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  1. [size=3][color=#0066cc]Like always, I skimmed this thread. Although, I may go back and read what everyone has said later on. It seems quite interesting enough, though. And yes, I do agree with an OB Orgy! Oooh, that sounds like an interesting RP topic. >] Now then, on to my list. First and foremost, I must say I would LOVE to do my mentor and older sister, [b]Raiha[/b]. Then [b]Ikillion[/b], [b]Vicky[/b], [b]silpheedpilot[/b], [b]Gavin[/b], [b]Boo[/b], [b]Allamorph[/b], [b]Pumpkin[/b], [b]Zen[/b], and that's all I can think of right now. There are others but I can't seem to g
  2. [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif][size=3][color=#FF5511]I love the idea; however, I was looking for something a lot more brighter and with more graphics. But I LOVE the idea.[/color][/size][/font]
  3. [color=#FF5511][size=3][font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]Since my arrival back to OB, I realized my banner/avatar set is somewhat outdated. At least for me it is. So, I am asking the artists of OB if they could kindly create me a new one. The only thing that I ask is that the picture be Soul Eater related, brightly coloured (very little pink, preferably), and have the phrase "Your soul is mine!" Along with that, I would like my name somewhere in the avatar and banner.[/font][/size][/color]
  4. [font=verdana][size=2][color=#660000]Push-buttons...psh. How are you liking it so far? I'm not exactly on a shore tour. It's on a shore-based facility but we have sea-shore rotations. I'm still on sea duty. I recently got my PTS approved so once I find out if I made Second-Class or not, that'll let me know how many more years I can re-enlist.[/color][/size][/font]
  5. [font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif][size=2][color=#660000]Glad to see I'm still known around here. And it is great being back. I'm stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA. It's a Marine base but I work with the hover crafts there. I work as a GSE and I did hear that Raiha is in Virginia. What are you going Nuke for?[/color][/size][/font]
  6. Once again...I have returned! This time, I shall remember to STAY active.

    1. Boo


      But for how long?! :'(

    2. Revelation


      It will be for quite some time. ^_^

  7. [font=verdana][size=2][color=#660000]I cannot believe I haven't been on OB in quite some time. I'll have to scroll through the pages and see who is still here from the Olden Days. Without further ado, here are some recent pictures of me. A little FYI, I have been in the United States Navy for almost 4 years. Hence, the picture of me in my uniform.[/color][/size][/font]
  8. You know it's been a long time from OB when you come back and everything's been revamped. -_- I feel slightly ashamed.

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    2. Allamorph


      Welcome Back, Rev!

    3. Ellerby


      zomg revvy :O welcome back!

    4. Revelation


      Boo, I am quite ashamed that I missed out on MUCH! And looks like I've missed out once again.

      Al, thank you. It's good to be back.

      ELLERBY!!!! ZOMG! I IS BACKZ! ^_^

  9. [size=1][color=#0147FA][B]Name-[/B] Zhang Long Mu [Named after the Mother of Dragons] [B]Alias-[/B] Flying Dragon Crane [B]Sex-[/B] Female [B]Age/Zodiac Sign-[/B] 28/ Earth Dragon [B]Social Status/Occupation-[/B] Free Agent; Ambassador; Owner of Huang Long [Yellow Dragon] Tea House [B]Affiliation(s)/Notable Relationship(s)-[/B] Although a Free Agent, Long Mu was once part of the [B]Brotherhood of Heavenly Peace[/B]; Family friend to Silver Fairy and Bear General [B]Personality-[/B] Long Mu is a self-assured and proud woman, supportive and admired. One of very few who uphold the
  10. [size=1][color=#C82358]Oh that's brilliant. I love the colours. Except, would it be possible to make it so that the pictures are more visible? The effects are great, but it's hard to differentiate in the pictures.[/size][/color]
  11. [size=1][color=#C82356]Underworld as in the movie. =P I should have been a bit clearer on that.[/size][/color]
  12. [size=1][color=#C82356]I know I have said I returned once before, but this is a DEFINITE return. And as such, I would like to finalize my return with a request for a banner/avatar set. The first theme I had in mind revolves around [B]Underworld[/B]. I'd like this to be a more dark, grungy themed set. I'll leave this up for your imagination. The other theme was more upbeat that revolves around [B]Alice in Wonderland[/B]. For this, I'd like one of these two quotes: "We are all mad here." or "Curiosity often leads to trouble." This theme will be more colourful and upbeat; also with a mo
  13. [size=1][color=#8B008B]About a month ago I started reading [B]I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell[/B]. It's a quite funny book that entails on the escapades of a man who finds life to revolve around beer and womanizing. The actions that he partakes in aren't all that hilarious-ensued but it's the way he tells his stories. A lot of people who've read this have told me, numerous times, that it comes from a male's perspective. So there's a forewarning to those who want to read it. On a side note, I've finished Stephenie Meyer's [B]Twilight[/B] saga. As far as the movies go with the book, I'
  14. [size=1][color=#8B008B]It's been a while since I've joined an RPG. And, as always, Vicky knows how to write the ones that'll tweak my imagination. SIS forever? Anywho, since my internet is currently my phone, I won't be able to get a sign up in anytime soon, but put me down for [B]Reshef[/B]'s clan; if not that then I will take [B]Chronus[/B]'s clan. I'll try to get a sign up in as soon as I can.[/size][/color]
  15. [quote name='Rachmaninoff']I remember when you left and why you did. Just as I wondered if you would come back or not. It's good to see you again. :)[/QUOTE] [size=1][color=#8B008B]Thank you. It does feel good to be back. I did miss this place dearly. Triad? Psh. Triads are nothing compared to SIS! MOAHAHAHA! I mean...yes.[/size][/color]
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