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  1. To be honest I never learned Yun or Yang at all. I just wanted them in cause I choose game characters based on visual appeal :3 and since they have history with Chun Li before III (which is when IV takes place) there could be some story elements that could be taken advantage of (though come to think of it, the story really makes no sense of difference... and my memory is vague but did Yun or Yang cameo in Chun Li's cut scenes?) Either way, now that I'm reading Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki, I feel dissappointed there's no Elena. Especially since there's an Africa Level. I guess they just can't please me. lol -r2
  2. [quote name='Ikillion'][COLOR=#35160f][SIZE="1"][FONT="Trebuchet MS"]I managed to catch Pokerus. Now all I need to do is catch a shiny and my life will be complet- OH WAIT.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE][color=#009966]Did you hear about the shiny Pichu event for D/P/Pt? Download the Pichu on any of those three, trade it to HG/SS and it'll unlock an event later on. [url]http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/uk/shiny-pichu.html[/url] BTW wanna trade me a random throwaway Pokemon with Pokerus? Oh and for vanity's sake I was wondering what everyone's average steps per day are. So far mine are 18,000 per day. :3 -r2[/color]
  3. [color=#229944]I didn't play through all of the original G/S games, but I picked this one up almost purely based on the Pokewalker. I'm a server at a restaurant and this requires me to walk a lot and I'm hoping that will help with raising my young pokepups. I've only just beat the first gym leader (I wanted to make sure I had six Pokemon that were at least level ten) but so far the improvements in the game are mroe impressive than D/P. What impressed me the most so far are the integration of the touch screen (away from the mostly useless Poketch). The touch interface is just about as comfortable and quick to use as the D-Pad and face buttons, but I also use L=A for when I'm lazy. Whether it's using the stylus to open the Pokedex, putting on your running shoes, or touching the VS. Recorder, the touch screen just feels natural. The visual and audio improvements are across the board, though. The Pokemon walking around behind you is not only cute and endearing, the way it affects how you play the game actually makes sense! If you trade via the GTS, you can receive messages, via your Wii, while away from your DS game. Now you can know when your Pokemon has been picked up! The game has just such an improvement over D/P so far. The DS actually feels like it's being made use of, and I hope this will be the first Pokemon game I'll finish since Y in Generation I. Edit: My FC is 3352 6243 3961 Add me and I shall do the same. :) -r2[/color]
  4. [quote name='Magus'][size=1][color=darkred]I don't get any kick out of the SF3 characters. I think that's why I never really cared for SF3. Outside of Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Chun li, I found no one else to be really memorable.[/size][/color][/QUOTE][color=#339933]I was personally hoping to see Yun or Yang... this Hakan character is at best gross, and at worst an example of the most major design flaws that come out of Japan. :( -r2[/color]
  5. [color=#007520]I'm only on Day 6, but it's fun so far. The thing I find most interesting about the game is how it makes use of DS functions that you never would imagine. Here are a few that stand out: [b]Dual Screens[/b] - Control one character on the top screen, and one on the bottom. Use the touch screen for the bottom character, and the d-pad for the top character. This battle system is very unique, and works its way into the story as well, and like Meggido said, it's pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it, though at first it can be pretty intimidating. [b]Wi Fi[/b] - The "Mingle" mode is similar to many other games on the DS, your DS searches for other DSs in the area that have the same games in the same mode. The twist is that TWEWY's Mingle mode also searches for DS Wi-Fi connectivity for other DS games. So I can turn on Mingle mode while Pokemon trainers are battling near me and receive PP. It also works for some non-DS signals, but I'm not sure what causes them yet... [b]Non-Play Time[/b] - This is the first game I've played that rewards you for time you don't play. If you turn off your DS, the amount of time that has passed since you last saved will give you PP. This only goes up to 7 days, and I can see how it can be abused, but it's still pretty good. The DS clock also works it's way into the story and gameplay by means of food consumption; you can only eat a certain amount of food per 24 hours real time. Guess they get full after eating so much. -r2[/color]
