater, FMA Brotherhood, Kill la Kill, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Speed Grapher, Durarara, and I just started Guilty Crown right before we went out to sea again. I really want to finish it.   Oh, and I rewatched Gurren Lagann and FLCL while out to sea a little while back. Always good.
  8. I actually picked this up a little while back on the PS3, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it as well - I have a 50 Paladin on Lamia that I'm currently gearing; I'm playing with a group of fellow sailors from the ship I'm on.   How far have you gotten? Also, my PSN is Deralito incase you'd like to add me. I realize I haven't been a very outspoken fellow on here throughout the years, but I've been quietly in and out around the boards. I think it's high time I started visiting more.
  9. [SIZE="2"][FONT="Lucida Console"][COLOR="Navy"]I've not played much as of late, but I've been playing [B]Dragon Age: Origins[/B],[B] Borderlands[/B],[B] Street Fighter 4[/B], and [B]Soul Calibur 4[/B] for the PS3. Now, as far as handhelds go, I've been playing [B]Dissidia: Final Fantasy[/B] and [B]Monster Hunter Freedom Unite[/B] on the PSP and[B] Pokemon Platinum Version[/B] on the DSi. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must return to my Human Berserker/Champion on Dragon Age: Origins.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  10. [FONT="Lucida Console"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Wha-? Where have I been these past couple of years? All I recall is graduating from High School, registering at the community college, getting a job at SAM'S Club, and...wait, why am I here? Oh, I remember now! [I][COLOR="Black"]Graphidostreptus gigas:[/COLOR][/I] [IMG]http://www.dinosoria.com/insectes/mille-patte-geant.jpg[/IMG] Commonly known as the African Black Millipede, or even simply the Giant Millipede, this specimen is one of the two largest living millipedes, growing up to around 28 centimeters in length, and it can live up to 6 years. Millipedes, in general, have 2 pairs of legs per body segment, excluding the first, and vary in sizes from a few millimeters, to what was just mentioned in my previous paragraph. They come in 4 main categories: Cylindrical, Plated, Pill, and Bristly. Graphidostreptus gigas is categorized as a Cylindrical millipede due to its blunt, bulldozing head and cylindrical body. Cylindrical millipedes are most noted for bulldozing their way through soil and leaf litter in order to reach their main food source: decayed plant matter. Well, it feels good to do this again after so long; I only hope this thread lives on to interest and educate more folks out there.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  11. [quote name='Sandy']Sex and physical contact are wonderful things, and I think they're every bit as important as the emotional side in a relationship. Without them, I don't think the relationship can go much further than a caring friendship. But that's just my opinion.[/QUOTE] [quote name='SunfallE']But yeah, in the end? Sex is important in a relationship and not just for marriage.[/quote] [quote name='indifference']Sex is just as important as the other aspects of a relationship.[/quote] [quote name='BKStyles']...if you put half as much effort into the aspects pertaining to the actual act of sex as you do trying to make sense of talking about it...well...you'd be having sex .[/quote] [quote name='Rachmaninoff']Without it, the relationship can't go much further than a caring friendship. A statement that I agree with.[/quote] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]Wow. I never knew "Insert Tab A into Slot B" meant the same as "I love you, and I want to be with you forever". It's amazing! Despite how "essential" sex is made out to be, it's still only sex, and I want more out of a relationship than knowing that I'm going to knock-up a girl in the name of my love for her. I like the metaphysical aspects of love. Oh, and as for sex before marriage - do what you want. I don't care. Of course, this is only my opinion.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  12. [SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]So, here's another one: [IMG]http://www.ko-chan.org/b/src/1188028563324.jpg[/IMG] And there's an attachment with a little added humor.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  13. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="1"]Dang. I forgot if it's even possible to place an image in your post from your computer itself without resorting to thumbnail attachments. Anyhow, my pic is in the attachment, so please take a look.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
  14. [quote name='The13thMan'][COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Century Gothic]I didn't realize there was any confusion that needed to be cleared up. You did say you wanted some arthropods, didn't you? I don't know a lot about bugs/insects/spiders and whatnot, so please do educate me. [/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [FONT="Lucida Console"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]This is why I created this thread in the first place; I'll be happy to clear up any confusion to the best of my abilities. I just need more people to get involved.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  15. [FONT="Lucida Console"][SIZE="1"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm back. Anyone miss me? Anyhow, on to my post: [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Weta"]Deinacrida heteracantha[/URL]: [IMG]http://www.geocities.co.jp/NatureLand-Sky/8651/photo/giant_weta.jpg[/IMG] Since we seem to be more inclined towards bigger creatures today, I give you the Giant Weta of New Zealand. This particular species is native to New Zealand's Little Barrier Island, and it is amongst the largest giant weta species in the world; in fact, it's arguably the heaviest insect in the world. I wish to hold one - perhaps even have one as a pet. P.S. - The13thMan, a tarantula is an arachnid. I just thought I should clear that up.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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