  6. [color=#007520]I've caught up again... and while I read I've had a few strange feelings in the direction of the story. Firstly, it seemed to me that the story was almost ending. At first I thought it was because the comic might be ending soon. Then I realized, with Pain and Tobi, that if anything is ending soon, it'll just be the arc. Secondly, Jiraiya will die soon. He's had a lot of exposure, and a little more of his backstory has been told. Also, if he dies now, it'll be heroic, and a great way to show the strength of the new villains. He even said himself that his role is almost done. Regarding the question posted, am I the only one that still uses Narutofan? -r2[/color]
  7. [color=#007520][quote name='Shy'][size=1][b][url=http://www.thislife.org/Radio_Podcast.aspx]This American Life[/url][/b]: This American Life is a fixture on public radio, and recently it has been adapted into a television series on Showtime. Each episode focuses on a different topic, and then three completely different personal stories are told based on that topic. Sometimes the stories are funny, others poignant, others downright stupid, but it's always great to listen to.[/size][/QUOTE]I saw a few episodes of This American Life and thought it was smart, clean, and genuinely entertaining. I didn't know that it originated as a podcast, but now that I do, I can definately see how it could have been. [quote name='Rachmaninoff']I tried listening to the podcast over at theOtaku and truth be known, I didn't really care for it. //snip// I'd rather just read the content instead of listening to someone talking.[/QUOTE]I tried to listen to theOtaku podcast when it first came out, and I didn't find it all that enticing. I just can't put my finger on why... Reading on a monitor for too long hurts my eyes and I don't usually have much time to spend in front of the computer. Listening to the podcasts is a great way to get information while doing other things. Sometimes I listen while I was the dishes, sometimes while on the way to work. That leads me, finally, to my list. I have three main podcasts that I listen to, but two out of three come out rather infrequently and have almost lost my listenership. [size=1][indent][b][url=http://bigbaldbroadcast.blogspot.com/]The Big Bald Broadcast[/url][/b] with Kyle Hebert and Otherworld Steve is usually worth a listen when I want to hear about generally nerdy news. They've talked about Comc Books, Scifi (mostly Star Wars), Anime, Video Games, and whatever else nerdy that I forgot. Hebert is a voice actor and Otherworld is an Anime Journalist so they have their connections in the industry for information that most fans don't get right away. [b][url=http://ds.vgpodcasts.com/]DS:Life[/url][/b] with Lloyd Hannesson and Edgar Furse is a sporadically released podcast about the Nintendo DS by DS Fans. They talk about games and news, and try to answer listener questions, but since they've had a few technical issues, they've only begun to make podcasts since the end of May. [b][url=http://1upyours.1up.com/]1UP Yours[/url][/b] with Garnett Lee, John Davison, Shane Bettenhausen, Mark MacDonald, and Andrew "Skip" Pfister on the audio board is a roundtable discussion from the editors of 1UP Magazine. They talk about news in the video game world and, more often than not, argue about it. They're a funny bunch to listen to, and since they're actually paid by Ziff Davis Media, they have superior sound quality, and come out very regularly. [b][url=http://www.1up.com/do/minisite?cId=3145462]The 1UP Show[/url][/b] is a video podcast that comes out everyweek that features the Editors from 1UP Magazine having discussions about Video Games. It's a good place to hear about new Games without having to search around different sites for videos, previews, and reviews.[/indent][/size]-r2[/color]
  8. r2vq

    Gaming Picross

    [quote name='Aceburner']I thought it was just a drawing program. Nothing I can't do on Pictochat.[/QUOTE][color=#007520]Yes, you can draw on Pictochat. Yes, you can draw on Picross. The difference is that Picross isn't a game about drawing. It's a game of completing puzzles. The only time you draw is when you want to create your own puzzles to send to friends, and even in that (added on) mode there are a lot more options than Pictochat. The comparison is like saying Sudoku is math, but I won't get into that. [quote name='Aceburner']seriously, people, go buy Elite Beat Agents. Tell them Ace sent you and you might be able to confuse 'em into a discount[/QUOTE]Thanks, Ace. I'm already finished with Elite Beat Agents, though. It's been sitting on my shelf for months now. And yes, I've played Ouendan 1 and 2. Fun games, but that's for when I'm in a different mood. Picross is great for when you're on the bus and just want something quick and light to keep your mind entertained. Oh, and you don't need headphones to play Picross in a loud area. :) If you don't like pen and paper puzzle games, you might want to rent Picross or borrow it from a friend to see what it's all about. It's not for everyone since it's more about thinking and using your mind for logic, rather than beat counting and good timing. -r2[/color]
  9. r2vq

    Credit Cards

    [color=#007520][quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]You can do all of these thing with a debit card, I believe, which is nice in that it ties directly into your checking account and is still under the Visa/Mastercard/AE label...[/font][/quote]I haven't seen a bank in Canada yet that lets your debit card tie in with Visa/Mastercard/AMEX companies. I'm not sure about the States but the difference between Credit Cards and Debit Cards are really big here. Hotel Rooms wont take a Debit Card as a deposit, but they will with Credit Cards. And although it's pretty easy to use a Credit Card Number and Expiry Date online, my Debit Account would require... a little more elbow grease (and possibly some headlight fluid). Using my Debit Card also means that I have to pay fees for certain transactions... [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]I think the main issue with companies giving or not giving you access to credit is mainly due to your age. //snip// I agree that having no history can't help you in such ventures, but neither should it hurt you, since it is, after all, an absence of information rather than negative information.[/font][/quote]I don't entirely agree with you here, but I don't entirely disagree with you either. Having no credit is better than having [i]bad[/i] credit, but having no credit can still hurt you. With no credit I can't take out mortgages on houses or cars, and I can't take out a loan for one reason or another. Credit card companies look at you as a customer, but one that they have to trust since they're giving you their money. If they don't know your credit history, how can they trust you at all? But after seeing what you replied earlier, yes, having no credit history can't hurt me right now since there's less risk involved with using my own cash. [quote name='Allamorph'][FONT=Arial]I'm not sure, but can you also make your report more favorable by paying rent and utility bills on time consistently? I can't seem to find out if that kind of bill applies....[/FONT][/QUOTE]Bill companies hardly ever report how well and how early you pay a bill, unless it's late. So paying a bill on time doesn't always give you good credit, but paying it late will definately give you bad credit. 8) Don't you love the way that works? That, and I pay my rent/utillities in cash so... lol. [quote name='James'][color=#606060]First, you have to know that your card was used inappropriately on the day it was used - it's unlikely you'll know unless you either a) retrieve a statement (which may not show the transaction on the day) or b) you go to use it and there's no money available. //snip// I only pay a tiny yearly fee to have extra card protection and monitoring...and I feel it's worth it. You don't want to mess around with a credit card.[/color][/QUOTE]:-/ You're talking about card cloning aren't you? That's a little scarier than what I had in mind, having my card/wallet stolen. In my scenario, I'd be reporting the card missing on the day I realise it's gone. In your scenario... I wouldn't even know the card was cloned, so I would have to dispute credit card statements... I think security is a good thing, though... I'll have to ask the banker about it when I talk to her on Thursday. :3 -r2[/color]
  10. r2vq

    Credit Cards

    [color=#ff7520][quote name='Japan_86'][COLOR="DarkRed"]4. Lock said said suitcase or safe 5. Hide key [/COLOR][/QUOTE][/color][color=#007520]The only issue is that I'm not getting the card for emergencies, I'm getting it to build credit. And the way credit works is that it wont grow if I don't use it. [color=#ff7520][quote name='Fasteriskhead']Look, credit cards aren't evil. //snip// But seriously, [i]be careful[/i].[/QUOTE][/color]I like the advice you gave. It's a lot along the lines of what I was thinking, but it spins it around from a different perspective, I think. [color=#ff7520][quote name='James'][color=#606060]I did experience one incident of credit card fraud, whereby someone in Italy apparently tried to buy a train pass on my card.[/color][/QUOTE][/color]I forgot about credit card fraud. It's something that is a little scary. You got lucky because you were paying extra, I don't really want to pay that extra fee... there's got to be another way around it. I heard that (in the states at least, I don't know about Canada) that if you report your missing card on the day of, you're not allowed to be charged for more than $50 of what was spent. Some plans don't get charged at all. But I'm not sure how that all works out, disputing charges like that. -r2[/color]
  11. [color=#007520]I know people that actually [i]have[/i] stolen things from conventions... and they have never been kicked out... They cosplayed as someone with big sleeves. >_> Either way, I think your attitude is the best way to go at it. Have fun next year and don't one person ruin your life. :) -r2[/color]
  12. [color=#007520]It's like the Producers all over again. Reading the description, I'm wondering if they were forced, or if it's just one of the activities that inmates have a choice of doing during the day. Sitting in a prison all day can be boring. On a similar note, I was born in the capital city of that province. :3 -r2[/color]
  13. [color=#ff2020][SIZE="4"]IMPORTANT PLEASE READ[/SIZE][/color] [color=#007520]A number of people posted after Aaryanna completely disregarding the warning she had up. These posts had no discussion value and were merely long lists, some that weren't even of DVDs but of pirated or fansubbed Anime. Make sure to read Aaryanna's post above mine, or at least read the Sticky that tells you [thread=55649]how to post in Anime Lounge[/thread]. [color=#ff2020]If it continues to degrade, [b]this thread will be closed[/b].[/color] Back on topic... I haven't been building my DVD collection for very long because I've only recently been able to earn my own money. Before that I was in a similar situation to Aaryanna, a student with no money, relying mostly on fansubs. I've since left my collection of avi and mkv files on whatever spools on my desk to pursue a quest of original DVDs and Graphic Novels. My collection, although rather small, is complimented by the slightly larger manga library I have... but I wont get into that here. I collect by the series. I buy DVDs from one Anime until I'm finished with it (either finish buying the series, or I give up on it) I move onto the next. The first set I collected is the [b]Full Metal Alchemist[/b] series and movie. It was easily one of my favourite fansubbed series, and I believed that it deserved at least a couple of my paychecks. Collecting the DVDs individually was expensive, but definately worth the thrill of the hunt when I searched for deals and sales. -r2[/color]
  14. [color=#007520]Now that I've grown older, moved out, and am earning my own bread and butter, I've been thinking that planning for my future would probably be a good idea. Although I've heard a lot of horror stories about them, one of the things I'm planning on doing is getting a credit card. What I'd like to do is build a good credit history. This way I can get a mortgage or take out a loan in the future if I need to for any reason. It'll take some time, but I'm young. It'll take discipline, but I think I've got some pretty good money managing skills, even if I could be slightly more aware when it comes to daily things. There's a risk, but the risk isn't as great as the reward. Besides building a credit history for the future, having a credit card gives me access to things that may have been blocked off in the past. Online shopping is a good example. Renting hotel rooms or cars would also become available to me, though the latter would probably happen only if I got a driver's license. I also wouldn't have to carry around much cash with me. The risks, though, are true horror stories. Credit card debt is no joke and is a financial nightmare that way too many people have fallen prey to. High interest rates make the debt difficult to pay off and the bad credit rating will haunt me for a long time to come. Some of my friends tell me how slowly they're credit card debts are being paid off, and I don't want to be one of them. I think with some careful planning, calculated spending, and good habits, that I'll be able to control my credit card. But that leads me to my current problem, I have to get a credit card first. Since I'm young, have no credit history yet, and am not a student living with his parents, banks don't want to give me credit. One of my options is getting a department store or secured credit card for a couple months... but I'm not sure about those just yet. I've been asking everyone I know for advice and thoughts on credit cards but have yet to come to a conclusion about what I'm going to do. Since I've been thinking about this for a while now, I thought I'd bring the topic out to the boards. Who has a credit card here? If so, has it helped or hindered you financially? What is the best advice you can give to someone who is trying to get their first ever credit card? How did you OB'ers get your first credit cards? ...and any other stories or if you just want to talk about credit cards, etc. You know the jazz. Let's kick this pig. :) -r2[/color]
  15. r2vq

    Gaming Picross

    [color=#007520][center][img]http://r2vq.yamifarao.net/pics/nds-picross.jpg[/img][/center] You may know the puzzle by different names, but Picture Crosswords (Picross) is what Nintendo chooses to call it. Using a matrix-logic style of decoding, you'll uncover pixels in a minesweeper-esque style to discover what the secret image is. The numbers along the side and top tell you how many pixels and how many spaces there are in the row or column, and your only tool is the "X" marker. [center][img]http://r2vq.yamifarao.net/pics/picross.jpg[/img] The above example picture has its almost completed form in the below right picture. [img]http://r2vq.yamifarao.net/pics/picross2.jpg[/img][/center] The game is pretty simple, and actually isn't that new. It has a Gameboy version ancestor called Mario's Picross. If you like Sudoku, Minesweeper, or Matrix Logic Puzzles, you'll flip over Picross. Uh... so who else has tried it out? -r2[/color]
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